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Nicknames: "Gebhard Of Wetterau Duke of Lorraine"
Birthplace: Ufgau, Germany
Death: Died in Elsass, Germany / Alsace, France
Occupation: Comte, Conde de Ufgau, Graaf in Ufgau, Graf im Ufgau (940-after 947)
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About Gebhard Konradiner, Graf im Ufgau -------------------- tilført 30.1.2011 af Benthe Rask from

Gebhard von Lahngau (810-879) had 4 sons:

1. Berthold erzbishof von Trier, 2. Waldo abbot von Trier, 3. Berenger von Hessengau 4. Udo (830-879) von Lahngau m.Judith (daughter of Conrad I (805-866) von Welf).

Udo (830-879) and Judith had 4 sons:

I. Konrad "der ältere" -906 (m. Glismut):

Konrad and Glismut had 4 children: 1. Konrad "der jüngere" (-918) m. Kunigunde (Ahalolfinger), 2. Eberhard von Lahngau (-939) m. perhaps Oda von Sachsen (865-952) and had a son, Udo/Eldo (880-949), 3. Otto von Ruhrgau (-918), 4. dau. m. Buchard

II.Eberhard von Niederlahngau (- 903) m. Wiltrude.

Eberhard and Wiltrude had 5 children: 1. son, 2.Konrad Kurtzbold (- 948), 3.* Gebhard (- 947) m. (Adele) de Vermandois ,4 . Eberhard (- 944) von Maifeld, 5. dau. m. Werner Speyergau (-920)

•Gebhard and Adele had 4 children: 1. Konrad, Küno I ( - 982) m. NN (Judith): had 1 son: 1**. Konrad (perhaps Küno von Öhningen) m. Reginlinde.2. Udo (-982), 3.^^ Heribert (-992) von Kinziggau m Imiza von Mezingoz:, 4.++ Judith von Wetterau (-973) m. Heinrich (Udonen) (-976). •Konrad and Reginlinde had 7 children: 1. Liutold, 2. Konrad , 3. *** Hermann II von Schwaben - 1003 m. Geberga, 4. Ita von Öhningen m. Rudolf II von Altdorf, 5. dau. m. Vladimir I Swjatoslawitsch, 6. Judith m. NN Reinfelden, m. Adalbert von Metz, 7. Kunizza (- 1020) m Friderich I von Diessen (- 1027)

•**Hermann and Geberga had 5 children: 1. Mathilde (988-1032) m. Konrad von Kärten,m. Friederich II, m. Esiko, 2. Gisela (990-1043) m. Bruno, m. Ernst I, m. Konrad II (Salier), 3. Berchtold (992-993), 4. Beatrix (-1025) m. Adalbero von Eppenstein, 5. Hermann III (-1012).

^^ Heribert and Imiza had 4 children:

1. ^^^Otto von Hammerstein (Zutpen) (-1036) m. Irmgard von Verdun, 2. Gebhard (- 1016), 3.Irmtrude (- 985) m. Friederick I von Luxemburg, 4. Geberga m. Heinrich von Schweinfurt.

^^^Otto and Irmgard had 2 children: a. Udo (-1034), b. Mathilde m. Ludolf von Brauweiler (Ezzonen).

++Judith and Heinrich had 2 children: a. Eberhard von Lahngau ( - 966), b. Conrad von Lobdengau (- 965)

III. Gebhard (872- 910) (m. Ida van Ezzo)

Gebhard and Ida had 2 children: 1.*^ Udo von Wetterau (- 949) m. NN (Kunigonde) de Vermandois, 2.**** Herman I von Schwaben (- 949) m. Reginlinde von Zürichgau

•*** Herman and Regilinde had 1 child: 1. Ida (- 986) m. Liudolf von Sachsen •^Udo and Kunigonde had 2 children: a. Gebhard - 938, b. Udo von Strassburg, bishop ( - 965) (perhaps also c. Heribert, d. Konrad - 997, e. Judith von Stade)

IV. Rudolf (860-908), bishop von Würzburg

-------------------- From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy page on Franconia:

GEBHARD (-after 15 Jan 947). The primary source which confirms his parentage has not yet been identified. Graf im Ufgau 940: "Otto…rex" donated "Meriske [Mörsch] in pago Vfgowe in comitatu Gebehardi" to the church of Speier "Baboni eiusdem comitis Burchardi vassallo in pago Hegouue" by charter dated 12 Feb 940 at the request of "Chuonradi…comitis nostri"[240].

"Otto…rex" confirmed the immunities of Kloster Essen including over land "excepta in loco Ruoldinghus quam Eggihart et eius coniunx Rikilt" possessed by hereditary right and in land "in comitatu Ecberti et Cobbonis" by charter dated 15 Jan 947, signed by "Heinrici fratris regis, Herimanni ducis, Cuonradi comitis, Erenfridi comitis, Gebehardi comitis, Ekkihardi comitis, Hugonis comitis"[241].

m [ADELA], daughter of ---.

Graf Gebhard's wife is not named explicitly in the sources so far consulted. However, an "Adela" is named in a name-list in the Reichenau memorial book dated [926/32] which appears to include members of the Konradiner family, Jackman suggesting that she is well placed in the list to be Graf Gebhard's wife[242], although this is not the only possible interpretation.

Jackman suggests[243] that she was [Adela] de Vermandois, daughter of Héribert I Comte de Vermandois, although based solely only on onomastic grounds.

Graf Gebhard & his wife had one child:

1. KONRAD [Kuno] ([915/20]-26 Apr 982). m ---. The name of Konrad's wife is not known.

Graf Konrad & his wife had one child:

(a) KONRAD [Kuno] ([940/45][248]-). (Gebhard's grandson)


[240] D O I 23, p. 110.

[241] D O I 85, p. 166.

[242] Jackman, D. C. (1997) Criticism and Critique, sidelights on the Konradiner (Oxford Unit for Prosopographical Research, p. 38.

[243] Jackman (1997), pp. 36 and 38.

[248] Birth date range estimated on the basis of his father's estimated birth date range.


From the English Wikipedia page on Ufgau:

Ufgau (Old High German Ufgowe) was a historical county (gowe) of the Frankish duchy of Swabia, along the Oos River and the lower Murg, delimited to the south by the counties of Albgau and Ortenau. It was part of the bishopric of Speyer.

Modern cities located in the territory of Ufgau include Baden-Baden, Rastatt and Karlsruhe.

The county was ruled by members of the Conradine dynasty in the 10th century, passing to the Reginbodones in the 11th. Within the Holy Roman Empire, Ufgau became part of the Margraviate of Baden in the early 12th century.

Counts of Ufgau:

1. Gebhard (d. after 947), joined the Conradines to the Carolingian lineage of Vermandois as he married a daughter of Herbert I in 940.

2. Conrad I, Duke of Swabia (d. 997), grandson of Gebhard

3. Adalbert (fl. 1041)

4. Reginbodo I (fl. 1057)

5. Reginbodo II (fl. 1110–1115)


Urte Schulz: Zwischen Alb und Oos - Ein Sagenführer. Auf Spurensuche alter Sagen und Geschichten im Ufgau, Verlag Regionalkultur, Ubstadt-Weiher, ISBN 978-3-89735-484-5

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Elsass, Germany / Alsace, France