Georg Michael Decker Hahn

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Georg Michael Decker Hahn

Sünnikoht: Klingenmünster, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Surm: Surmakuupäev:
Surma põhjus: ruptured blood vessel near the heart
Matmiskoht: Metairie, LA, USA

Vanem(ad): Magaretha Hahn
Õve(d): Christine Antz

Amet: 19th Governor of Louisiana, 2nd military Governor of Louisiana, Congressman, United States Senator, Lawyer; Editor; Congressman, State Representative; Speaker of the State House of Representatives; Federal Judge
Haldaja: Joel Scott Cognevich
Viimati värskendatud:
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About Georg Michael Decker Hahn

Michael Hahn, born in Bavaria, but orphaned and educated in Orleans Parish, opposed secession, avoided swearing loyalty to the Confederacy and collaborated with the Federal occupation forces in New Orleans.

Union Department of the Gulf Commander Nathaniel Banks successor to the infamous Ben Butler, called the state elections of 1864 to begin the process of Reconstruction. Hahn, elected as Civil Governor, received miliary powers from Lincoln. This authority was ignored by Banks' replacement Major General Stephen A. Hurlbut, who refused to honor Hahn's appointments. Hahn resigned in March 1865 to take a U. S. Senate seat but it was withheld from him after Lincoln's assassination when the Radical Congress refused to seat Congressmen and Senators from the South.

During Hahn's brief term, he worked with the legislature to abolish slavery and prepare for the enfranchisement of blacks and for their education through a statewide school system.

Hahn founded the village of Hahnville near his plantation in St. Charles Parish. He later served in the legislature and won election to Congress. He died in Washington, of a ruptured blood vessel, in 1886 before completing his first term. He is buried in Metairie.

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Isiku Georg Michael Decker Hahn ajajoon

24. november 1830
Klingenmünster, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
15. märts 1886
Vanus: 55
- present
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
- 1851
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Metairie, LA, USA