Hans Hoffman (Hopman) (1630 - 1693)

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Birthplace: [object Object], Sweden
Death: Died
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About Hans Hoffman (Hopman)


Hans Hopman, a resident of New Sweden as early as 1656, was one of the s ix Swedes and Finns who obtained the Patent dated March 28, 1676 from Gove rnor Andros for the thousand acre tract of Marreties Hook, which they alre ady possessed, on the western bank of the Delaware. On Nov. 15th, of th at year, he with Peter Junsen and Juns Justassen, purchased from the India ns the tract of land on the eastern shore of the River, between Oldman's a nd Timber Creek, comprising the present Gloucester County, N.J. and all th ree settled there before the end of 1677, as also his sons Frederick Hopm an who was one of the original four Wardens of the Swedish Lutheran Chur ch at Raccoon in 1703, and John Hopman. Hans Hopman, the father, died betw een 1687 and 1693. He was chosen Constable of the Fourth Tenth on May 2 0, 1684.

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