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Nicknames: "Hizkiah"
Death: Died
Cause of death: Executed by Herod
Managed by: Justin Swanström
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About Hezekiah "the Zealot"

Hezekiah "the Zealot" was the leader of a guerilla movement against King Herod. The Jewish historian Josephus says Hezekiah was the founder of the Zealots. His ancestry is unknown, but some modern pseudo-histories theorize that he was a son of Matthan ben Eliezar and therefore a relative of Jesus of Nazareth.

Jewish Encyclopedia

HEZEKIAH (the Zealot): A martyr whom some scholars identify with Hezekiah ben Garon of the Talmud (Shab. 12a, 13b, 98b, 99a). He fought for Jewish freedom and the supremacy of the Jewish law at the time when Herod was governor of Galilee (47 B.C.). When King Aristobulus, taken prisoner by the Romans, had been poisoned by the followers of Pompey, Hezekiah ("Ezekias" in Josephus, "Ant." xiv. 9, §§ 2 et seq) gathered together the remnants of that king's army in the mountains of Galilee and carried on a successful guerrilla war against the Romans and Syrians, while awaiting the opportunity for a general uprising against Rome. The pious men of the country looked upon him as the avenger of their honor and liberty. Antipater, the governor of the country, and his sons, however, who were Rome's agents in Palestine, viewed this patriotic band differently. In order to curry favor with the Romans, Herod, unauthorized by the king Hyrcanus, advanced against Hezekiah, took him prisoner, and beheaded him, without the formality of a trial; and he also slew many of his followers. This deed excited the indignation of all the patriots. Hezekiah and his band were enrolled among the martyrs of the nation.

Bibliography: Schürer, Gesch. i. 348; Mittheilungen der Oesterreichisch-Israelitischen Union, vii. (1895), No. 67, pp. 4 et seq.


According to the Jewish Encyclopedia article on Zealots:

“Following Josephus ("B. J." ii. 8, § 1; "Ant." xviii. 1, §§ 1, 6), most writers consider that the Zealots were a so-called fourth party founded by Judas the Galilean (see Grätz, "Gesch." iii. 252, 259; Schürer, "Gesch." 1st ed., i. 3, 486). This view is contradicted, however, by the fact that Hezekiah, the father of Judas the Galilean, had an organized band of so-called "robbers" which made war against the Idumean Herod ("B. J." i. 10, § 5; "Ant." xiv. 9, § 2), and also during the reign of Herod, if not long before by the fact that the system of religious and political murders practised by the Zealots was in existence during the reign of Herod, if not long before."