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Peter Coffin, Esq.

Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Смерть: Умер в Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Место погребения: First Parish Burial Ground, Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, United States
Ближайшие родственники:

Son of Tristram Coffin и Dorothy Francis
Husband of Mary Coffin
Father of Dorothy Leighton; Mary Smith; Peter Coffin; Sarah Parsons; Hannah Dane и ещё 5
Brother of Richard Coffin и Simon Coffin

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Ближайшие родственники

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Peter Coffin

  • Birth: Aug 10 1723 - Newbury, Essex Co, MA
  • Parents: Tristram Coffin, Dorothy Tufts
  • Wife: Mary Currier
  • Death: Feb 14 1796 - Glouchester, Essex Co., MA

DAR Ancestor #: A023847


From History of the Town of Gloucester: Cape Ann  By John James Babson. Page 70-74

Peter Coffin was son of Tristram Coffin of Newbury, where the family settled early. He came to Gloucester in 1688, and occupied the large tract of land, of about five hundred acres, between Annisquam and Chcbacco Rivers (originally granted to William Stevens), that his father had purchased the same year of Jonathan Willoughby of London. How long he remained here is uncertain. Two daughters (Hannah and Judith) were born, by his wife Afiah, within three years after he came.

His grandson Peter, upon whom the property was entailed, took possession of it about 1747, and resided there till his removal to the harbor. Soon after he came to town, he began to take a part in public affairs; and continued upwards of forty years a prominent and useful citizen. In the earliest stages of the Revolution, he embraced the Colonial cause with enthusiastic ardor; and ceased not to devote all his energies to the public good till independence was established.

As his farm was at an convenient distance from the village for an actor in the stirring events of the time, he took a house in town about the commencement of the war, and resided there till his death. The high estimate placed upon his services by his townsmen is sufficiently attested by his repeated election to offices of trust and responsibility. He served from 1753 to 1777, excepting two years, on the Board of Selectmen. In 1774, he was first chosen representative to the General Court, and filled this office several times between that period and the last year of his service,— 1792; and also served as one of the senators from Essex County. He was the principal acting magistrate in town for many years. His death took place, Feb. 14, 1796, at the age of seventy-two. Mr. Coffin's wife was Mary Currier of Amesbury. Of his ten children, three were sons, — Peter, William, and Tristram.


  1. 1 Sep 1743 in of Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts 4 5 to Mary Currier "Of Amesbury". She was the daughter of Richard Currier & Dorothy Barnard.


  1. Dorothy b. 1744. Married Aaron Smith
  2. Mary b. 1745. Married Nathaniel Smith
  3. Peter b. 1750. Married Mary Forbes
  4. Sarah b. 1752. Married Rev Obediah Parsons
  5. Hannah b. 1754. Married William Dane.
  6. William b. 1756. Married Mary Langdon
  7. Lois b. 1758.
  8. Eunice b. 1760. Married Aaron Lummus
  9. Tristram b. 1762. Married Mary Jeffs
  10. Elizabeth (Bettee) b. 1764. Married Joshua Gee Whittemore NOTE: not listed in the Barney Record; is listed in Gloucester VR as Bettee.


"Peter Coffin, son of Tristram Coffin, of Newbury, came to Gloucester in 1688, and occupied a tract of land, comprising some 500 acres, between Essex & Chebacco rivers, originally granted to William Stevens, but which Coffin's father bought of Jonathan Willoughby of London. His grandson Peter' came in possession of the property by entail about 1747, where he resided until he removed to the village near the harbor. He was a prominent citizen ..." (2)


  1. Nantucket Historical Society - Barney Record 532
  2. History of the town and city of Gloucester, Cape Ann, Massachusetts by James R. Pringle.Published 1892 by Published by the author in Gloucester, Mass. Page 41
  3. Lineage Book, Volume 28. By Daughters of the American Revolution. Page 222. Peter Coffin, (1723-96), was chosen the first representative to the General Court, 1774, and served as senator from Essex county, 1775. He was born in Gloucester, where he died.
  4. The Acts and Resolves, Public and Private, of the Province of the Massachusetts Bay: To which are Prefixed the Charters of the Province. With Historical and Explanatory Notes, and an Appendix. Published Under Chapter 87 of the Resolves of the General Court of the Commonwealth for the Year 1867 ... (Google eBook) Page 512.
  5. John J. (John James) Babson. Notes and additions to the history of Gloucester : second series. (page 15 of 19) 1775 - June 7. On petition of Peter Coffin, Esq., and Mr. John Low, the House of Representatives resolve to supply the Town of Gloucester with four 24-pounders, four 9-pounders and four 6-pounders, properly stocked with necessary apparatus for each cannon, 40 rounds of shot for each cannon and ten barrels of gunpowder. A company of matrosses of fifty men to be raised to manage the cannon stationed there, to be under the command of Col. Foster, to be enlisted to serve until the last of December.
  6. Vital Records of GLOUCESTER, MA to the end of the year 1849. "Hon. Peter Coffin died aged 72 years."


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Хронология Hon. Peter Coffin

10 Август 1723
Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
1 Сентября 1743
Возраст 20
7 Мая 1744
Возраст 20
Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts
22 Октября 1745
Возраст 22
Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts
22 Мая 1750
Возраст 26
Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts
25 Октября 1752
Возраст 29
Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts
3 Август 1754
Возраст 30
Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts
30 Июня 1756
Возраст 32
Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts
14 Июня 1758
Возраст 34
Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts
14 Апреля 1760
Возраст 36
Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, United States