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About Ve / Irmin

Jakob Grimm reconstructed the original genealogy of the Norse gods as: Tvisco (identical with Búri, who was produced from stone), father of Maunus (Borr), father of Ingvio (Odin), father of Nerthus (Njord), father of Fravio (Freyr) and Frauja (Freyja). Odin's brother Vili would have been Istro, and Vé would have been Irmin. (Teutonic Mythology, 348-49).


Irmin was the legendary ancestor of the Irminones or Hermiones, a Germanic proto-tribe that lived in the interior in the Elbe region in the time of Tacitus (98 CE). Pliny said the Irminones included the Suebi, Hermunduri, Chatti, and Cherusci. (Natural History, 4.100). They later differentiated into the Alemanni, Hermunduri, Marcomanni, Quadi and Suebi.

Jormun, the Viking-age Norse form of the name Irmin, is found in the Poetic Edda as a by-name for Odin.

Nennius called him Armenon, and said his sons were Gothus, Valagothus (or Balagothus), Cibidus, Burgundus, and Longobardus, the ancestors of the Goths (including the Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Crimean Goths), Valagoths (or Balagoths), Cibidi, Burgundians and Langobards (Lombards).


Vé (*Wihaz) is named in the surviving literature as a brother of Odin. He was apparently identical with Hœnir, named as Odin's brother in another version of the same story.

Some sources suggest Vé was the ancestor of the Vanir, a group of Norse gods who were defeated by the Aesir and who exchanged hostages with them.