Jan Cornelisse Van Cleve (c.1627 - 1699)

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Nicknames: "Van Cleef", "Van Cleve"
Birthplace: Rhenish Duchy, Cleve, Germany
Death: Died in New Utrecht, Long Island, New York
Occupation: emigrated in 1653
Managed by: Deborah Carol Boyd
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About Jan Cornelisse Van Cleve

Jan Cornelissen van Cleef emmigrated to America in 1653.

In 1656, Jan Cornelissen van Cleef was a farmer at Gravesent, Long Island, New York, according to the census.

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Birth Location Amsterdam, Netherlands Rhenish Duchy,Cleve,,Germany

Death Location New Amsterdam, New York, United States New York,Kings,New York,USA


Jan or John Van Cleef was a Dutch man born in Amsterdam. He came to the new world in 1653, at New Netherlands (New York). Most likely in the city of New Amsterdam (New York). Eventually in 1664 the English conquered New Netherlands and renamed New Netherlands and New Amsterdam New York. Jan took the oath to the English in 1687.

He landed in Long Island in 1653, where he owned 14 morgens in Gravesend in 1657. He was a farmer and moved to New Utrecht later. In 1686 he received a grant of land from Governor Donegan.


Errett Van Cleave ("History of the Van Cleave Family, The McMullen Family, The Taylor Family," 1946, pg. 18-19) quotes from a book, "The Gosney Family" published by Mrs. Georgia Gosney Wisda, then of Norwalk, Ohio.

"Jan (John) Van Cleef, the first of the name in the New World, was born in 1628 in Amsterdam, Holland and came to New Netherlands in 1653, landed on Long Island where he owned 14 moorgens in Gravesend in 1657, was a farmer and leater moved to New Utrecht. In 1686 he received a grant of land from Governor Donegan. He took the oath of allegiance to the English Government in 1687. A census of 1688 gives Jan as a resident of New Utrecht for 34 years with a wife and four children. In Feb. of 1664 Jan stated that he was 36 years old, when he made a written declaration of events that happened in New Utrecht.

"He was a representative from the Bushwick Colony to the convention in New Amsterdam April 10, 1664, to send delegates to Holland to represent the States General and the West Indies Company, the distressed state of the country. Jan's name appears in a list of members of the Dutch Church of New Utrecht in1677-1685. He died about 1699 in New York. A few of his descendants reside in New York but most of them removed to New Jersey.

"Prior to March 10, 1661, Jan married Engeltje Loiwerens, who was born in1646 and about 15 years of age when she married. She was the daughter of Laurens Pietersen (Noorman) from Tonsburg in Norway, who was in New Amsterdam as early as 1639. On June 16, 1639 he was declared sole heir to the real and personal property of Roeloff Roeloffsen. In the Chamber of Wills where this declaration is contained he is called 'Laurens Pietersen Van Tonsback' and in the Church record of his marriage with Anetie Pieters from Brutsteen, Germany it is stated that he is from Tonsburg. He married Anetie Pieters August 18, 1641 in New Amsterdam. Lauren's daughter, Sytie was baptized July 15, 1646.

"There is reason to believe that Jan Van Cleef was a son of one of the claimants for the Ducal throne of Cleaves when it was vacated by the death of Duke John William in 1609, without heirs, although he had been married twice. There were eight heirs who claimed the throne but it was given in 1614 by the Treaty of Zanten to the heirs of his wife instead. It is probable that the father of Jan fled across the border into Holland as a political refugee, taking up his residence in Amsterdam.

"Some historians give the Van Cleef family as living in New York in1630. There was a Dierch Van der Clyff and a Sytie Van Cleef in records about the same time as Jan, and it is possible that they were brothers and sister, but it has not yet been proven."


Emigrated to New Netherlands in 1653. He died after 1698.


Jan emigrated in 1653. He was a farmer in Gravesend, Long Island in 1656 and possibly living in New Utrecht in 1659. -------------------- http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=barbarapumyea&id=I23633 -------------------- This was in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record Vol. 128 Number 1 page 110 & 111.

Wednesday, 7 April 1655

This day, this 7th April 1655, before me, Jacob Kip, Secretary of this City, Amsterdam in New Netherlands, and the undernamed witnesses, appeared Pieter van der Linde on the one part, and Jan Cornelissen Van Kleeff on the other part, acknowledging and declaring to have agreed and conenanted together respecting the purchase of a certain plantation and hogs on condition as follows, to wit:

Pieter van der Linde sells unto Jan Cornelis van Kleeff, who also acknowledges to have purchased, a certain plantation named Lindenborch with the house, fences, timber and all that is therein faastened by earth and nail, situate on the island Manhatans, on the East River between the plantations of Tomas Samelson and Pieter Stoutenburg, and that both great and small according to the groundbrief thereof; together with six pigs, to wit three sows and three (blank) which the purchaser acknowledges run from this time at his risk, and that for the sum of nine hundred carolus guilders payable fifty guilders cash in hand, and four hundred fifty guilders on the first of November next and the balance, four hundred guilders, on the first of November 1656, to wit, half in good merchantalbe beavers, and half in good Long Island Wampum, each at the aforesaid time, together with one good whole beaver as a present to the seller's wife; on this condition that the grain at present sown shall belong to the seller, who shall be at liberty to plant this summer on tha land; also that the purchaser may come and live now with the seller and plant on the land and do what he pleases thereon. It is also agreed that the seller may next harvest sow with winter grain the barley feld which his (sic) over the little kills, and the land next it which he will char for his use, and live with the purchaser from this time forth until the first of November 1656, when when (sic) the last installment as aforesaid becomes due, which being paid, the seller shall execute due transport and conveyance according to the groundbrief, in favor of the purchaser. It is also agreed that the purchaser and seller shall sow, this coming summer on the aforesaid land, five to six schepels of pease which shall to their mutual cost and profit, parties on both sides declaring to have thus agreed and covenanted, each for himself promising the same to observe and perform, the purchaser pledging for the aforesaid payment his person and property, especially the aforesaid plantation and whatever is thereon, having mortgaged the same therefor; and seller, for the free delivery and conveyance submitting his person and property to all courts, without fraud or guile. In testimony these presents are signed by the respective parties and Hendrick Hendricksen Kip and Dirck Jansen Virhaven witnesses hereunto invited. Done as above, at Amsterdam in New Netherland.

Pieter Linde

Hendrick Hendricksen / Kyp / Dirck Verhaven

This is the mark of Jan Corns /\/ van Kleeff made by himself

To my knowledge

Jacob Kip, Secretary

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He should have held on to the land---RDL

The progenitor of the Van Cleef family in America, was born about 1627 or 1628, according to an official statement he made on February 14,1664, when he gave his age as thirty six years. It has been said that Jan was from or born in Amsterdam, and, although there are numerous "van kleef" baptismal records there going back before 1600, Jan's babtism was not found in them. It is notable too that he is never referred to by a patronymic, so not even his father's name is known. His surname suggest that his ancestors or he was from the Rhenish Duchy of Cleve (Kleve or Cleves)adjacent to the Netherlands.

This paragraph begins a book by Wilson V. Ledley, C. G. 1976 Polyanthos New Orleans, First edition published in 1976, Drawer 51359 New Orleans,Louisiana 70151, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 75-7491.

-------------------- I. Jan Van Cleve, b. Holland, 1628, came to New Netherlands 1653, oath of allegiance 1687, farmer in Gravesend, Long Is, NY1656, In 1662 bought land at New Utrecht, NY, 4/10/1664, rep to Gen. Assembly of Bushwick (Brooklyn) NY. In 1693 had family of 4 ch., m.twice, 1st – Engeltje Laurens Pitterse (Engletje Louwerens Lawrence), dau. of Laurns Pitterse (Larenens Pieterse Louwerens Lawrence) 11 ch., 2nd – Catherine Rapalye, b. ca. 1630



Immigration: - 1653, New Netherland, Long Island, NY.

It is possible that his father was a political refugee from Cleves, who fled across the border into Holland.

Jan Van Cleef married Engeltje Louwerens before March 10, 1661. She was about fifteen years old at the time. Her father was Laurens Pietersen from Tonsburg in Norway, who was in New Amsterdam by 1639. Engeltje’s mother was Anetie Pieters from Brutsteen, Germany. Laurens and Anetie were married in 1641 in New Amsterdam. Their daughter Engletje was baptised July 15, 1646.

In 1664, Jan Van Cleef made a written declaration of events in New Utrecht, and stated he was 36 years old. He was a representative to The Convention in New Amsterdam in April 1664, which sent delegates to Holland to describe the distressed state of the country to the government and the West Indies Company.

In 1686 Jan received a grant of land in from Governor Donegan, and took the oath of allegiance to the English Government in 1687. The 1688 Census listed Jan with wife and four children and stated that Jan had been a resident of New Utrecht for 34 years.

Between 1677-1685, Jan appeared on the membership rolls of the Dutch Church of New Utrecht. He died in 1699 in New York. Some of his descendents remained in New York, but most moved to New Jersey.

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Jan Cornelisse van Cleef's Timeline

Rhenish Duchy, Cleve, Germany
Age 26
January 7, 1662
Age 35
New Amsterdam, New Netherlands
Age 38
King's County, New York
Age 38
Brooklyn, Kings Co,, NY, USA
Age 42
New Amsterdam, New York, United States
Age 43
Kings Co., Long Island
Age 45
New Utrecht,Kings,New York,USA
Age 47
Queens, Long Island
August, 1677
Age 50