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Nicknames: "Griffin", "McCoy", "Franklin"
Place of Burial: Franklin, Tennessee, United States
Birthplace: North Carolina, United States
Death: Died in Franklin, Tennessee, United Staes
Managed by: Jo C. WILLIAMS
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About Jemima Catherine WAKEFIELD (FRANKLIN)

Jemima Catherine Franklin was born on October 1, 1767 in North Carolina, United States to John Franklin and Phoebe Parker Franklin. Jemima married (1.) Hugh McCoy on c. 1785 in North Carolina, United States and had 4 children: Jack McCoy, Pheba McCoy, Hannah McCoy, and John McCoy. Jemima married (2.) William Griffin on February 8, 1805 in Pulaski County, Kentucky, United States and had 5 children: Mahala Griffin, Lucinda Griffin, John Griffin, Elizabeth Griffin, and Martha Griffin. Jemima married (3.) Thomas Wakefield on 1817 in Franklin County, Tennessee, United States. Jemima passed away on June 7, 1854 in Franklin County, Tennessee, United States. She is buried in Van Zandt Cemetery, near Harmony, Franklin County, Tennessee, United States.

Note: FFRU Volume 6 - Page 22 (2nd Edition)

Franklins on Lower Creek (a boundary dispute over land probably given to Jemima by her father?);11

second 8 Feb 1805 in Pulaski County, Kentucky to William Griffin. “She is buried beside William

Griffin in a small private cemetery on a farm located on Van Zandt Bend Road in western Franklin

County near the village of Harmony. According to Olive Cartwright, a descendant from whom all

the information herein has come, she may have died at the home of her step-grandchildren. From a

long letter dated 18 Jun 1854, possibly written by John Augustus Robertson Moseley, from Hickory

Flat, Madison County, Alabama to “brothers Fox and P”. this excerpt came: “I am sorry to state to

you that Old Grandma Wakefield is no more she departed this life on the 7th but after intense

suffering of some one of three weeks (a good old woman I think) peace be with her I say --” 12; third

1825 in Franklin County, Tennessee to Thomas Wakefield. “When she applied for the Revolutionary

War Pension of Thomas Wakefield who she married in 1825, she stated she was 59 and had lived

50 years in Franklin County, Tennessee (possibly went as a housekeeper with one of her brothers

to Tennessee?). Thomas died in 1849 and three years later she made this application.”13 Had eight

children, four by first husband and four by second. (see FFRU Vol 3 pp 26-30/ed).


A. Daniel McCoy

B. Pheba McCoy

C. Hannah McCoy (from whose great, great granddaughter Inez Gattis Nowery and husband

Jack Nowery help has been given).

D. John McCoy

E. Mahala Griffin (born 23 May 1809; died 1 Dec 1883).

F. General Griffin

G. Lucinda Griffin (born 1 Oct 1809; died 22 Jul 1899) married #1 Fraim; #2 Ivy. Called in

her later years “Grandma Ivy”, she gave info to descendants Olive Hotchkiss Cartwright on

much family history including “Descended from Benjamin Franklin, cousin to the famous

Dr. Benjamin.” Descent is through Lucinda’s youngest daughter, Mary Ann Fraim, her

daughter Frances Young and her son William Young Hotchkiss.

H. Martha Griffin (born after 1810; date of will). More info on descendants of this line available

in Olive Cartwright’s worksheets in possession of authors.

5. Jonathan Franklin (born about 1774 Rowan County, North Carolina; died after 1870 Owen County,

Indiana) married twice in Burke County, North Carolina; first Rachel (_____); second J. Hood. Had

sixteen children, seven by first wife and nine by the second. (Two researchers submitted information

on Jonathan; see FFRU Vol 3 pp 21-24. A third researcher: Verena Bender Hekman, 4591 E Larkspur

Ave, Anaheim, CA 92807 states that Jonathan left North Carolina, went to Ohio where his second

wife died; moved on to Owen County, Indiana. She indicates that Rachel (born 1774/9; died about

1803) and married #2 about 1805 to Jennie Hood of Virginia (born 1774/84; died 1826 Ohio?;

married #3 6 Mar 1831 Owen County, Indiana to Mary Johnson (born 1787). She list the following

children: /ed)

Jonathan and Rachel’s children:

(1) John Franklin “Col John” North Carolina; Indiana; Illinois (McLean County) died 1857.

Went to Indiana about 1816. Reference: Descendants of Jonathan Franklin of Burke County,

North Carolina and Owen County, Indiana compiled by Elisabeth P. Robinson, PO Box

34, Clements, CA 95227 states: “John emigrated to Indiana 1816 making the entire trip on

11. Ibid

12. Ibid

13. Ibid

14. Ibid

FFRU Volume 6 - Page 23 (2nd Edition)

horseback in 7 weeks, his wife carrying a babe in arms, crossing the Ohio River where is

now Louisville, Kentucky and after entering Indiana, having to blaze the trail in order to be

able to find their way back to this nearest source of supplies. He settled briefly on the White

River in Monroe County before coming to Owen County where he planted the first orchard,

built the first brick house along with brother Thomas C., surveyed roads, etc.

(2) Samuel Franklin left North Carolina for Indiana about 1820. He may have gone to Ohio

first then to Indiana.

(3) Mary “Polly” Franklin

(4) Thomas C. Franklin left for Indiana 1820. He may have also gone to Ohio and then to


(5) William Franklin, North Carolina; Indiana (Owen County, Missouri). There is a write up

about Judge William M Franklin (born 1820. The book likely the Owen County History pg

841 “Famous Men in Indiana History”. I believe that Judge William M Franklin was the

son of “Col” John Franklin who left for Indiana in 1816.

(6) David Franklin

(7) Henry “Harry” Franklin

Jonathan and Jennie Hood Franklin’s children:

(8) Jonathan Franklin

(9) Moses Franklin

(10) James Franklin, North Carolina; Indiana; Missouri

(11) Abner Franklin

(12) Joseph Franklin died in Civil War

(13) Jane Franklin

(14) Jacob (or Richard?) Franklin

(15) Pleaseant Franklin died in Civil War

(16) Joshua Franklin

6. Samuel Franklin (born about 1780 Burke County, North Carolina; died 12 July 1857 Linville Falls,

Burke County, North Carolina “buried Pisgah Cemetery near Linville Falls, North Carolina” 15)

married 6 Aug 1800 Burke County, North Carolina to Dorcus Parker. Remained in Burke County

and Avery County, North Carolina. Had seven children, many of whom still live in the Burke/Avery

County area of North Carolina. “Samuel’s will of October 1853 bequeaths all his goods, chattels,

land and tenements to his son David “for the good reason that he has to support and take care of his

mother and me and has had to do so for some time”. It is signed by his mark, so it seems he did not

get the education usual in the Franklin line but was too occupied producing a living under pioneer


Children: 16

A. Levi Franklin (born about 1801) married about 1825 to Barbara Taylor (born 28 Aug 1806

Lincoln County; died 12 Apr 1891 Burke County, North Carolina). They settled in Altamont,

then came on to Glen Alpine.

Their children:

(A) Lawson Franklin (born 19 Jan 1827; died 8 Jul 1899 buried Pisgah Cemetery. There

was a Lawson in Cocke County, Tennessee in 1830 census; married Sarah

Dellinger. Had 9 children: Wm. C. “Bob”, Charity, Jackson M., Florence V., Aaron

D., James Welsey, Lottie, Candace, and Robert O. (Rev.) Jackson’s son, Gurney,

Postmaster at Linville Falls, is the compiler of the two genealogies on Burke County

15. Ibid

16. Ibid

FFRU Volume 6 - Page 24 (2nd Edition)

Franklins, descendants of Samuel #6, his great-great-grandfather.

(B) McKinley Franklin killed in war

(C) General “Jin” Franklin (born 1836; died 1925) married S. Burleson. Had 9? or 28?

not clear) children, most probably 9; (4 1/2 pages devoted to descendants in North

Carolina Book). One descendant was Beau, and one was Dick, who sold liquor but

was a preacher.

(D) Ike Franklin - “no record known” Carried the mail 35 miles on his back and lived

out in the mountains, coming home once or twice a year.

(E) William Delbert “Deb” Franklin (born 28 Feb 1851) married Sarah Williams. Had

11 children: Ninevah, Barbara R., Hattie, “Obed” (Obadiah) Dilleford, Margaret,

Eliza E., Em. Delbert, Jr., Donald McKinley (McKinzie?), Thomas Herbert, Ade

A., Doctor Morgan (given name, not title).

(F) Catherine Franklin (born 1830 North Carolina; died 1910 Manassa, Colorado)

married James Wes Johnson.

(G) Elizabeth Betsy Franklin married William Vance - 1 daughter.

(H) Sally Franklin (born 8 Sep 1832; died 8 Jun 1914) married LeRoy McCaulis.

(I) Samuel Franklin married Rachel Gregg. Had 4 children.

(J) Colbert Franklin

(K) Dexter Franklin

(L) Levi Franklin

(M) Violet Franklin

(N) Esau Franklin

B. Isaiah Franklin (born 1804; died 1900 buried Pisgah Cemetery) married #1 Nancy Emert;

  1. 2 Sally Taylor “Cripple Granny” (born 1827; died 1897). A book by T. S. Walton, Pioneers

of Burke County, says an Irishman proposed to citizens of the county interested in their

children’s education “to write, have printed and bound an arithmetic - by subscription, a

certain number at so much per copy. Mr. Conway was an excellent mathematician.” Another

book, Patrons of the Press 1733-1850, by William S Powell says: “Isaiah Franklin of Burke

County subscribed as Patron of the Press to James H. Conway’s The North Carolina

Calculator or New Practical Arithmetic Published at Salisbury printed by J. Krider 1819,

115 subscribers purchased 190 copies.” Issue by Nancy Emert:

(A) Martha Franklin married ___ Oaks

(B) Andy Franklin went west (Possibly son, not brother, of Martha)

(C) Will Franklin

Issue by Sally Taylor

(D) Monroe Franklin married Nancy Gregg. Had 4 children: Columbus, Roxanna, Julie,


(E) Samuel Franklin married R. Gregg. Children: Doc and Finley ?

(F) Anderson Franklin

(G) Roxanna Franklin married John Hoffman

(H) Emeline Franklin married Elijah Hosclaw

(I) Adeline Franklin married John Wess Wiseman who died Civil War without seeing

his son William E. The latter adopted the name Franklin and was the ancestor of

the Reverend McCoy Franklin of Madisonville, Tennessee.

  • This issue needs clarification for everyone included - may not be right. For

example: Possibly Andy and Will of the first three are Martha’s sons and surnamed


FFRU Volume 6 - Page 25 (2nd Edition)

C. Samuel Franklin (22 Jun 1807 North Carolina; died 23 May 1890 Georgia) married 1828

to Asenath Ballew “Seni” “Zenith” (born 11 Aug 1803; died 16 May 1895). Moved to

Gordon County, Georgia. Letter copied below was written from Fairmont, Georgia in 1852,

and children listed were in the 1860 census. More could be learned from other censuses.

Samuel and his wife lived to a good old age and are buried in a graveyard on the farm they

settled in Georgia. Children:

(A) John W. Franklin (born about 1841 Georgia)

(B) Elmira Franklin (born about 1843 Georgia)

(C) Benjamin S. Franklin (born about 1845 Georgia)

(D) Joseph S. Franklin (born about 1848 Georgia)

D. Isaac Franklin (born 1810; died 1817) married Hannah Taylor ? (NC Bk 1976) or Mary


E. David Franklin (born 15 Apr 1819; died 16 Jul 1890) married Eliza Gregg (born 10 May

1824; died 13 Aug 1890) from Johns River. David took care of his father Samuel who died

in 1857 and inherited his estate. He settled about 1842 at Linville Falls and put up a little

grist mill at the head of the North Fork of the Catawba River. And although he was the sole

settler there for many years, people toted their little “turn” on their back or on horseback

from miles around according to a 1917 newspaper clipping. There was no objection or

secrecy about corn liquor or apple brandy.

His home, consisting of several substantial hewn-log houses on Pine Branch was

headquarters for many travelers who came to see the beauties of the Blue Ridge Mountains

at their crest here, and the wonders of the Linville River Gorge. Issue:

(A) Albert J. Franklin (born 1843; died 1917) married Eliza Wise. Was in 58th North

Carolina Infantry in Civil War. He had “a remarkable memory and long established

integrity...(was) an authority in settling boundary disputes”, “ had a store of

mountain lore, produced baskets that were works of art.” His son Romulus C.

Franklin married May Greene (“Lady”) who found the aforementioned “huzzypoke”;

his granddaughter Miriam has the Will of Old Pheobe framed and a piece

of her pewter, a plate; while his grandson, Albert Dean’s family in Linville Falls

still cares for travelers to the region in a restaurant serving excellent food.

(B) David S. Franklin “Little David” (born 27 Aug 1845; died 23 Feb 1891) married

Matilda Carpenter (born 29 Oct 1859; died 4 May 1924). His last words “I’ll soon

be at rest.” Their children: America, Edity, Clingman, Lillian Brown and James


(C) James G. Franklin (born 6 Jan 1852; died 26 Dec 1914) married Eliza Carpenter.

Had 9 children.

(D) Theodor Franklin married Ellen Fox. Had 9 children, the youngest, Paul, whose son

T. Earl is a judge in Morganton, a strong Democrat and helped with information on

this material.

(E) Adelaide Franklin married Gannaway Wise and had 6 children.

F. John Sewell Franklin married #1 Nancy Carpenter and had 10 children; married #2 Patsy

Weatherman and had 8 more children, the youngest of whom, John Sewell, II’s daughter,

Lucy Mae (Boger) in spite of teaching school as well as caring for a large home, was very

helpful, and a very fine woman. He daughter, Elizabeth Raye Boger married James M.

Greene with young Rebecca Greene carrying on the line.

G. Sarah “Sally” Franklin (born 1812; died 1884) married 14 Oct 1829 to Mathias Dellinger

(born 1806; died 1878) had 14 children.

7. Phoebe Franklin (dates unknown) married (Thomas) Brown and moved to the New Albany, Floyd

County, Indiana area after 9 Nov 1821 when she signed an estate settlement receipt for a bequest

FFRU Volume 6 - Page 26 (2nd Edition)

from her mother. No additional research has been done on this line. “on 9 Nov 1821 she signed a

receipt in possession of the T. Earl Franklins of Linville Falls” 17

8. Anna Franklin (additional information unknown).

9. Lydia Franklin (additional information unknown).

10. Mary Franklin (additional information unknown). “Is mentioned in her father’s will. A Mary

Franklin aged 63 is in the 1850 census living in the home of 23 year old David Johnson, both born

in Kentucky, with Jonathan Franklin age 75, also there born in North Carolina. Possibly she is the

sister of Jonathan but it is doubtful because of age and of the birth in Kentucky. Her sister Jemima’s

age then would have been 83 so most probably she would have been in their seventies by then. 18

11. Rachel B. Franklin (born Feb 1790 Burke County, North Carolina; died 12 Apr 1851 Franklin

County, Tennessee) married about 1805 in Burke County, North Carolina to George Tipps; moved

to Franklin County, Tennessee before 1814. Had nine known children.

12. “Unknown; died deduced from census. (But Thomas C., in a recently brought-to-light write-up says

he was taken to his grandfather’s after his mother’s death when he was a child; born Dec 1801;

married by age 15). So possibly he is this unknown.” 19

Notes and References

1. Published Biographies of this John Franklin, Sr. and Descendants: The Family of Franklin

(Washington DC: Media Research Bureau, c 1900).

Elisabeth P. Robinson and Marjorie Fry Elliott, Descendants of Jonathan Franklin of Burke County,

North Carolina and Owen County, Indiana, (Clements, CA: Privately published, 1978.

Gurney J. Franklin, compiler, The Franklin Genealogy Vol 1 and 2 (Linville Falls, North Carolina:


Jemima Catherine Franklin Wakefield is my 6th great aunt.


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Jemima C. WAKEFIELD's Timeline

February 8, 1767
Pulaski, Kentucky, United States
October 1, 1767
North Carolina, United States
Age 17
North Carolina, United States
Age 49
Franklin, Tennessee, United States
June 7, 1854
Age 86
Franklin, Tennessee, United Staes
June, 1854
Age 86
near Harmony, Franklin, Tennessee, United States