Maude la Zouche, Baroness of Holland

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Geni профиль Maude la Zouche, Baroness of Holland

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Maud la Zouche

Also Known As: "Maud le Zouche", "Matilda Zouch", "Holland", "Baroness of Holand"
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Ashby, Leicestershire, England
Смерть: Умер в Upholland, Lancashire, England
Место погребения: Brackley, Northamptonshire, UK
Ближайшие родственники:

Дочь Alan la Zouche, 1st Baron la Zouche of Ashby и Eleanor de Segrave, Baroness Zouche
Жена Robert De Holand и Sir Robert de Holland, 1st Baron Holand
Мать Sir Robert Holland, Lord of Enreston; Thomas Holland, 1st Earl of Kent; Alan Holland; Sir Otho Holland, Kt.; Alianore de Holand и ещё 5
Сестра Ela la Zouche; Elizabeth La Zouche и Roger la Zouche

Профессия: Baroness Holland, Heiress of Brackley
Менеджер: Private User
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About Maude la Zouche, Baroness of Holland

Younger daughter and coheiress with Alan, Lord de la Zouche, of Ashby de la Zouche of the county Leicester, who was great-grandson of King Henry II.

  • Maud la Zouche

born 1290 Ashby Magna, Leicestershire, England

died 31 May 1349


  • Alan la Zouche

born 9 October 1267 Ashby, Leicestershire, England

christened 1314 At Church

died 25 March 1314 Brackley, Northamptonshire, England

buried Brackley, Northamptonshire, England


  • Eleanor Segrave

born about 1270 Segrave, Leicestershire, England

died 1314

married about 1287 Ashby, Leicestershire, England


Ela (Elena, Helene) la Zouche born 1288 Ashby, Leicestershire, England

died after October 1334

Mary la Zouche born about 1296 Ashby, Leicestershire, England

Elisabeth la Zouche born about 1298 Winchester, Hampshire, England died after 1328

Miss la Zouche born about 1301<Winchester, Hampshire, England>


  • Sir Robert II Baron de Holand

born1283 Upholland, Lancastershire, England

died 15 October 1328 Boreham Wood, Essex, England


Alan de Holand

Otho de Holand

Mary de Holand

Margaret de Holand born 1 Jan 1299/00 died 21 Aug 1349

Maud de Holand born1310/19 Foxhall, Stafford, England died 1361

  • Sir Robert III Baron de Holand born about 1312 died 16 Mar 1372/73 Halse or Hawes, Brackley, Northamptonshire

Sir Thomas de Holand Earl of Kent born 1314 Upholland, Lancaster, England died 28 December 1360 Normandy, France

Alianore de Holand born about 1317

Isabella de Holand born about 1320 Upholand, Lancaster, England

Margery de Holand born about 1321

  • Elizabeth de Holand born about 1322 died 13 July 1387

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Robert de Holland, 1st Baron Holand

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Marriage and issue

About 1308 he married Maude la Zouche, daughter of Lord Alan la Zouche, 1st Baron la Zouche of Ashby and Eleanor de Segrave.

Robert and Maude had thirteen children:

Joane Holland (c. 1305 - 1340). Married John Radcliffe.

Margery Holland (born c. 1308).

Robert Holland (c. 1312 - 16 March 1372/1373).

Thomas Holland, 1st Earl of Kent (c. 1314 - 26 December 1360).

Otho Holland (c. 1316 - 3 September 1359).

John Holland (born c. 1318).

Maud Holland (born c. 1319). Married Thomas Swinnerton.

Alan Holland (c. 1320 - 1339).

Elizabeth Holland (born c. 1320).

Margaret Holland (c. 1322 - 1349).

Jane Holland (born c. 1326).

Eleanor Holland (c. 1327 - 1341).

Elizabeth Holland (born c. 1328). Married Henry FitzRoger

Maud la Zouche married Robert, 1st Lord Holand of Upholland, son of Robert de Holand and Elizabeth de Salmesbury, between 1311 and 1314 in Winchester, Hampshire, England.

Maud died at the age of 59 years.

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1. Margaret de Holland, b. Abt 1308

 2. Isabella de Holland, b. Abt 1309, of Holland, Lancashire, England  

3. Joan Holland, b. Abt 1311

4. Robert de Holland, 2nd Baron Holand, b. Abt 1312, (61:1373) of Holland, Lancashire, England

5. Sir Thomas Holland, 1st Earl of Kent, b. 1314, ,Upholland,Lancashire,England

 6. Alan de Holland, b. Abt 1315, of Derbyshire,England  
 7. Otes de Holland, b. Abt 1316 

8. Matilda de Holland, b. Abt 1310, of Oxhall, Staffordshire, England

9. Elizabeth de Holland, b. Abt 1320

 10. Margaret or Mary de Holland, b. Abt 1321, of Oxhall, Staffordshire, England  
 11. John Holland, b. Abt 1323, of Oxhall, Staffordshire, England  

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Married ~1308-1314 Winchester Castle, Hampshire, England

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Хронология Maude la Zouche, Baroness of Holland

Ashby, Leicestershire, England
Возраст 22
Winchester, Hampshire, England
Возраст 23
Holland, Lancashire, England
Возраст 25
Upholland, Lancashire, England
Возраст 26
Brackley, Northamptonshire, England
Возраст 27
Brackley, Northamptonshire, England
Возраст 28
West Derby, Lancashire, England
Возраст 28
Probably Ashby, Leicestershire, England
Возраст 30
Foxhall, Staffordshire, England