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Milan Kurtić

Birthplace: Podgora, Croatia
Death: Died in Kruševo, Andrijevica, Montenegro
Place of Burial: Podgora, Croatia
Immediate Family:

Son of Ivan Kurtić and Mare Kurtić (Rosandić)
Brother of Petar Kurtić; <private> Šunde (Kurtić); Mate Kurtić; <private> Kurtić; Nediljko Kurte and 1 other

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Immediate Family

About Milan Kurtić

Listed as one of the victims in Jasenovac, when in fact killed in Montenegro

50 years later his remains transported to Podgora

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Milan Kurtić's Timeline

Podgora, Croatia
Age 28

If any of worldly politicians (or just plain surfers) log onto, which is the address of Jasenovac Research Institute (based in New York), the first impression will be that Croats are the most bloodthirsty nation on Earth. The way to the next conclusion is easy: Croats killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people but now they are asking to be admitted to the society of civilized nations – to the EU. This won't go until they cease to exist as they are now.
Such a picture is flying around the world for several years while at the same time no institution in Croatia or elsewhere tried to fight this monstruous construction of lies. Not a single politician, not a single 'civil society organization' or a journalist, no indenpendent weekly magazine, WW II hero or any of those famous human rights activists (Helsinki Watch or similar) ever tried to do something about the nonsense suggested to the world by

Is that normal? Could something of that kind happen to any country or nation on this planet? Nazi propaganda and its author Joseph Goebbels compares to these monstruos lies of the 'victims list' published by as a primary school wall bulletin to the internal MI6 plan of action. Last year in July (2005) I have sent an article about this 'list of victims' to a number of newspapers in Croatia. Four of them published it (Glas koncila, Fokus, Slobodna Dalmacija and Makarska kronika) while at the same time, the editor of 'Vjesnik' refused to publish it under the excuse that it was 'to long'. At the same time, much longer articles were published in the same newspaper. He asked me to shorten the article to agreed size but nothing helped – he never published the text.
In the meantime I was contacted by many readers who found their relatives on the list of victims (died in completely different places or times, often killed by the 'chetniks'). All of them expressed their disbelielf that such a campaign of lies may be going on for such a long time without any Croatian institution or authority trying to take action to remove the list from the Web. Or consequently, that still living and responsible instigators of such actions are not taken to the court of justice.

A few months ago in Zagreb I was present (along with Mr Ćiro Gamulin) during the presentation of the most recent exposition in Jasenovac memorial center. Mr Gamulin's father was killed by the Italian fascists but his name is nevertheless available on the lists of victims published by Our brief (a few minutes) speeches were met with protests of 'This is not the topic of our today's meeting kind. The truth is that we were allowed in the end to express our views but at the same time, we were told that nothing can be done about it during the next year or two.

I have not heard in the meantime that newly elected manager of the Jasenovac memorial center (Dr. Zorica Stipetić) did anything about it.

However, the only thing I am asking for is that the name of my mother's brother, my aunt's son and the names of at least ten of my family members' names from my home place Podgora as well as hundreds of thousands of those killed during the war are removed from the list of people which is specifically listing the people killed by the Croats in Jasenovac. And moreover, I am asking that authors of this monstruosity are brought to the justice.

This is the article I have sent to the editors of five Croatian newsapers:


At mid-May 2005, the article written by Josip Kljaković-Santić and Dragan Delić

was published in Slobodna Dalmacija daily newspaper. The article was about their discovery that on the list of victims that died in Jasenovac concentration camp were the names of people who died in El Shatt camp in Egypt as well as the names of numerous other people who died in places and at times unrelated to Jasenovac concentration camp. The so called Jasenovac Research Institute was started in 1998 (!) by the American Serbs and Jews. Aforementioned research institution even managed to install the memorial plaque in New York for ‘hundreds of thousands of victims of Jasenovac concentration camp’

One of the authors of this article had confirmed that this ‘scientific’ factography is entering the American and Canadian educational system. Josip Kljaković-Santić wrote a letter about all that to the Croatian prime minister Ivo Sanader and president of the parliament Vladimir Šeks but they have never responded in any manner.

As the article mentioned the web address of this institution (JRI), many people tried to find the names of their relatives who died during the war 1940-1945.

I did the same and have found the name of my uncle who died fighting Germans in Montenegro. I also checked other people from my native Podgora where as in all small places, everyone knows everyone else. Here is what I had found:

Before WW II, Podgora had between 1500-1600 inhabitants. According to the results of work of the ‘scientific institution’ from Big Apple (JRI), 102 people from Podgora died in Jasenovac concentration camp. In fact, these people died in most diverse places during the five years of war; on Dalmatian coast, in Bosnia and Montenegro, in Trieste as well as in Italy and mostly in El Shatt in Egypt. Some died as victims of the Chetniks in Dalmatia, one person died during the American air raids on Split and one died in Podgora. However, scientifically, all of them died in Jasenovac.

The truth is that only one person from Podgora died in Jasenovac – Mate Mrsić Jurin, borne 1917.

The interesting detail is that 18 people from Podgora who were killed by the partisans whose names were ‘forbidden’ until 1990 and could not be found anywhere – not a single name among those can be found on the ‘scientific’ list published Serbian/Jewish list published in new York.

There are more scientific jewels in this list: out of 102 names from the list, four people were entered twice with changed years of birth and one man with two names was entered as two people – Ivan Vojko Kunac became Ivan Kunac and Vojko Kunac. Year of birth was incorrect for 40 people and there was a number of incorrect names in the list (Neđeljko instead of Nediljko and similar). In one instance the names of father and son were mixed – Pivac Ante Gabrin became Pivac Gabro Antin. For female victims the father’s name was entered as husband’s name etc etc.

One thing is certain – all this is not an error. There is too much system in JRI’s ‘science’. It must be stressed that for each victim of Jasenovac the JRI states five pieces of data: name, family name, father’s name, place of birth and finally a year of birth. There is at least one wrong piece of data for nearly all people from Podgora who are listed by JRI. This number of wrong data does not include the wrong place of death which is wrong for all names but one.

It can be said ‘Everybody can commit an arror’. Evidently, ‘the scientists’ from the Big Apple are overworked. Only on this one example (Podgora) they increased the number of victims of Jasenovac by the factor of one hundred. If they applied the same methodology throughout the their list it is easy to estimate what is the number of Jasenovac victims that can be closer to reality.

Let’s check further; how did they ‘treat’ the victims from other areas of Croatia? I tried to find the on JRI’s list the names of victims of the Chetniks’ killing spree that happened in Rašćane village in 1942 near Vrgorac. Among those killed there were my grandfather’s two nephews; 28 years old Marijan and 20 years old Ante and also their 63 years old father, Jure Lendić. I tried to find the names of some other people who were connected to Podgora by their family roots of by marriage. All of them were on this JRI’s list of the victims from Jasenovac concentration camp.

Those who compiled the ‘scientific’ JRI’s list obviously used the lists of an old institution called ‘Association of anti-fascists fighters’ which compiled the list of all people killed during the five years which included the people killed as ‘partisans’, people killed by fascists (Germans, Italians) and people that died in El Shatt in Egypt. These lists are in Belgrade and they were obviously accessible to the ‘scientists’ from New York. So in the end, all victims (even those killed by the Chetniks) became the victims for the second time, in Jasenovac concentration camp.

Nataša Jovičić who was the director of the memorial museum in Jasenovac reacted to the article in Slobodna Dalmacija with a statement that ‘it is correct to say that on the list of JRI there are many names of those who in fact did not die in Jasenovac but that neither her memorial center nor Croatian state have nothing with that list. She elaborated that using scientific methods it was found that there was about 59000 people who died in Jasenovac concentration camp (though, she added, the list was not definitive). She confirmed that her institution (Memorial Center in Jasenovac) protested against the JRI’s list, obviously convinced that was all they had to do.

Slavko Goldstein, the president of Jasenovac Memorial Center management board also reacted to the article in Slobodna Dalmacija. He stated that the JRI’s list does not have any merits. President Goldstein stated that three million of Jews from New York have nothing with JRI nor with the plaque erected there, the whole thing was result of work of small group of ten or so Jews and some American Serbs…

I am asking myself the following questions:

1. How it was possible that with three million Jews in New York municipality of New York allowed erection of such a monument behind which there is some obscure group of ten local Jews?

2. If it was impossible that all three million Jews react to that monstruous JRI’s list, how come that there was no even thirty of them who would protest against such a sick campaign of hatred? How come that all that Jews from New York and their institutions never felt there was a need to apologize to the Croats and Croatian state for the actions of some of the members of Jewish community?

3. How come Ephraim Zuroff, the honourable and truth-seeking director of the Simon Wiesenthal center never uttered a word about this whole issue?

And what is with the Serbian community in Croatia? What is with Serbian intellectuals who are permanently searching for ‘truth’? Is the truth as presented by some American Serbs the only acceptable truth for them?

Every life is a sanctity; every crime is a crime and every victim from Jasenovac deserves a piety. But do the victims presented falsely as Jasenovac victims, deserve the piety reserved for Jasenovac victims? Why are they killed now for the second time? Is it really possible that neither to the Croatia’s state nor to Croatian politicians who are paid quite well to take care about a dignity of the state and its citizens, it is irrelevant that hundreds of thousands of victims of war are attributed to Croats – who have nothing with that?

Croatia’s president, known for promptly reacting to everything and for amusing his people with cheap jokes – how come he did not find necessary to react to this monstrous list of 650,000 people who were ‘killed by Croats’? Does he not think his people deserve some protection, by their president, against such profanity? Maybe the President was busy? But how about a numerous president’s assistants?

Is president of the government agreeing with this list? Does he not think the Government is the institution that has to defend the interest of the state and its peoples from criminal lies? Or do they both, President of the state and president of the government, think it is not their business to deal with such issues? Do they think the truth is not relevant or maybe, that it is irrelevant for entering of Croatia to the community of European states?

Has anything been done by various institutions of the Croatian state? What is the purpose of Croatian Helsinki Watch; what is the use of numerous civil society groups in charge of dignity of this or that? How come no organization of this kind ever mentioned or revealed this criminal Belgrade/Jewish plot? Why nobody talks about protection of the victims and their family members?

And finally, why the Association of anti-fascists fighters (‘SAB’) which is proud of their anti-fascism, does not defend their comrades? Why they leave them to become victims for the second time?

How is it possible that this scandal of major proportions does not find its place in Croatian media? The topic is not attractive for the general public?

Croats can be charged with other people’s crime – this is not the first time.

Is this one of many ‘conspiracy theories’? Not at all.

This is a practice, very much alive, of which not very many Croats are aware.

For those interested, here is the list of WW II victims from Podgora. All of them are on JRI's list; what realy happened to these victims can be seen in the right column.

-68 ANUŠIĆ IVAN (Luka), rođ. 1915. (stvarno: poginuo na Tjentištu)

ANUŠIĆ MATE (Luka), rođ. 1903. (stvarno: poginuo na Zelengori)

ANUŠIĆ NATAŠA (Mate), rođ. 1943. (stvarno: umrla u El Shattu)

B-44 BAN LJUBO (Stipe), rođ. 1914. (stvarno: ubili ga četnici u Rašćanima)

BAN MATE (Stipan), rođ. 1867. (stvarno: umro u zbjegu u Komiži)

B-112 BEROŠ ANTICA (Kleme), rođ. 1871. (stvarno: umrla u zbjegu u Italiji)

B-186 BORIĆ LUKA (Vice), rođ. 1921. (stvarno: poginuo u desantu na Drvar)

BORIĆ MILOVAN (Mijo), rođ. 1926. (stvarno: ubili ga četnici kod Gračaca)

B-187 BORIĆ VICE (Marijan), rođ. 1914. (stvarno: poginuo u Petoj ofanzivi)

BORIĆ ANĐELKO (Ante), rođ. 1912. (stvarno: umro od tifusa u Petoj ofanzivi)

BORIĆ MATE (Nikola), rođ. 1913. (stvarno: poginuo u Petoj ofanzivi)

BORIĆ RAFAEL (Vicko), rođ. 1908. (stvarno: umro od tifusa na Zelengori)

BORIĆ MARIJAN (IVAN), rođ. 1901. (stvarno: ubijen u bolnici Zlopolje)

BORIĆ JURE (Nikola), rođ. 1909. (stvarno: poginuo kod Imotskog)

D-21 DEAN IVO (ANTE), rođ. 1922. (stvarno: ?...)

DEAN IVAN (Luka), rođ. 1912. (stvarno: poginuo kod Imotskog)

D-44 DEVČIĆ JOZE (Marijan), rođ. 1925. (stvarno: poginuo na Čvrsnici)

D-123 DULČIĆ PETAR (Jakov), rođ. 1878. (stvarno: umro u El Shattu)

E-21 ERCEG KRSTE (Mate), rođ. 1920. (stvarno: poginuo u Petoj ofanzivi)

H-47 HRABAR VJEKOSLAV(Joze),rođ.1913. (stvarno: poginuo u bolnici u Petoj ofanzivi)

HRABAR NEDILJKO (Joze), rođ.1926. (stvarno: poginuo u bolnici u Petoj ofanzivi)

HRABAR MARE (ž. Joze), rođ. 1888. (stvarno: umrla u El Shattu)

J-6 JAKIĆ IVAN (Mate), rođ. 1909. (stvarno: ubili ga četnici u Srbiji)

JAKIĆ KRASIN (Milan), rođ. 1941. (stvarno: umro u El Shattu)

J-131 JUGOVIĆ MATE (Marijan), rođ. 1908. (stvarno: poginuo u Petoj ofanzivi)

JUGOVIĆ IVAN (Tomica), rođ. 1924. (stvarno: prezime Sumić; poginuo u ratu)

K-134 KOKIĆ ANTE (Mijo), rođ. 1867. (stvarno: umro u zbjegu u Italiji)

KOKIĆ BORIS (Jakov), rođ. 1923. (stvarno: poginuo na otoku Hvaru)

KOKIĆ IVAN-JOZIP (Jakov), rođ. 1921. (stvarno: umro u logoru Sisak)

KOKIĆ MIHO-ŽIVKO (Jakov), rođ. 1920. (stvarno: ubili ga četnici kod Neretve)

K-264 KRŽANIĆ ANTE (JURE), rođ. 1915. (stvarno: ubijen u bolnici Zlopolje)

K-280 KUNAC IVAN (MARIJAN), rođ. n.a. (stvarno: dva puta upisan kao žrtva!)

KUNAC IVAN-VOJKO(Marijan),rođ.1923.(stvarno: umro od tifusa u Petoj ofanzivi)

K-286 KURTIĆ MILAN (Ivan), rođ. 1914. (stvarno: poginuo u Kruševu, Andrijevica)

L-13 LAMPIĆ JURE (Ivan), rođ. 1910. (stvarno: mučili ga Talijani, umro u Podgori)

LAMPIĆ STANKO (Ivan), rođ. 1920. (stvarno: poginuo kod Vrgorca)

L-48 LETICA VICKO (Mate), rođ. 1925. (stvarno: poginuo u Moslavini)

LETICA PETAR (Mate), rođ. 1918. (stvarno: poginuo u Petoj ofanzivi)

LETICA MATE (Jure), rođ. 1882. (stvarno: ubili ga Njemci u Biokovu)

LETICA JAKOV (Joze), rođ. 1864. (stvarno: umro u El Shattu)

LETICA ŠIMUN (Nikola), rođ. 1874. (stvarno: umro u El Shattu)

LETICA ĆIRIL (Mate), rođ. 1920. (stvarno: poginuo u Petoj ofanzivi)

LETICA LJUBO (Ivan Stipin), rođ. 1923. (stvarno: poginuo na Korčuli)

LETICA PETAR (Ivan Nikolin),rođ.1921. (stvarno: poginuo kod Trsta)

LETICA PETAR (Ante), rođ. 1923. (stvarno: poginuo u Posušju)

LETICA SLAVEN (Mate), rođ. 1944. (stvarno: umro u El Shattu)

LETICA IVAN (Joze), rođ. 1864. (stvarno: ubili ga Talijani)

L-95 LUCIĆ LJUBO (Šimun), rođ. 1919. (stvarno: poginuo u Petoj ofanzivi)

LUCIJETIĆ ANTE (Stipan), rođ. 1902. (stvarno: poginuo u Petoj ofanzivi)

M-82 MARINOVIĆ IVAN (Marijan), rođ. 1903. (stvarno: poginuo u Petoj ofanzivi)

M-175 MIHOTIĆ DUŠAN (Stipan), rođ. 1917. (stvarno: poginuo u Petoj ofanzivi)

M-219 MILIČIĆ SLAVKO (Ćiril), rođ. 1922. (stvarno: poginuo u savezničkoj vojsci)

MILIČIĆ NEVENKA (Nediljko),rođ.1944. (stvarno: umrla u zbjegu u Italiji)

MILIČIĆ ĆIRIL (Petar), rođ. 1882. (stvarno: umro u El Shattu)

MILIČIĆ ŠPIRO (Jure Markov),rođ.1916.(stvarno: poginuo u bolnici na Zelengori)

MILIČIĆ BRANKO (Vice), rođ. 1920. (stvarno: ubili ga ustaše u Makarskoj)

M-220 MILIČIĆ BRANKO (VICE), rođ. 1920. (stvarno: dva puta upisan kao žrtva!)

MILIČIĆ PAŠKO (Jure Antin), rođ. 1910. (stvarno: poginuo kod Šibenika)

MILIČIĆ ŠPIRO (JURE), rođ. 1922.? (stvarno: dva puta upisan kao žrtva!)

MILIČIĆ SLAVKO (ĆIRO), rođ. 1923.? (stvarno: dva puta upisan kao žrtva!)

M-282 MIŠIĆ ŠIMUN (Miho), rođ. 1902. (stvarno: poginuo u Petoj ofanzivi)

M-308 MLIKOTA MILOŠ (Jakov), rođ. 1923. (stvarno: poginuo u Maljkovu, Svilaja)

M-333 MRSIĆ SREĆKO (Stipan), rođ. 1923. (stvarno: ubili ga Talijani i ustaše u Podgori)

MRSIĆ MATE (Jure), rođ. 1917. (stvarno: ubijen u logoru Jasenovac)

N-66 NOLA DETO (Ivan Šimunov), rođ. 1912. (stvarno: poginuo kod Bola, Brač)

NOLA DINKO (Ivan Stipanov),rođ.1915. (stvarno: poginuo u bolnici u Petoj ofanzivi)

NOLA FABIJAN (Petar), rođ. 1912. (stvarno:poginuo u Splitu-savezničko bomb.)

NOLA GRGO (Ivan), rođ. 1921. (stvarno: poginuo u Dugim Njivama,Biokovo)

NOLA JOZE (Cvitan), rođ. 1866. (stvarno: umro u El Shattu)

NOLA LILI-ŠIMICA (Lovre), rođ. 1926. (stvarno: umrla od tifusa u Petoj ofanzivi)

P-54 PAVLINOVIĆ NEDA (Lovre), rođ. 1864. (stvarno: umrla 1942. u Podgori)

PAVLINOVIĆ MILOVAN(Duje),rođ.1924.(stvarno: poginuo kod Mrkonjić Grada)

PAVLINOVIĆ LJUBO (Ivan), rođ.1907. (stvarno: umro 1941. u Šibeniku)

PAVLINOVIĆ ZVONKO (Mijo),rođ.1922. (stvarno: poginuo kod Duvna)

PAVLINOVIĆ IVAN (Lovre), rođ. 1860. (stvarno: umro 1941. u Podgori)

PAVLINOVIĆ IVAN (Duje), rođ. 1912. (stvarno: poginuo u Kotišini)

P-158 PIVAC JOZE-ĆIRIL (Jure), rođ. 1921. (stvarno: poginuo u Petoj ofanzivi)

PIVAC GABRO (Ante), rođ. 1915. (stvarno: poginuo u Hercegovini)

PIVAC MARE (ž. Šimuna), rođ. 1881. (stvarno: umrla u El Shattu)

R-37 RADOJKOVIĆ JURE(Marijan),rođ.1902. (stvarno: poginuo u Petoj ofanzivi)

R-38 RADOJKOVIĆ IVAN (Petar), rođ. 1920. (stvarno: poginuo u Petoj ofanzivi)

RADOJKOVIĆ MILUTIN (Ivan),rođ.1926.(stvarno:poginuo u bolnici u Petoj ofanzivi)

RADOJKOVIĆ MILOŠ (Stipe), rođ.1923. (stvarno: poginuo u Bosanskom Grahovu)

R-160 ROSANDIĆ PAVAO (Šimun), rođ.1918. (stvarno: poginuo na Zelengori)

ROSANDIĆ MLADEN (Mate), rođ.1924. (stvarno: poginuo kod Daruvara)

S-81 SISARIĆ MILJENKO (Ante), rođ. 1919. (stvarno: poginuo u Petoj ofanzivi)

SISARIĆ DRAGUTIN (Ante), rođ.1888. (stvarno: ubili ga Talijani u logoru Ploče)

SISARIĆ RUSKO (Dragutin), rođ.1921. (stvarno: poginuo na Vlašiću)

S-217 STOJKOVIĆ BRANKO (Joze), rođ.1919.(stvarno: poginuo u Petoj ofanzivi)

S-245 SUMIĆ VICE (Ivan Tomin), rođ. 1903. (stvarno: poginuo u ratu)

SUMIĆ IVAN (Andrija), rođ. 1887. (stvarno: ubili ga četnici na Crnom brdu)

SUMIĆ MILJENKO (Ivan), rođ. 1919. (stvarno: poginuo u ratu)

SUMIĆ KARLO (Luka), rođ. 1917. (stvarno: poginuo na Treskavici, Kalinovik)

V-30 VELA ANTE (Mate), rođ. 1921. (stvarno: poginuo na Snagovu, Zvornik)

VELA NIKOLA (Pavao), rođ. 1920. (stvarno: poginuo u Petoj ofanzivi)

VELA MARE (Joze), rođ. 1897. (stvarno: poginula u bombardiranju Podgore)

V-77 VODANOVIĆ LJUBO (Jure), rođ.1918. (stvarno: ubili ga Talijani /?/ u Podgori)

VODANOVIĆ ČEDOMIL (Ivan),rođ.1919.(stvarno: poginuo u Dragljanima, Vrgorac)

V-97 VRANJEŠ GRGO (Stipan), rođ. 1922. (stvarno: poginuo na planini Velež)

V-98 VRANJEŠ VITOMIR (Ivan), rođ. 1929. (stvarno: poginuo u ratu)

V-104 VRSALJKO VICE (Marijan), rođ.1919. (stvarno: poginuo u Imotskom)

VRSALJKO JAKOV (Marijan),rođ.1922. (stvarno: poginuo u Petoj ofanzivi)

Smiljana Šunde, Zagreb - Hrvati AMAC ®

Age 29
Kruševo, Andrijevica, Montenegro
Podgora, Croatia