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Death: (Date and location unknown)
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Husband of YASODHA

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Nanda (mythology)

Nanda and Yashoda pushing baby Krishna on a swing. Nanda (Sanskrit: नंद) or Nandagopa, according to the Harivamshaand the Puranas, was the head of the gopas (a tribe of cowherds referred as Holy Gwals).It is said that Nand Baba owned 9 lakhs of cows.[1] Nandvanshis or Ahirs [2][3][4] are descendants of Nand. The night of Krishna's appearance or birth, Vasudeva (Krishna's father) brought Krishna to Nanda for Krishna's childhood years. Nanda brought up both Krishna and Balarama. Nanda was married to Yasoda. Krishna derives his name Nandanandana (meaning son of Nanda) from him. According to the Bhagwat Purana Nand Baba was a yadu kula kshatriya(yadav) by caste.[5][6] Nandvanshi Ahirs are found in Central Doab,[7][8] West ofYamuna.Claims origin from Mathura.[9] Central or Middle Doab consists of Etah, Aligarh, Mainpuri, Etawah, Kanpur, Hathras, Farrukhabad,Firozabad, Mathura and Agra.[10]

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NANDAGOPA's Timeline

January -3112
- -3102
Gokul, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India

Putanā), the mistress of darkness, the female demon with powers to fly was an exp(Pert in snatching souls in excruciating torturous ways. She was sent by Kamsa to kill Krishna who was nothing more than a toddler at that time. As an expert in camouflaging which was much needed for she was an ugly demonic lady, she took the disguise of a celestial beauty and offered her services to Krishna's mother Yashoda for breastfeeding little Krishna with her poisoned breasts. Having underestimated Krishna's powers, her heinous motive met a gruesome end as Krishna while feeding sucked the life out of her.

Trinavarta (Tṛṇāvarta) the tornado demon was one of Kamsa's allies. His unprecedented power to create whirlwind for mass destruction made him one of the most fearsome evil force. Sent to destroy Krishna, he created a scary situation by uprooting and destroying everything that came in his path. Full of pride, Trinavarta twisted a vicious dark cloud of terror and gripped Krishna in his clutches. But Krishna ripped through the tornado crashing him down to his death.

Dhenukasura (Dhenukāsura) was the guardian of Kamsa's prized wine orchard and a terror for any trespasser. With his deafening bray and stampede there was no mercy for anyone. He had even dwarfed the king of the Gods Indra. With his unmatched strength he shook and split the earth into two almost about throwing Indra inside the deep crevice. He reigned supreme until Krishna and Balaram challenged his might. Threatening to shatter the boys, he engaged in a violent fight on land and in the sky. Earth trembled as finally Dhenukasura got slay in the hands of Balaram while Krishna overpowers rest of his evil gang of demonic donkey cronies.

Aghasura (Aghāsura) the giant deadly serpent demon had the powers to glide in the sky and change its forms. Summoned by his master Kamsa he turned himself into a ghostly cave to allure Krishna and his friends inside with the intention of swallowing them up. He managed to trick Krishna's friends inside and trapped them in his poisonous belly. Sensing the danger, Krishna came to their rescue as Aghasura sucked Krishna in as well. But just as he was about to crush Krishna inside him, Krishna tore open Aghasura's abdomen into pieces and brought an end to the great serpent demon.

Vatsasura (Vatsāsura), the calf demon was one of Kamsa's favourite for his malicious nature and brutal force. He gleefully accepted the mission to execute Krishna. Vatsasura took the disguise of a demonic calf to trick Krishna into a duel. With his capabilities to manoeuvre his own shape and size, he grew into a fearsome large calf and attacked Krishna. While he could scare away the rest of Krishna's friends, Krishna stood his ground. Vatsasura with all his strength finally realised that he was no match for Krishna and finally met his end.

Fire Demon was a friend of Pralambasura and together they had the order to kill Krishna. Fire demon possessed the unique power of morphing his form into any simple burning object and emerge when needed as the monster, capable of turning everything into ashes while riding on his chariot of fire. In order to allure Krishna in his fiery trap, he set ablaze the Munjavana forest trapping Krishna's friends and their cattle. Krishna came to their rescue and extinguished the might of Fire Demon by sucking in the demon and all the fire inside him.

Aristasura (Ariṣṭāsura) the severe bull demon attacked Vrindavan confident of overpowering Krishna to fulfill his master Kamsa's wish. His demonic appearance and wild fury scared off the common people of Vrindavan. With his violent grunt and giant horns he shattered the dam and flooded everything around. But Krishna took him by his horns and flung him over. The earth trembled as they fought till Krishna swung him violently in the air and shattered his horns bringing an end to the bull demon.

Keshi the horse demon went mad in fury as Krishna was killing all his demons cronies. He approached Kamsa assuring him of his own atrocious powers seeking orders to face Krishna in a combat. With revenge in his mind and full of pride for his own strength, in his pursuit he created havoc. Earth trembled under his hoofs as Krishna matched his powers and a terrible battle followed. Severely smacked and battered by Krishna, Keshi finally met his end.

Vyomasura the bat demon was a vicious dark evil force hungry for destruction. He was sent by Kamsa to create disaster and kill Krishna. In his pursuit, Vyomasura had spread a veil of terror among people. Having found Krishna, Vyomasura kidnapped his friends in disguise thus trapping Krishna in a precarious situation. Sensing the opportunity, he took his real shape as Vyomasura and pounced on Krishna with vengeance. A fierce battle later Krishna crashed him down with an explosion, killing the vicious demon.

July 28, -3112
Mathura, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India
September 21, -3112
Mathura, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India

An Avatar to cherish

Vasudeva carrying Lord Krishna
Trying to grapple with the sacred and secular thought in the Vedas is as formidable as navigating one's way through a thickly wooded forest. Maybe that is why people tend to give up hopes of accessing the inner import of these scriptures. But Azhwars and devout poets such as Jayadeva and Leelasuka claim that the essence of these scriptures is easily available to those who empathise with the lives of the Gopis and meditate on the greatness of the Krishna Avatar. Here was the Supreme Lord who made Himself accessible to people and even allowed Himself to be tied to a grinding stone. Granting salvation is His sole privilege, and it is up to us to seek this highest goal from Him through love and devotion to Him, said Sri L. Sampathkumar in a lecture.
The Vedas are compared to a Kalpaka tree because the knowledge contained in them is comprehensive — from the mundane to the sublime, from the material to the spiritual. The essence of Vedic knowledge is contained in theBhagavata Purana and hence it is the ripened fruit of the tree of the Vedas. This text deals exhaustively with the life of Krishna. The Supreme Being promised Brahma and other celestials that He would eventually be born to reduce the burden that Bhu Devi was finding difficult to bear.
When the newly married Devaki and Vasudeva were driven in a chariot by Kamsa, a celestial voice predicted Kamsa's fall at the hands of the eighth child of Devaki. The Lord sought Yogamaya's help to plan the birth of Balarama (an incarnation of Adisesha) in the womb of Rohini (wife of Vasudeva); and ensured His own safety after birth by requesting her to be born as Yasodha's daughter at the same time when He would be born.
The Lord was born as the most attractive child and immediately gave orders to Vasudeva to exchange the newborns. Kamsa was surprised to see a girl baby, but he tried to kill her too. She escaped his clutches and warned him once again that his killer was safe and would seek him at the appropriate time.

Gokul, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India

Therefore should one, in keeping to one's duties performing effortlessly, exercise respect for the karma of one's own nature [see varnâs'rama]; by that karma one lives, it is that karma no doubt that is someone's worship able deity.
Let's therefore make a start with a sacrifice for the cows, the brahmins and the hill [Govardhana], and may this be carried out with the ingredients for Indra's sacrifice! [see also footnote 10.8*3]
'Indra then who realized that the worship of his person had been rejected, 'u o King, got angry with the gopas lead by Nanda who had taken to Krishna as their Lord.
Seeing the result of Krishna's mystic power was Lord Indra most amazed and stopped he the clouds, broken in his determination and with his false pride brought down.

Gokul, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India

SB 10.16.4: Sri Sukadeva Gosvami said: Within the river Kalindi [Yamuna] was a lake inhabited by the serpent Kaliya, whose fiery poison constantly heated and boiled its waters. Indeed, the vapors thus created were so poisonous that birds flying over the contaminated lake would fall down into it.
SB 10.16.5: The wind blowing over that deadly lake carried droplets of water to the shore. Simply by coming in contact with that poisonous breeze, all vegetation and creatures on the shore died.
SB 10.16.6: Lord Krishna saw how the Kaliya serpent had polluted the Yamuna River with his terribly powerful poison. Since Krishna had descended from the spiritual world specifically to subdue envious demons, the Lord immediately climbed to the top of a very high kadamba tree and prepared Himself for battle. He tightened His belt, slapped His arms and then jumped into the poisonous water.
SB 10.16.28: My dear King, Kaliya had 101 prominent heads, and when one of them would not bow down, Lord Sri Krishna, who inflicts punishment on cruel wrong-doers, would smash that stubborn head by striking it with His feet. Then, as Kaliya entered his death throes, he began wheeling his heads around and vomiting ghastly blood from his mouths and nostrils. The serpent thus experienced extreme pain and misery.

SB 10.16.30: My dear King Parikshit, Lord Krishna's wonderful, powerful dancing trampled and broke all of Kaliya's one thousand hoods. Then the serpent, profusely vomiting blood from his mouths, finally recognized Sri Krishna to be the eternal Personality of Godhead, the supreme master of all moving and nonmoving beings, Sri Narayana. Thus within his mind Kaliya took shelter of the Lord.
our life and souSB 10.16.52: O Supreme Lord, please be merciful. It is proper for the saintly to feel compassion for women like us. This serpent is about to give up his life. Please give us back our husband, who is l.
SB 10.16.60: Sukadeva Gosvami said: After hearing Kaliya's words, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who was acting the role of a human being, replied: O serpent, you may not remain here any longer. Go back to the ocean immediately, accompanied by your retinue of children, wives, other relatives and friends. Let this river be enjoyed by the cows and humans.

Mathura, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India


The Slaying Of Kamsa
Here in 'Mathura, Kamsa was beginning to feel more and more alarmed. Keshi, another rakshasa whom he sent, was also killed. Kamsa threw Vasudeva and Devaki into the prison and planned to invite Krishna to Mathura and kill him there. He, therefore, sent his cousin Akrura to Brindavan to bring Krishna. Akrura was a great devotee of Krishna. He told Krishna of Kamsa's evil intentions. Krishna rejoiced. He said, "Let us all go to Mathura." With him went Akrura, Balarama, Nanda and some other gopalakas.
The news of the visit of Krishna spread in Mathura. So everywhere there was curiosity, excitement and joy.
As Krishna and Balarama were approaching the palace a big elephant of the name Kuvalayapida rushed towards Krishna. Kamsa had deliberately stationed the elephant there to kill Krishna. Krishna cut off the trunk. The huge animal fell down and died.
As the brothers approached Kamsa's court two wrestlers, Mushtika and Chanura by name, stepped forward. They were famous all over the country for their wrestling. They were very strong. The spectators were filled with pity and murmured, "Poor boys! What can they do against these rocklike? Wrestlers!"
Krishna took on Chanura and Balarama took on Mushtika. And the two wrestlers were killed. When he saw his two formidable wrestlers killed by the boys, Kamsa was bewildered and filled with fear. Krishna pounced on Kamsa, caught hold of his hair and pushed him to the ground. Kamsa tried to get up to save himself. He tried to fight. But Krishna killed him. The people of Mathura sighed in relief. They celebrated Krishna's victory with great joy because Kamsa had been a tyrant. Krishna did not ascend the throne, but crowned Ugrasena, his grandfather.
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About Krishna

Krishna Kills Kamsa

This is Kamsa Tila, the place where Krsna killed Kamsa. Tila mean hill, and it was upon this hill that Kamsa was sitting when Krsna pulled him from his dias. Our temple, Sri Kesavaji Gaudiya Matha, is situated in part of Kamsa's wrestling arena, and it is also where Krsna and Balarama killed the elephant demon.
Kamsa was very, very cruel. He had invited all of Krsna's relatives -- Ugrasena, Vasudeva, Devaki, Nanda Baba, and some of the sakhas -- to the wrestling arena. He wanted Krsna killed in front of them, as this would add to his happiness. When Krsna dragged Kamsa from the dias, He was pulling him by the hair, because Kamsa had caught Devaki by the hair on her wedding day. Krsna then threw him on the ground and jumped onto his chest. Because Krsna' s body contains all of the universes, the weight of all of the universes was felt by Kamsa at that time. He specifically jumped on Kamsa's chest because Kamsa had struck Vasudeva on the chest with rocks during the time he was in prison.
Because Kamsa had the strength of one hundred thousand elephants, there was doubt that he was really dead. Some thought that perhaps he was just unconscious. Therefore, to show everyone that he was dead, Krsna pulled him around the wrestling arena. When Kamsa's body was later dragged down to the ghata, it made a gully called panca-pada which is now the sewage drain behind the Matha. After Krsna killed Kamsa, He went to the jail and unchained Devaki and Vasudeva. Vasudeva and Devaki offered prayers, addressing Krsna as Bhagavan. After this they asked Him, "What sinful activities could we have done that You left us for ten and a half years, and that we were put into chains in Kamsa's jail?" Krsna replied, "O Ta, father." Krsna called him 'Ta,' and at the same time He called Yogamaya to cover Vasudeva so that he would think Krsna his own son. Without doing this He could not continue His lila. Thus covered by Yogamaya, Vasudeva thought, "O my son", and he forgot about his previous question. When Yogamaya covers the devotees for lila, she is known as Samukha Mohini. When she covers the conditioned souls, however, she is called Bahirmukha Mohini, or Mahamaya. Vasudeva Krsna had appeared in the heart of Vasudeva, and Vasudeva had impregnated Devaki by mantra. This is called sambhanda-jnana. The guru gives his disciple a relationship with Krsna by mantra.
Ugrasena now called Krsna to make Him the King of Mathura, but Krsna said that He could not be King because the Yadus had been cursed never to become kings. Krsna told Ugrasena that he was in the Bhoja dynasty, and therefore he should be the King.
As these incidences transpired, Nanda Baba was waiting at the bank of the Yamuna. He was thinking that Devaki and Vasudeva must be showing Krsna and Balarama so much affection that They would not want to go back to Vrndavana with him. They came in the evening, and each sat on his knee. Krsna sat on his right side, and Baladeva sat on his left. He asked Them, "Why did you wait three days to come? Do You think You are the sons of Devaki and Vasudeva?" They replied, "No, father. As soon as We were born, Devaki and Vasudeva made us leave their house, whereas you have fed us from a young age". Whoever shows love and affection is the parent. Nanda Baba was so kind that he was thinking, "How can I take them from Devaki and Vasudeva? Maybe Baladeva can stay to pacify Devaki." When he suggested that, however, Baladeva said that He could not stay without Krsna.