Oda aus Schwaben, abbesse d'Amay (c.555 - 634) MP

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Nicknames: "Chrodaire", "Chrodoare", "Dode", "Oda", "de Suavian", "de Heristal", "Ode", "Clothilde", "of Savoie", "van Zwaben", "of Swabia"
Birthplace: Bavarian Swabia, Bavaria, Germany
Death: Died in Arnay, Liège, Walloon Region, Belgium
Managed by: Bernd Martin Kunze
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About Oda aus Schwaben, abbesse d'Amay

Sainte Oda, abbesse d'Arnay

Oda () "The Sueve" [aka: Saint;A Suevian]

She was Abbess of Amay (589 CE). She was a Suevian. (Weis, 190:7).




Oda||p30539.htm|Duke Bodegisel I|d. 581|p30540.htm|Palatina||p38446.htm|Munderic o. V.|b. a 500\nd. 532|p30542.htm||||Gallus M. o. N. Bishop of Troyes||p38447.htm||||

Oda was the daughter of Duke Bodegisel I and Palatina.1 She was a Suevian.2,3,4 Oda married Bodegisel II Governor of Aquitaine, son of Saint Gondoule Governor of Marseilles, Mayor of the Palace, and Bishop of Tongres and unknown.2,3,1,5


Ancestry of Edward III

Child of Oda and Bodegisel II Governor of Aquitaine

Saint Arnulf Mayor of the Palace and Bishop of Metz+ (13 Aug 582 - 16 Aug 641)2,3,1,4,5


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Arnulf "den helige" av Metz (582 - 640) 
Itta av Schelde (592 - 652) 
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Хронология Oda, abbess of Amay

Bavarian Swabia, Bavaria, Germany
Возраст 24
Возраст 26
Metz, Moselle, France
13 Август 582
Возраст 27
Tongres, Limburg, Belgium

Near Nancy. He was also of, Metz, Moselle, France (Metz is on the Moselle River; about 175 miles east of Paris.).

Возраст 79
Arnay, Liège, Walloon Region, Belgium