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Ollogia "чехиня", Princess of Sweden, (dr. Erik the Victorious)

Английский (по умолчанию): Ollogia of Bohemia, Princess of Sweden, (dr. Erik the Victorious)
Also Known As: "of Bohemia & of Nowgorod. Father Erik the Victorious (c945-c995) + Ollogia Princess of Bohemia (967-)"
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Kiev,Ukraine ?
Смерть: (Дата и место неизвестны)
Ближайшие родственники:

Daughter of Erik VII, "Segersäll" Björnsson, King of the Svear и Świętosława «Gunhilda» Mieszkówna of Poland
Wife of Saint Владимира I "Velikiy" "the Great" Prince of Novgorod
Mother of Vysheslav Vladimirovich Grand Princes of Novgorod
Half sister of Harald II Sweinson king of Denmark; Gyda Svendsdatter; Santslaue Svendsdatter Sveynsdottir; Thyra Svendsdatter; Gunnhild Svendsdatter и ещё 2

Менеджер: Alice Zoe Marie Knapp
Последнее обновление:

About Olava (Ollogia) of Bohemia

Norse sagas mention that, while ruling in Novgorod in his early days, Vladimir I had a Varangian wife named Olava or Allogia. This unusual name is probably a feminine form of Olaf. According to Snorri Sturluson the runaway Olaf Tryggvason was sheltered by Allogia in her house; she also paid a large fine for him. Several authorities, notably Rydzevskaya ("Ancient Rus and Scandinavia in 9-14 cent.", 1978), hold that later skalds confused Vladimir's wife Olava with his grandmother and tutor Olga, with Allogia being the distorted form of Olga's name. Others postulate Olava was a real person and the mother of Vysheslav, the first of Vladimir's sons to reign in Novgorod, as behooves the eldest son and heir. On the other hand, there is no evidence that the tradition of sending the eldest son of Kievan monarch to Novgorod existed at such an early date. Those scholars who believe that this early Norse wife was not fictitious, suppose that Vladimir could have married her during his famous exile in Scandinavia in the late 970s. They usually refer an account in Ingvars saga (in a part called Eymund's saga) which tells that Eric VI of Sweden married his daughter to a 'konung of fjord lying to the East from Holmgard'. This prince may have been Vladimir the Great.


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Хронология Olava (Ollogia) of Bohemia

Kiev,Ukraine ?
Возраст 11
of Kiev,Kiev,Ukraine
Возраст 13
24 Март 1954
Возраст 987
18 Декабря 1954
Возраст 987