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Notable Jewish figures in Al Andalus

  • João Rodrigues de Castelo Branco, (Amato Lusitano)
  • Abu al-Fadl ibn Hasda, philosopher, vizier at Zaragosa
  • Abu Ruiz ibn Dahri fought in the war against the Almohades.
  • Amram ben Isaac ibn Shalbib, scholar and diplomat in the service of Alfonso VI of Castile
  • Bahya ibn Paquda, philosopher and author of Chovot ha-Levavot
  • Bishop Bodo-Eleazar; according to the Jewish Encyclopedia, "a convert to Judaism ... [who]... went to Córdoba, where he is said to have endeavored to win proselytes for Judaism from among the Spanish Christians."
  • Dunash ben Labrat (920-990), poet
  • Isaac ibn Albalia, astronomer and rabbi at Granada
  • Jekuthiel ibn Hasan, king's minister at Zaragosa, fell from favor, executed
  • Joseph ibn Hasdai, poet, father of Abu al-Fadl ibn Hasdai
  • Joseph ibn Migash, diplomat for Granada
  • Maimonides, rabbi, physician, and philosopher
  • Menahem ben Saruk
  • Solomon Ibn Gabirol, poet and philosopher
  • Moses ben Enoch
  • Yehuda Halevi, poet and philosopher
  • Abraham ibn Ezra, rabbi and poet
  • Moses ibn Ezra, philosopher and poet
  • Benjamin of Tudela, traveler and explorer
  • Samuel Ha-Nagid ibn Nagrela, king's minister and poet
  • Hasdai ibn Shaprut, royal physician and statesman
  • Judah ben Saul ibn Tibbon

Sephardic pedigrees

See also List of Jewish surnames, Spanish and Portuguese names, List of Sephardic People, List of Iberian Jews

  • Abravanel
  • Abulafia
  • Camondo
  • Carabajal
  • De Castro
  • Harari
  • Maimon
  • Paredes
  • Silva
  • Solis
  • Fuentes
  • Melendez

Leading Sephardi rabbis


(Geonim/Rishonim from the Near East or North Africa accepted as authorities by Sephardim)

  • Saadia Gaon
  • Amram Gaon
  • Ḥananel ben Ḥushiel
  • Nissim Gaon

Islamic Spain

  • Isaac Alfasi
  • Joseph ibn Migash
  • Judah al-Bargeloni
  • Solomon ibn Gabirol
  • Abraham ibn Ezra
  • Moses ibn Ezra
  • Judah ha-Levi
  • Bahya ibn Paquda
  • Maimonides

Christian Spain

  • Nahmanides
  • Solomon ben Adret
  • Yom Tob of Seville (the Ritba)
  • Nissim of Gerona
  • Asher ben Jehiel (Ashkenazi by birth, became Chief Rabbi of Toledo)
  • Jacob ben Asher
  • Moses de Leon
  • David Abudirham
  • Isaac Campanton
  • Isaac Aboab

After the expulsion

  • David ben Solomon ibn Abi Zimra
  • Jacob Berab
  • Levi ibn Ḥabib
  • Joseph Caro
  • Bezalel Ashkenazi
  • Moses ben Jacob Cordovero
  • Ḥayim Vital
  • Moses Alshech
  • Solomon Nissim Algazi
  • Yaakov Culi
  • Hayim Palaggi

Miscellaneous & repeats.

  • Hasdai ibn Shaprut (882-942)
  • Solomon ibn Gabirol, Avicebrón.
  • Yehuda Halevi,
  • Samuel Ha-Nagid ibn Nagrela, (993-1056)
  • Joseph ibn Naghrela
  • Abraham and Moses ibn Ezra
  • Ibn Gabirol
  • Judah ben Joseph ibn Ezra (Nasi).
  • Joseph ben Solomon ibn Shoshan (Al-H.ajib ibn Amar).
  • David ibn Yah.ya
  • Abraham Benveniste
  • Meïr Alguadez
  • Jacob ibn Nuñez,
  • Abraham Senior
  • Samuel Abravanel
  • Don Isaac Abravanel,
  • Joseph Pichon of Seville
  • Abraham Zacuto
  • Menahem ben Saruq,
  • Dunash ben Labrat
  • Samuel Ha-Nagid,
  • Moses Maimonides
  • Moses ben Enoch
  • Abu Ayyub Solomon ibn al-Mu'allam,
  • Abraham ibn Meïr ibn Kamnial,
  • Abu Isaac ibn Muhajar,
  • Solomon ibn Farusal
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