Tzadok HaKohen Rabinowitz (1823 - 1900)

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Nicknames: "הכהן הגדול מאחיו זיע"א"
Birthplace: Tārgale, Latvia
Death: Died in Lublin, Lubelskie, Polska
Managed by: Yosef Gavriel (Robbie) Bechhofer
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About Tzadok HaKohen Rabinowitz

Rabbi Zadok HaKohen Rabinowitz of Lublin (in Hebrew: צדוק הכהן מלובלין) (Kreisburg, 1823 - Lublin, Poland, 1900), also spelled Tzadok Hacohen, Tsadok Hakohen, Tsadok Hacohen and Tzadok Hakohen, was a Hasidic Rebbe.

He was born into a Lithuanian Rabbinic family and then became a follower of the Hasidic Rebbe, Rabbi Mordechai Yosef Leiner of Izbica, and of Yehudah Leib Eiger (grandson of the famed Rabbi Akiva Eiger and another student of Mordechai Leiner), whom he succeeded in 1888. He is a classic example of a Litvish Jew turned Chasidic.

As a young man he gained widespread acclaim as an illuy (a brilliant talmudist). Rabbi Zadok refused to accept any rabbinic post for most of his life. He eked out a living by his wife running a small used clothing store. Upon the death of Eiger in 1888, Zadok Hakohen agreed to take over the leadership of the Hasidim. It was then that he began to give his public classes that would take place on Shabbat, Holidays, Rosh Chodesh and special occasions. It is the transcription of those classes were compiled into his work known as Pri Tzadik.

Rabbi Zadok was a prolific writer in all areas of Judaism, halakhah, Hasidut, Kabbalah, angelology, ethics; he also wrote scholarly essays on astronomy, geometry, and algebra.

One of his lone surviving students was Rabbi Michael Mokotovsky, whose son was Rabbi Avraham Eliyahu Mokotovsky, better known by his penname Eliyahu Kitov.


  • Resisei Layla
  • Takkanas HaShavim
  • Tzidkas HaTzadik
  • Machashavos Charutz
  • Sichat Malachei HaShareit
  • Divrei Sofrim
  • Poked Akarim
  • Pri Tzadik (Compiled by his students from his weekly classes)
  • Otzar Hamelech (comments on the Rambam, and a long Tshuva on Tumas Ohel)


Source quoted by Wikipedia: 'Codex Judaica' by Matis Kantor, p.274

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Reb Tzadok's Timeline

Tārgale, Latvia
Age 77
Lublin, Lubelskie, Polska