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The names of the parents of Shravan Kumar is not mentioned anywhere in Ramayana.

Shravan Kumar is a character in the great Hindu epic Ramayana. While taking his blind and disabled parents on a pilgrimage through the holy Hindu shrines, he is mistaken for a boar by Lord Rama's father, who is also the King. After fatally shooting Shravan with an arrow, the king apologizes to Shravan's parents. The parents then place a curse on the King that his first son will leave him when the father needs him the most.

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We have a very famous story of Shravan Kumar in Hindu mythology (Ramayana). Shravan Kumar's parents were blind and frail. They wanted to go on a pilgrimage to 'Char Dhams' (holy places of great religious importance to Hindus). As it was not possible for them to walk, Shravan Kumar makes them sit in two baskets hanging at each end of a wooden pole. He places the pole on his shoulder and sets on foot for the pilgrimage. En route the parents feel thirsty and ask Shravan to get some water for them. Shravan goes in search of water and reaches a riverbank. He starts filling water in his urn.

Dashrath, the king of Ayodhaya (and father of Lord Rama), was hunting in the nearby forest. Dashrath thinks it is an animal drinking water. He was adept at shooting down a target just by hearing its sound without seeing it. So he picks up his bow and sends an arrow in the direction of the sound. The arrow strikes Shravan in the chest and kills him, but before his death he tells Dashrath that his thirsty parents are waiting for him. Dashrath is devastated by the blunder he has committed. He goes in search of Shravan's parents carrying the urn of water. When he reaches Shravan's parents and tells them of his mistake they cry out in despair. They curse Dashrath that like them he will also suffer the separation of his son. As destiny would have it Dashrath's son Lord Rama has to leave his home and live in the jungles for 14 years.

The story tells us the devotion of Shravan Kumar towards his parents. It describes the despair and suffering of his parents, as well as that of Dashrath who is also separated from his son.parents name is not available-

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January 10, -5089
Ayodhya, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

After Rama’s departure to the forest, Dasharatha lies in his bed with a wailing Kaushalya. He suddenly remembers an incident which had occurred in the past. He narrates to Kaushalya about how, by accident, he had killed a young boy named Shravan mistaking him to be an elephant. Dashratha who was then a crown prince had gone hunting on the banks of River Sarayu. He was an expert in hunting by determining the direction of sound and heard the gurgle of an animal drinking water. Mistaking it to be an elephant Dasharatha shot the arrow. He became mortified when he heard a human cry as the arrow found its target. Dasharatha hurried there to find a boy lying sprawled on the banks of the river with an arrow lodged in his chest. The boy rebukes Dashratha for his unrighteous act and demands that he pull the arrow out of his chest.[9] He also tells him to take the pitcher of water to his blind parents who must be waiting for him. The boy dies. Dasharatha approaches the blind couple and tells them about his unfortunate death. The parents, grief-stricken curse the prince “Just as we are dying due the separation from our beloved son you too shall have the same fate.” Dasharatha concludes the chapter by saying that his end is near and the curse has taken effect.[10]

The Death of King Dasharatha
Following his narration of Sharavan Dasharatha passes away in the night due to pain and misery of his separation from Rama.[11] His funeral rites are performed by Bharata and Shatrughna who were called back from Kekeya.[12][

Ayodhya, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

After Rama's departure, king Dasharatha, unable to bear the grief, passes away.

When Shantvarkumar Sharma and his wife, Gyanvati, find out they are unable to conceive, they pray for years to Bhagwan Shri Brahma, who eventually appears before them, blesses them, tells them they will soon be proud parents of a devoted son, but warns them not to see him or else they will lose their vision. True enough, a son, Shravankumar, is born, but barely after a month after his birth, the couple break their promise, see him, and become blind. One day at the riverbank, Gyanvati finds that her son is missing, but he is eventually brought back to them unharmed by none other than Maharaja Dashrath, who has been childless for years. Shantvar and Gyanvati bless him with not one but four sons. Years later Shravankumar has grown up and is very devoted to his parents, he even prefers to worship them instead of God, much to chagrin of Devi Maa Maya, who decides to test his devotion. When he finds out that it was because of him they lost their vision, he undertakes to take them on a holy Trithyatra (prilgrimage) so as to restore their vision, he decides to carry them in a palanquin,instead of a chariot offer by Dashrath, and they share many adventures including getting blessed by Bhagwan Shri Shiv himself. On the last leg of their pilgrimage, Dashrath is hunting a man-eating tiger, while Shravan has gone to the riverbank to get some water for his thirsty parents. Dashrath thinks that the tiger is drinking water, shoots it, and instead kills Shravan. When a horrified Dashrath takes the water to his parents, they curse him that his dead body will never be carried by his sons, and he will be separated from his most beloved son. Soon after this both of them die, leaving Dashrath to atone for his sin - a sin that will result in the reincarnation of Bhagwan Shri Vishnu himself as his son, Bhagwan Shri Ram - who will be separated from him to satisfy a whim of Dashrath's wife, Kaikeyi, thus leading to epic Ramayan..