Patrick Hume, of Polwarth (c.1560 - 1609)

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Geni профиль Sir Patrick Hume, of Polwarth

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Death: Died
Managed by: Alisdair James Smyth
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About Patrick Hume, of Polwarth

Biographical Summary

"Sir Patrick Hume was served heir to his father on 24 October 1599...

...In 1591 he was appointed Master of the Household, and also held the posts of Gentleman of the Bedchamber and Warden of the Marches. Previous to 15 February 1592 he had been appointed keeper of the castle of Tantalloun...

...For his long, true, and faithful service, on 17 June 1608 he was admitted a member of the Privy Council. This honour he did not long enjoy, and died 10 June 1609. He married, previous to 18 December 1598, Julian, daughter of Sir Thomas Ker of Ferniehirst, who, surviving him, was married, secondly, between 18 and 29 September 1613, to Sir Thomas Hamilton, afterwards Earl of Haddington, and lived till March 1637."

SOURCE: The Scots Peerage, Vol. VI, pages 10-11

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Хронология Sir Patrick Hume, of Polwarth

Возраст 38
Возраст 47
Polwarth, Berwick, Scotland
10 Июня 1609
Возраст 49