John Talcott, Jr. (1536 - 1606) MP

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Birthplace: Colchester, Essex, England, (Present UK)
Death: Died in Colchester, Essex, England, (Present UK)
Occupation: Pewterer
Managed by: Nathan Atkinson
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About John Talcott, Jr.

The Worshipful John TALCOTT emigrated on 22 Jun 1632 from England. He died in Mar 1660 in Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut. He was born in Braintree, Essex County, England. John, son of John Talcott and Anne Skinner, his wife, was born in Braintree, Essex Co., England, married Dorothy, the daughter of (probably) Mark Mott, Esq., and Frances Gutter, of Braintree, Essex Co., England.

John Talcott was left a minor by the death of his father in 1604, and was an only son. The 1st wife of Baggot Eggelston, who came first from Dorchester in 1630, and thence to Windsor, was a Mary Talcott, whom he married in England before he came to America

No other family of the name ever emigrated to this country, and all of the Talcotts here are descendants of the above named John, who settled in Hartford, Ct. He first came to Boston, Mass., with others of the Rev. Mr. Hooker's Company in the ship Lion, which sailed from England June 22, 1632, and arrived there Sunday, Sept. 16, 1632. The following are the names of some of the passengers:

William Wadsworth, Jonathan Wade, Thos. Carrington,

John Talcott, Robert Bartlett, William Goodwyn,

Joseph Roberts, John Browne John White,

John Cogsall, John Churchman, James Olmstedd,

John Watson, Tobie Willet, William Lewis,

Robert Shelly William Curtis, Zeth Graunt,

William Heath, Niel's Clark, Nathaniel Richards,

Richard Allis, Daniel Brewer, Edward Collmer,

Thomas Uskett, Jo Benjamin, Edward Holmer,

Isaac Murrill, Richard Benjamin, Jo. Zotman,

John Wichfield, William James, Charles Glover.

These persons names were taken from an old book of Records of Emigrants found in Westminster Hall, England. The ship Lion was Commanded by Capt. Mason, and had 123 passengers (among whom were 50 children) and they all arrived in good health after a passage of twelve weeks from England.

This company first settled in Newtown, now Cambridge, near Boston. John Talcott was admitted a freeman by the General Court at Boston, November 6, 1632; was one of the Representatives in the General Court together with Mr. Goodwin and Mr. Spencer, for Newtown, May 14, 1634.

At a general meeting of the whole town of New town, held February 4, 1634, he, and Haynes, Bradstreet, and four others, were chosen Select men of Newtown to do the whole business of the town.

He was the fifth greatest proprietor of houses and lands in the town, out of eighty enumerated in the registry of 1634, "of those only who were considered townsmen."

He owned four houses in the "West End," and maintained and kept in repair, thirty-six rods of public fence.

These are his houses and lands as recorded in the "Newtown Register book, October 5, 1635." In the "West End" his dwellings, out-houses, etc., with 3 1/2 acres of land. In the "Old-fields," 3 3/4 acres of land in one piece, and 2 acres in another. In "The Neck," 32 acres of land in one piece, and 45 in another. In the "Ox Marsh," 2 1/2 acres. In the "Large Marsh," 7 1/2 acres. In the "Great Marsh," 27 1/2 acres in one piece, and 50 acres in another. And in the "Windmill Marsh," 5 acres.

The Rev. Mr. Hooker joined his people in Newtown, and they, becoming dissatisfied with their location, after repeated efforts and much difficulty, obtained permission from the General Court to remove to the Connecticut River. John Talcott thereupon sold all his possessions in Newtown to Nicholas Danforth, May 1, 1636, and with about one hundred others left Newtown in June of that year (having first sent a carpenter Nicholas Clark, over the previous year to build him a house, which stood on the ground where the North Church [late Dr. Bushnell's] now stands, and was the first house built in Hartford), led by the Rev. Hooker, and went on foot, through the wilderness, to the Connecticut River, where they founded the present city of Hartford; here he took an active part in the affairs of the town, was a member of the General Court for many years, and was styled "The Worshipful Mr. John Talcott;" he was one of the committee appointed May1, 1637, to take into consideration the propriety of a war with the Pequot Indians, and upon whose recommendation a war was accordingly declared. He was one of the Chief Magistrates of the Colony until his death, which occurred at his Mansion at the head of Main Street, in Hartford, in March, 1660. He left by his will his property to his wife and two sons (his daughter having previously died), and grandchildren. He was buried in Hartford, Conn., and his name is inscribed upon the monument erected by the citizens of that place to perpetuate the memory of the founders of the Colony of Connecticut.

Referring to the death of John Talcott, the Rev. John Davenport, of New Haven, writes to Governor John Winthrop, Jr., under date of March 29, 1660, "I am sorry for your loss of Mr. Talcott, whose decease I heard of, but not how his diseases were found incurable, 'till I received your letter of the 27th, whereby it is most to me that no art of man could cure him."

Note,----"May 17, 1660, Mr. Bray Rossester, for and in consideration of his pains in coming to and attending Mr. Talcott in his sickness, was allowed 5(lbs.), and paid out of the Treasury."


John TALCOTT 1 was born 1536 in Colchester, Essex, England. He died Nov 1606 in Colchester, Essex, England. John married N.N. WELLS on 1561 in Colchester, Essex, England.

N.N. WELLS 1 was born 1540 in Colchester, Essex, England. She married John TALCOTT on 1561 in Colchester, Essex, England.

They had the following children:

     		M 	i 	John TALCOTT was born 1562 and died Oct 1604.
     		M 	ii 	Robert TALCOTT 1 was born 1564 in Colchester, Essex, England.
     		F 	iii 	N.N. TALCOTT 1 was born 1567 in Colchester, Essex, England.


1Jacobus, Donald Lines, Hale, House and Related Families: Mainly of the Connecticut River Valley (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1978.), p. 746, Family History Library, 929.273 H135j 1978. -------------------- Based on research done by Jerri McCoy:

Living Colchester, Co. Essex, England in 1558. Was a son of John Talcott of Warwickshire. The Herald's visitation of Essex in 1558 gives the pedigree and arms of this family.


Sources presented by Jerri McCoy:

The Original Proprietors

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  • PUBLICATION: Originally printed in "The Memorial History of Hartford County, Connecticut, 1633-1884", by James Hammond Trumbull. Reprinted by Society of The Descendants of the Founders of Hartford, Inc., 1986.

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From information by Dora Smith:

This information on the Talcot family apparently comes from the Visitation to Essex in 1558 and again in 1634. People in that time had the same motive to attach themselves to noble ancestry than as now, and the pedigrees aren't strictly accurate, but they also aren't the product of 19th century speculation.

It is hard to imagine how a pewterer, well off though he may have been, would be entitled to a coat of arms, though people could and did buy into the gentry or qualify for coats of arms by wealth in those days. They needed only be wealthy enough to support such and such an amount of arms.

"The family of "Talcot' was originally of Warwickshire, England. John, a descendant of the Warwickshire family, was livng in Colchester, Essex, previous to 1558."

John Talcott possessed real estate in Colchester and adjacent towns, which with his personal property, he bequeathed at his death to his children and grandchildren. He was twice married, and had two sons by the first wife, John and Robert, and also a daughter.

John settled in Braintree, about 14 miles from Colchester, and died there in 1604, before his father, leaving a faimly of children, all minors, the eldest of whom was John, who came to New England. The Talcotts of America are descended from John of Braintree. The five daughters of John of Colchester married and lived in or near Colchester.

Although he signed his name "Taylcot", and it is variously spelled in the body of the will, still the name on all the old records in England (where?) is spelled "Talcot or Talcott".

His will, extracted from the Registery of the Commissary Court of the Bishop of London, for the parts of Essex and Herts:

  • In the name of God, Amen. I, John Talcoat, of the town of Colch'str, in the county of Essex, being in p'fitt memorie (thanks bge to God) do make & ordeine this my last Will & Testament in mann & forme following:
  • Imp'mis. I beequeath my soule into the hands of God that made me, & in the bloode of His son, my Savio Jesus Christe hath redeemed me, & by the grace of his holly spirit hath washed me fro' all my sins & sanctified me unto eternal life, & my bodie to be buried w'thin the churchyarde of St. Peters parish, in Colchester.
    • Item. I give & bequeath five pounds of good and lawfull mony to be distributed the day before my buriall unto the poore inhabiting within the town of Coelch, namely, xxx unto the poore of St. Peters parish, & four pounds unto the poore of the rest of the parishes within the towne, to evry parish a part at the discreio of myne executors.
    • Item. I give & bequeath unto my wife Marie Talcoat the third parte of all my goods movable, excepting mony.
    • Item. I give unto her the house or tenement wherein I now dwell, togetath with the houses or tenements wherein John Padnoll & Richard Lambe now dwell, adioning unto my saide dwelling-house, wiht all the shopps, sollars, sellers, yards, gardens or backsyds therunto app-taining, to have & to holde unto her owne use & behoofe during the terme of her naturall life, & at the end of their of to leave the said houses in meet reparation unto my son John Talcoat, according to my bequest hearaft. specified.
    • Item. I give unto her a yearly rent of fortie shillings out of the leases of those grounds which I hold alled the sewerall to be paid unto her by my son Robert Talcoat, at two severall tiems in the yeer, at the feast of St. Michell, the Archangel, & the ann'-ciatio' of o-' Ladie, by even portions during the terme of the said leases, and if she happen to die before the terme of those leases shall expire, thn my son Robert to be discharged & acquyted of the said payment.
    • Item. I give unto her that my house or tenement situated in the parish of the Holly Trinite wherein the widdowe ffroste now dwelleth, & my house or tenement situated in the same parish neer unto Sheergate wherin ____ now dwelleth, as also that my house or temem't situated in the parish of St. Gyles, standing next unto Debbels wall, wherein ___ now dwelleth, togetath. with the yards gardens or backsyds severally oppertaining unto the said houses or teneme'ts, to have and to hold unot h-'r propp'r use and behoof during the term of her natuall lyfe, & at the end thereof to leave the said houses or tenem'ts unot such of my childre-; until whom I have bequeathed the same.
    • It.' I give adn bequeath unto h'r ten garnish of letting vessell im-ediately after my death, & Ten pounds of good and lawful money... Provyded that if my said wyfe shall demande or claime the third of these lands, mny or houses which I have otherwise bequeathed them, my forsaide gift of bequest unto her to be void.
    • It. I give and bequeath to my son, Robert Talcoat, all the leases of the forsaide severalls, as well as all the land & grounds, as also of all the houses & barns standing thruppon, in such mann-'r, xxx a year during the term of those leases, or heer life naturalll, as is before specified.
    • It. I give unto him that part of Dowe house field wich lyith next unto the north brdige in Colch-'r, as it is now divided with pale & quicksett in the tenure & occupatio' of ---duitsh ma-- & by him imployed in gardeninge.
    • Item. I give and bequeath unto my son, Thomas Talcoat that other part or piece' of Dowe house Field wherin the Tainters now stande, lying next unto my lend conteining about 3 akers, be it more or lesse, as it also lyith now inclosed, Togeath'r with the house or tenement which I have builded theoppo'.
    • Item. I give and bequeath unto my son, John Talcoat, & to his heyer of his body, lawfully begotten, that my house or tenement wherein I now dwell, in St. Peters parish, Togeather with those howses & tenements wherin John Padnoll & Richard Lambe now dwell adjoining unto my now dwelling-house, with all the shopps, sollers, sellers, gardens or backsides thereinto app-'teining to have and to hold unto himself and his heyers after him after the decease or naturall death of my wife, his mother, & not before, and if it happen my said son, John Talcoat, to dye without issue of his body, lawfully begotten, then my will is that the eldest son then living of my son, Robert Talcoat, and his heyers after him, being lawfully betotten, then my will is that the eldest son then living of my son, Robert Talcotat, and his heyers after him, being lawfully begotten, shall inioy & possesse as his or their propp-'r inheritance all those foresaide houses & tenements as is before bequeathed unto my son John. Provyded notwithstanind the premises that it shall be lawfull fo rmy son, John Talcoat, if he will, to sell unto my son, Robert Talcoat, & and to none other, all or any of those foresaide howses or tenements bequeahted him.
    • If. I give and bequeath unto myn daughter'r, Mable Marshall, and to her eldest son after her, yf she hath no son then living, to her eldest daughter'-'r, that my house & tenemetn with the yards and bacsydes therrunto belonging, situated in the parsih of St. Buttolphs, in which house James ffearfill glover now dwelleth.
    • It. I give unto my daughter'-r Eme Adler, & to her eldest childe after her, that my house or tenement, situated in the parish of the Holly Trinitee, whearin the widdowe ffroste now dwelleth, with the yarde or backsyde thereunto belonging after the death of my wyfe, h-r mother, and not before.
    • Item. I give unto her fourtie pounds of good & lawfull mony, to be paid unto her by myn executors within two months after the day of my death.
    • Ite. I give unto my duyther, Grace Talcoat, & to her eldest childe after her, that my house or tenem't in the parish of the Holly Trinititee wherein ___ Grouse now dwelleth, neer unto Sheergate, togeath'r with the yarde or backsyde thrunto belonging after the death of my wyfe, her mother, % not before.
    • It.' I give unto her fiftie pounds...
    • Ite'. I give and bequeath unto my daughter, Joane Talcoat, foure skore pounds, of good and lawfull mony, to be paid by myn executors w'thin six months after the day of my death.
    • Ite' I give unto my grandhildren John and Mary Bernard, five pounds apeece'...
    • Ite. I give and bequeath unto my grandchilde, John Talcoat, the son of my son John Talcoat, late of Braintree, teh sum of fortie pounds, of good and lawfull mony, to be paid unto himself by myn executor at the age of one & twenty years......
  • Lastly I apoint and ordaine my two sons Robert & Thomas Talcoat, executors of this my will & testament.
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