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Nicknames: "Teunis Elisse", "Tones Elisen", "Theunis Eliasz", "Theunis Eliasz Van Bundschooten"
Birthplace: Bunschoten, Utrecht, Nederland
Death: Died in Kingston, Ulster, New York, United States
Occupation: 1580
Managed by: Clarice Nykorchuck
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About Theunis Eliasen Eliasen van Van Bunschoten

AKA Name: Teunis ELIASEN

Note: ....Beyond a doubt Theunis or some forefather of his came from Bunschoten, a small one-time walled town on a tidal-way of the Zuyder Zee and a few miles south of that water; Van Bunschoten, not Van Benschoten, having been the early form of the name here.

The first record of Theunis Eliasen Van Benschoten in America coming from Holland was April 3, 1671. The forefathers and name seem to have come from a small, one-time walled town of Van Bunschoten on a tidal way of Zuyder Zee, and a few miles south of that water. On six occasions the name Van Bunschoten appeared on records, once when real estate was deeded to him and three times as sponsors at the baptism of grandchildren, and twice as witnesses to transactions. Other times he used "Theunis Eliasen" meaning son of Elias - a Dutch custom. He was a witness and juryman in the courts, trustee of the corporation of Kingston, New York, a landowner, and a magistrate. He served 13 years as a deacon and a long term as elder in his church. He gave freely to the poor, being a wealthy man. He died between the years of 1725 and 1728, around 80 years old. His wife's name was Gerritze Gerrits. They had ten children. Gerritze's father was Gerrit Garrits. Holland custom to name the next child of the same sex after death of a child the same name. That accounts for the two Rebekkas and Rachels. -------------------- First found in American records 3 April 1671 in Kingston, NY --------------------

(VanB gen.) Only found using the name Van Bunschoten six times: once real estate is deeded him in that name; three times as sponsor for grandchildren who are given the name of Theunis; and twice after his name as a trustee of the Corporation of Kingston is Van Bunschoten added parenthetically.  At all other appearances it is Teunis Elisse, Tönes Elisen, Theunis Eliasz or some other variant of the appelation he familiarly went by and which was simply Teunis, son of Elias.  (This was a primitive Hollandish way of identification, the taking of the father's name and using it as we today do with our family name, the ending se, sen, or z [zoon] being the equivalent of "son of".  In the case of females, se or sen was also used, and occasionally dr. - brief for  dochter or daughter - as is illustrated in the case of Gerritje Gerritdr at the baptism of her son Gerrit.  However, Theunis' children are seldom styled Teunissen in the church book, but generally as Eliasen until the Van Bunschoten gradually replaced both.) 
 The first appearance in Am. records of Theunis Eliasen was at Kingston, NY, on 3 Apr 1671 as a witness to a transaction between Regnier Van der Coelle and Henry Pawling.  On 27 Feb 1674 he applied to the "honorable court" for a lot "outside the gate for the purpose of building;" this request was granted, indicating a wife or thoughts for one.  His next located record is in Bergen, or Communipaw, NJ, when Tönis Eliasen and his wife, "Gerritje Gerrits," baptize their daughter Hendrickje on 22 May 1676, the only instance outside Kingston where that version of his name is found.  The baptismal records of Kingston are missing for all 1677 and the first 3 months of 1678. at which time his daughter Marritje was probably born.  Apparently he had settled in Kingston by then for he was a witness there twice during that period.
 Court records show that he kept remarkably free of the petty strifes and quarrels which were common at that time and place.  Other records show that Teunis became one of the reliable and substantial men of Kingston.  He was thrifty and greatly trusted.  He purchased 18 morgans of land on the Espous flats from Dirk Jensen Schepmoes on 27 Mar 1678.  A year later, when Maria Van Langedyck made her will, she stated, "On to-day, the 16th May, 1679,... one cow which is at Teunis Eliasen's."  Also in 1679, Maria Wynkoop willed her son Benjamin, "two silver spoons, and the cow at present at Teunes Eellison's."  In a suit between Thomas Harmonsen and Jan Luowersen which was tried 5 May 1682, a witness strengthens his testimony by stating that "Theunes Eleson says the same."
Another document shows that about this time Teunis hired a servant:

 "Appeared before me Wm. Montague, secretary at Kingston, Arendt Isaax [Isaacs] who declares to have hired out his daughter named Gerritjie for the period of two current years from April next.  During said time the aforesaid daughter is to properly and faithfully serve her master and mistress.

"Theunis Elesen is to provide her with proper board and clothing and at the expiration of the period furnish her with a presentable Sunday gown, four chimises, two blue aprons, two white aprons, and one silver head-ornament, and is to send her to evening school during one winter. In testimony of the truth we have subscribed hereto this September 1, 1682, at Kingston.


 Arent Isaks
 This is the mark                                                                            of Theunes Elisen by himself."
 [KBS: The mark is in the shape of a trident or hayfork head.  See Van B gen., p. 13.]
 Lest it be thought that Teunis was illiterate, as a witness on 21 Sep 1682 he signed a land contract between Joost Adriansen and Dirk Schepmoes without his trident mark. proving that his mark was a custom rather than necessity.  A number of his signatures are later found without the mark.
 On 20 Feb 1682/3, using his trident, he was one of 16 partners who signed their involvment in the reconstruction of a bridge over the "Great Kill," the first having washed away.
 On 4 July 1683 he appeared again before secretary Montagne, this time putting his trident to an obligation to deliver the following Feb. to William Jacobsen Van Tongeren 217 scheples of winter wheat with "interest amounting to fourteen scheples of wheat above the said quantity, which originates from advanced money and from wages."
 In the winter of 1686/7 Teunis delivered at the Corporation of Kingston's warehouse, where quit-rents in kind were received and much general business transacted, at "sundry times the quantity of 102 schepels of wheat" and was credited for 612 guilders.
 Teunis was also adding to his property.  He acquired additional lots in Kingston, one on 27 Feb1688 and another on 4 Mar 1689.  A year earlier, on 4 Mar 1688, the Trustees of Kingston deeded Teunis Elysse a "certaine house Lott, Scituate Lying & being in said Towne to ye South of the Street, to ye East of the Lott of the Deakons, & to ye West of ye Lott of Teunis Pieterse.  Likewise a small piece of upland to ye Southwest of said Towne, bounded by a path that runns to Marten Hofman's plantation, & an other path wch devides ye Land of William d'Meyer & Symon Kool and by ye Land of said Symon & to ye north-ward of a Rocky hill, cont. about eight acres, to have and to hold the s'd house Lott and upland & appurtenances unto ye said Teunis Elysse his heirs and assigns & to ye proper use & behoofe of him, ye s'd Teunis Elysse his heirs and assigns for Ever.  In Testimony," etc.
 Teunis became an active member of the community in Kingston, gaining more authority as time passed and he proved his worthiness.  At the 14 June 1682 session of the Kingston court, "Theunes Elisen, Jan Focken and Hendrick Ten Eyck, appointed and authorized by the hon. court as reviewers of chimneys and all places where fires are lit," were ordered to go their rounds and acting according to these instructions:
         "They are to go around every three or four weeks and examine all chimneys and fire-places 
      to see that they are clean.  in case any are foul they are to fine the owners to the amount of 
      six guilders and to warn them to clean the same.
         "At the second visit yet finding them dirty they are to impose a fine of twelve guilders.
         "At the third visit still finding neglect they are to acquaint the hon. court with the fact to the 
      end that the owners may be punished as they deserve.
         "They are to condemn all such dangerous fire-places, ovens, cook-houses, etc., and  in 
      case of negligence to impose the fine."
 This was a necessary governmental activity for the day to prevent fire from reaching the thatched roofs of the houses in the community.
 Teunis' term as chimney examiner ended on 12 Oct 1683.  On 4 Mar 1683/4 and other occasions he was a juryman, and during the years 1683-8, he is listed as a calvaryman, the first on the list under Capt. Hendrick Beekman and Lt. Wessell Ten Broucke.
 He was one of the original trustees of Kingston, named on the charter granted in 1687 by Gov. Dongan and approved by the Council on 17 May 1688.  His name is frequently found on Corporation deeds.  He served at least nine terms as Trustee, 1688/9, 1692/3, 1699/1700, 1705/6, 1706/7, 1707/8, 1708/9 and 1709/10, and possibly more since between 1689 and 1711 the Trustee list is incomplete because of the loss of the Corporation minutes.
 Possibly he was also a Trustee in 1714 when on 24 May the Trustees agreed with Mr. Jan Crooke, a lawyer, to go to New York to care for the Corporations interests in the matter of quit-rents, "since Mr. Teunis Ellison is sued in chancery for quit-rents which the Corporation has received."  The Trustees resolved to defend the suits, and claimed "that the Trustees have the Right. as grantees of the fee, to Receive the Quit-Rents which the said Ellissen is sued for."  Their petition "To his Excelency Robert Hunter, Esq., Capt. Gen'll and Gov. in chief in and over her Majestie's Province of New York", had been signed by John Cook, Thomas Gorton and Charles Broadhead "in behalf of themselves and others the Inhabitants of Marbletown," Henry Bogart, Moses Dupuis & Cornelius Switts [Swarts?] "in behalf of themselves and others the Inhabitants of the Towne of Rochester," and Teunis Ellyse (without his trident) "for and in behalf of the Towne of Kingston."  This petition carried  and all action for the collection of past quit-rents stopped, "but the said Inhabitants, ffreeholders, shall be Regular in the payment of the Quit-Rents for the future at our Custom house in New York annually as their patents do direct."
 His fellow Trustees elected Teunis as Magistrate in 1705/6, and on 4 Mar 1706/7, when he was reelected Trustee, he was also chosen as "viewer of fences".  On 1 Mar 1708, while still acting as a Trustee, he was voted 12 guilders "for viewing the lands sold to John Legg."
 He took an oath of allegiance in 1689 and his name was on a "Petition of the Protestants of New York to King Willilam III," dated 30 Dec. 1701 in NYC, for Teunis was also active in church affairs.  He first became a deacon in 1685 and appears to have served continuously until 15 May1698 when he was elected "Ouderlingen," or Elder.  He was also elected Kerkmaster, churchmaster, in 1692.  He was reelected Elder many times and in his official capacity he received new members into the church.  At a consistory meeting on 9 Jan 1686/7 he is referred to as "deacon Teunis Elysee (Van Bunschoten)," one of two instances where the Van Bunschoten name is added in parentheses.
 He was one of two deacons to go to Albany on a search for a minister, and when one was called "at 112 current gelt of this province," Teunis was one of 127 subscribers to the salary, all contributing in wheat, he contributing 15 scheples.  Church records for 1699 show him on the list to provide the dominie with fire-wood and also contributing to the "poor of Kingstowne."  
 An entry in the accounts for "sundry outlays and expenditures" in May 1703/4 cites, "To Teunis Elisse for a keg of good beer 22 gilders."  Under the same heading in 1706/7 are items: "March 3, To Teunis Elise for boards, 66 gilders" and "March 16, To Teunis Elise for carting boards, 10 gilders."
 Records of the Trustees session of 19 Feb1706/7, "Teunis Elisse moved to buy a small tract of land lying Northyward of ye Esopus Kill, or  Creeke, containing about two morgen; granted at ye rate of Eight pieces of Eight per Morgen and to pay for ye Writing."  A small plot of ground was conveyed by the Trustees on 1 Mar 1709/10 to Teunis Elisse and Egbert Schoonmaker jointly.
 He took title to another parcel of land on Kingston Flats on 25 July 1712.  "For and in consideration of a certain Summe or Quantity of Six hundred shepels of good Marchandable Winter wheat to him the Dirck Schepmoes, well & Truly in hand payd, before the ensealing of these presents, by Tunis Eliasen Van Bunschoten of Kingston, aforesaid," Schepmoes sold to Teunis land "on the north side pof the Esopus Kill or Creek & on the greate piece, bounded to the south-east by the Land of the Heirs of Tjirck Clason De Witt, to the North-east by the land of said Capt. Dirck Schepmoes now in the possession of William Schepmoes & by the Esopus Creek, north-westerly by the land of the Heirs of Jan Willemsen Hooghtylinck and south-westerly by the land of Gerrit Aartsen."
 On 20 Aug 1712, Teunis Eliase transferred the property he obtained on 4 Mar 1688 to his son-in-law Mattys Van Steenbergen, "a certain house-lot in Kingston - Scittuating and Lying att the South of ye Street to the East of the Lott of ye Deakons where the Domine Lives and to the West of the Lott of the heirs of Col. Stephen Van Cortland and to the north of the Lott In ye possession of Arien Van Vliet."
 Teunis Eliassen took title from Cornelius Tack of Marbletown on 11 Apr 1713 to a parcel of land "on the north Side of Esopus Kill, being part of a Certain piece of Land called the Great piece or Stuck... Containing thirty-six acres more or less So as the same now is."  This was the third purchase by Teunis of land on the Esopus flats, land ready for plowing.  A small fourth one seems to have followed for at a Town Court held 2 Dec 1713 the trustees of the Corporation of Kingston brought suit against "Mr. Teunis Ellissen.  The plaintiffs and defendant appear in person. The plaintiff's demand 192 guldens for two morgens of Land sold the def't; the defendant owns to the debt but brings an account against it of 47 guldens which is allowed by the plaintiffs.  So the Court gives Judgment against the def't for the balance, which is 145 guldens, with cost of suit," which was afterwards stated to be 9 shillings, 6 pence.
 No other land transactions involving Teunis have been located, though on 10 Mar 1713/4 the trustees sold three morgens of land "on Teunis Ellisse's Killetje."  Since a "Kill" was Dutch for a considerable stream, the diminutive would indicate a small stream, a spring run or a brook.  The little creek must have been relatively long for on 24 Feb 1714/5 a piece of land "bordering on Teunes Elessons' Kille" was sold to Philip Vielle at a Trustee Meeting.
 Tunis Ellise was a witness to a land transfer on 26 Mar 1716.  As Theunis Eliasz Van Bundschooten he was a sponsor to his grandson, Theunis Niewkerk, while his last appearance in Kingston records was as Eliasz Van Buntschooten at the 22 Feb 1719 baptism of another grandchild, Theunis Hood.
 No will has been found for Teunis, though he left one as is shown by the preamble to a deed granted his heirs by the Kingston Trustees when they rectified an error in the 4 Mar 1688 instrument which transferred to him only eight acres of upland while the given bounds resulted in 15 acres and 35 rods.  Dated 16 Feb 1727/8, it reads:
            "To All Christian People to whom this Present Writing Shall or May Come, the 
          Trustees of the Towne of Kingston, in the County of Ulster and Province of New York 
          In America, Send greetings.
            "Whereas Teunis Ellisen Late of the Corporation of Kingston aforesaid, Deceased, 
          Stood Posest of a Certain Piece or Parcell of Land in the bounds of Said Towne Some 
          Distance to the Southward of said Towne, And by His Last will and Testament bearing 
          Date the fifth Day of February Anno Domi: One Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty-five 
          and Six did give and bequeath to his Children and the Children of his son Gerrit Van 
          Bunschoten Deceased All His Real and Personal Estate," etc.
 (KBS) From this last document come the dates between which Teunis Eliasen died, 5 Feb 1725/6 and 16 Feb 1727/8.
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Theunis Eliasen Van Bunschoten's Timeline

November 26, 1643
Bunschoten, Utrecht, Nederland
May 22, 1676
Age 32
Bergen, Essex, NJ, USA
Age 32
Bergen, New Jersey, United States
November 23, 1679
Age 35
Kingston,Ulster,New York
March 12, 1682
Age 38
Kingston, Ulster, NY, USA
January, 1688
Age 44
Kingston, Ulster, NY, USA
Age 44
Kingston, Ulster, NY
January 28, 1692
Age 48
Kingston, Ulster, NY, USA
December 22, 1695
Age 52
Kingston, Ulster, New York
Age 81
Kingston, Ulster, New York, United States