Regularly visiting her sister, the wife of the Cochoqua Chief

Date: between 1658 and 1661
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About This Event

Kratoa began to regularly slip away from the Fort for periods of time to visit he sister who was the wife of the Cochoqua Chief. In doing so she abandoned her Asian clothes for traditional Khoena dress and adornments. Commander van Riebeeck tolerated this behaviour believing that it will ultimately best serve the interests of the VOC.
Possibly prior to this time, she had left the fort for the customary Khoena initiation of girls upon reaching puberty.Since girls had to go into seclusion immediately at the onset of menstruation, this is more likely to have taken place in 1657, when she would have been fourteen or fifteen, than in 1658, as suggested by Elphick and Malherbe." [ Wells]

26 January 1661: “The interpreter Eva has remained behind to live in the Commander’s house again, laying aside her skins and adopting once more the Indian way of dressing. She will resume her services as an interpreter. She seems to have grown tired of her own people again; in these vacillations we let her follow her own will so that we may get the better service from her. But she appears to have become already so accustomed to the Dutch diet and way of life that she will never be able to give it up completely.” Riebeeck, Jan van. ‘Journal of Jan van Riebeeck. Volume II, III, 1656-1662.’ Edited by H.B. Thom and translated by J. Smuts. Cape Town: A.A. Balkema, 1954.
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