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  • Cemeteries and Graves in South Africa/ Begraafplase en grafte in Suid Afrika

    Aim is to...... Profiles with add tombstone photo's Very Important Always give aknowledgement with the link to websites where photos were obtained from Towns must be added as heading. Co-ordinates where possible. It can be obtained for a grave you get from this website. REMEMBER aknowledgement MUST always be given. - A Alberton Fick Straat Begrafplaas/Cemetery - GPS: -26 1...

  • Unconnected Trees

    Key Profiles Two separate lists - please add each profile to both - the 1st in alphabetical order by SURNAME, and 2nd in alphabetical order by COUNTRY of BIRTH. (This may be harder to establish and may have to go under more than one country in some cases). Please use the format used below. The numbers in the [square brackets] are [Family tree/Blood relatives] Alphabetical order by surname...

  • Gurs Internment Camp

    Camp Gurs was an internment and refugee camp constructed by the French government in 1939. The camp was originally set up in southwestern France after the fall of Catalonia at the end of the Spanish Civil War to control those who fled Spain out of fear of retaliation from Francisco Franco's regime. At the start of the World War II, the French government interned Germans and citizens of other ...

  • Hobart and William Smith Colleges

    and William Smith Colleges=Hobart and William Smith Colleges (collectively, The Colleges of the Seneca) are located on 195 acres in New York state's Finger Lakes region in Geneva, New York, United States. They trace their origins to Geneva Academy established in 1797. Hobart College (men) and William Smith College (women) are both liberal arts colleges offering the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, ...

  • Notables in the Newspaper Business

    Notables in the Newspaper Business Famous Newspapers New York Times Owners William Randolph Hearst American newspaper magnate and leading newspaper publisher Rupert Murdoch Australian-American business magnate. He is the founder and Chairman and CEO of News Corporation, the world's second-largest media conglomerate. Adolph Simon Ochs American newspaper publisher and former...

  • Writers

    Writers Definition (Oxford Paperback Dictionary Thesaurus 2001) A writer is a person who has written a particular text, or who writes books or articles as an occupation - the thesaurus lists author, bard, composer, dramatist, journalist, littérateur, novelist, playwright, poet, wordsmith. Please link the profiles of writers to this project and consider whether they could also b...

  • Journalists, Columnists and Reporters

    Journalists, Columnists and Reporters A journalist collects, writes, and distributes news and other information. A journalist's work is referred to as journalism . A reporter is a type of journalist who researches, writes, and reports information to present in sources, conduct interviews, engage in research, and make reports. The term journalist may include various types of editors, edito...

  • Hudood-e-Kiram

    Bismillah hirr-rahmaan nirr-raheem. Assalamu-alaikum! An accurate and researched classification of all Hudood-e-Kiraam of the Da'awat-e-Haadiya . Mainly it will contain historical profiles of the below mentioned hierarchies (explained with titles). A'imma-e-Taahireen/ Auwliya-e-Allah : Imaam's & Naib-e-Imaam's Anbiya-e-Kiraam : Rasool's Dua'at-e-Kiraam : Baab ul-Abwaab's, Baab's, Hu...

  • Mormon Pioneers 1847

    1847 This project is a sub project of the Mormon Pioneers (1847-1868) Master Project This page covers the Mormon Pioneers of 1847 only. Finding Aids Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah Chronological Company List Pioneer Index Search How to Participate Please collaborate on a specific year's (1847-1868) project page. If you have an ancestor who was a Mormon pioneer consult the lin...

  • Anglo Boere Oorlog/Boer War (1899-1902) BETHULIE Kamp/Camp

    Bethulie Concentration Camp Camp Details Location: Orange River Colony Date open (general): 20/4/1901 Date closed: 10/01/1903 Notes: 20/4/1901: camp will only be ready in a week's time, great difficulty with water Unique ID:198 There will be categories for those who lived to go home Those who died in the camp Those who are not one Geni. The object of reproducing the ...

  • OVS- SA families

    Oranje-Vrystaat Die Oranje-Vrystaat (Nederlands: Oranje-Vrijstaat) was een van die onafhanklike Boererepublieke. Die Oranje-Vrystaat was een van die provinsies van die Republiek van Suid-Afrika. Dit bestaan vandag steeds as 'n provinsie van Suid-Afrika met die verkorte naam Vrystaat. Die Oranje-Vrystaat (OVS) was ‘n onafhanklike staat in Suidelike-Afrika gedurende die tweede helfte v...

  • Mormon Pioneers 1860

    1860 This project is a sub project of the Mormon Pioneers (1847-1868) Master Project This page covers the Mormon Pioneers of 1860 only. Finding Aids Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah Chronological Company List Pioneer Index Search How to Participate Please collaborate on a specific year's (1847-1868) project page. If you have an ancestor who was a Mormon pioneer consult the lin...

  • Chester Castle, Cheshire, England

    Chester Castle, Cheshire, England= Chester Castle is in the city of Chester, Cheshire, England. It is sited at the southwest extremity of the area bounded by the city walls. The castle stands on an eminence overlooking the River Dee. In the castle complex are the remaining parts of the medieval castle together with the neoclassical buildings designed by Thomas Harrison which were built between ...

  • xyz

  • Attorneys to Judges - the American Legal System

    'The justice system in the United States is one of the most unique in the world. It consists of two separate levels of courts, state and federal, that can peacefully co-exist under the concept of federalism . The type of court that a case is tried in depends on the law, state or federal, that was allegedly violated. Most of the laws that govern our day-to-day living are state laws; violations o...

  • Mormon Pioneers 1856

    1856 This project is a sub project of the Mormon Pioneers (1847-1868) Master Project This page covers the Mormon Pioneers of 1856 only. Finding Aids Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah Chronological Company List Pioneer Index Search How to Participate Please collaborate on a specific year's (1847-1868) project page. If you have an ancestor who was a Mormon pioneer consult the lin...

  • Mormon Pioneers (1847-1868) Master Project

    This is a master project covering the Mormon Pioneers. The original Brigham Young led pioneer company has a separate project page. Other projects are organized by year of departure. Choose one of the 24 Projects Below 1846 Ship Brooklyn, 1847 Brigham Young (Original Pioneer Company) Additional Pioneer Company Yearly Migrations: 1847, 1848, 1849, 1850, 1851, 1852, 1853, 1854, 1...

  • Geni's Project Concept Plaza

    Welcome fellow Geni’s to this Project Concept Plaza pick your table and read through this special menu full of Project Concept ingredients from project makers all over the Big Geni World Tree. Bon Apetit! For table reservations please contact the project manager (for Project makers ONLY!) : Dimitri Gazan

  • Tulane University

    Tulane University of Louisiana is a private, nonsectarian research university located in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. Founded as a public medical college in 1834, the school grew into a comprehensive university in 1847 and was eventually privatized under the endowments of Paul Tulane and Josephine Louise Newcomb in 1884. Tulane is a member of the Association of American Universities...

  • United States House of Representatives from Louisiana

    Members of the US House of Representatives from Louisiana

  • SmartCopy

    Tool for copying genealogical data into Geni. SmartCopy is a Google Chrome browser extension that allows advanced Geni users to copy information and profiles from various sources into Geni. It provides quick access to research links and HistoryLink tools. Download SmartCopy Supported Sites MyHeritage Data ( SuperSearch, Smart Matches, Record Matches ). MyHeritage Genealogies Billi...

  • Shawnee History

    The goal of this project is to develop genealogical and historical knowledge of the Shawnee, indigenous peoples of North America. Who are the Shawnee? (from ) Shawnee comes from the Algonquin word "shawun," meaning "southerner." Shawnee usually call themselves the Shawano or Shawanoe or Shawanese. They are an Algonquian-speaking people native to North America. Historically they inhabited ...

  • Jewish Exogamy

    The goal of this project is to pinpoint profiles on Geni where the "Jewish" tree intersects with others . (N.B. "Jewish exogamy" is the politically correct variant of "intermarriage.") Profiles must be set to "public." Collaborators, please feel free to update, adding resource links, images, documents -- and inviting more collaborators. And let's use "discussions" to share personal stories,...

  • Coalition for the Standardization of Geni Naming Conventions

    This group aims to concisely define a set a rules that everyone in this project can abide by. Rules 1. Use ordinary case. Do not enter surnames in all uppercase Here is the place to change your personal settings so that your Birth Surnames shows in CAPS even when entered in ordinary case . Try & get the name as close to the original name as possible, taking into account the dialect and ...

  • Jewish Communities in Bohemia and Moravia, Czech Republic

    This is an umbrella project, listing all of the sub-projects on Jews from towns in Bohemia and Moravia in the Czech Republic. Our goal is to set up a project page for each of the communities, and include links to families from those communities on the particular project page. For a good example of what can be done, see Kojetín , Koloděje , Lomnice , Praha/Prag/Prague and Tuč...

  • Jewish Families from Prague

    This project seeks to reconstruct the Jewish population of Prague in the late 18th and 19th centuries. In the public tree on Geni, it is possible to link up all of the major Prague families. You can find a list of Prague Jewish surnames from Alexander Beider's work . You will notice that many of them are rather uncommon today, but very distinctive for Prague, such as the possessive patro- and...

  • Theresienstadt Ghetto - גטו טרזיינשטאט-טרזין

    This project aims to collect all of the profiles of persons who were inmates of the concentration camp Theresienstadt also referred to as Theresienstadt Ghetto located in what is now the Czech Republic. Overcrowding and disease During WWII, the ghetto Terezín (Theresienstadt) was one of the major sites of suffering and death for the Jews of the Bohemian Lands and several European cou...

  • Jewish families from Kolin, Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from Kolin, Bohemia, Czech Republic. KOLIN (Czech Kolín; Ger. Kolin, in older sources Neukollin), city in central Bohemia, Czech Republic. Its Jewish community was one of the four communities known by the abbreviation Karban (Heb. קרב״ן), Kolin, Roudnice, Bumsla, Nachod), second in importance on...

  • Austro-Hungarian Jews

    This project is here to give us a greater insight into the lives of our ancestors from across the empire and to help us work together to find our common roots. List of Austro-Hungarian Jews Wikipedia Famous People Sigmund Freud : Father of Psychoanalysis. Theodor Herzl : Father of Zionism. Stefan Zweig : Novelist, playwright, journalist, biographer. Franz Kafka : Novelist.

  • Duke University

    [ ] Duke University is a private research university located in Durham, North Carolina, United States. Founded by Methodists and Quakers in the present-day town of Trinity in 1838, the school moved to Durham in 1892. In 1924, tobacco and electric power industrialist James B. Duke established The Duke Endowment, at which time the institution changed its name to honor his deceased father, Washi...

  • Attorney Generals of the United States of America

    The United States Attorney General (A.G.) is the head of the United States Department of Justice per 28 U.S.C. § 503, concerned with legal affairs and is the chief law enforcement officer of the United States government. The attorney general is considered to be the chief lawyer of the U.S. government. The attorney general serves as a member of the president's cabinet, and is the only cab...

  • United States House of Representatives from West Virginia

    List of United States Representatives from West Virginia=

  • West Virginia Governors

    West Virginia Governors===List of Governors of West Virginia==

  • United States Governors

    United States Governors In the United States, the title governor refers to the chief executive of each state or insular territory, not directly subordinate to the federal authorities, but the political and ceremonial head of the state. Role and powers The United States Constitution preserves the notion that the country is a federation of semi-sovereign states and that powers not speci...

  • Photographer

    A photographer: (the Greek φῶς (phos), meaning "light", and γραφή (graphê), meaning "drawing, writing", together meaning "drawing with light") is a person who takes photographs. The definitions of amateur and professional, in the context of photography, are not entirely categorical. A professional photographer is likely to take ph...

  • Jewish Families from Miroslav (Misslitz), Moravia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to list representatives of all of the Jewish families from the Moravian town of Miroslav (Misslitz) in the Czech Republic. Earliest known Jewish community was the 16th century. [1900 Jewish population: 528] 1938 Jewish population was 269. This was a self-standing political community from 1867 to 1924. Noteworthy individuals: Dr. Simon Stern (19th century), rabbi; Jakob Herz...

  • Geni's Project Producers Plaza

    Welcome to Geni's Project Producers Plaza pick your table and read through this special menu full of Project Producers ingredients from all over the Big Geni World Tree Bon Apetit! For table reservations please contact the project manager (for Project makers ONLY!) : Dimitri Gazan For further details on how to participate in this Plaza, click this link: Welcome project producers!

  • Jewish Genealogy Portal: A Guide to Jewish Projects and Resources on Geni

    On Geni you can access and collaborate on the most comprehensive Jewish family trees ever created. This Portal is a guide to significant Jewish genealogy umbrella or resource projects on Geni. After the Historical Projects overview, the Portal is organized primarily by geographic region, similar to the database structure at JewishGen . The Portal is meant to complement and reorganize the Jewish...

  • Os indígenas e a miscigenação étnica do Brasil / The indigenous and ethnic miscegenation in Brazil

    A formação do povo brasileiro como hoje o conhecemos tem início com o processo de colonização portuguesa nas primeiras décadas do século XVI. A miscigenação foi sempre um traço decisivo, se apresentando desde os primeiros contatos entre os portugueses e os indígenas nativos das terras brasileiras, assim como se observa...

  • Parker Project

    The PARKER family linages go centuries back to the Knights of England, the Earls of northern Scotland, the early Kings and Queens of Norway, Scandinavia, Sweden, and Turkey. The line comes from JUDAH of Israel who had children with TAMAR. ZARAH was JUDAH's son whose children had kingdoms in Turkey and over time they moved to Sweden. Rognvald II Brusisson ,Earl of Orkney, Scotland, (of Norse d...

  • Victims of the Nazi Holocaust - קרבנות הנאצים בשואה

    Victims of the Nazis during the Holocaust קרבנות הנאצים בשואה This project's mission is to list the names of the victims of the Nazis during the Holocaust to show that these victims are not just an anonymous mass, but were, and some still are, millions of human beings with ...

  • Jewish families from Teplice (Teplitz), Bohemia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Teplice (Teplitz) in Bohemia, Czech Republic. Teplice (Czech pronunciation: [ˈtɛplɪt͡sɛ]), Teplice-Šanov until 1948 (Czech pronunciation: [ˈtɛplɪt͡sɛ ˈʃanof]; German: Teplitz-Schönau, archaically Töplitz) is a town i...

  • Dimitri Gazan

    Dimitri Gazan artist - colaborator - volunteer curator - project creator - project designer Projects dealing with the Dutch resistance during WO II, Project designing, Geni’s Plaza’s About me: Hi everybody, as a volunteer curator here on geni, I am here to help out, guide, solve wherever I can. And above all, I love to collaborate with you and make our Geni tree even b...

  • Eesti sõjaväelased

    Siia projekti soovime Genist kokku koguda tuntumaid Eesti sõjaväelasi läbi kõigi ajajärkude. Sõjaväelased Eesti VR kavalerid II Maailmasõja ohvrid Eestlastest kavaleride elulood I Maailmasõjas Ohvitseride andmekogu Eesti Vabariigi kaadriohvitseride saatus 1938-1996. Vello Salo (Okupatsioonide Repressiivpoliitika Uurimi...

  • GEDDES Family

    Research into the GEDDES branch of the family tree.

  • MUNRO Family

    Research into the MUNRO branch of the family tree.

  • MORRISON Family

    Research into the MORRISON branch of the family tree.

  • MACGREGOR Family

    Research into the MACGREGOR branch of the family tree.

  • Kommunismi mustad kuriteod (Eestis)

    Siia võiksid kuuluda need, kes on olnud represseeritud vene võimude poolt, aga ka need, kes on represseeritutega (vangi langenud, küüditatud vm vene võimu poolt ahistatud) lähedased, sugulased, hõimlased, naabrid, tuttavad, sõbrad jt represseeritute ja küüditatutega seotud inimesed. Paragrahv 58 ehk § 58 oli 1926. ...

  • DRIVER Family

    Research into the DRIVER branch of the family tree.

  • TROWHAM Family

    Research into the TROWHAM branch of the family tree.

  • TRAHAN Family

    Research into the TRAHAN branch of the family tree.

  • Kirimäe - küla, karjamõis, külakool ja talu

    Kirimäe ehk Kiriollae maes , Kiriollæ mæc , Kieremecke , Kyrilimehe , Kirimekki , Kirimeh , Kirrimäggi , Kirrimäe Kirimäe on üle 800 aasta kestnud põline kohanimi, mis oli kasutusel juba muinasaegsel Harjumaal külanimena, kestis edasi läbi mõisa-aja tänapäeva, tehes läbi muutuse külast kar...

  • Suojärvi - Суоярви

    Pagizendua Suojärven da lähil olijoin randazien rodn'akundatutkimukses, end'izis elo- aijois da mis tahto muus mi mieleh juohtuu. Keskustelua Suojärven ja lähiseutujen sukututkimuksesta, sukuhistoriasta yms. Diskussion om Suojärvi ock dess närområden, släktforskning, släkthistoria mm. Discussion about genealogy research and family h...

  • TWYMAN Family

    Research into the TWYMAN branch of the family tree.

  • REID Family

    Research into the REID branch of the family tree.

  • War of 1812

    War of 1812 Project around those who fought in the American-Anglo War of 1812 . This project is on History Link If you add a profile and know any specific battles they served in, please feel free to create a project for that battle and link it to this page under the 'add a related project' section to the right. ----- General description from wikipedia: "The War of 1812 was a m...

  • MCGREGOR Family

    Research into the MCGREGOR branch of the family tree.

  • BEAMISH Family

    Research into the BEAMISH branch of the family tree.

  • Corkonians

    Corkonians This project is a collection of profiles of notable people born in County Cork Ireland. Historical and/or political Anthony Barry - Politician, photographer Batt O'Keeffe - government minister Brendan Ryan - Senator and lecturer at CIT Cornelius Lucey - Bishop of Cork and Ross Daniel Florence O'Leary - South American brigadier general Daniel Mannix - Archbishop of M...

  • McMAHON Family

    Research into the MCMAHON branch of the family tree.


    Research into the MORTON GRANT branch of the family tree.

  • HUGHES Family

    Research into the HUGHES branch of the family tree.

  • The Royal Society

    The Royal Society A Gathering of the greatest of minds. The Royal Society is a Fellowship of the world's most eminent scientists and is the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence The Royal Society is a self-governing Fellowship of many of the world’s most distinguished scientists drawn from all areas of science, engineering, and medicine. The Society’s fundament...

  • BOYD Family

    Research into the BOYD branch of the family tree.

  • SCOTT Family

    Research into the SCOTT branch of the family tree.


    Research into the MCGUINNESS branch of the family tree.

  • Historic Buildings of Surrey, England

    Historic Buildings of Surrey, England See Historic Buildings of Britain and Ireland - Main Page Image right - Loseley House Guildford This project needs developing - if you wish to work on it please contact June or Terry who would be delighted! The object of this project is to provide information about historic buildings in the county of Surrey, with links to sub-projects for spec...

  • Beeston Castle, Cheshire, England

    Beeston Castle, Cheshire, England=The striking ruins of this 13th century castle stand on a 500 foot high cliff of red sandstone, providing excellent views of the surrounding countryside. The site was first used as a fortress in the Bronze Age, and traces remain of that early hill fort. The castle was begun in 1226 by Ranulf, Earl of Chester (1170-1232), in a quite peculiar (for England) Sarace...

  • MURRAY Family

    Research into the MURRAY branch of the family tree.

  • The Jewish community of Eisenstadt

    Eisenstadt (Hungarian: Kismarton), is a city in Austria, the state capital of Burgenland . The Jewish community of Eisenstadt was one of the oldest in Hungary. Its town charter of 1373 noted that Jews lived both within and outside the city walls. However, there is evidence that Jews had arrived in this area with the Roman Legions, well over 1,000 years before. In 1622, Eisenstadt came under t...

  • LANNIGAN Family

    Research into the LANNIGAN branch of the family tree.

  • WATT Family

    Research into the WATT branch of the family tree.

  • Jewish Families of Bratislava (Pressburg, Pozsony), Slovakia

    This project seeks to collect all of the jewish families form Bratislava, Slovakia (also knows in German as Pressburg or Preßburg, and in Hungarian as Pozsony). Bratislava is located near the Austrian border on the Danube River. Jews first settled in the city in the late 13th century. Over the years, the Jewish community was expelled from the city on several occasions, specifically in ...

  • GRAHAM Family

    Research into the GRAHAM branch of the family tree.

  • GRANT Family

    Research into the GRANT branch of the family tree.

  • ROY Family

    Research into the ROY branch of the family tree.

  • Gender questions …?

    … they happen in our genetics too, you know? -under construction- gender~questions? Maybe we can give some EUROPEAN advice how to handle these with parents not that modern or familiar with family-'diseases'. So please add here any profile whose sexes your not sure off so we can ask medicines skilled and psychologically spoken wise man & women how to get access to a proper way to ca...

  • HENNESSEY Family

    Research into the HENNESSEY branch of the family tree.

  • POTTER Family

    Research into the POTTER branch of the family tree.

  • FOGGO Family

    Research into the FOGGO branch of the family tree.

  • HAYNES Family

    Research into the HAYNES branch of the family tree.

  • SIBREY Family

    research into the SIBREY branch of the family tree.

  • Obiteljj Radman

    RODOSLOVLJE OBITELJI RadmanOvo je projekt o povijesti, podrjetlu i rodoslovlju splitske obitelji prezimena Radman,njenim precima, potomcima i srodnicima.Rodonačelnik obitelji Radman je Ante Radman iz Muća koji je oženio 1786. godine Dominu Harašić iz Mirca na Braču. To je prvi zapis ove obitelji u splitskim maticama. Njhov sin Nikola, tituliran kao gosp...

  • SMITH Family

    Research into the SMITH branch of the family tree.


    Research into the PATERSON branch of the family tree.

  • Nederlandse & Vlaamse dichters

    neȇr-lands-talige poësie Nederlandse & Vlaamse dichters ♀ ‧ Dames rangschikken we onder hun EIGEN naam, dus gekregen bij geboorte en niet door huwelijk, zoals in onze Nederige Landen gebruikelijk. ◾ ‧ zijn overleden en U vragen wij te helpen hun stambomen te completeren, zodat ook zij snel hun verdiende plaats in the-WORLD-wide-BIG-geni-TREE...

  • American slave owners

    This project is the master project for Slave Owners in the United States. American slave owners or slaveholders were owners of slaves in the United States which typically worked either as agriculture laborers or house servants. The practice was common until its abolition in 1865 with the end of the Civil War and the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution. List of notab...

  • WALES Family

    Research into the WALES branch of the family tree.

  • CAMERON Family

    Research into the CAMERON branch of the family tree,

  • Jewish Communities of Galicia

    This project is an "Umbrella Project" for all of the Jewish Communities of Galicia (now Western Ukraine and Southeastern Poland). See the examples for Krakow , Lemberg , Przemyśl , Tarnopol , and Tarnow . Please feel free to add more towns or create town projects for these towns and add them to this page. Then add public profiles to the town projects and invite collaborators to wor...

  • Williams Family

    Welcome to the Williams Ancestors Family surname page.

  • Johnson Family

    Welcome to the Johnson Ancestors Family surname page.

  • New Zealand Pioneer Families 1800-1900

    This project is to catalog the first generation of immigrants to New Zealand in the 19th century, and to organise the information and place them into the ships they arrived on. Please add your pioneer ancestors to the project by going to their profile, click "actions" click "add to project". Please make sure the profile is set to public. all Kiwis are welcome join and contribute :) Families...

  • Burgemeesters in NOORD-BRABANT nl.

    Burgemeesters in Noord-Brabant - ▶ AALBURG 1973-1978 : W.F. van DIJK ‧ ‧ 1978-1993 : Cornelis Gerrit BOENDER ‧ 1928-2009 ‧ 1993-2002 : Frans MOSTERT ‧ 1939 ‧ 2003-2007 : Frans BUIJSERD ‧ 1952 ‧ 2007-2008 : Eric JANSE de JONGE ‧ 1957 ‧ 2008-anno : Alfons Maria Theodorus NATEROP ‧ 1956 ‧ ...

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