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11/13/2011 11/13/2011

Biography in English

3/14/2011 10/29/2011

Мать Мария (1891 - 1945)

""Мать Мария""

Mother Maria in English Wikipedia

5/16/2010 10/29/2011

Vladimir The Great, Grand Prince of Kiev MP 100 (c.957 - 1015)

"St. Volodymyr the Great", "Voldemar The Old", "Vladimir Suuri"

Saint Vladimir Svyatoslavich the Great, also sometimes spelled Volodymer (Old East Slavic: Володимеръ Свя...

3/3/2007 12/26/2010

Alexander Yaroslavich Невский, Pr Alexandr "Nievskiy" of Novgorod etc. MP (1221 - 1263)

"Saint Alexander Nevsky _ Pr Alexandr "Nievskiy" of Novgorod etc.", "Grand Prince of Vladimir (Supreme Russian Ruler)"

Saint Alexander Nevsky (Russian: Алекса́ндр Яросла́вич A...

8/16/2007 12/26/2010