Levi T. Ray (CSA) (c.1842 - 1864)

Confederate soldier, Company G, 26th Infantry Regiment Mississippi. He was captured at Fort Donelson on 16 Feb 1862. He appears on POW rolls for Camp Morton Civil War Prison, Indiana on Jun 1862 and 24...

Lt. Charles A. Ray (CSA) (c.1834 - c.1904)

Ranked in a Corporal then commissioned a 1st Lt. in Company G (Marietta Rifles), 26th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry, CSA. He is listed as a POW at Camp Chase Civil War Prison, Ohio. He was captured at...

Thomas Ray (CSA) (c.1832 - 1863)

Confederate Soldier, Co. G, 26th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry. He then became attached to the 19th MS under special assignment. He was killed in the Battle of Fredericksburg II. You can view his reco...

George W. Gentry (CSA) (1839 - 1890)

Private in Co C, 26th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry, CSA. Paroled in hospital in Vicksburg. ----------------- U.S. Civil War Soldiers, 1861-1865 about George W. Gentry Name: George W. Gentry ...