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  • Poul Abildgaard (b. - 1450)
  • Timme Timmesen Abildgaard, til Torbenfeld (c.1290 - c.1342)
    Timme Timmesen Abildgaard, til Torbenfeld Død Ett 1342 til Torbenfeld (Tusse H.), 1318 ved Forliget i Slagelse mellem Kong Erik og Hertug Erik, 1332 ved Forliget i Kiel mellem Kong Chri...
  • Timme Lauridsen Abilgaard, til Margaard (1270 - c.1318)
    Landsforvist 1314 efter oprøret mod Erik Menved -------------------- Landsförvisad 1314 på grund av upproret mot Erik Menved.--------------------Timme Lauridsen Abildgaard ...
  • Niels Lauridsen Abildgaard (b. - c.1315)
    Gengivet fra: Niels Lauridsen Abildgaard, d. 1314 (eller senere), landsdommer. A. blev af Erik Menved gjort til ridder og landsdommer i Jylland hvor han forlenedes med 3 herreder. 1309 deltog han i a...

ABILDGAARD – The missing link

(DK) Forbindelsen mellem den ældre og yngre linie i Abildgaardslægten er gået tabt og ikke genfundet siden. Om det vil være muligt at genfinde den gennem Geni kunne være forsøget værd.

(En) The connection between the older and younger line in the Abildgaard name were lost and has not been recovered ever since. Whether it will be possible to rediscover it through genius could be worth a try.

Navnevariationer (name variations)

  • Appelgart
  • Abildgaard
  • Applegarth
  • Abilgaard
  • Applegard

Gengivet fra bogen: Lixicon over Adelige Familier I Danmark, Norge og Hertugdomene, år 1787.

Abildgaard eller Appelgart – Denne meget gamle slesvigske Familie har uden tvivl faaet sit navn af herregaarden Apilgarth I Wedsted Sogn, Gram herred, haderslevhuus Amt. Den første, som os deraf er forkommet, er Tuko Apelgard, som 1230 var iblant Forloverne for de 7000 Mark, som kong Waldemar lovede Grev Suncelin af Sverin til løsning for sine Sønner. Scheid. Orig. Guelf. Tom. IV. Præf. Pag. 89. Vaabenet er I sølv Feldt et grænt flettet Gierde, ledsaget foroven af to, forneden af et rødt Æble medto Blade, Stilkene mod Skioldets kanter; paa hielmen to harniskede Arme, holdende ligesaadant et Æble. See Tab. I. No. 7.

En Povel Abildgaard, som levede 1481. sees af et Diplom iblant Magnæana at have ført en mod venstre Side vendt Maane, I hvis huulhed en femoddet Stierne. Næsten samme Vaaben førte Hr. Niels, Præst I Aghersige 1478 kun at Maanen er uedvendt.

Abildgaard i udlandet? (Abildgaard abroad)

(DK) Der findes byer der har Abildgaard som navn med et dansk islet. Derfor er spørgsmålet er om der kunne være en forbindelse til Abildgaardnavnet.

(En) There are cities that have Abildgaard by name. The question is whether there could be a connection to the family name Abildgaard. One city is located in the Normandy in France by the name Auppegart (Apple farm). The second lies in the old Danelauge in England, named Applegard.



Den ene by ligger i Normandiet (Frankrig) med navnet Auppegard ([,+Frankrig/@49.8322506,1.027849,4315m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x47e097757ffdb289:0x040c14484fb69230!6m1!1e1]).


The name of the city is attested in forms Appelgart 1160 and Alpegart at the end of xii'th century.

Épégard (Eure) presents similar forms: Auppegardus in 1181 and Alpegard in 1199.

The oldest form of Auppegard, Appelgart to 1160, shows that [l] was originally located in front of the [g]. A metathesis of [the] common in Old French, has occurred after, hence Alpegart the xii th century and vocalization of [a] to [p], where Aup- (cf. Latin talpa > mole ). The spelling -art old forms for -ard is typical of the former French (see Renard , formerly Renart Germanic Renhard ).

It is a compound of the old English Aeppel "apple" and the old Scandinavian garðr "enclosure closed", hence the overall meaning of "apple orchard" 3 . This hypothesis is supported by the location of the two place names in the broadcast area of the Scandinavian names. They probably date back to the x th century and witness to the antiquity of the cultivation of apples in Normandy .

Auppegard has its exact corresponding to Yorkshire , region Danelaw in England: Applegarth (in) mentioned as Appelgard 1160.


Richmond (North Yorkshire)

Den anden ligger i det gamle Danelaugen i England med navnet Applegard,_North_Yorkshire

The name Applegarth has Norse origins A mansion stood on the site now occupied by West Applegarth farm, and the land to the north of Applegarth Scar was wild forest, with wolves and fallow deer.[4] Applegarth was part of the manor of Ravensworth which belonged for many years to the FitzHughs Applegarth Forest was described as picturesque and delightful in 1791.

In 1250, free warren in Applegarth was granted to Henry, son of Ralph de Ravenswath, and at the time of Kirkby's Inquest of 1284, Robert de Applegarth, a bailiff of Richmond, held a carucate of land at Applegarth under Hugh Fitz Henry. The FitzHughs continued to own Applegarth until the sixteenth century, when it passed to William Parr, 1st Marquess of Northampton. Parr granted Applegarth to a faithful retainer, Thomas son of Geoffrey Middleton, who lived there with his wife and large family. Thomas died in 1565, and the inventory of his effects includes eleven horses, fifteen cows, silver plate, his best suit of yellow satin and two other suits, his coat of steel and a crimson velvet coat of cloth of gold.

When Parr died without heir in 1571, the manor of Ravenswath, including Applegarth, passed to the crown, and King Charles I granted the estate to the citizens of London in 1629, who sold it to two brothers, Jerome and John Robinson of St. Trinians, near Richmond. John resided in Applegarth for some time and died in 1656. His granddaughters sold Applegarth in 1675 to Sir Thomas Wharton, from whom it passed to Elizabeth Byerley in 1764, then to her five cousins. It was subsequently sold to James Hutchinson MD in 1788, then to John Hutton in 1814.

Danish line

Den ældre linie før 1500 (The old line before 1500)

1. Tyge Abildgaard ca.1200- ca. 1260

1.1 Tyge Abildgaard 1230

1.1.1 Laurids Tygesen Hr. Timme Lauridsen Hr. Timme Timmesen (Timme) Timmesen den yngre Timme Abildgaard Timme Timmesen Thord Timmesen Kirsten (el. Christine jvf. Stamtavle I) Margrethe Sophie Cæcilie (Jf. stamtavle I: Cecilie til Margaard) Hr. Laurids Lauridsen Johannes Lauridsen En datter g.m. Jens Nielsen Sveye En datter g.m. Off Anderswen (Hvide) til Torup Hr. Tyge Lauridsen Hr. Niels Lauridsen Peder Nielsen Erik Nielsen Niels Eriksen Erik Abildgaard Jens Lauridsen Laurids Jensen

Slægten efter 1500 (after 1500)

1 Poul Abildgaard g.m. Margrete Ahlefeldt Frederiksdatter

1.1 Agnete, g.m. Iver Eriksen (Rosenkrantz)

1.2 Bendix Abildgaard til Vrandrup i Anst Herred (1536) g.m. Tale Rantzau Poulsdatter

1.2.1 Poul Abildgaard Tale (-1597) Ingeborg () Karen Eggert Abildgaard (1560-1622),1 Poul Abildgaard (1588-1588) Christoffer Abildgaard (1589-1593) Manderup Abildgaard () Jens Abildgaard (-1644) Eggert Abildgaard (1627-1705) Angives at være slægtens sidste mand Kirsten Lisbeth Dorthe Claus Abildgaard Jørgen Abildgaard Kirsten Abildgaard (-1587) Margrete Abildgaard

1.2.2 Jørgen Abildgaard, g.m. Magdalene (el. Dorthea) Lund Timme ? Abildgaard (-1567) Markvard Abildgaard () Jørgen Abildgaard () Markvard Abildgaard (-1628) Hans Georg Abildgaard () Augusta Abildgaard () Anna Abildgaard () Elisabeth Abildgaard () et barn (-1609) et barn (-1612) Anna Abildgaard (1582-1620) Dorothea Abildgaard (1591-1616) Anne Abildgaard (-1585)

Den nye linie (The new line)

Løse ender (loose ends)

1 Christen Pedersen

1.1 Anders Christensen (c. 1730-) (hjemhørende i Nordjylland)

1.2 Peder Christensen, Syndergaard i Rold

1.3 Jens Christensen, Thomasen af Rold


Peder Nielsen Abildgaard (1613-1706)


1 Erik Preben Abildgaard (1810-1894)

1.1 Søren Nielsen Abildgaard

1.2 Jens Abildgaard (December 16, 1845-August 28, 1931)

1.3 Hans Christian Abildgaard

1.4 Carl Anton Abildgaard

1.5 Gjertrud Marie Cecilie Abildgaard

1.6 Niels Christian Abildgaard


Peder Pedersen Abildgaard, levede i Jylland omkring 1650


Anders Andersen Abildgaard Death: circa 1892

French line

English line

William De Apelgart (Birth: 1191, Great Dunham, Norfolk, UK - Death: 1228)


Robert de Applegarth (1640-1698)


Reuben T Applegarth (circa 1813, England Death: June 1882)


John Applegarth (Birth: December 13, 1707, Raby, Durham, England - Death: April 30, 1793, Staindrop, Durham, England)


Robert Applegarth (Birth: 1797, Hull, Yorkshire, UK - )


Nicholas Appleyard (Birth: app.between 1428 and 1488 - )


Abraham Appleyard (Birth: circa 1710 - )


Thomas Appleyard (Birth: estimated between 1802 and 1852 - )


Jhis Appleyard/Appleford (Birth: estimated between 1556 and 1616 Lincolnshire, UK -)