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James Farley McClelland (1878 - 1955)

James F McCleland Birth: Circa 1879 - New York, USA Residence: 1930 - Stanwich Road, Greenwich, Greenwich Town, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA Wife: Jane Adams Kearney Children: Jean K Mcclellan...

1/6/2014 11/4/2015

Hans Adam Rader MP (1706 - 1773)

"Johann", "Adam Reider"

Adam and Anna Barbara came to the U.S. about 1724 with Adam's mother and his siblings. He was naturalized in Philadelphia on 22 SEP 1740. They settled in Falkner Swamp, Hanover twp, Pennsylvania He was...

9/12/2008 6/9/2014

Simeon Gannett Reed, Jr. MP (1830 - 1895)

Simeon Gannett Reed (April 23, 1830 – November 7, 1895) was an American businessman and entrepreneur in Oregon. A native of Massachusetts, he made a fortune primarily in the transportation secto...

2/27/2014 3/19/2014

The Diary of Frederick William Hurst, originally compiled by Samuel H. and Ida Hurst in 1961, typed in electronic format with minor spelling corrections by Joyce Holt in 2000. Inasmuch as I have seen...

5/15/2008 3/5/2014

Tyl van Fishpe of Niederndorf MP (c.1410 - c.1482)

"Tilman Fishbach", "Tyl van Hollensteyn", "Tillman Hollenstein"

Notes for Tyl "Tilman" van Fishpe ("Also known as Tillman Hollenstein....ancestor of the Fishbach family.") A Martin Genealogy as Tied to the History of Germanna, Virginia Tyl van Fishpe is shown a...

9/6/2008 12/28/2012

Capt. Augustine Washington, Sr. MP (1694 - 1743)


Augustine Washington (November 12, 1694 – April 12, 1743) was the father of the first U.S. President George Washington. He belonged to the Colony of Virginia's landed gentry and was a planter an...

4/3/2007 5/22/2012

John Campbell Greenway MP (1872 - 1926)

John Campbell Greenway (July 6, 1872 – January 19, 1926) was an American mining, steel and railroad executive: a man of many trades in many states. He also had a distinguished career as a soldie...

5/9/2012 5/13/2012

Alexander Emmanuel Rodolphe Agassiz (December 17, 1835 – March 27, 1910), son of Louis Agassiz and stepson of Elizabeth Cabot Agassiz, was an American scientist and engineer. Agassiz was born ...

11/6/2011 11/6/2011

Quincy Adams Shaw MP (1825 - 1908)

Taken from: Boston Daily Globe June 13, 1908 Quincy A. Shaw Passes Away Head of Noted Family Was 83 Years Old. Gave Large Sums of Money for Philanthropic Purposes. Heaviest Individual Taxpaye...

3/11/2009 11/6/2011