Jose de Quintos Alonzo (deceased)

Jose de Quintos Alonzo Realonda was schooled in Calcutta, India. As Jose Rizal's paternal uncle, he was the young hero's inspiration in sketching, painting and sculpture. Source: Craig, Austin. "...

Lorenzo Alberto Florentina Alonso MP (c.1790 - c.1854)

Lorenzo Alberto Florentina Alonzo was believed to be a descendant of Lakandula, a Bornean Moslem (as traced by Mr. Luther Parker in his study of the Pampangan migration from oral histories). Lorenzo ...

Teodora de Quintos Alonso MP (1827 - 1911)

Teodora Alonzo was the mother of Philippine national hero Jose Rizal, and a native of Sta. Cruz, Manila. She was known for being a disciplinarian as well as a dedicated, courteous and hard-working moth...

Dr. Jose Rizal MP (1861 - 1896)

Jose Protacio "Pepe" Mercado Rizal is the Philippine national hero, whose writings inspired the Filipino movement for freedom from Spanish rule. More here: . During his stay in Spain, Rizal became th...