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Luke Pryor, U.S. Senator (1820 - 1900)

US Congressman, US Senator. Elected to represent Alabama's 8th District in the United States House of Representatives, serving from 1883 to 1885. Also served as a Member of the Alabama State Legislatur...

7/12/2009 Today

• Merchant in NYC owned hundreds of acres of land in New Jersey • seems to have bought Manhattan land from Marietie Petersen in the last years of her life. Marietie was a free black who...

4/13/2008 Yesterday

In 1860 Marquis De Lafayette Thomas owned 7 slaves.

5/28/2010 11/28/2015

Solomon Paul Herndon served in the War of 1812. In 1850 he owned two female slaves.

11/14/2015 11/20/2015

Henry Spingler MP (1747 - 1814)

"Christian Henrich Spengler", "Henry Spingles", "Henry Sprengler"

• After age 5, when he arrived in NY with his parents, half brother & sister, Henry was brought up as a butcher's son in and around Chatham Square. Father & son worked in large open air markets ...

1/26/2013 11/18/2015

Dr. James van Beuren (1729 - 1797)


The 13th of 15 children (a twin with Christina), Jacobus was born in Flatbush & married into two New Jersey (Pavonia) families of great land holdings: The Earl(e)s and the Ryersons 1729 Aug 03; Jan V...

1/27/2013 11/18/2015

Thomas (of William) Hanks MP (1728 - 1777)

Ref: MH Family Tree record Do not confuse with his first cousin Thomas (of John) Hanks. He left a will in 1777 in Amelia Co., Va. “Bequeathed 50 acres of land in Chesterfield Co. to a neph...

1/19/2007 11/18/2015

William Willard, Sr. MP (1729 - c.1785)

Slaves Owned by William Woollard Extracted from his estate's inventory in 1787 (amount in parentheses was value in pounds) and tax lists:[4] [5][6][7] Jane (40 lbs) (sometimes Jeannie) (1775, 177...

8/11/2007 11/17/2015

Robert Coleman (c.1745 - 1811)

"Robert S Coleman"

NOTE: The parents of Robert Coleman (who married Martha Sharpe) are not known for certain at this time. No records have been found that indicate Robert Coleman had a middle name. A memorial of Robert...

10/25/2007 11/16/2015

Thomas Jesper, Sr. MP (1705 - 1759)

Thomas Jesper Birth: 21 SEP 1705 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond, Virginia 1 Death: BEF 5 MAY 1760 in , Richmond, Virginia 2 Probate: 2 MAR 1760 , Richmond, Virginia 3 4 Father: Thomas JESP...

5/26/2008 11/15/2015

Samuel Woollard (1735 - 1787)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA. DAR Ancestor # A002789 9 slaves at death will From Richmond Co. VA, Will Book 7, p 535 Last Will & Testament Dated 1786; proved 1 Jan 1787[1] ...

8/11/2007 11/15/2015

Thomas Williams, a Representative from Alabama; born near Richmond, Greensville County, Va., on August 11, 1825; attended preparatory schools and was graduated from the University of East Tennessee, ...

11/6/2015 11/6/2015

John W. “Jack” Hinson, better known as “Old Jack” to his family, was a prosperous farmer in Stewart County, Tennessee. A non-political man, he opposed secession from the U...

11/4/2015 11/4/2015

Milo Bolling Abercrombie, Sr. was born March 1, 1806 in Hancock County, Georgia, the son of Leonard A. and Sallie (Comer) Abercrombie. He was the grandson of Major Charles and Dicey Edwina (Boothe) Abe...

4/19/2008 10/31/2015

William Smock (1798 - 1861)

William Smock owned 6 slaves in 1830 and 11 in 1840.

10/17/2015 10/17/2015

John J. Smith, Sr MP (c.1725 - 1795)

1.JOHN1 SMITH was born Abt. 1730 in Somerset, Maryland, and died 1795 in Chester District, South Carolina.He married 1) PATIENCE BLAND 2) Sarah children Children of JOHN SMITH and PATIENCE BLAND ar...

9/4/2013 10/16/2015

Jacob Taylor Hartsell owned three slaves.

7/20/2008 10/15/2015

Pvt. Ignatius Greenwell (1788 - 1860)

Ignatius Greenwell served as a private in the 45th Regiment (Ashton's) Maryland Militia during the War of 1812. He lived in Nelson County, Kentucky and is listed as owning one slave in 1820, 4 in 1830 ...

10/27/2011 10/8/2015

Joshua Hempstead, Jr. MP (1678 - 1758)

Joshua Hempstead Birth: Sep 1 1678 - New London, New London, CT. Death: Dec 22 1758 - New London, New London, CT. Parents: Joshua Hempstead, Elizabeth Larrabee Wife: Abigail Bailey notes ...

3/6/2009 9/27/2015

James Rogers, of New London MP (c.1615 - 1688)

James Rogers was born in 1614/1615 in England and died in 1687 in New London, New London, Connecticut. His ancestry is unknown. No known relation to Thomas Rogers (d 1621), "Mayflower" pilgrim. Biogr...

2/23/2007 9/27/2015

Basil Manly, Sr. (1798 - 1868)

. Basil Manly, Sr. (1798-1868) was an Alabama planter, Baptist preacher and educator. Biography Basil Manly, Sr., was born near Pittsboro, North Carolina, on January 28, 1798. His parents were Capt...

9/27/2015 9/27/2015

Arthur Jordan, Jr. MP (1627 - 1698)


Arthur Jordan-[3802] (Unknown1) was born between 1627-1629 in England and died on 5 Jul 1698 in Southwark Parish, Surry County, VA. BIRTH: Two derived dates possible: Gave age as 30 in 1659 at deposi...

3/17/2007 9/21/2015

Col. George Jordan MP (c.1615 - 1678)

probably emigrated in 1635 w his father Arthur Col. George Jordan-[3809] was born about 1615 in England, died on 9 Oct 1678 in Southwark Parish, Surry County, VA and was buried in Four-Mile Tree, Surry...

12/9/2007 9/18/2015

Capt. Richard Littlepage MP (1662 - 1717)

Richard Littlepage,II

7/3/2008 9/10/2015

John Bell "The Great Apostate" MP (1796 - 1869)

"The Great Apostate", ""The Great Apostate""

) John Bell (also known as "The Great Apostate") (February 18, 1796 – September 10, 1869) was a U.S. politician, attorney, and plantation owner. A wealthy slaveholder from Tennessee, Bell serv...

6/5/2009 9/8/2015

William "April" Ellison, Jr. (c.1790 - 1861)

"April Ellison"

William Ellison Jr, born April Ellison, (C. April, 1790 – 5 December 1861) was a cotton gin maker and blacksmith in South Carolina, a free negro and former slave who achieved considerable succ...

8/31/2015 8/31/2015

Nathan Neal Miller (1824 - 1895)

As a young boy he helped his father work on the farm, this later in life helped him to own his own farm. He learned from his parents the values of raising a family, working hard and being a Christian. ...

1/24/2011 8/29/2015

Jacob Parrott, Jr. (1791 - 1856)

Jacob Parrott lived in Lenoir County, North Carolina, In 1820 he owned 6 slaves. In 1830 he owned 23 slaves. In 1840 he owned 42 slaves. In 1850 he owned 50 slaves.

7/29/2008 8/28/2015

James Marion Parrott lived in Kinston, Lenoir County, North Carolina. In the 1860 Census he is listed as owning 77 slaves.

8/28/2015 8/28/2015

James M. Taylor (1810 - d.)

In the 1840 Census he is listed as owning two slaves.

8/26/2015 8/26/2015

Jesse Graham (CSA) (1811 - 1888)

Enlisted in Company K, South Carolina 14th Infantry Regiment. Jesse Graham owned three slaves in 1840 and 1850.

8/25/2015 8/25/2015

Capt. Frederick Staton (1772 - 1864)

Find a Grave Birth: 1772 Tarboro Edgecombe County North Carolina, USA Death: Jan. 29, 1864 Burnsville Anson County North Carolina, USA Frederick Staton was a Captain in the War of 1812. Origina...

2/17/2008 8/25/2015

Enlisted in Company B,North Carolina 15th Infantry Regiment In Union County, North Carolina on 3 May 1861.The same unit that his brother Cullen Cyrus Brooks enlisted in. In the 1850 Census Calvin Brook...

8/25/2015 8/25/2015

John Tyler Hamiter (CSA) (1841 - 1926)

John Tyler Hamiter served in Company H of the 11th Alabama Infantry Regiment. He worked as a farmer and in the 1860 census he is listed as owning 15 slaves.

2/18/2014 8/24/2015

In 1860 Mary J. Trantham lived in Pickens, Alabama and owned 19 slaves.

2/18/2014 8/24/2015

Jefferson Llewellyn Wofford, an attorney, served in the Company G, 1st Regiment, Mississippi Light Artillery enlisted April 10, 1862 Lexington, Miss for 3 years. The 1860 Census says that he owned 67 s...

8/24/2015 8/24/2015

George Washington Scott (1829 - 1903)

George Washington Scott (February 22, 1829 – October 3, 1903) was a noted Florida businessman, plantation owner, and military officer in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil W...

8/24/2015 8/24/2015

Link James Harris Fitts, Jr. "Genealogy of the Fitts or Fitz Family in America" Tuscaloosa, Al. 1897 Fort Orange Press Brandow Printing Company, Albany, N. Y. MDCCCXCVII page 96 No. 42 (Cont.) Col. L. ...

9/10/2014 8/22/2015

Jonathan Marsh, Sr. (b. - 1704)

In April of 1703 Jonathan Marsh bought what was later known as Clarke's Ferry from Thomas Winterton of Jamestown, who operated it for three years. He and John Carr, ferrymen, were to carry all Magistra...

5/2/2013 8/21/2015

Louis C. Lischey (c.1812 - 1894)

"Lischy", "Lishey", "TC Lishy"

From Nashville History blog ... The resulting book, North Edgefield Remembered, tells the story of Joseph Browne and his wife Callie. Browne, born into slavery in 1859, was reared in the home of Loui...

8/20/2015 8/20/2015

Isaac Holeman, Sr. MP (c.1725 - 1807)

Isaac Holeman Born 1725 in Quicksburg, Shenandoah County, Virginia Died about May 3, 1808 in Rowan County, North Carolina Parents: Daniel Holman aka Holeman, Born about 1700 in Kent County, Mar...

3/10/2007 8/19/2015

Doctor of Medicine. b. Feb 14, 1829 d. Dec 27,1862. 1Lt in Col John T. Morgan's 51st Alabama Cavalry (Partisan Rangers). Killed in battle leading a charge at Stewart's Creek two days before the Battle ...

8/17/2014 8/19/2015

Lt. Adam Jordan MP (c.1740 - 1815)

2/2/2014 8/18/2015

Dr. John Henry Fitts (1827 - 1851)

* * * Dr. John Henry Fitts attended the Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, Pa. and practiced medicine at the Apothecary, located at Roseland Plantation, a few miles to the southwest of Uniontow...

8/20/2014 8/18/2015

Thomas Arthur, Sr. (1749 - 1833)


Thomas Arthur DAR Ancestor #: A003365 Service:  VIRGINIA    Rank: SOLDIER Birth:  1749    LUNENBURG CO VIRGINIA Death:  9-8-1833 ...

8/16/2015 8/17/2015

Capt. Ambrose Arthur (1776 - 1859)

Capt in 10 Ky Regiment in war of 1812 biography From The Descendants of Thomas Arthur Jul 11, 2015. The first school in Flat Lick was built in the 1820s or 1830s and that is where Ambrose Arthur'...

8/16/2015 8/17/2015

Samuel Alston Fitts (1815 - 1869)

* * * * James Harris Fitts "Genealogy of the Fitts or Fitz Family in America" MDCCCXCVII page 78 No.33 Samuel Alston (James Harris/3,Oliver/2,Henry/1) Fitts/4 was born in Warren County, N.C., May 15, 1...

7/10/2008 8/14/2015

Henry Cheatham Early (1793 - 1853)

""the Hunter""

Jenny Early (Col. John Early, Col. Jer'h Early, Jer'h Early, Sr., Thos. Early, John Early) m. Henry Cheatham Early, son of Jubal and Mary Cheatham-Early of Franklin County, Va. Henry C. Early was a w...

4/27/2009 8/10/2015

Isaac Woodard, Sr (1782 - 1863)

Marriage to Nancy Singleton: (1800 — Age: 18) North Carolina, United States Residence: (1800 — Age: 18) Sumpter District, South Carolina Residence: (1860 — Age: 78) Houston Cou...

7/28/2015 7/28/2015

LtGen Richard Strother Taylor, CSA MP (1826 - 1879)


He was the son of United States President Zachary Taylor and First Lady Margaret Taylor. One of three individuals to be promoted to Lt. General without formal military training. The other two were Lt...

7/1/2007 7/24/2015

James Harris Fitts (1796 - 1832)

ONE OF THE PIONEERS OF Alabama. He came to St. Stephens in 1815 or 1816 when it was in the Mississippi Territory. * * * * * * * * * James Harris Fitts was murdered at "Roseland" in 1832 by his ex-overs...

8/17/2014 7/23/2015

John J Brown (1825 - 1862)

4/16/2010 7/21/2015

Hans Jacob Holtzclaw MP (1683 - 1760)

source: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Holtzklau Hans Jacob Holtzklau, born in 1683 in Trupbach, was th...

6/4/2007 7/21/2015

Daniel Brown (1799 - 1876)

Daniel Brown Was A leading Citizen of Early Anderson From A newspaper clipping believed to be the Anderson Independent unk date. Daniel Brown was one of the first men who bought land in the first...

4/16/2010 7/21/2015

Lt Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest (CSA) MP (1821 - 1877)


"Wizard of the Saddle" Forrest's farewell address to his troops, May 9, 1865 Civil war, such as you have just passed through naturally engenders feelings of animosity, hatred, and revenge. It is ...

3/4/2008 7/13/2015

William Copeland (1796 - 1860)

William apprenticed to Jessie Williamson of Philadelphia and learned the trade of builder and carpenter. At the age of twenty-two, relocated to Matanzas, Cuba. He accumulated a large fortune while in C...

11/22/2014 7/12/2015

James Branch (1766 - 1844)

James Branch was born February 20, 1766, to John Branch, Sr., and Susannah Branch, in Bedford County, Virginia. He may have married first Frances Terry, on October 9, 1789, Bedford, Virginia. Frances m...

9/13/2009 7/10/2015

Rev. Patrick Henry (c.1707 - 1777)


Source: Rev. Patrick Henrys Will The Virginia Magazine Vol 58, p. 120-1 gave to daughter Jane ( alist of slaves); to granddaughter Mary Gilliam (a slave); to granddaughter Elizabeth Gilliam (a slave) s...

8/7/2007 7/10/2015

George Wythe (1726 – June 8, 1806) was an American lawyer, a Virginia judge, and a prominent opponent of slavery. He was the first law professor in the United States and a noted classical schola...

7/12/2008 7/9/2015

General Robert George (1665 - 1733)

Robert George was born February 20, 1665. Fran Waggener citing "The Virginia Genealogist, The Blakey-George Bible Record (Family Bible of Sarah (George) Blakey)", Vol. I. He died January 21, 1733/34 ...

2/16/2007 7/8/2015

Amos Tappan Akerman (February 23, 1821 – December 21, 1880) served as United States Attorney General under President Ulysses S. Grant from 1870 to 1871. A native of New Hampshire, Akerman grad...

11/26/2012 7/8/2015

Thomas Heyward, Jr. added the Jr. to his name to distinguish himself from his father's other son named Thomas. Thomas Heyward was born in St. Luke's parish, in the province of South Carolina, in the ...

6/10/2008 7/6/2015

Stephen Hopkins (March 7, 1707 – July 13, 1785) was a governor of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, a Chief Justice on the Rhode Island Supreme Court, and a signer of the De...

9/29/2008 7/5/2015

William Whipple, Jr. (January 14, 1730 – November 28, 1785) was a signer of the United States Declaration of Independence as a representative of New Hampshire. Whipple was born at Kittery, Mai...

5/21/2009 7/4/2015

Susanna Lawson MP (1726 - 1787)

"Susannah Simkins"

33. Susanna SIMPKINS, daughter of John SIMPKINS and Elizabeth RENCH, was born in 1726 in , Henrico, Virginia, USA and died in 1787 in , Henry, Virginia, USA. Notes Inherited two Negroes from her ...

11/27/2008 6/18/2015

Peter Chandler (1733 - 1816)

Born 1773 Pomfret,Ct. the youngest of 12 children. Married Mary Hodges, (the daughter of Captain William Hodges and his second wife, Mary Clapp.) She died of dropsy at the age of 64. Dec. 1754; too...

1/20/2013 6/13/2015

Genealogy from: "The Diary of Edmund Ruffin: The years of hope, April 1861-June 1863" Edmund Ruffin (January 5, 1794 – June 17, 1865) was a farmer and slaveholder, a Confederate soldier, and a...

5/8/2011 6/12/2015

Col William Randolph, II MP (c.1651 - 1711)

William Randolph was a colonist and land owner who played an important role in the history and governement of the Commonwealth of Virginia. He moved to Virginia between 1669 and 1673, and married Mary ...

3/17/2007 6/11/2015

James Henry Hammond (November 15, 1807 – November 13, 1864) was a politician from South Carolina. He served as a United States Representative from 1835 to 1836, the 60th Governor of South Caro...

6/15/2010 5/30/2015

Archibald Clendenin (c.1710 - c.1763)

Archibald Clendenin was shot and killed by Indians during the Muddy Creek Massacre. He was scalped, his body left by his burning cabin, while his wife, two children, young brother-in-law, and one of hi...

5/28/2015 5/28/2015

Benjamin L. Cole (c.1814 - 1871)

Profile photo: Burial site of Benjamin Cole, the great-great-great grandfather of actor Ben Affleck, in Laurel Grove Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia. ( a family plot with approximately 10 Cole's buried t...

5/18/2015 5/18/2015

Capt. William Ainsworth MP (1733 - 1815)

DAR A 000903, Ct. Militia and Ensign. William Ainsworth was the son of Edward Ainsworth, Jr., and wife Joanna Davis. He was born on July 12, 1733 in Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut and died on Novemb...

12/10/2008 5/15/2015

Pvt. William Goode (1765 - 1837)

American Revolutionary soldier - Served as a private in the Virginia troops at the siege of Yorktown. He was born in Powhatan County, Va.; died in Clarke County, Ala.—D.A.R. Lineage BooK, vo...

6/28/2014 5/10/2015

Capt. John Dixey MP (1639 - 1673)

John Dixey was baptized on 19 December 1639 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts.3,4 He was the son of Captain William Dixey and Ann or Hannah (—?—) (Dixey).1 He married Elizabeth Alle...

5/8/2008 5/5/2015

Isaac Rollins (c.1765 - 1845)

From Wikipedia Born in 1814, Winnie Brush lived as a slave on the Rollings estate in Mississippi. Jim born in 1811, was also a slave. When Winnie and her 3 children were sold to her owner's daughter ...

4/29/2015 4/30/2015

Gov. Edward Telfair MP (1735 - 1807)

Edward Telfair (1735 – September 17, 1807) was the Governor of the state of Georgia in 1786, and again from 1790 through 1793. He was a member of the Continental Congress, and a signer of the ...

2/24/2013 4/28/2015

Benjamin Franklin Cheatham (October 20, 1820 – September 4, 1886), known also as Frank, was a Tennessee aristocrat, California gold miner, and a General in the Confederate States Army during t...

8/16/2011 4/9/2015

Joseph Orville Shelby (December 12, 1830 – February 13, 1897) was a noted Confederate cavalry general in the Trans-Mississippi Theater of the American Civil War. Early life and education S...

4/21/2011 3/25/2015

John Laurens (October 28, 1754 – August 27, 1782) was an American soldier and statesman from South Carolina during the Revolutionary War. He gained approval by the Continental Congress in 1779...

8/16/2010 3/24/2015

John Randolph (June 2, 1773 – May 24, 1833), known as John Randolph of Roanoke, was a planter and a Congressman from Virginia, serving in the House of Representatives (1799–1813, 1815&#...

1/1/2008 3/18/2015

William Rowton (c.1775 - c.1829)

Land Grants 1812. April 15, Josiah Ward and Temperance, ux., of Cumberland County, to William B. Ligon, of Amelia County, £548 for 270 acres in Prince Edward County on Appomattox River, adjoin...

3/10/2008 3/12/2015

John Walls (1773 - 1831)

For names of slaves, please see sources. -1817 Will of David Keas: 1817 Rutherford Co Tennessee, John Walls given 1 Red Steer Source: 587. RB4,pl40 - Sale: David Keas - 26 Mar 1813 - E: John L. Jet...

11/24/2008 3/12/2015

Bernard Maurice Dubroca (1765 - c.1819)

Bernard Maurice1 DUBROCA, son of Louis Valentine DUBROCA and Marie (Marthe) FIEVRE, was born in Mobile, AL October 7, 1765 and died about 1819 in Baton Rouge, LA.   He married Ma...

3/7/2015 3/9/2015

Abolitionist. John Van Sandt was born in Fleming County, Kentucky about twenty miles south of the Ohio River. He was the son of Elisha and Margaret Crawford Van Zandt. His father was a Revolutionary ...

2/4/2014 3/6/2015

Maindort Minor MP (c.1617 - 1677)


Will Genealogies of Virginia Families; from the William and Mary College Quarterly History Magazine, Vol. 1, Adams -Clopton, With an Introduction by John Frederick Dorman... Will of Maindort Doodes...

11/9/2007 2/27/2015

James (Ti-ka-lo-hi) Vann, Chief MP (1765 - 1809)

"James Wahli Vann etc. Chief Crazy James Vann James Clement Vann"

James Vann's father? "Who is the father of James Vann" is a controversial question. According to Gary E. Moulton of the University of Nebraska, Clement Vann was the father. William H. Vann in the b...

8/28/2008 2/10/2015

James "Obediah" Howard MP (1660 - 1729)

Accepted father of Samuel though it can't be 100% confirmed. "Francis Edward Howard (sic: Edward Howard) married Mary Chowan, and they had a son named James Obadiah (sic: have not seen proof of middl...

3/29/2008 1/30/2015

Col. William Ball of "Millenbeck" MP (c.1615 - 1680)

"William Ball "the immigrant""

William Ball (c 1614-1680), the immigrant ancestor. Parents unknown. Married Hannah Atherold. Children: William, Richard, Joseph, Hannah. Col. William Ball was born about 1615 in England and died N...

4/28/2009 1/21/2015

Capt. Roger Spencer MP (c.1618 - 1675)

1.  ROGER1 SPENCER1 was of Saco, Maine in 16522, and died Aft. 1669 of Charlestown,  Massachusetts.  He married GERTRUDE. 3 daughters4. She was admitted church at Charlestown, Octo...

7/26/2011 1/12/2015

Capt. Benjamin Massey MP (1775 - 1846)

this geneaoligy for joseph massey of mississippi is in error, parents stated as william g massey and mary massey..record of birth is in misissippi records..he and family can be found in 1860 in u.s. ce...

9/25/2008 1/10/2015

Thomas B. King, US Congress (1800 - 1864)


Thomas Butler King I (August 27, 1800 – May 10, 1864) was an American politician from the state of Georgia.[1] Biography He was born on August 27, 1800 in Palmer, Massachusetts to Daniel Kin...

2/5/2013 1/4/2015

Anna Matilda King (1798 - 1859)

King, Anna Matilda (Page), edited by Melanie Pavich-Lindsay, Anna, The Letters of a St. Simons Island Plantation Mistress, 1817-1859; The University of Georgia Press, Athens & London 2002; 453 pages [i...

11/21/2013 1/4/2015

Henry Cary, Il MP (1675 - 1748)

Henry Cary Birth: 1675 Death: Mar 2 1749/50 - "Ampthill, " Chesterfield Co, VA Parents: Henry Cary, Judith Cary (born Lockey) Siblings: Miles Cary, Judith Cary, Anne Cary, Elizabeth Cary Wi...

11/14/2007 1/3/2015

Colonel Richard "the Immigrant" Lee MP (1618 - 1664)

"Richard the Immigrant", "Richard /Lee/", "Richard Henry /Lee/ I", "The Immagrant", "Secy of state", ""The Immigrant"", "The Immigrant", "Colonel", ""The founder"", ""The immigrant""

Additional Curator's Note: I regret the need to lock this profile, but there are so many Lees in early Virginia history, with repeating given names, that it is very easy to merge the wrong profiles. Ju...

1/20/2007 12/24/2014

Capt. Christopher Clark MP (c.1681 - 1754)


Captain Christopher Clark was born 1681 in Virginia and died on 28 May 1754 in Louisa, Virginia. Parents: Micajah Clark (1659 - 1706) and Sallie Ann Moorman Clark (1662 - 1710) Married: Penelop...

4/15/2007 12/20/2014

Lawrence Taliaferro (1794 - 1871)

Lawrence Taliaferro (/ˈtʌlɪvər/; February 28, 1794–January 22, 1871) was a United States Army officer best known for his service as an Indian agent at Fort Snelling...

1/29/2009 12/11/2014

Nathan Thurman, Sr. (1743 - 1824)


notes From the profile for William Kendall : EMANCIPATION OF WILLIAM KENDALL: Source: “Register of Black, Mulatto and Poor Persons in Four Ohio Counties 1791-1861” by Joan Turpin,...

5/27/2007 12/2/2014

John Austin Wharton (July 23, 1828 – April 6, 1865) was a lawyer, plantation owner, and Confederate general during the American Civil War. He is considered one of the Confederacy's best tactic...

4/24/2011 11/30/2014

Ann Barron MP (1616 - 1685)

"Hanna Hawkins"

Ann Hammond Born: 1616, Lavenham, Suffolk, England Christened: 14 Jul 1616, Lavenham, Suffolk, England Parents: William Hammond, Elizabeth Payne Marriage (1): Timothy Hawkins Marriage (2): ...

10/9/2008 11/23/2014

Lt. Gen. Wade Hampton III (CSA), US Senator, Governor (1818 - 1902)

""The Saviour of South Carolina""

• Hampton was one of only three Southern officers to achieve the rank of Lieutenant General in the Confederate States Army without any military training. • Hampton was defeated in the 1...

2/10/2009 11/23/2014