Hugues I de Calvacamp, seigneur de Tosny MP (890 - c.980)

Please see Peter Stewart's "Origin and Early Generations of the Tosny Family" (July 2009, rev. March 2012) at House of Tosny From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The House of Tosny[1] was an i...

Raoul I de Tosny, Seigneur de Tosny MP (c.935 - 991)

GRESLEYS OF DRAKELOWE COMPILED BY FALCONER MADAN, M.A. FELLOW OF BRASENOSE COLLEGE, OXFORD PRINTED FOR SUBSCRIBERS 1899 has an excellent section on the de Toeni from 2-15 and Robert de Stafford 16-17 ...

Raoul II de Toeni, seigneur de Tosny MP (c.955 - 1015)

NOTE: The reason we have numbered him as Raoul II (I) is because he is listed as Raoul I in Wikipedia and some other sources. Updated March 2015 RAOUL [II] de Tosny , son of RAOUL [I] [de Tosny] & ...

Roger I 'd'Espagne' de Tosny MP (990 - 1040)

Roger I "d'Espagne" or "Conches" de Tosny/Toeni, Seigneur de Conches son of Raoul II de Tosny married to Adelaide de Barcelona and Godechilde. FMG Medieval Lands: Updated March 2015 RAOUL [II] ...

Robert de Toeni, Lord of Stafford MP (c.1031 - 1088)

son of Roger I "Conches/The Spaniard" de Tosny and his second wife Godechildis. married Avice de Clare [Curator's Note: though some sources have him married to Adelisa de Savona, this is not strongly...

Robert de Toeni, Lord of Belvoir MP (1030 - 1088)

His parentage is unknown for certain. PLEASE NOTE: (1) Robert de Toni/Tosny Lord of Belvoir (married Adelais) MAY or MAY NOT be the same as (2) Robert de Tosny also known as Robert de Stafford (married...