Lt. General Jubal Early (CSA) MP (1816 - 1894)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jubal Anderson Early (November 3, 1816 – March 2, 1894) was a lawyer and Confederate general in the American Civil War. He served under Stonewall Jackson ...

Brevet Maj. General Samuel D. Sturgis (USA) (1822 - 1889)

Samuel Davis Sturgis (June 11, 1822 – September 28, 1889) was an American military officer who served in the Mexican-American War, as a Union general in the American Civil War, and later in th...

Brig General Benjamin McCulloch (CSA) (1811 - 1862)

Benjamin McCulloch (November 11, 1811–March 7, 1862) was a soldier in the Texas Revolution, a Texas Ranger, a U.S. marshal, and a brigadier general in the army of the Confederate States duri...

Brig. General Thomas W. Sweeny (USA) (1820 - 1892)

Thomas William Sweeny (December 25, 1820 – April 10, 1892) was an Irish soldier who served in the Mexican-American War and then was a general in the Union Army during the American Civil War. ...

Brig. General Nathaniel Lyon (USA) MP (1818 - 1861)

Nathaniel Lyon (July 14, 1818 – August 10, 1861) was the first Union general to be killed in the American Civil War and is noted for his actions in the state of Missouri at the beginning of th...