George Washington Bush MP (1779 - 1863)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia George Washington Bush (1779 –April 5, 1863) was an American pioneer and one of the first multiracial (Irish and African-American[1]) non-Amerindian settl...

George Washington MP (1817 - 1905)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia George Washington (August 15, 1817 – August 26, 1905) was the founder of the town of Centralia, Washington. He is remembered as a leading African American...

York MP (1770 - c.1822)

York A very important figure in respect to the discovery of the American West , and a key Team Member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. History records this man as a "Jack of all trades" York`s ab...

Osborne Perry Anderson MP (1830 - 1872)

Born in Pennsylvania on July 17, 1830, Anderson was educated at Oberlin College in Ohio, then immigrated to Canada, where he learned the printing trade and met Brown in 1858. Anderson was one of fi...

Charles Henry Langston (1817 - 1892)

Charles Henry Langston (1817–1892), was an American abolitionist and political activist born free in Louisa County, Virginia, the son of a wealthy planter who provided for his education and en...

Mary Fields MP (1832 - 1914)

Mary Fields was born around 1832 Hickman, Tennessee, into slavery; and died in 1914 in Cascade, Montana of liver failure. Also known as Stagecoach Mary, she was the first African-American woman emplo...