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Mathuédoï I de Poher, count of Poher MP (875 - c.930)

"Mathuédoï de Bretagne", "Matuedoï de Bretagne"

Out of the union of the Breton royal family and that of the Counts of Rennes and Nantes came Alain III the Great or Grand, surnamed le Poher, Duke of Brittany. At his death in 909, joint succession fel...

12/23/2007 8/12/2011

Ridorech Berenger Comte de Nantes et Vannes de Poher MP (b. - 907)

"Ridoredh Of /Rennes/", "Comte Ridoreh Berenger", "Ridoredh de Nantes; Ridoredh de Vannes; Ridoredh Berenger; Ridoredh de Poher"

Pasquitan, Pascweten, or Paskwezhen (died 876) was the Count of Vannes and a claimant to the Duchy of Brittany. He was a son of Ridoredh of Vannes, a prominent and wealthy aristocrat first associated...

6/19/2007 8/12/2011

Hervé was Count of Maine.

2/5/2007 8/12/2011

Alain II 'Barbe-torte' de Bretagne, Duc de Bretagne, Comte de vannes et Nantes MP (910 - 952)

"Barbe Torte", "nicknamed Wrybeard (French: Barbe-Torte) and also known as Le Renard "The Fox"", "Alain de Bretagne; Alan de Bretagne; Alain de Nantes"

Alain II de Bretagne, dit Barbetorte ou al louarn (le renard), (910 - Nantes, 952), petit-fils par sa mère d'Alain Ier le Grand, fut comte de Poher puis duc de Bretagne à partir de 936. ...

12/23/2007 6/19/2011

Alain I "le Grand", roi de Bretagne MP (c.860 - 907)

"le Grand", "Alain I King of /Bretagne/", "Alain I (III: King) of Brittany "Le Grand"", "Alain", "I le Grand de Vannes", "Alan Iañ en breton", "Alain "the great" de Bretagne"

Alain (Alan) I, King of Brittany Alan I (French: Alain; died 907), called the Great, was the Count of Vannes and Duke of Brittany (dux Brittonium) from 876 until his death. He was probably also the o...

6/19/2007 6/18/2011

Judicaël, duc de Bretagne MP (b. - 888)

"Count De Rennes", "Juhel Berenger", "Judhael", "Judhel", "Judha", "Juhel I Conde De Rennes", "Count of Rennes", "Count Jucael (Juhel)"

Judicael Parents: Gurwent & (daughter of Erispoë) Spouse: uncertain Children: uncertain LINKS MEDIEVAL LANDS GURWENT [Gurvand], son of --- (-877). Regino records that "Pasquitano...

1/25/2007 6/18/2011

Saint Judicael MP (c.602 - 658)

King of Brittany Judicaël ap Hoël de Bretagne1 b. circa 602, d. 658 Father King of Brittany Hoël III ab Alain de Bretagne1 b. circa 580, d. 612 Mother Fratelle verch Osoche1 ...

2/28/2008 6/18/2011

Rivallon (Riwalon) Comte de Poher MP (840 - 877)

"Riwalon II DE POHER", "Rivallon", "Riuuilin", "Riuuelen", "Ruellen"

RIVALLON (-after 17 Apr 869, maybe before 10 Feb 872). The Annals of St Salvator Redon name "Rivallone filio Salamonis, Wincone fratre eius" citing a donation of 868[50]. "Salomon…totius Brita...

12/23/2008 5/26/2011

Guenebret de Bretagne MP (c.850 - 886)

"Gyenebret", "Gwenvred", "Wembrit", "Weubrith", "Wembrit; Gwenvred"

8/8/2007 5/26/2011

Prostion de Bretagne MP (b. - 876)

Daughter of Salomon, married Pascwethen (Pasquitain), Comte de Vannes. Prostlon de Bretagne (-before 8 Jan 876). Her parentage and marriage are confirmed by the Annales Bertiniani which name "Pas...

6/14/2008 5/26/2011

Saloman Duc de Bretagne de Poher, III MP (c.825 - 874)

"Salaun", "Salaün"

Salomon (Breton: Salaün; died 874) was Count of Rennes and Nantes from 852 and Duke of Brittany from 857 until his death by assassination. He used the title King of Brittany intermittently after...

8/8/2007 5/25/2011

Pascwethen de Vannes, duc de Bretagne MP (850 - 877)

"Pasquitan", "Pascweten", "Paskwezhen", "Paskwitan de Rennes; Pakitan II; Paswethan de Browarec; Paskwiten de Vannes; Comte de Vannes et de Rennes"

Pasquitan, Duke of Brittany From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pasquitan, Pascweten, or Paskwezhen (died 876) was the Count of Vannes and a claimant to the Duchy of Brittany. He was a son of Rid...

5/21/2008 5/25/2011

Gurwent, duc de Bretagne MP (b. - 877)

"Wrhwant", "Gurwant", "Gurwent", "Gurvand", "Vurfandus"

Gurvand/Gurwent, Duke of Brittany Parents unknown. GURWENT [Gurvand], son of --- (-877). Regino records that "Pasquitano et Vurfando" killed "Salomon rex Brittonum" in 874, specifying that they d...

3/17/2007 5/25/2011

Erispoë II, duc de Bretagne MP (c.794 - 857)

""Prince of the Province of Brittany"", "King of /Brittany/", "Erispoe Frodaldus de Poher Desposyni"

Erispoe (French: Erispoë, Latin: Herispoius, Herispogius, or Respogius; died 2 or 12 November 857) was the Duke of Brittany[1] from 851 until his death. He was the eldest son and successor of ...

6/2/2007 5/25/2011

Nominoe/Nomemoe King of Brittany MP (c.790 - 851)

"Appointed Count of Vannetais", "832-851; King of Brittany 824-851; Govermor of Brittany", "May 1", "831. Lived 70 years", "Nominoe de Poher; Nominoe de vannes"

The name of Nominoë's wife is not known according to MedLands. Nominoë & his wife had three children: (1) Erispoë (Erispoe), (2) Pastheneten, and (3) Gurwent. The Wikipedia art...

6/2/2007 5/25/2011