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Joseph Shawhan (1802 - 1855)

Died during the California Gold Rush.

2/5/2016 2/5/2016

John Lyons Romer (1830 - 1900)

John Lyons Romer went to California during the California Gold Rush. His daughter, Ada, was born in San Francisco.

2/5/2016 2/5/2016

Maj. William Quesenbury (1822 - 1888)

Bill Quesenbury was born on August 21, 1822, in newly formed Crawford County of Arkansas Territory. His parents were Henry Anderson Quesenbury and Susan Bean Quesenbury, descendants of the first Ques...

1/24/2016 1/24/2016

William Wallace Robinson was born on December 14, 1819 in Fairhaven, Vermont. His father, descended from the Mayflower Pilgrinms, had served and been been wounded in the the War of 1812. William atte...

3/2/2009 12/22/2015

Pvt Daniel Henrie (1825 - 1914)

"Dan Henrie"

From: History of Daniel & Amanda Bradley Henrie Written 1955 for Daughters of Utah Pioneers By Callie O. Morley -- great-grand daughter At times the name Henrie has been spelled 39 different ways, th...

10/11/2008 12/20/2015

Philip Arnold (1829 - 1879)

Philip Arnold (1829–1878) was a confidence trickster from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and the brains behind the legendary diamond hoax of 1872, which fooled people into investing in a phony diamo...

12/15/2015 12/15/2015

Daniel Hartley (1828 - 1885)

Traveled in April 1850 (to California Gold Fields) from New Burgh (NY) to New Orleans to S. Chagres, then up the river and across Panama. Then to the Steamer Carolina to San Francisco. Married Amanda...

11/15/2015 11/15/2015

James Harmon (1801 - 1851)

The story of the Harmon family who traveled to Utah as pioneers of 1847 reads like a romance of the Old South. The father, James Harmon, was born in 1801 in Boonesborg, Kentucky, descendant of a long l...

9/29/2015 9/29/2015

Mary Ann Blanks Harmon (1808 - 1897)

Mary Ann Blanks Smithson was a Utah pioneer of 1847. She came with her parents, Bartley Smithson and Sarah Weatherford, from Mississippi, who spent the winter of 1846/47 in Pueblo, Colorado. She was bo...

9/29/2015 9/29/2015

JME was an early Californian politician and opportunist who made his fortune from the young state during the hay-days of the Gold Rush without involving himself directly with the ore. He is most famous...

4/29/2010 9/23/2015

John Haws (c.1690 - d.)


Recorded as written: A number of other clans/families are septs (sub branches) of the Campbells including Burns/Burnes, Caddell, Hastings, Hawes/Haws/Hawson,Lorne, Loudon, Mac Connechey, MacDermid/Ma...

10/27/2008 8/15/2015

William Greeneberry "Green" Russell (1818–1877) was an American prospector and miner. Early life Green Russell was born in South Carolina but moved with his family to Georgia as a small chil...

7/30/2015 7/30/2015

Bechias Dustin (1793 - 1874)


In July of 1798 when Bechias was not quite five years old, his mother, Susanna, died. His baby sister, Susanna, was just over a month old when her mother died. Seven months after their mother died, the...

1/16/2007 7/10/2015

Dr. Mahlon Schooley (1812 - 1877)

Biography Dr. Mahlon Schooley was born December 12, 1812 at Leesburg, Loudoun Co., Virginia to Samuel and Cecilia (Allen) Schooley and was raised in the Quaker Faith. He would leave the state of Virg...

6/18/2015 6/21/2015

Civil War Union Brevet Major General, US Congressman. From 1846 to 1849, he was secretary to the commissioners sent by President Polk to treaty with the Indians on the Texas frontier. At the beginn...

4/1/2014 6/15/2015

Samuel Thomas Alexander MP (1836 - 1904)

The Alexander and Baldwin Papers. Pertaining to Alexander & Baldwin, Inc., the great sugar growing partnership in Hawaii. Wikipedia: Charles William Dickey ---------------------------------------...

10/14/2008 6/14/2015

Short Description:NARA T289. Pension applications for service in the US Army between 1861 and 1900, grouped according to the units in which the veterans served. Collection Title:Civil War Pensions St...

8/26/2009 6/7/2015

Frederick Townsend (September 21, 1825 – September 12, 1897) was a Union officer in the American Civil War. He founded and was Colonel of the 3rd New York Regiment, and later served with the U...

6/15/2008 5/25/2015

Darius Ogden Mills (1825 - 1910)

Darius Ogden Mills (September 25, 1825 – January 3, 1910) was a prominent American banker, philanthropist and, for a time, California's wealthiest citizen. Biography He was born in North S...

2/11/2007 4/26/2015

Hugh Boyle Ewing, (October 31, 1826 – June 30, 1905), was a diplomat, author, attorney, and Union Army general during the American Civil War. He was a member of the prestigious Ewing family, s...

5/22/2009 4/9/2015

Birkett Davenport Fry (June 24, 1822 – January 21, 1891) was an adventurer, soldier, lawyer, cotton manufacturer, and a Confederate general in the American Civil War. A survivor of four battle...

7/12/2009 4/9/2015

Benjamin Franklin Cheatham (October 20, 1820 – September 4, 1886), known also as Frank, was a Tennessee aristocrat, California gold miner, and a General in the Confederate States Army during t...

8/16/2011 4/9/2015

Sylvester Goodwin (1827 - 1893)

Married Ruth Foster first and then married her sister Judith Maria Foster. He went to California with the 1849 Gold Rush. Was Part of a shipbuilding company and co owner of the famous ship "Marie Celes...

3/7/2011 3/24/2015

Abia Taylor Lightner, Sr. MP (1801 - 1867)

Abia (or Abiah in some texts) Taylor Lightner was the son of Adam Lightner and wife Mary Trout. He was born September 27, 1801 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He married Jemima Snelling on July 1, 1...

9/3/2011 3/22/2015

Edward Lyman Kittredge (1827 - 1906)

Edward "Kit" Lyman Kittredge, had participated in the California Gold Rush of 1849, been shipwrecked, and had walked 700 miles across the desert before returning to Boston to marry a widow, Mrs. Debora...

1/4/2014 3/19/2015

Lyman John Burrell MP (1801 - 1884)

Lyman John Burrell joined the gold rush in California and ended up with large land holdings, orchards and vineyards. Burrell, California was an early settlement in Santa Cruz County near the summit...

3/12/2015 3/12/2015

Duane LeRoy Bliss (1833 - 1907)

Born in 1833 in Savoy, Massachusetts, Duane Bliss left home at the age of 13 to work as a cabin boy on a ship sailing to South America. Following a two-year journey, Bliss decided to join the rush of f...

9/19/2013 3/10/2015

Brigadier General Henry Baxter commanded the USA's 1st Corps, 2nd Division, 2nd Brigade, under Major Generals George Gordon Meade, John Reynolds, and Abner Doubleday at the great Battle of Gettysburg...

5/25/2009 1/19/2015

Montgomery Dent Corse (March 14, 1816 – February 11, 1895) was an American banker, gold prospector, and soldier who served as a general in the Confederate States Army during the Civil War. He ...

8/10/2012 12/5/2014

Edmond C. Hinde (1830 - 1909)

Edmund C. Hinde (April 6, 1830 – December 20, 1909) was a gold miner and laborer. His life was at times extremely difficult and filled with various hardships due to his career as a gold prospe...

11/1/2012 12/2/2014

John Swope Forney (1830 - 1906)


11/28/2013 11/19/2014

Bernard Snow (1822 - 1893)

Bernard Snow (1822 - 1893) , son of Ebenezer Snow (1784 - 1867) and Polly Hayes (1788 - 1854), was born 22 January 1822 at Pomfret, Windsor County, Vermont; he died at the age of 71 on 22 February 1893...

7/5/2008 6/4/2014

James Joseph Eubank MP (1826 - 1907)

James Joseph Eubank was born December 11, 1826, in Maury County, Tennessee, to Stephen Green Eubank and his wife, Susannah Quarles Branch Eubank, who were married in Maury County in March of 1826. Two ...

6/29/2009 4/26/2014

William F. Holcomb, San Bernardino Pioneer (1831 - 1909)

"Grizzly Bill"

William Francis "Grizzly Bill" Holcomb (1831–1909), was an American prospector and the first to discover gold in the region which became known as Holcomb Valley, near present-day Big Bear Lake, ...

4/23/2014 4/23/2014

Hiram H. Marsh (1807 - 1880)

In the 1810 federal census, 91 Marshes are listed in Massachusetts.

6/5/2010 12/26/2013

Commodore Stephen Decatur Rose (1818 - 1899)

"Commodore Stephen /Rose/"

Birth: Aug. 12, 1818 Graves County Kentucky, USA Death: Jan. 11, 1899 Wolf Creek (Josephine County) Josephine County Oregon, USA Parents: Randolph Rose and Rebecca Bozorth [Bozier?]. Randolph was b...

9/10/2009 7/29/2013

Robert Bowles (1822 - 1852)

. Robert BOWLES was born 1822 in England. He married Elizabeth. She was born 1822 in Canada. Child of Robert BOWLES and Elizabeth is:+ 2 i. Charles E. BOWLES was born 1850 in Alexandria, Jefferso...

7/31/2008 7/18/2013

James Bowles (1818 - 1894)

James Bowles , brother of Charles "Black Bart" Bowles. In late 1849, Bowles and two of his brothers, David and Charles, took part in the California Gold Rush. They began mining in the North Fork of the...

7/31/2008 7/18/2013

"Black Bart" American Civil War Soldiers Name: Charles Boles RESIDENCE: Decatur, Illinois Enlistment Date: 13 Aug 1862 Side Served: Union State Served: Illinois Service Record: Promoted to ...

7/31/2008 7/18/2013

William Dane Phelps Birth: Feb 14 1802 - Gloucester, Essex, MA Parents: Henry Phelps, Mary Forbes Coffin Wife: Mary Cushing, Lusanna Tucker Bryant Death: Aug 15 1875 - Magnolia, Essex, MA ...

7/5/2013 7/5/2013

Horatio Gates Livermore (1807 - d.)

""father of Russian Hill""

Lived in Boston and worked in mercantile business until 1850. Then he made the journey overland to California, settling in Georgetown, El Dorado Co.. Horatio Gates Livermore, came to California from ...

8/31/2008 5/23/2013

Samuel "Sam" Brannan MP (1819 - 1889)


Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "... Samuel Brannan (March 2, 1819 – May 14, 1889) was an American settler, businessman, and journalist, who founded the "California Star" newspaper in San Fran...

11/6/2010 5/9/2013

Charles Elliott Tilton (1827 - 1901)

Charles Elliott Tilton was a very wealthy man. He was one of the famous '49ers during the California gold rush, but made his fortune in business ventures. Sources:

7/20/2008 10/29/2012

Lotta Crabtree (1847 - 1924)

"Lotta Crabtree"

Charlotte Mignon Crabtree was born in 1847 in New York City to parents John Ashworth Crabtree and Mary Ann (Livesey) Crabtree. In 1851, her father left for San Francisco looking for gold, Lotta and her...

8/17/2012 8/17/2012

John McWilliams, Sr., (1832 - 1924)

During the Civil War Capt. John McWilliams served for ninety days in the 8th regiment of Illinois volunteers, commanded by Col. Ogelsby. Immediately after returning home, he re-enlisted, and was with S...

8/14/2012 8/15/2012

William Swain MP (1821 - 1904)

William Swain (1821–1904) A prospector whose journals and letters captured a vivid picture of the era. William Swain read about the discovery of gold in California in his hometown newspapers...

8/12/2012 8/12/2012

Cornelius Vanderbilt MP (1794 - 1877)

Cornelius Vanderbilt (May 27, 1794 – January 4, 1877), also known by the sobriquet Commodore,[1] was an American entrepreneur. He built his wealth in shipping and railroads and was the patriar...

6/25/2007 7/4/2012

Joshua Clark (1820 - 1906)

Mrs. Jane Charity Hamer funeral service commemoration on September 15, 1939, said the following:  She was the youngest of 13 children  (actually, Joel Jasper was, born 1854).  Wh...

4/11/2012 4/11/2012

Charles V. Snelling (1827 - 1863)

3/6/2010 3/26/2012

Frances Snelling (1797 - 1863)

"Fannie", "Fanny"

Marriage: 20 Sep 1814, Christian Co., KY Wife: Frances BURRUS Birth: 8 Sep 1797, Louisa Co., VA Father: Roger Tandy BURRUS Mother: Cynthia MILLS

3/5/2010 3/26/2012

Benjamin Snelling, I MP (1791 - 1853)

Benjamin Snelling was born March 30, 1791 in Nelson County, Kentucky. He was the son of William Snelling and wife Sarah "Sally" Scott. He married Frances "Fannie" Burrus on September 20, 1814. The lice...

2/28/2010 3/26/2012

William H. Howe MP (1829 - 1892)

The following is adapted from John M. Gresham, Historical and Biographical Record of Douglas County, Illinois (1900). About 1839 William Howe was entered in a subscription school for six months in Ve...

1/24/2011 3/24/2012

William T. Lomax (c.1823 - 1855)

A county history says, "In this township [Lee] occurred the mob execution of William Lomax, May 14, 1855. He was hanged for the murder of Frederick Bohle, who was killed on the 7th of that month. It se...

7/23/2011 3/24/2012

James M. Robertson (1826 - 1880)

Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002 about Martha Caroline Belshe Name: James M Robertson Marriage Date: 29 Nov 1849 Marriage County: Miller Spouse Name: Martha Caroline Belshe --------------...

7/14/2011 10/26/2011

John M. Robertson (1822 - 1905)

Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002 about John M Robertson Name: John M Robertson Marriage Date: 8 Jun 1845 Marriage County: Miller Spouse Name: Mary Ann Belshe -------------------------...

7/14/2011 10/26/2011

Madison Harvey Belshe (1811 - 1882)

Madison Harvey Belshe along with Boyd Miller and William Greenup, outfitted an expedition to California during the gold rush days. The Belshe-Miller-Greenup expedition departed for California from Locu...

12/17/2008 8/13/2011

William M. Greenup (c.1818 - 1893)

William Greenup along with Madison Harvey Belshe and Boyd Miller, outfitted an expedition to California during the gold rush days. The Belshe-Miller-Greenup expedition departed for California from Locu...

8/7/2011 8/7/2011

Boyd Miller (1800 - 1863)

Boyd Miller along with Madison Harvey Belshe and William Greenup, outfitted an expedition to California during the gold rush days. The Belshe-Miller-Greenup expedition departed for California from Locu...

8/7/2011 8/7/2011

John Mulkey Miller (1827 - 1919)

May 2, 1850, he and his father Boyd Miller, M.H. Belshe and William Greenup fitted out an expedition and started for California, taking the overland route. This trip occupied four months. John M. Mille...

8/7/2011 8/7/2011

Philip Danforth Armour (1832 - 1901)

Founder of Armour & Company. was born in Stockbridge, New York to Danforth Armour and Juliana Ann Brooks. He was one of eight children and grew up on his family's farm. Armour was mostly of Scottis...

2/11/2009 7/24/2011

James McClatchy (1824 - 1883)

James McClatchy (1824–1883) was an American newspaper editor. Although he is thought of as founder of The Sacramento Bee, which grew into The McClatchy Company, James McClatchy was actually th...

7/15/2011 7/15/2011

Ross McCloud (1819 - 1868)

Ross McCloud (April 16, 1819 – August 22, 1868) was a California pioneer and early settler in Northern California. While he is regarded by some as a namesake of the town of McCloud, California, ...

9/13/2007 7/15/2011

Brig General Benjamin McCulloch (CSA) MP (1811 - 1862)


Benjamin McCulloch (November 11, 1811–March 7, 1862) was a soldier in the Texas Revolution, a Texas Ranger, a major general in the Texas militia and thereafter a major in the United States Arm...

11/17/2008 7/15/2011

Joaquin Miller (1837 - 1913)

"Cincinnatus", "Hiner", "Heine"

Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "... Joaquin Miller was the pen name of the colorful American poet Cincinnatus Heine (or Hiner) Miller (September 8, 1837 – February 17, 1913), nicknamed the "P...

7/15/2011 7/15/2011

Joaquin Carrillo Murrieta (c.1829 - c.1853)

Joaquin Carrillo Murrieta (sometimes spelled Murieta or Murietta) also called the Mexican or Chilean Robin Hood or the Robin Hood of El Dorado, was a semi-legendary figure in California during the Cali...

7/15/2011 7/15/2011

"Emperor" Joshua Norton MP (c.1819 - 1880)

1820 British Settler John Norton 25, Farmer, together with his wife Sarah Norden 25, and their 2 sons, were members of Thomas Willson's Party of 307 Settlers on the La Belle Alliance . Party orig...

10/17/2009 7/15/2011

Lester Allan Pelton (1829 - 1908)

Lester Allan Pelton (September 5, 1829 – March 14, 1908) was an American inventor and is best known for developing the most efficient form of an impulse water turbine, the Pelton wheel. He is ...

8/22/2007 7/15/2011

Benjamin Barnard Redding (1824 - 1882)

Benjamin Barnard Redding (January 17, 1824 – August 21, 1882) was a Canadian-born state official of California, politician and land agent with the Central Pacific Railroad. The town of Redding, ...

7/14/2011 7/14/2011

Maj. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman (USA) MP (1820 - 1891)

"General Sherman", "Cump"

William Tecumseh Sherman achieved the rank of Major General during the Civil War. Afterwards the rank of Commander, Military Division of the Mississippi, 1864–1866; Commander, Military Division ...

8/21/2008 7/14/2011

John Sutter of Sutter's Mill MP (1803 - 1880)

"Johann Augustus Suter"

John Augustus Sutter (1803 – 1880) was a Swiss-American pioneer of California known for his association with the California Gold Rush, and for establishing Sutter's Fort in the area that would e...

9/12/2008 7/14/2011

Mark Twain MP (1835 - 1910)

"Mark Twain", "Mark Twain & Josh"

Samuel Langhorne Clemens, better known by the pen name Mark Twain, wrote grand tales about Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, and the mighty Mississippi River. He became nothing less than a national treasur...

9/4/2007 7/14/2011

Gen Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo MP (1807 - 1890)

"Mariano", "Guadalupe"

Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo (4 July 1807 – 18 January 1890) was a Californian military commander, politician, and rancher. He was born a subject of Spain, performed his military duties as an offic...

7/27/2009 7/14/2011

William Waldo, Capt. MP (1812 - 1881)

William Waldo (1812 – 1881) was a candidate for Governor of California in 1853. He was born in Virginia, but spent most of his life in Missouri, where he was a merchant and steamboat captain. In...

5/23/2008 7/14/2011

Bela Wellman MP (1819 - 1887)

Bela Wellman (December 17, 1819 – January 31, 1887) was a California Gold Rush merchant who formed the wholesale grocery firm of Wellman, Peck and Company. Bela was the tenth of eleven childre...

7/14/2011 7/14/2011

Edwin Baruch Winans (May 16, 1826–July 4, 1894) was a U.S. Representative from and the 22nd Governor of the U.S. state of Michigan. Winans was born in Avon, New York and moved with his parents...

5/27/2009 7/14/2011

Leland Stanford, Governor of California MP (1824 - 1893)

"Leland Stanford"

Amasa Leland Stanford (March 9, 1824 – June 21, 1893) was an American tycoon, robber baron, industrialist, politician, Governor of California, and founder of Stanford University. He was one of t...

1/31/2009 7/14/2011

John Wesley Hillman MP (1832 - 1915)

John Wesley Hillman (March 29, 1832 – March 19, 1915) was an American prospector during the California Gold Rush and explorer who was among the first European Americans to see Crater Lake in the...

7/14/2011 7/14/2011

Snowshoe Thompson MP (1827 - 1876)

"John Albert Thompson", "Snowshoe Thompson"

Snowshoe Thompson (April 30, 1827 – May 15, 1876) was a nickname for the Norwegian-American John Albert Thompson, an early resident of the Sierra Nevada of Nevada and California. He is considere...

5/17/2009 7/14/2011

Charles Snowdon Fairfax (March 8, 1829 – April 4, 1869) was an American Democratic politician of California. He was of Scottish noble descent and was himself entitled to the title as the 10th Lo...

2/18/2010 7/14/2011

Elijah P. Belshe (1828 - c.1884)

Listed as a miner on the Dec 1850 Federal Census: 1850 United States Federal Census about Clyah Belsher Name: Clyah Belsher [Elijah Belshe] Age: 22 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1828 Birth Pla...

12/17/2008 7/14/2011

John C. Fremont, "The Pathfinder" (1813 - 1890)

""The Pathfinder""

John Charles Frémont (January 21, 1813 – July 13, 1890), was an American military officer, explorer, the first candidate of the Republican Party for the office of president of the U.S.,...

8/31/2007 7/14/2011

William G. Belshe (1823 - c.1859)

Family Data Collection - Births about William G Belshe Name: William G Belshe Father: Robert Belshe Mother: Elizabeth Green Birth Date: 1823 City: Monticello County: Wayne State: KY Cou...

12/17/2008 7/14/2011

George Washington Witten (1822 - 1850)

George was killed on his way to hunt for gold in California.

12/17/2008 7/14/2011

Caleb Greenwood (c. 1763 – c. 1850) was a Western U.S. fur trapper and trail guide. Born in Virginia, Greenwood took part in trapping expeditions organized by associates of John Jacob Astor in 1...

7/14/2011 7/14/2011

John Greenwood (1827 - d.)

John Greenwood, the son of the famous mountain man, trapper and covered wagon guide, Caleb Greenwood, arrived in the area around 1849 just after the discovery of gold in nearby Coloma in 1848. The town...

7/14/2011 7/14/2011

From the book Lost Kingdom by Julia Flynn Siler: Claus Spreckels - This German immigrant to the United States was a driven entrepreneur from the mainland who, on his periodic trips to the islands, carv...

7/25/2008 7/14/2011

Hinton Rowan Helper (1829 - 1909)

Abolitionist, diplomat, and lecturer, Hinton Rowan Helper was born December 27, 1829, near Mocksville, North Carolina. He was the son of Daniel J. and Sarah Brown Helper. After graduating from Mocksv...

7/14/2011 7/14/2011

Löb Levi Strauss MP (1829 - 1902)

"Löb", "Levi Strauss & Co."

Levi Strauss (born Löb Strauß; February 26, 1829 – September 26,1902) was a German-Jewish immigrant to the United States who founded the first company to manufacture blue jeans. Hi...

2/23/2009 7/14/2011

James Wilson Marshall MP (1810 - 1885)

James William Marshall Birth: Oct. 8, 1810 Hopewell Mercer County New Jersey, USA Death: Aug. 10, 1885 Kelsey El Dorado County California, USA Folk Figure, Gold Rush notable. James Marshall is ...

7/14/2011 7/14/2011