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Marian Rendall (deceased)

MARIAN RENDALL (OTHERWISE MARGARET RENDALL) Marian Rendall is the putative daughter of an Orkneyman named John Rendall, and his Cree wife named Betsy. As far as is known, she never set foot in Orkney...

12/4/2013 11/13/2015

George Leonard (1897 - 1923)

GEORGE LEONARD (OTHERWISE JOHN GEORGE LEONARD) is one of the people of the confluence: Tk’emlúps te Secwepemc George Leonard is the son of Louis Leonard and his wife, Lizette Larue [C...

9/4/2012 11/6/2015

Mary Jane Duncan (1906 - 1985)

MARY JANE DUNCAN is one of the people of the confluence: Tk’emlups te Secwepemc Mary Jane Duncan is the daughter of Harry Duncan, and his wife, Christine Shaulna. She was born on 22 October ...

11/16/2012 11/6/2015

Sophia Lolo (1825 - 1883)

SOPHIA LOLO is the daughter of Jean-Baptiste Lolo (Otherwise Saint Paul, or Chief Lolo). She was born in about 1826, probably at Kamloops in the Thompson-Nicola Regional District of British Columbia,...

6/25/2011 10/9/2015

Chief David Cassimer (1878 - 1954)

"Chief David Casimir", "CUCWELL"

DAVID CASIMIR (OTHERWISE DAVID TOM KAZMER) Chief of the Simpcw First Nation: The people of the North Thompson David Casimir succeeded Andre Tinemesq'et as Chief of the Simpcw First Nation. Accordin...

11/22/2012 9/27/2015

Lucie (deceased)

"Lucie Néoulhénak"

LUCIE (OTHERWISE N-WILLKRANAK, NEHOULHE'NAK, OR NEOULHENAK) She is one of the people of the North Thompson: Simpcw First Nation Marriage Lucie N-willkranak married Chief André on 25 August...

10/9/2013 9/26/2015

Chief Andre (1830 - 1919)

"Tenmesquet", "Tinmesket", "Tayemaskret", "Tayemaskred"

ANDRE (OTHERWISE TAYEMASKRED. TY-MASKET, TEYMASKRET, T-MASKRET, OR TAYE'MASKAT) Chief of the Simpcw First Nation: The people of the North Thompson Chief André is the son of Tseyenetssa, and ...

10/9/2013 9/26/2015

Carol Joyce Oates (1954 - 1968)

CATHERINE JOYCE OATES (OTHERWISE CAROLINE JOYCE OATES) A Student who belongs to the Lytton First Nation: Ntlakyapamuk Carol Joyce Oates (Otherwise Caroline Joyce Oates) is the daughter of Isaac Oat...

9/9/2015 9/10/2015

Isaac Harry Oates (1901 - 1971)

ISAAC HARRY OATES (1901-71) A Farmer who belongs to the Lytton First Nation: Ntlakyapamuk Isaac Harry Oates is the son of Harry Oates, and his wife, Etheldreda. He was born on 31 March 1901 [Britis...

4/16/2014 9/9/2015

Joseph Lampreau, cowboy (1890 - 1915)

JOSEPH LAMPREAU Cowboy who belongs to the Upper Nicola Indian Band Joseph Lampreau was a Cowboy. He is the son of Antoine Lampreau, and his wife Julianna. His father is reported to have been born a...

12/30/2012 8/29/2015

Chief Mekis (b. - 1874)

CHIEF MEKIS (OTHERWISE THE EAGLE) is the son of Chief Okanase (Otherwise Chief Michael Cardinal). His mother was a Dakota woman. Chief Okanase died in about 1870 and was succeeded by his son Mekis (O...

6/26/2011 6/22/2015

Lizzette Larue (1870 - 1937)

LIZETTE LARUE (OTHERWISE LIZETTE LAROUE) is one of the people of the confluence: Tk’emlúps te Secwepemc She is the daughter of Abraham Larue, and his wife, Marie [British Columbia Mar...

9/4/2012 6/12/2015

Sophie Maria (deceased)

SOPHIE MARIE (OTHERWISE MRS. DONALD MCLEAN, AFTERWARDS MRS. GRANT) is one of the people of the confluence: Tk’emlúps te Secwepemc According to Margaret A. Ormsby, Sophie Marie is the ...

9/28/2014 6/9/2015

Chief Wuttunee (deceased)

CHIEF WUTTUNEE (OTHERWISE PORCUPINE) and his Cree band hunted and fished along the Battle River. Wuttunee was chief at the signing of Treatyu 6 on 9 September 876 but he was not in favour of the trea...

3/19/2013 6/6/2015

Chief Red Pheasant (deceased)

CHIEF RED PHEASANT is the brother of Chief Wutunee, According to Christian Thompson, Chief Wuttunee (Porcupine) and his CREE band hunted and fished along the Battle River, and as settlers moved into ...

2/27/2009 6/6/2015

Louis David Riel, Jr. MP (1844 - 1885)

[ ] [ ] [ ] Louis, the first child of Louis Riel and Julie Lagimodière, was born on October 22, 1844 in St. Boniface, Manitoba. Louis spent his childhood on the east bank of the Red Rive...

4/1/2007 6/3/2015

Angelique Falardeau (1845 - 1931)

ANGELIQUE FALARDEAU (OTHERWISE ANGELIQUE FILARDEAU, OR ANGELIQUE FALORDEAU) is one of the people of the confluence: Tk’emlups te Secwepemc Angelique Falardeau is the daughter of Michael Fala...

11/20/2012 5/9/2015

Sukwmelqs (deceased)

SUKWMELQS It was been suggested that Sukwmelqs is the sister of Grand Chief Nicola (Chief N’kwala). For the source of this information see: "Our Oral Histories are Our Iron Posts: Secweemc Sto...

5/4/2015 5/6/2015

Susanna Lucy Antko (1866 - 1899)

LUCY ANTKO (OTHERWISE SUSANNA LUCY ANTKO) is one of the Thompson River People (Coteau), who belong to the Nlaka'pamux First Nation She is the daughter of Sowoaukun, and his wife,Toguoltabko. She wa...

5/5/2015 5/5/2015

Victoria (1871 - 1917)

VICTORIA (OTHERWISE VICTOIRE) is one of the people of the confluence: Tk’emlúps te Secwepemc She is the daughter of Louis and Eugenie, that is Louis Clexlixqen, Chief of the Kamloops ...

11/23/2012 5/4/2015

4/9/2015 5/2/2015

Hill: Jacob Hill, later named Kannetakon, was brought back as a captive by Kahnawake men following an expedition to Schenectady. He married Marie Anastasie Konkaientha in 1766. Some of his descendants ...

4/20/2015 5/2/2015

Lucy Dave Casimir (1910 - 1965)

LUCY DAVE CASIMIR belongs to the Simpcw First Nation, being one of the people of the North Thompson River She is the daughter of David Casimir (Otherwise Dave Tom Kazmar), Chief of the North Thomps...

8/19/2014 5/1/2015

HYACINTH SISYESQ'ET (OTHERWISE HYACINTHE SHISHIASKRET, HYACINTHE SIASKE, OR HYACINTHE SISSIASKYS) Chief of the Skeetchestn Indian Band, formerly the Deadman's Creek Indian Band is the son of Loui...

11/23/2012 4/30/2015

Allan McLean (1855 - 1881)

ALLAN MCLEAN (1855-81) Canadian Outlaw, Renegade, and Leader of the Wild McLean Boys: He was executed by hanging at New Westminster in British Columbia, Canada, on 31 Jauary 1881 Allan McLean is th...

9/28/2014 4/20/2015

Archibald McLean (1864 - 1881)

ARCHIBALD MCLEAN (OTHERWISE ARCHIE MCLEAN) Outlaw, Renegade, and one of the Wild McLean Boys: He was executed by hanging at New Westminster in British Columbia, Canada, on 31 January 1881 is the so...

9/28/2014 4/20/2015

Charles McLean (1863 - 1881)

CHARLES MCLEAN (OTHERWISE CHARLIE MCLEAN) Outlaw, Renegade, and one of the Wild McLean Boys: He was executed by hanging at New Westminster in British Columbia, Canada, on 31 January 1881 is the son...

9/28/2014 4/20/2015

Notes Location info: Tadoussac (marriage), Québec (death) Dorothée était une Amérindienne .

10/25/2007 4/19/2015

John Leonard, younger (1856 - d.)

JOHN LEONARD younger (OTHERWISE JOHNNY LAYNARD, JOHNNY LEONARD, OR LEONARD JOHNNY) is one of the people of the confluence: Tk’emlups te Secwepemc John Leonard, younger, is the eldest son o...

7/31/2012 4/9/2015

Gabriel Joyal (1871 - 1935)

GABRIEL JOYAL (OTHERWISE GABRIEL JOYEL) is one of the people of the confluence: Tk’emlups te Secwepemc Death of his daughter Josephine Gabriel Joyal reported the death of his daughter Jose...

11/21/2012 3/23/2015

Matilda (1851 - 1948)

MATILDA (OTHERWISE MATHILDE, OR KOUNKOUNAMILRKEN) is one of the people of the confluence: Tk’emlups te Secwepemc Canadian Federal Census 1881 Mathildie (Otherwise Kounkounamilrken) and her...

11/20/2012 3/22/2015

Louis Falardeau (1836 - d.)

LOUIS FALARDEAU is one of the people of the confluence: Tk’emlups te Secwepemc Louis Falardeau is the son of Michael Falardeau, and his wife, Genie (Otherwise Jenny Lucy). He was born at Kam...

11/17/2012 3/22/2015

Catherine Falardeau (1875 - 1937)

CATHERINE FALARDEAU (OTHERWISE CATHERINE KOUNKOUNAMILRKEN) is one of the people of the confluence: Tk’emlups te Secwepemc Catherine Falardeau (Otherwise Catherine KounKounamilrken) is the da...

11/20/2012 3/22/2015

Mary Jane Leonard (1845 - 1911)

MARY JANE LEONARD (1845-1911) is the daughter of an Orkneyman named John Leonard, and his First Nation Canadian wife, Alkoh. She was born at Fort George in British Columbia, Canada, on 16 Apr 1845 [B...

6/17/2011 3/18/2015

Alkoh (b. - 1849)

ALKOH probably belongs to the Lheidli T'enneh First Nation, formerly known as the Fort George Indian Band Alkoh is the wife of John Leonard, sometime employed by the Hudson's Bay Company at Fort ...

10/26/2012 3/18/2015

Chief Robert Manuel (1947 - 1998)

CHIEF ROBERT MANUEL (1947-88) Chief of the Neskonlith Indian Band (1977-87); Member of the Executive Council of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs (1976-80); President of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs (19...

1/2/2013 3/17/2015

Chief Arthur Manuel (deceased)

CHIEF ARTHUR MANUEL is one of the sons of George Manuel and his wife Marceline Paul [Wikipedia: Arthur Manuel] He is a former chief of the Neskonlith Band in British Columbia, and chairperson of th...

1/2/2013 3/17/2015

Vera Ruth Manuel (1950 - 2010)

VERA RUTH MANUEL "Kulilu" (1948-2010) Vancouver-based Secwepemc-Ktunaxa playwright, poet, and storyteller is the daughter of Grand Chief George Manuel, and his wife, Marceline Paul [In Memoriam] ...

1/2/2013 3/17/2015

Grand Chief Nicola (1780 - 1865)

NICOLA (OTHERWISE HWISTESMETXE'QEN, OR N'KWALA) WALKING GRIZZLY BEAR Grand Chief of the Okanagan people and Chief of the Nicola Valley peoples, an alliance of Nlaka'pamux and Okanagans and the surv...

10/1/2014 1/29/2015

9/28/2012 1/29/2015

Antoine Allan (1855 - 1936)

ANTOINE ALLAN (OTHERWISE ANTOINO ALLEN, OR ANTOINE ALLEN) Cowboy is the son of Thomas Allan (Otherwise Thomas Allen). In the Canadian Federal Census of 1881 he is reported to have been of ethnic Fr...

11/18/2012 1/29/2015

Familles Locas et Demers Entries: 66888 Updated: 2004-05-11 00:31:28 UTC (Tue) Contact: Jean Locas & Index Descendancy Register Download GEDCOM ID: I11878 Name: Madeleine PEWADJIWONOKWE Sex: ...

9/27/2012 1/4/2015

Alexander Kalelest (1884 - 1964)


ALEXANDER KALELEST (OTHERWISE ALEC KALALIST, ALSO KNOWN AS OLD ANYHOW) Secwepemc Rancher and Cowboy is the son of a cowboy named Antoine Allan, who was employed on the Gang Ranch in British Colum...

1/21/2013 1/3/2015

Melanie Blondeau was a Métis woman who played a prominent role in the preservation and evolution of traditional Indigenous arts. She was born on April 9, 1866, on the Little Saskatchewan. The ...

7/16/2014 1/2/2015

Thomas Tsondoutannen (b. - 1652)

Le 10 Mai 1652, Pére Jacques Buteux et ses compagnons, le soldat Pierre Fontarabie et le Huron converti Thomas Tsondoutannen, furent attaqués par les Iroquois. « Le Huron, qui marc...

9/6/2014 1/1/2015

Louis Honarreennha (deceased)

Overview Louis Honarreennha, a Huron apostate, slayed Father Noël Chabanel , a Jesuit missionary, out of hatred for the faith, near the Saint-Jean mission in Huronie . Sources Locati...

12/30/2014 1/1/2015

Sources Location info: Huronie, Pays des Hurons

11/4/2007 1/1/2015

Roch Manitouabeouich MP (1590 - 1629)


Sources Location info: Huronie, Pays des Hurons Notes Note about "also known as": Manitouabe8ich: Le chiffre 8 inséré dans le nom peut étonner : il ne s’agit pas...

11/4/2007 1/1/2015

Marie-Olivier-Silvestre Manitouabeouich MP (1615 - 1665)


Sources Location info: Huronie , Québec Notes Suzanne et Marthe Prévost sont photographiées ici près du mémorial irrigé sur les terres de Martin Pr&#...

1/27/2007 1/1/2015

Cécile Arenatsi (c.1610 - 1662)

Sources Location info: Huronie, Wendake historique

12/13/2009 1/1/2015

Joachim Arontio (c.1605 - d.)

Sources Location info: Huronie, Pays des Hurons

12/13/2009 1/1/2015

Sources Location info: Huronie, Pays des Hurons , Québec Notes Note about Date of Baptism: It is assumed (until we find better sources) that Marie-Felix was baptised between the year...

12/9/2009 1/1/2015

Sainte Kateri Tekakwitha MP (1656 - 1680)


Kaia'tanó:ron Kateri Tekakwitha 1656-1680 Saint Kateri Tekakwitha was baptized as Catherine Tekakwitha and was informally known as Lily of the Mohawks. She is the fourth Native American to...

5/18/2014 1/1/2015

Mary Anne Warpotksva (1811 - 1922)

MARY ANNE WARPOTKSVA (OTHERWISE MARY ANN SCHETGUN, MARY ANN SCHELAIN, OR INDIAN MARY) is the daughter of Souvouekett. An obituary published in the Kamloops Standard-Sentinel shortly after her death...

3/23/2009 12/12/2014

Anne Saint Paul (1844 - 1914)

ANNE SAINT PAUL (OTHERWISE ANNIE SAINT PAUL) First Nation Woman is the daughter of Saint Paul (Otherwise Jean Baptiste Lolo, or Chief Lolo) Jean Baptiste Lolo She was born in British Columbia in 18...

6/25/2011 11/8/2014

Sally Timentwa (1798 - 1884)

SALLY TIMENTWA Okanagan Woman and Housewife in the Red River Settlement Sally Timentwa is reported to have been the daughter of an Okanagan Indian chief. In 1812 she married the fur trader Alexande...

8/27/2013 11/6/2014

George McLean, DCM (1875 - 1934)

PRIVATE GEORGE MCLEAN, DCM A Rancher who belonged to the Head of the Lake Indian Band in the Okanagan district of British Columbia. A Canadian WWI War Hero. He was the recipient of the Distinguished ...

9/28/2014 10/9/2014

Louis Manuel (1894 - 1963)

LOUIS MANUEL (1894-1963) belongs to the Neskonlith Indian Band (Sometimes Neskainlith Indian Band). He is the son of Charles Manuel Joyal, and his wife Annie Reilly [British Columbia, Marriage Regist...

11/27/2012 9/27/2014

Isadore Celesta (1942 - 1971)

ISADORE CELESTA (1942-71) belongs to the Simpcw First Nation, formerly know as the North Thompson Indian Band. His usual place of residence was at Chu Chua, near Barriere in British Columbia, Canada,...

10/22/2013 9/18/2014

Ignace Awennaietha Rice (c.1784 - 1833)

"Ignace Awennaietha Rice"

Ignace Awennaietha Deer Rice B1784 was a hunter and also a trapper Judy Rice Ignace profile pic is his marriage document Jan 24,1804 and his sponsor was Chief Jacques Tareha who drowned Lake Superior s...

12/10/2010 9/10/2014

Chief Antoine Larue (1904 - 1939)

CHIEF ANTOINE LARUE (OTHERWISE ANTHONY LEREAU, OR ANTHONY LAREAU) Chief of the Kamloops Indian Band, 1932-39 is the son of Adam Larue, and his wife, Jennie Stewart. He was born at the Kamloops Indi...

11/16/2012 8/19/2014

Ignace Kayaanra (deceased)

IGNACE (OTHERWISE IGNACE FRIED, YGNOUCE FRISE, IGNACE FRAZY, OR IGNACE KAYAANRA) belongs to the Iroquois Nation. For confirmation of this fact see the image of his daughter's Sarah's marriage regis...

12/30/2012 8/18/2014

date incertaine 1621 1639 1643,,,,,, PIGAROUICH, baptisé Étienne, shaman algonquin et chrétien apostat ; circa 1639–1643. Pigarouich maintint qu’il avait acquis...

7/15/2014 8/17/2014

Mackoodzie (deceased)

MACKOODZIE (OTHERWISE THE SINGING GIRL) married John Tod à la façon du pays, while he was employed as Clerk in Charge at McLeod's Lake in British Columbia,1824-33. They had a daughter w...

6/26/2011 7/19/2014

Charles E Mayo, Sr. (1881 - 1974)

Added by E. Nickerson- Photo taken about 1923 Rampart. Charles Mayo - Center. with Children.- Universty Of Alaska Archives. /Elwin Nickerson/

3/4/2014 3/10/2014

Wallace Mayo (1893 - c.1965)

2/27/2014 3/10/2014

Cyril Allan Mayo (c.1918 - 1944)

RIFLEMAN CYRIL ALLAN MAYO (1918-44) of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles was killed in action on Juno Brach in Normandy, France, on 6 June 1944. His memory is honored on the Bayeux Memorial in Calvados, Fran...

3/3/2014 3/10/2014

Caughnawaga,Que. baptismal certificate... from La PROISSE DE CAUGHNAWAGA,QUE.. pour l'annee mil 1899 the third day of August 1899, I the undersigned,curate of this parish, have baptized Leon-Joseph...

12/2/2010 3/10/2014

Chief Pierre Atawenrate (c.1814 - d.)

"Atawenrate", "(ohterowane)"

The Organization and Composition of Kahnawake’s Council of Chiefs Some writers of Kahnawake’s history have suggested that during the nineteenth century Kahnawake was governed by a council...

12/10/2010 3/10/2014

de la Ronde LETTERS - Ida Schneider to J. C. Bonenfant From the Nipigon Historical Museum Archives March 24, 1964 Mr. J.C. Bonenfant Bibliothecaire Hotel du Gouvernement Quebec City Canada Dear M...

9/27/2012 3/10/2014

Paul Nioherasha (Thibaudier)Delaronde born 1813 son of Voyageur Charles Francois Denys Thibaudiere Delaronde and Madeleine Pewadjwonokwe Delarond from Kanesatake their own ancestors include Simom @ Jea...

9/27/2012 3/10/2014

Betsy (b. - 1851)

BETSY (OTHERWISE BETSEY RANDALL) HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY EMPLOYEE is probably a Cree woman. It cannot be regarded as certain but it seems quite likely, probable even, that she belonged to that branch ...

12/7/2013 12/27/2013

Margaret Wahweya (1875 - d.)

MARGARET WAHWEYA (OTHERWISE MARGARET WAHWEYN) (floruit 1876-1901) belongs to the Ojibway Nation (Otherwise the Anishinaabe Nation, or the Chippewa Nation) Margaret Wahweya is the daughter of Alexan...

8/28/2013 12/27/2013

Jenny Lucie (1816 - d.)

JENNY LUCIE (OTHERWISE KNOWN AS JENNIE, GENIE, OR KAN-NAPH-HA) is one of the people of the confluence: Tk’emlups te Secwepemc Jenny Lucie is a Secwepemc woman. In later life she belonged...

11/20/2012 12/26/2013

Anna Mary Tatqua (1847 - 1887)

ANNA MARY TATQUA (1847-1887) is a Secwepemc woman. She belongs to the Bonaparte Indian Band. A daughter of Chouson Rein, and his wife, Asckoe, she was born at the Bonaparte Indian Reserve, near Lillo...

7/31/2013 12/1/2013

Chief Elie Larue (1872 - 1943)

CHIEF ELI LARUE (1872-1943) is one of the people of the confluence: Tk’emlups te Secwepemc Chief Eli Larue is the son of Abraham Larue (Otherwise Brem Larue) and his wife Marie [British Colu...

11/20/2012 10/22/2013

GRAND CHIEF GEORGE MANUEL (1921-89) Chief of the Neskonlith Indian Band (1960-1966); First President of the North American Indian Brotherhood (1959-63); Community Development Officer for the federal ...

12/31/2012 9/17/2013

Chief Kiwisānce (b. - 1886)

CHIEF KIWISĀNCE (Cowessess, Ka-we-zauce, Little Child, literally boy) was Chief of a mixed band of Plains Cree and Saulteaux. He is the son of Chief Okanase (Otherwise Michael Cardinal) and th...

7/1/2011 9/1/2013

Louis O'Soup (c.1839 - 1913)

LOUIS O'SOUP (floruit 1839-1913) OTHERWISE LOUIS OSOOP, LOUIS OUSUPE, OR LOUIS OCHOUP was a Plains Saulteaux orator, chief, farmer, and hunter. He was probably born during the late 1830s, likely in...

6/26/2011 9/1/2013

Chief Keeseekoowenin (1818 - 1906)

CHIEF KEESEEKOOWENIN (OTHERWISE MOSES BURNS) is the son of Chief Okanase (Michael Cardinal) and an Orkney mixed-blood woman [Canadian Dictionary of National Biography] His mother may be Lizette Slate...

6/26/2011 8/27/2013

Chief Okanase (1790 - 1870)

"Michael Cardinal"

OKANASE (OTHERWISE MICHAEL CARDINAL) Chief of the Riding Mountain Indian Band Chief Okanase, whose name means “little bone,” was of the historic fur-trading Cardinals who over several...

6/26/2011 8/27/2013

Jean Baptiste Lolo (1798 - 1868)

"St. Paul"

JEAN BAPTISTE LOLO (OTHERWISE ST. PAUL, PAUL LOLO, SAINT SOL, CHIEF ST. PAUL, OR CHIEF LOLO) Hudson's Bay Company Emloyee at Fort Kamloops, 1828-68 Jean Baptiste LoLo is thought likely to be the ...

6/25/2011 8/21/2013

Chief Louis Clexlixqen (c.1834 - 1915)

LOUIS CLEXLIXQEN Otherwise known as Petite Louis, Little Louis, Louis Hi Kleh Kan, Louis Ha-tan-kun, Louis Klick-tick-tun, Louis TlihTlih-en, Louis Gleghleghken (xlexxle'yken) Louis XlExlexkEn, Louis...

11/23/2012 8/21/2013

Marguerite Sllortssa (c.1828 - d.)

MARGUERITE SLLORTSSA (floruit 1868-91) is a Secwepemc woman. She belongs to the Kamloops Indian Band. A daughter of Jacques Houoko, she was born, in 1827, or 1828, probably at Kamloops in British Col...

6/17/2011 8/21/2013

Charles (Francois Denys DeLaronde-Thibaudiere is also my 3rd grt grandfather my grandmother Mary Anne DeLaronde Stuart Rice she married Israel Rice her mother was Charlotte Agathe Delaronde b1844 her f...

5/26/2007 4/12/2013

Arthur Joseph Rice (1910 - 1976)

Arthur Rice born 1910 was a prospector in Labrador Mining and Exploration Company in 1943 .Canada ,he worked in the Paymaster Mine in timmins ont in 1939, and was also a carpenter, he moved his young f...

12/1/2010 2/26/2013

Silas Rice (1695 - 1779)

"Jacques", "TANNHAHORENS", "Tookanowras"

Four members of the RICE family were made captives of the Caughnawaga Mohawks on Aug. 8, 1704 at Marlboro (now Westboro) Mass. While gathering flax in a field with other members of the family they were...

4/5/2010 2/26/2013

Israel Tekarihoken Rice (c.1870 - 1937)

"Israel", "Deer", "Rice", "Tekarihoken"

My Grandfather Israel (Tekarihoken) was a fur trapper and sold his pelts to the Hudson Bay company and he was a hunter also he was a cook in Lumber camps judy riceTEKARIHOKEN (Tegarihogen, Tegarioguen,...

12/1/2010 2/26/2013