Lt. General Jubal Early (CSA) MP (1816 - 1894)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jubal Anderson Early (November 3, 1816 – March 2, 1894) was a lawyer and Confederate general in the American Civil War. He served under Stonewall Jackson ...

Maj. Gen. George B. Crittenden (CSA) MP (1812 - 1880)

George Bibb Crittenden (March 20, 1812 – November 27, 1880) was a career United States Army officer who served in the Black Hawk War, the Army of the Republic of Texas, the Mexican-American Wa...

Brig. General William "Grumble" Jones (CSA) (1824 - 1864)

William Edmondson Jones, known as Grumble Jones, (May 3, 1824 – June 5, 1864) was a planter, a career United States Army officer, and a Confederate cavalry general, killed in the Battle of Pie...

John Cabell Breckinridge, 14th V. P. USA MP (1821 - 1875)

John Cabell Breckinridge (January 16, 1821 – May 17, 1875) was an American lawyer and politician. He served as a U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator from Kentucky and was the 14th Vice Presid...

Brig. General John Echols (CSA) (1823 - 1896)

Source: VMI's Civil War Generals. John Echols, Class of 1843 Biographical Information Early Life John Echols, born March 20, 1823, Lynchburg, Virginia; son of Joseph Echols and Eliza Frances La...

Maj. General William W. Loring (CSA), Pasha (Egyptian Army) ("Old Blizzards") (1818 - 1886)

William Wing Loring (December 4, 1818 – December 30, 1886) was a soldier from North Carolina who served in the armies of the United States, the Confederacy, and Egypt. Early life William w...