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Guntram "der Reiche", comte de Sundgau MP (c.920 - c.973)

He was Count in Breisgau (962), and is said to have been Count of Sundgau (Upper Alsace), Count in Aargau, and Herr von Muri. His nickname, "the Rich", testifies to his wealth among his peers. In 952 h...

Gundoin d'Alsace, Dux MP (deceased)

Gundoin was the first Duke of Alsace in the middle of the seventh century. He was a Frankish nobleman from the Meuse-Moselle basin. He was, according to the author of the Vita Sadalbergae, an "illustri...

Ega, duke of Alsace MP (c.570 - 646)

•Name: Ega 1 2 •Sex: M •Title: Major Domo in Franconia •Birth: ABT 560 in Kingdom of the Franks (France) •Death: 646 in Kingdom of the Franks (France) Marriage 1 Ge...

Luitfried II, count of Sundgau MP (c.740 - 790)

He left no heirs. The duchy of Alsace was divided into counties after the death of Charlemagne in 814. It was reconstituted after the death of Emperor Henry I in 936 and became hereditary in the von Ho...

Luitfried I, duke of Alsace MP (c.715 - 767)

Liutfrid, Leodefred, Leudefred, or Leudefrid (died probably 742) was the Duke of Alsace, the third in a line of Etichonid dukes dating back to circa 670. He succeeded his father Adalbert in 723. In t...

Adalbert I, duke of Alsace MP (c.675 - 741)

Adalbert (died 723) was the Duke of Alsace from sometime after 683 and probably before 700 until his death. He was the second duke of the family of the Etichonids and the first to inherit the duchy fro...

Adalrich I (Eticho), duke of Alsace MP (c.645 - 689)

His ancestry is speculative. He has long been identified as a son of Leudisius, Mayor of the Palace of Neustria, with a re-constructed ancestry extending back to Tonantius Ferreolus, a Gallo-Roman sena...