Peter Minuit MP (1580 - 1638)

Peter Minuit was the Third Director-General of New Netherland. He is credited with purchasing the Island of Manhattan from the Lenape indians on May 24, 1626

Wouter van Twiller MP (1606 - 1654)

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Pieter Stuyvesant MP (c.1607 - 1682)

Peter Stuyvesant (c. 1612 – August 1672), served as the last Dutch Director-General of the colony of New Netherland from 1647 until it was ceded provisionally to the English in 1664, after whi...

Willem Usselincx MP (1567 - 1647)

Willem Usselincx (1567–1647) was a Flemish merchant, investor and diplomat who was instrumental in drawing both Dutch and Swedish attention to the importance of the New World. Usselincx was one ...

Willem Kieft MP (1597 - 1647)

Willem Kieft was a Dutch merchant and director-general of New Netherland (of which New Amsterdam, later New York City, was the primary settlement), from 1638 until 1647. He formed the council of twelve...

Samuel Blommaert MP (1583 - 1651)

bevelhebber bij wic, goudsmid en diamanthandelaar.///// hij is een neef van isaac coymans, die verdwenen is in brazilie in 1640////iml..voorts was een handelaar in .nw nederland (manhatthan) en regerin...