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Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - B

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Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - B

This is a sub-project of Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - Main Page

Extracted from Publication -


A history of the families of european descent who settled in the area of Enkeldoorn (renamed Chivu) Rhodesia. now Zimbabwe.

Author -- Sarel Van der Walt

Completed in approximately the year 2001


... and some GUTU RELATIVES 1880 TO 1980 All family details, dates, residences and occupations as far as could be ascertained. List not complete)


  • Louisa Maria x Stephanus Johannes Herholdt. 1 child.



  • Maureen Hazel x Johannes Hendrik Erasmus. 2 children.


  • Susanna Hendrina from Transvaal in March 1931

BALME Walter John 1871 / 1947

  • Norah 1909 / 7-1-1915

BARCLAY Sandy Alexander 13-11-1908 / 27-7-1957


  • Simon Hendrik x Maria Magdalena Hendrina Blignaut
  • Simon Hendrik 25-5-40


A2 Frederik Wilhelm 18-7-1886 / 6-7-1956 x Johanna Jacoba Welman

A3 Marthinus Hendrik x Gertruida Magdalena Grobler

A4 Herculaas Philippus x Cornelia Martha Margaretha Meintjies

A5 Jacobus v.d. Berg 3-4-1906 / 30-1-1967

Barnard Antonie (Anton) Chief Jailor Enkeldoorn transferred 1960 from Gwelo. About 1970 Antonie had butchery next to Standard Bank where his wife ran a tea-room (The butchery later belonged to David Kriek) After retiring from prison service Antonie farmed on Wildernes Lal (?) owned Wilderness which he sold to Wouter de Wet ( x Aletta Boshoff) who in turn sold it to Albert Kirstein. .

BARNES Rose Emma 1917 / 39




  • Johanna Jacoba x Barend Jacobus de Kock 1 child.


  • Abraham Johannes x Maria Magdalena Fourie
    • Maria Magdalena 12-8-1913
  • Elizabeth x Willem Johannes Bronkhorst 1 child.



  • Dennis Rudolph x Catharina Francina Bosman
  • Tracey Lee 10-1-79

BECKETT John x Blanche they farmed on Nyala (before Lal Meyer) Originally from S.A. they arrived via Marandellas in 1956 and settled on Nyala where the main production was Tobacco with cattle also prominent. Blanche worked on the secretarial staff in the D.A.s office. John served the community on various Committees as detailed elsewhere. They left the area in 1971 for Lalapansi.


BEETGE Johanna Maria Carolina x Coert Nicolaas Grobler 2c

BEKKER Hendrik was a tansport rider and by 1890 he was well acquainted with the roads to the North and had contacts in Fort Salisbury. His wife accompanied him on all his trips. In 1891 while in Salisbury lung sickness killed most of his cattle and he started a timber cutting and sawing business on the Hunyani river. With two hundred pounds from the proceeds he bought a wagon and team of oxen. He accepted an offer of a free farm by Rhodes and having for some time, had a desire to settle in a particular area he pegged the farm of his choice. There was a prominent lone camelthorn tree and he called his farm Enkeldoorn. (Singlethorn)

Before taking up the offer he returned to the Transvaal to persuade some friends to move with him to Mashonaland. Only two families, Kotze and Visagie joined him. Circumstances, particularly Malaria caused them to stay together. They became seriuosly ill and returned to Transvaal to recover.

Early in 1893, Bekker and his family were on their way back to Enkeldoorn when, at Fort Victoria they met Mr. Pretorious and his sons who persuaded them to change their plans and instead to try Gazaland. The farm Enkeldoorn was forfeited and some years later taken over by Hendrik Ferreira.

Hendrik x Christina Gertruida Pienaar. Children (did not live in Enkeldoorn). Jacobus Christoffel (Koot), Soon, Joshua, David, Piet, Jan, Pop (?Pap), Marie, Lourens, Krissie, Nellie (Cornelia) .

BEKKER Josef owned Manese Poort farm (1935) and Mansi. Mrs Bekker and baby Joey were on Sterkstroom when the Mashona attacked the group. (Joey was the baby hidden by a servant girl when the group was attacked.) Josef and family moved to Umtali leaving Hendrik O'Neill to manage Manzi. Joey inherited the farm and returned to live on and manage the farm till her death. She did not mary. Other children included a daughter x Boonsaaier, (his xx) and son Hendrik x Maria Coetzee 29-3-25 Johanna 7-7-1884 / 8-4-1923 x ? Badenhorst 2c


  • Hendry x Kitty de Wet 1878 / ? farmed near Umvuma
  • William Henry x Catharina Louisa Susanna van Niekerk
    • Cathlene Elizabeth 15-3-49
    • William Henry 12-3-50
    • Patric John 4-10-52


Gideon Francois (Gippie) 1885 x Susanna Zacharia (Mollie) Dreyer 29-11-1898

BENNETT Jack Councillor for Charter Estate later Chairman Featherstone Road Council


  • Barend Jacobus 2-4-1906 / 20-1-1961
  • Christina Susanna x Marthinus Petrus Bester 5 children.
  • Gezina Magdalena x Nicolaas Jacobus Faasen. 5 children.
  • Anna Petronella x Andries Petrus Benade. 1 children.
  • Maria Christina x Jan Valentyn Bloem. 1 child.
  • Anna Petronella x Stephanus Hermanus Gerhardus Kok. 2 children.
  • Hendrina Jacoba 23-3-14 / 3-8-72 x Francois John Eagar (his 2x) 1 child.
  • Dirk Johannes x Johanna Sophia de Wet 1-4-1881 / 28-1-1948
    • Petrus Gerhardus 21-2-16
    • Hester Martha Aletta 20-3-20
  • Hendrik Christoffel x Clara Elizabeth Groenewald
    • Maria Susanna Margaretha Elizabeth 22-2-29
    • Barend Lourens 4-10-30
    • Clara Isabella 19-10-32
  • Casparus Johannes x Margaretha Maria de Jager
    • Rudolph Johannes 11-4-39


BERKOWITZ Isaac born in Poland 10-6-1876 / 1944 arrived in S.A. in 1882 aged 6 years, with his father. They lived at Wolmansstad C.P. Before moving to Rhodesia Isaac x widow Martha Sophia Magdalena Bosman 19-9-1873 / 29-11-1947. She had a small son Petrus Bosman (step son of Berkowitz) Isaac Berkowitz and family arrived at Enkeldoorn in 1917. bought and settled on Elminie Farm. Children included


When the Mashona war started they were with the group attacked on Sterkstroom.. Both Barend and his wife were seriously wounded. Mrs Bester died two days later. Daughters Sannie and Nellie were the two Bester sisters who, with accurate shooting, corageously helped their wounded father to keep would-be Mashona attackers at a distance from the wagon on its way to the Vaalkop lager

Farmed on Vlakplaas, later grew tobaco. After his death Danie farmed on her own.





GROUP 1 (?) Family arrived before 1895, they included Piet, Hermanus single, Wynand single, Jan (19 Nov.1900) - (3 Dec.1945) and Anna Sophia (13 April 1908).

GROUP 2 (?)


  • Margaret Jane x Douw Gerbrand Steyn in 81 2 children.


BISCO Renee Cathrine 25-12-60 x Cedric George Kok 19-1-58 2c

BISHOP Daisy Philippina x Hendrik Johannes Petzer 1c

BLANK Ephriam x ? General dealer, miller and Town Board Chairman Active in Gymkhana in late 1940 period

  • daughter Judith x Issy Gordon

BLANKENBERG Bank manager

BLIGNAUT Jan married the second time in 1905 before coming to Enkeldoorn, with Maria Rinke, born 1885. The five families Jan and Maria, three married sons and Maria's sister Lettie Rinke and her husband Dirk van Rooyen , with children, travelled in a convoy of seven donkey-wagons with Jan Blignaut as leader, they left Vryburg, South Africa for Enkeldoorn in 1922 and settled on their portion of Swartfontein. On arrival at Swartfontein Maria , tired after the long journey, declared that they had gone far enough, "Dit is vergenoeg" and so, without intending to, named the family farm Vergenoeg.

For details of the trek see Jan Hendrik Blignaut trek. from the first marriage.

Martha attended Liebenberg school, boarding with Grand-mother Maria Blignaut on Vergenoeg. Together with other children they walked and later cycled, to school, sometimes cought in the rain and soaked. Martha 2x Jan Moolman (25 June 1929 - 11 September 1990) farming on Aftenwaters, 30 miles from Enkeldoorn. After his death after 26 years marriage, Martha moved to town. Nicholas Johannes (13 April 1930) did not marry, joined R.M.S. and left area.

Children from second marriage (before Enkeldoorn) travelled with parents.

Children from second marriage of Jan Hendrik Blignaut and JH(x2)

BLOEM Murray x ?? (garage owner)

Mr Bloem previously worked for Roads Department then retired in Enkeldoorn.

BOBEER Johannes 2-2-1891 / 18-12-193?

BONDISIO Andries Johannes Paulus x Anna Catharina Eagar


      ?    x    Miss  Bekker
  • Maria Louise 1929
  • Roeline Rhywaldt x Jacobus Adriaan Vlok 3c
  • Christiaan Petrus x Maria Catharina Cornelia Jansen van Rensburg
    • Carl Hendrik Frederik 24-4-41 x Sandra Edith Burton
      • Amanda Jean 19-9-68
  • Christiaan x Maria van Niekerk farmed on de la Guillerie till '75 then moved to Bulawayo



They farmed on Chipisa farm 15 miles along Gutu road, with cattle.











  • Herculina Johanna x Barnard Daniel Marais. 1 child.


  • Frans Jacobus x Maria Paulina Kruger Broli arrived from Zastron in March 1930
    • Francina Hendrika 6-1-30
    • Aletta Johanna Elizabeth 1934 x Willem Elias Paules Nel

BRAY Doctor in Enkeldoorn


  • Elizabeth Anna x Andrew Abraham McKnight 1884 3c
  • Margaretha Cornelia x Sarel Jacobus Vermaak 9c
  • Jacobus Arnoldus x Johanna Elizabe van Heerden Arrived in area in June 1931
    • Gert Johannes 6-7-31
  • Michael Hedley (Mike) 9-3-1946 x Petronella Francina (Tossie) Smith 6-12-1952
    • Deon 25-3-1978
    • Danine 26-10-1981



  • Aletta Elizabeth x Gerhardus Johannes Botha


  • William Normab x Margaretha Magdalena Jacomina Hoffman


  • Dirk arrived in 1894 with wife, one son and one daughter
    • Maria Johanna Magdalena x Cornelius Michiel du Plooy 4c
    • Dirk Johannes x Christina Catharina Briel
      • Christina Catharina 26-3-28
  • Hendrik arrived in 1894 with wife, two sons and one daughter
    • Jacobus Alwyn x Johanna Susanna Magdalena van Schalkwyk
      • Johanna Susanna Magdalena 5-4-18
      • Benjamin Jacobus 2-10-20
    • Hendrik Johannes x Christina Catharina Marthina. Oosthuizen
      • Christina Catharina 26-3-28
      • Hendrik Johannes 28-11-29
      • Adriaan Zacharias Albertus 30-9-32
      • Emerentia Hendrika 20-4-36
    • Christina Catharina x Dirk Johannes Briel 1c


  • Lillian x James Richard Hewitt 1904 1c


After school the children all left Enkeldoorn to fend for themselves, only Johanna Susanna returned to live when in 1945, she x Petrus Marthinus (Paul) van Rooyen, a motor mechanic who had just returned from overseas war service (World War 2). (see van Rooyen) Paul's death Johanna van Rooyen worked as Matron at the Peter Brocklehurst Foundation Home for the Aged. They had 3 children.

BROCKLEHURST David x Susanna Benade 11-2-51. David was born Johnson, the grandson of Marie Brocklehurst, He changed his name to Brocklehurst and farmed on Belvoir Spinney, after his Step-grandfather Peter Brocklehurst died. He served for many years on the Peter Brocklehurst Foundation, Management Committee. He was an active member of the local Gymkhana Club. They left the area.

BRODERYK Jan single pre 1895


  • Maria Paulina Kruger x Francois Jacobus Brandt 2c



  • William Norman x Margaretha Magdalena Jacomina Hoffman.
    • Marie Yvonne Faith 10-4-41


  • Helena x Johannes Jurgens Hamman. 1 child.

BRUCE Family farmed on Knockbelt after Hart family.


  • Christina Susanna x Casper Hendrik Jordaan 3c
  • Lourens Daniel x Margaretha Francina de Bruin
    • Lourens Daniel 12-5-14
    • Nicolaas Daniel Johannes 23-8-17
    • Catharina Magdalena 7-4-22
    • Maria Susanna 9-9-23
    • Margaretha Francina 17-9-27
    • Maria Susanna 16-6-32 x Schalk Willem Meintjies 9-9-23
  • Catharina Margaretha x Petrus Johannes van Biljon 6c
  • Aletta Johanna Wilhelmina x Cornelius Gerhardus Ewerts Greyling 4 children.
  • Carolina Jean x Jan Bastiaan Kirstein 14-1-1958 1c

BRYDEN Kerry Jane x Christoffel O'Neill (his x)


  • Johan Hendrik x ?
    • Christiaan Joseph x Rachel Johanna le Roux
      • Anna-Marie 16-10-58




  • Chum x ?? employed as Overseer by Featherstone Road Council
  • Rocky x Anna Maria (Tick) Odendaal 8-4-1933 / 28-11-1991 (her xxx)

BUTTERY Madge Brazier x Pieter Jacobus Kolbe 1c



  • Anna Margaretha Francina x Willem Adriaan Jacobus Oosthuizen 1c
  • Maria Jacoba Magdalena x Barend Johannes Marthinus Bezuidenhout 1c (-31)
  • Hendrina Cecilia x Petrus Francois Johannes Erasmus 1c
  • Lenora Marlene x Albertus Herman du Toit 3c
  • Elizabeth Catharina x Nathan Elia Berkowitz 15-8-46 2 children.
  • Jacobus Johannes from Ermelo in 1935

BURNS Catherine Jean x Jan Batiaan Kirstein 1c


  • Josephine Muriel x Willem Hendrik Karsten 1c
  • Sandra Edith x Carl Hendrik Frederik 24-4-41 Boonsaier 1c