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Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - G

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Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - G

This is a sub-project of Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - Main Page

Extracted from Publication -


A history of the families of european descent who settled in the area of Enkeldoorn (renamed Chivu) Rhodesia. now Zimbabwe.

Author -- Sarel Van der Walt

Completed in approximately the year 2001


... and some GUTU RELATIVES 1880 TO 1980 All family details, dates, residences and occupations as far as could be ascertained. List not complete)



  • Alexander Wilson 1880/18-3-1920 x Edna Grace Gardiner (ex Scotland) of Drayton farm at Beatrice, arrived from South Africa in 1927. Their son Russel Vivian bought two-thirds of Riversdale Farm, which had previously been subdivided, from Jacobus Coetzee. The other third was sold to Weitz van Zyl. Russel subsequently bought the other third from Weitz van Zyl.
  • Russel retired and Charles (a qualified electrician) took over and on Russel's death inherrited the farm. He subsequently sold the part previously owned by van Zyl, to his brother Norman. By 1980 both were still on Riversdale.


  • George Henry x Susanna van der Linde Bank Teller.
    • Evelyn Jess 23-5-57




  • Gail Athlee x Jacobus Frederik van Staden de Klerk 29-3-40 2c


  • (Early settler on Palgrave) x Dina de Klerk d.o. Old Teuns de Klerk
    • Catharina Wilhelmina x Lukas Daniel Grobler 3 children.
    • Maria Catharina x Charles Henry Holloway 1 child.


  • R.E. Umvuma town


  • Mike x Marinda Inez Reichert 3-4-1955 !
    • Tanya


  • K Blinkwater road




  • Solly x ?? hotel owner had a daughter Milly


  • Subertina Christina x Abraham Johannes Groenewald 6 children.
  • Rupert x Martha Coetzee 14-11-1911 / 5-2-1984 They left the area.
  • Jeanetta Maria x Dirk Cornelius Odendaal 14-10-1868 / 2-7-30


  • Issy x Judith Blank d.o. Ephraim Storekeepers


  • Benjamin x Hester Maria Elizabeth van Biljon
    • Catharina Margaretha Magdalena 7-3-35


  • Thomas 1904
  • Pieter Willem x Susanna Magdalena van Coppenhagen
    • Marthinus Lourens 24-9-30





Jan (early settler) x Marthina Johanna Hoffman, cousin of Josias Martin Hoffman (Leader of Hoffman trek) 2x Marthina, daughter of Josias Martin Hoffman.

Lived along Umvuma road. At one stage in 1896, Jan travelled to Bulawayo on family business, members of his family including his nephew Basjan Nieuwoudt, accompanied him. After starting the journey Jan went down with malaria and was seriously ill. By the time they reached Gwelo the whole family was ill and unable to watch the oxen. The animals strayed and were on their way back to Enkeldoorn when finally located by Enkeldoorn relatives who had been alerted. At the Shangani river Rinderpest regulations compelled Jan to leave his family and he travelled by coach to Bulawayo. On the return trip he found a group of people stranded at a roadside tavern near the Shangani river. There was widespread unrest and the stranded people urged the Greylings not to proceed with their homeward journey but Jan refused to delay. He offered a lift to anyone who wished to join him but they all declined the offer. The Greylings continued on their way and reached Gwelo safely. That night the group at Shangani who had urged him to delay his journey, were attacked and all thirteen were killed.

pre 1895 Greyling brothers included Ben, Koos, Jan


  • Ella Elizabeth x John Louis de Jager 1c


  • Jurie arrived before 1895
  • Anna Helena x before 1890 Christoffel Bernardus van der Merwe 6c
  • Daan x Maria Jordaan (from Beatrice area)

They leased and farmed on Manesepoort A for 25 years, then in 1948 bought and moved to Mexico where they continued to produce citrus from seed taken from Manese Poort. children included

  • Hendrina Maria x Frederik Ewert van Rooyen 1 child.
  • Schalk Willem x Jacoba Fredrika van Schalkwyk
    • Johanna Susanna Magdalena 9-4-33
    • Christine 1935 x Dougal Osler 1 child.

Christine and Gert Kok, the son of neighbours attended Loudia School as weekly boarders, they walked the six miles over the hills every Monday morning and back again on Friday.

When Henry died Mexico was sold to the brothers Abel and Buck Erasmus


  • Susanna Margaretha Magdalena x Dirk Cornelius Vermaak 1c
  • Alida Johanna Elizabeth x Jacobus Petrus Swanepoel 1c
  • Johanna Susanna Magdalena x Andries Bester 6c
  • Maria Catharina x Jeramia Jesaja Grobler 1c
  • Martha Susanna x Petrus Johannes Lombaard
  • Tolitha Kume x Johannes Hendrik Maritz 1c
  • Gertruida Magdalena x Marthinus Hendrik Barnard 1 child.
  • Theunissina x Petrus Marthinus 25-9-72 ?c
  • Coert Johannes x Johanna Carolina Susanna Brits
  • Jeremia Jesaja x Maria Catharina Grobler
    • Jeremia Jesaja 19-10-11
  • Christiaan Hendrik x Hester Francina Welch
    • Fredrika Elizabeth 23-5-12
  • Lukas Daniel x Hester Catharina Jacomina Gilfillan
    • Susanna Hendrina Adriana 10-2-13
    • Martha Margaretha Johanna 6-5-16
    • Maria Catharina 18-8-17
  • Ernst Johannes x Johanna Carolina Susanna Brits
    • Ernst Johannes 25-4-16
  • Jurgens Hendrik x Louisa Philippina van Rooyen
    • Susanna Hendrika Adriana 17-4-16
  • Willem Johannes x Johanna Lovina van Zyl
    • Isabella Elizabeth Maethina 24-10-16 x William Jesse Finaughty 1c !
    • Anthonie Christoffel 8-6-18
    • Martha Susanna 14-11-19
    • Johanna Lovina 27-3-21 x Lewis Visagie 1c
    • Anna Maria Hendrika Petronella 13-11-27
    • Catharina Maria 19-3-30
  • Daniel Rudolph x Maria Magdalena Adriana Jordaan
    • Jacques Hendrik 25-10-18
    • Christina Susanna 8-11-24
  • Carel Johannes x Heilitjie Lovina Prinsloo
  • Petrus Johannes x Catharina Johanna Hattingh
    • Catharina Johanna 18-8-44
  • Coert Nicolaas x Johanna Maria Carolina Beetge
    • Martha Carolina 17-3-56
    • Gert Johannes 29-12-58