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Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - L

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Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - L

This is a sub-project of Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - Main Page

Extracted from Publication -


A history of the families of european descent who settled in the area of Enkeldoorn (renamed Chivu) Rhodesia. now Zimbabwe.

Author -- Sarel Van der Walt

Completed in approximately the year 2001


... and some GUTU RELATIVES 1880 TO 1980 All family details, dates, residences and occupations as far as could be ascertained. List not complete)



  • Aletta Adriana x Esafas Philippus Petrus Vosloo 1 child.




  • Willem arrived 1894 with wife, three sons and two daughters
  • Hester Elizabeth x Christiaan Hendrik Botha 1 child.
  • Johan Christiaan x Johanna Gustaves Oosthuizen
    • Catharina Jacoba 24-9-21
    • Johannes Christiaan 12-9-23
    • Petrus Engemachzina 10-2-28
  • Johan Jacob x Gertruida Anna Magdalena Sherman
    • Christiaan Jacobus 11-4-13


  • Nellie Francis x Alet Dorate Schoultz 5 children.


  • Catherine Cornelia x Frederik Johannes van der Merwe


  • Johan Frederik x Anna Petronella du Toit
    • Guileame Johannes 5-9-46


  • Walter Gerhardus Johannes x Annelie Erasmus
    • Walter Jacobus 22-3-91
    • Antonie 7-7-92


  • The brothers arrived before 1895
  • Andries Hendrik x Susanna Margaretha Maria Bester (her 2x, the x van der Merwe)
    • Maria Elizabeth 7-4-11
    • Helena Elizabeth x Johannes Jacobus van Zyl 1 child.
    • Helena Susanna x Benjamin Hermanus Zietsman 1 child.
  • Johannes Lodewikus x Mary Mabel Magdalena Hollaway
    • Henry 13-1-13
    • Esther 26-12-16


  • Walter (Capt. B.S.A.P.) 1875/20-7-54 x Jean Montgomery 1884/18-9-1954

Trustee of Gymkhana Club Funds during World War 2 dormancy



  • Adriana Maria x Daniel Christiaan Cremer 1 child.




  • Harry x ?, general dealer and farmer. He had a smart horsecart, well groomed horses and showy harness.



  • The Ned. Geref. Church headquarters at Cape Town dispatched Rev. Albertus Jacobus Liebenberg to assume responsibility for missionary and teaching leadership, of the Munyati congregation. He arrived at Beira on 6 May 1896, in the company of Rev's Le Roux and Strassheim. The Mashona war caused him to be delayed at Umtali and after traveling with escort, arrived at Fort Salisbury on 8 August 1896. He was again delayed at Fort Salisbury where he served as a Sergeant in the military forces. He met Rhodes and the two men became friends. When he left for Munyati, accompanied by Lampbrecht, Rhodes asked him to locate a suitable site for a town for which Rhodes specified basic conditions. He arrived at the lager on Vaalkop in October 1896 with C Lamprecht and on 1 November 1896 and on1-11-1896 baptised the first child of his career, it was Rudolph Smith.

In 1899, Rev. Liebenberg married Engela Neetling a school teacher. They traveled by train as far as Bulawayo, then by ox-wagon to Iron mine Hill and from there by Zeederberg coach. He became the central motivating force within the community. He attended to all church functions, sometimes acting without the Church Council authority when the members failed to attend meetings. He was school teacher and secretary of the Farmers Association which he had organised. Numerous attempts by Church authorities to have him transferred, were nullified by the steadfast opposition of his congregation who regarded him as their undisputed leader. He died in 1933. To his memory and selfless service, is recorded that he selected the site where the town was established, started the Farmers Association, The cheese factory, School hostels, Meeting house, Magnificent church and a legend of friendship. His contemporary, Rev. Crisp wrote in glowing terms of his help and friendship. His name will be remembered as a lasting monument to a great man. The Liebenberg school is named after him. In 1902 (?) he represented the Enkeldoorn community at the funeral of Cecil John Rhodes.

  • Albertus Jacobus Rev. ?/1933 x Engela Johanna Neetling 8-1-1879/25-3-1966 (not local). They had seven children, four survived early childhood.
    • Pieter
    • Marie Antoinette (2 years) ?-11-1920
    • Maria Magdalena (7 months) 4-2-1905
    • Maria Antoinette (Mardie) 19-9-18 x ?
    • Albert
    • Lucie Lulu x ?
    • Mardie was a nursing sister at Enkeldoorn Hospital, left area after marriage but returned later. Mardie was outgoing while Lulu was shy.

Lulu was a school teacher at Liebenberg School and in particular taught music and singing When Mardie tried to get Lulu to take up nursing Lulu was taken aback and replied "lay my hands on a man, never!" In later life Mardie lived with her mother in town where she had a lovely garden On occasion at a party Mardie complained that the town was dead and conspired with a friend. She then (at midnight) rang the D.R.C. bell while her fellow conspiritor rang the Anglican church bell.

  • Maria Magdalena x John Frederik Adlam ? / 66 5c
  • Herbrecht Catharina x Louis Johannes Botha 1c
  • Aletta Clara x Rudolph Gerhardus Erasmus 1c
  • Rudolph x Maria van den Bergh lived in town
    • David




  • Neville Rogers (Eugene) x Caroline Nora Kirstein
    • Douglas John 20-9-59


  • Dr. Well known and excellent physician and surgeon with a record of 100% skilful and successful circumcisions, tonsils and appendectomies.




  • Elizabeth Catharina x Gabriel Petrus Stoltz 2-4-18 1 child.
  • Audry xTheunis Christiaan de Klerk 27-10-46 ?c


  • Salomina Magdalena x Johannes Hendrik van Wyk 1 child.




  • Closer Cherie x Willem Jacobus Smit 1 child.



  • Charles Mondham 1870/1937