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Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - M

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Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - M

This is a sub-project of Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - Main Page

Extracted from Publication -


A history of the families of european descent who settled in the area of Enkeldoorn (renamed Chivu) Rhodesia. now Zimbabwe.

Author -- Sarel Van der Walt

Completed in approximately the year 2001


... and some GUTU RELATIVES 1880 TO 1980 All family details, dates, residences and occupations as far as could be ascertained. List not complete)


father and son were doctors in Enkeldoorn


  • Liza Ursula x Christoffel Bernhardus O'Neill 18-3-65 (his XX) 1c


  • Duncan A.E. 1-12-1883 / 29-5-1966 x Ellen Primrose nee ? 23-7-1893 / 13-8-1970
  • Winnefred Margaret (Peggy) nee ? 5-3-1914 / 21-6-1996
  • Keneth Alexander 27-11-1916 / 20-6-1926


  • Edward Nieland x Edna Alexandra McEwen le Roux
    • Douglas Joshua Brian Niland 6-5-33
  • Philippus Johannes x Maria Magdalena Venter
    • Daniel Johannes 30-6-63
    • Hermanus Stefanus 15-12-66



Two Brothers Christian and Francois Ignatius arrived at Fort Victoria from Freestate (Liebenbergsvlei) in 1892. The trek was delayed while scouts went looking for suitable farms.

  • Christiaan with wife, two sons and two daughters. Son, Christiaan Stephanus x Eugenie Kok 1892/1971 sister of Susanna. They left the area.
  • Francois with wife, Elsie Margaretha Aletta Frederika Stopforth September 1851/19-5-1940.
  • Francois was murdered near Felixburg in 1895. Elsie did not remarry, for the last of her nearly 90 years she lived with her children at Mount Pleasant, Salisbury.

Francois and Elsie's children included:



  • James Henry 1905 x Christina Susanna van der Merwe
    • Janet Christine 16-5-37


  • Ray , was chief magistrate and was a leading person in the establishment of the Peer Brocklehurst Foundation in 1937 where he served as Chairman of the Organising Committee and subsequently for many years till he left the area as Chairman of the Management Committee. One block of the establishment is named after him.


  • Dirk Johannes P.O. Jurgens x Ellen Hester Nauhaus
    • Frederik Dirk 5-3-32
    • Johannes Nauhaus 29-12-38


  • Frederick John x Joan Russel Dickson
    • Frederick Charles 12-10-15


  • Miss Poppy 1929 / 34 a teacher at Liebenderg School


  • Sylvia nee ? 1915 / 15-9-1950


  • Janice x Salman Thomas Ferreira


  • Aletta Johanna x Josias Hendrik Hamman 1c


  • Andrew Abraham 1884 x Elizabeth Anna van Breda
    • Christina Susanna 1912
    • Robert Stephen Gordon 9-10-13
    • Susan Mary 1915


  • Miss, In 1900 an assistant teacher at Liebenberg School. She married Balne and left.


  • ? farmed on Bultfontein after J.J. Symington Jmr.
  • Antoinette x Johan Bates Schoultz 1c



  • Felicity x Andries Peter van Heerden 1c
  • Albertus Pieter x Woltera du Preez
    • Verity 15-1-44 x Keneth Edmond Orford 1c


  • Jan Stephanus x Magdalena Wilhelmina Oberholser
    • Catharina Georgina 8-10-33
    • Martha Elizabeth 5-11-34
    • Christiaan Willem 24-12-35
  • Johan Stephanus 31-7-? x Myra Patricia Smit 8-6-59
    • Yvette Elizabeth 27-1-83
    • Johan Stephanus 20-1-88


  • Magdalena Wilhelmina x 64 Jacobus Vosloo 1c !



Hendrik settled on Sterkfontein, beyond Manese hills. The attack by the Mashona and fight described in the 1896 Mashona war occured on Sterkstroom. Hendrik was seriously wounded.

Johannes was part of the group attacked by the Mashona on Sterkfontein, the only man not wounded.


On occasion Christoffel and brother-in-law Hendrik O'Neill took a wagon load of live pigs to Salisbury with great expectations and thoughts of buying a plough and other necessities. The journey took three weeks. The pigs were found to have measels (a parasite that if consumed causes tape worm in humans) and the carcases were condemned with no compensation to the suppliers.

Geluksverwacht was subdivided into three farms.

Christoffel and Sally initially share farmed on Geluksverwacht, then moved to Veeplaas where they farmed for many years. Their son bought Veeplaas and later sold it to Carel Coetzee.


  • Schalk Willem ? 1864 x Johanna Venter (sister of Amerenske v.d.Walt 1866 / 1955)

They settled on Mooidart, Manesi hills.

After Schalk's death Anna stayed on the farm for a while and worked in the Featherstone Post Office doing secretarial work. She cycled to and from work. She then moved to Enkledoorn where she again worked in the Post Office till she retired. Anna taught Elizabeth and Lodewyk by correspondence school to standard 5, they then attended Liebenberg school as boarders.



  • Herculina Johanna x Jacob Benjamin Boshof 8-3-27 1c


  • Sarah Maria nee ? 1866 / 1954
  • Mathian Coenrad 1888 / 1967
  • Heila (?Hester) Lofina Helena Catharina x Herman Ferdinand Rohm 5c
  • Sara Maria ? 1933 x John Harry Flanagan 1c
  • Martha Elizabeth (not local) x Schalk Willem Rinke 3c
  • Ingrid x Johannes Jacobus Boshoff 1c
  • Hester Maria x Jan Johannes van Tonder
  • Hans Jacob Petrus 1909 x Elizabeth Johanna (Joy) Kok 1913 / 78
  • Jacob Johannes x Anna Catharina Hamman
    • Maria Margaretha Susanna 20-7-11 x Rudolph Arnoldus Lamprecht 1897 3 children.
  • Jacob Johannes x Maria Catharina Cornelia van Niekerk
    • Jacob Johannes 18-8-13
    • Adriaan Theodorus 30-12-16
    • Maria Catharina Cornelia 15-8-20
    • Willem Johannes 19-10-27
  • Hendrik Mattheus x Dina Maria Heckler
    • Muriette Marie 4-3-33
  • Dirk Cornelius x Johanna Maria du Plessis
    • Jacob Johannes 27-9-34
    • Sarel du Plessis 20-6-38
    • Dirk Cornelius 3-7-43


  • Lal x Ingrid nee ? arrived in 1971 from South West Africa (Namibia). They farmed on Nyala, bought from Beckett, till sold to Government in 2001 In the early stages, to augment their income Lal undertook working off the farm doing whatever work was on offer. As part of his cattle project, he did A.I. for his neighbour and friend Frikkie Muller with whom he shared a Brahman bull. Ingrid, a retired Nursing Sister became one of the stalwarts of the district and was at all times available to assist as and where needed. She served on the Peter Brocklehust Foundation Management Committee.

Their children did not stay in the area.


  • Iris Mary x Wilhelm Petrus. Schoultz 1c


  • ? early settler lived on Tapselpark



  • Iris Mary x Wilhelm Pet Schoultz 1c


  • Andrianus x Maria Alderlichten
  • Adriene Christene 3-7-57


  • Jean 1884 / 18-9-54 x Walter Lawrence (Capt. B>SA>P>) 1875 / 20-7-54


  • Jan (Jannie) 25-6-1929 / 11-9-1990 Church Elder and Lay-Preacher, formally a bachelor farming on Aftenwaters, 30 miles from enkeldoorn along Gutu road x widow Martha de Klerk nee Blignaut (21-6-1924), daughter of Nicholaas Johannes Blignaut (15-5-1892) and Maria Petronella Rinke (? -11-1890) who were married in South Africa before coming to Enkeldoorn in 1922. They had no children. Jan produced cattle. After his death after 26 years marriage, Martha moved to town. !


  • Sydney Charles 1872 / 1957 x Johanna van Niekerk 1887 / 4-3-1949


  • Helena Mary Veronica 1904 x Theron

XX Johannes van As 1902



  • name ? x Elizabeth Margaritha Joubert (she XX Botha)
  • Cornelia Maria 1915
  • Pieter Retief x Zelda Anna Meyer 1943
  • Cornelius Johannes x Elizabeth Maria Barnard
  • Susanna Jacoba 13-9-46
  • John Hilgaard 14-11-48
  • Elizabeth Maria 5-5-50
  • Frikkie Christiaan x Louisa Sophia Slabber
  • Frederik Christiaan 15-2-69
  • Nicolaas Johannes 29-4-70
  • Helgaard 16-4-71
  • Louis Machiel 25-7-73
  • Nicolet 4-7-81
  • Frik (Frederick) senior lived at Rusapi but owned Euston Estate
  • Son Frikkie x Lizette nee Slabbert, managed the farm, they also farmed on Minverwag. Main production from about 3 000 cattle , Hereford and Hereford crossed Brahman using A.I.

Frikkie and Lizette had 5 children , 4 sons (of whom one drowned) and 1 daughter. The eldest, 1 son and the daughter attended Liebenberg before the family left the area about 1982.

Frikkie Muller Jnr. was known as always helpfull to his neighbours.


  • Mr. and Mrs Owned bakery for short while jointly with Mr / Mrs Pakis


  • Gert Petrus Benjamin x Paulina Cornelia Wantenaar
  • Benjamin Petrus 30-8-35
  • Heleen Catriena 29-10-60 x Lany Edwin Kok 24-12-67 2c