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Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - O, P and Q

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Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - O, P and Q

This is a sub-project of Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - Main Page

Extracted from Publication -


A history of the families of european descent who settled in the area of Enkeldoorn (renamed Chivu) Rhodesia. now Zimbabwe.

Author -- Sarel Van der Walt

Completed in approximately the year 2001


... and some GUTU RELATIVES 1880 TO 1980 All family details, dates, residences and occupations as far as could be ascertained. List not complete)


  • Thomas Henry Miller 1895 / 17-4-1923



(Gutu people)


  • Lesley x Francina Elizabeth Hamman
    • Lester 28-11-23



  • Dirkie Jacoba Albertha x Willem Alfred Ferreira 2c



The O'Neill family home at Majuba, site of decisive war of 1881 when Boers defeated the British army, was the venue where peace was discussed and signed, the Homestead was declared a South African National Monument. They settled as crop sharing Lessees on Geluksverwacht, then moved to Manzi farm, where Hendrik worked for the owner Bekker until 1946, producing wheat and cattle. Their period at Manzi was a struggle to make ends meet and both had frequent attacks of malaria. Manzi was on the road leading to Enkeldoorn with a low water drift on the Unniati river, which was close to the homestead. During the rainy season the river was often unfordable and the stranded travellers would seek shelter with the O'Neills where all were welcome, with the O'Neils, themselves short, scraping the bottom of the bucket to feed the stranded people. It was often a case of the mealie and the odd bokkie for the pot keeping them going. Transport was a donkey cart and with no refrigeration on the farm, it meant an early start to get the little produce, butter and cream for sale, to town. In 1946 they moved back to Geluksverwacht. They had six children , all except Stoffel left the area after leaving school;

  • Richard died
  • Annie Helena x Josua Pieter Coetzee 19-6-13 1 child.
  • Maria Magdalena x Fritz Joubert
  • Anna Maria died
  • Christoffel Bernardus (Stoffel) 28-10-21 x Iris Mary Kok 2-7-1934. Stoffel farmed on Geluksvarwacht where in 1948 he started producing tobacco with success, he retired from active farming and his sons Hendrik and Stoffel took over. Their main farming being high quality cattle. They introduced an abattoir and stock feed plant, serving the district and beyond. They established a wild life conservatory on Geluksverwacht and neighbouring farms.
    • Sharon 11-5-55 x Andrew Cecil Kockott 1c
    • Hendrik 24-2-57 x Lorraine Ada Louw
    • Gert Stephanus 4-7-58 / 79 killed in action
    • Elma Joy 31-8-63 x Clive Wixkley
    • Christoffel Bernardus (Boetie) 18-3-65 x Kerrie Jane Brydon 2x Liza Ursula Mackay
      • Stephanie Lee 24-7-99
  • Elizabeth 10-5-29 x Joshua Petrus Cornelius Odendaal 9-6-28 ?c left area


  • Gerhardus Josephus x Irene Victoria Esther Kashula
  • Jacobus Herman 19-11-31
  • Geraldine Pauline 4-1-37
  • Gerhardus was principal at Riversdale and Vlakplaas schools.


  • Willem Adriaan Jacobus x Anna Margaretha Francina Burgers
  • Gerhardus Cornelius 7-8-13
  • Anna Margaretha Burger x Johannes Willem van Tonder 1c
  • Johanna Gustaves x Johan Christiaan Landman 3c
  • Susanna Cornelia x Michiel Christiaan Akkerman Neetling 17-5-1867 / 16-12-62 1c
  • Christina Catharina Marthina x Hendrik Johannes Briel 4c


  • Hester Sophia x Christiaan David Janeke 20-10-25 / 22-4-63 1c


  • Maria Catharina Elizabeth x Johannes Jurie Kruger 1c


  • Keneth Edmund x Verity Meiring 15-1-44
  • Kelly 13-7-66
  • Magrieta Isabel 24-4-81



  • Maria Elizabeth x Johannes Jacobus van Greunen 1c
  • Susara Magdalena x Louis Frederik van Greunen 1c


  • Percy x Hester Maria van Tonder 17-5-19 2c farmed on Sandfontein

Percy arrived in 1895 he farmed on Sandfontein He had agency to supply mining group with mining timber obtained from neighbouring farms in particular from Inhoek (Jan Kirstein known as Matimba)


  • Helen Ria Patricia x Douw Gerbrand Steyn 1c
  • Alexander x Irene Mande Schoombe
  • Ann 29-4-28
  • Alexander 19-4-3


  • Mr and Mrs Owned bakery for short while jointly with Mr and Mrs Musaurakis


  • William Lionel Rooke x Maria Magdalena Margaretha Groenewald
  • William John 20-4-20
  • Alexander Christopher 14-7-25


  • John (Doctor) ex scotland 1901 / 7-5-1974


  • Sid x Elizabeth Nagdalena (Issie) Benade nee Odendaal 11-7-1930 (her XX) ?c


  • Kevin x ? Daughter of Peter and Grace Cormwall of Freds Butchery


  • Jacobus Cornelius Andrew x Phyllis Joyce Pierce Heppel
  • Andrew John 31-3-35
  • Peggy Nell 2-6-39


  • Nellie Francis x Aletta Dorate Schoultz (male) 5c


  • Doctor in Enkeldoorn



  • Thomas Arthur x Martha Ferreira 15-12-29
  • Barry Mark 23-11-56
  • Brian Neville 20-3-59


  • Mr and Mrs owned the hotel


  • Hendrik Jacobus x Daisy Philippina Bishop
  • Mirjam Catharina 26-10-37




  • Aletta Johanna x Lodewyk Petrus (Jnr) Spies 2c
  • Martha Cornelia Maria x Nicolaas Johannes Olivier 1c
  • Tokkie x Louis Frederik Symington 18-5-42 They left the area.
  • Frederik Cornelius x Valerie Francis Taylor
    • Petrus Frederik 29-11-74
  • Miss Pistorius 1929 / 34 a teacher at Liebenberg School


  • Solly x ?? general dealer


  • Adriana Johanna x Hendrik van Huysteen 1895 1c
  • Johanna Maria x Dirk Cornelius Meyer 3c
  • Dora x Johannes Jurgens Coenraad Bezuidenhout 3c
  • Hester Susanna 1930 x Alexander Jacobus Heyns 13-2-26 / 21-2-53 2c
  • Catharina x Hendrik Johannes van Aard 2 children.
  • Andries Antonie x Johanna Elizabeth Holthauzen
    • Andries Johannes 1909
    • Sarel Petrus 1-9-12
  • Johannes Christiaan x Johanna Margaretha Cilliers Wentzel
    • Johanna Cilliers 18-2-26
    • Eva Alida 24-8-27
    • Jean Prieur 20-11-28
    • Jacoba Elizabeth 25-6-33
  • Hermanus Carel Andries x Fredrika Magdalena Smith
    • Amanda Isabella 27-7-70
    • daughter ?
  • Benjamin Jacobus x Johanna Francina Prinsloo
    • Johannes Matthews 9-10-32
    • Anna Catharina 27-10-34
  • Stefanus Christiaan x Alida Maria Barnard 2-3-21
    • Hermanus Carel Andries 20-4-43 x Fredrika Mag nee ?
      • child -70
    • Frederik Wilhelm 10-7-47
    • Johanna Jacoba 17-10-55


All, except Hermanus Gerhard and David Johannes. left the district after leaving school. Hermanus Gerhard worked on the Abercorn Ranch, beyond the Manese Hills, then on Gavunga then Leeufontein before he left the area for Shabani where he lost his eyesight in a war accident.

David Johannes farmed on Palmiet Fontein for 1943 / 1946 till his father died and the farm was sold. He left the area.


  • Ashley x Michelle Kok -1961


  • William George 1880 / 1957 x Katrina Susanna (Katie) Kok
  • Rhoda Grace 1907 / 71 x Hermanus Gerhardus (Baas) Kok 1911 / 80


  • Alfred Emanuel x Margaretha Maria van Niekerk
  • Fredrika Margaretha 1-6-14
  • Anna Maria 4-5-18


In 1888, the brothers Felix (Willie) and Herman (Harry) Posselt, sons of German parents, previously from Pinetown, Natal but then living at Middelburg Transvaal, were hunting in the vicinity of the Zimbabwe ruins where they were involved in the removal of some of the famous stone birds. Together with brother Theodor (Ted), a transport rider, they responded to Rhodes' call for settlers and left for Charterland with 5 wagons. They were joined by others and the group numbered 22 wagons when they crossed the Limpopo.

Felix (Willie) and Herman (Harry) stopped at the area they had selected and called their farms Felixburg and Grasslands respectively. Theodor (Ted) continued with his transport to Fort Salisbury but later returned and farmed approx 3 miles from Range to East of Girliesfontein B His son Theodorus was a fighter pilot in W.W.2

  • Herman Eberhart x Susanna Anna Jordaan
  • Herbert Jordaan 15-12-09
  • Irene 1-9-15
  • Herman Victor 8-1-20
  • Stella 29-10-21
  • Johannes Wilhelmus x Fredrika Johanna de Waal
  • Theodore Nicholas 14-4-11
  • Theodore Wilhelm x Editha Louisa Maria Nauhaus
  • Mathilda Elfida 28-7-18
  • Gerhatd 25-5-23
  • Felix 30-12-28
  • Desmond Theodore 14-4-37
  • T. Posselt served as Civil Commisioner



Willem widower with two sons Willem and David and a daughter Annie came from Middelburg Transvaal, travelling by Oxwagon with the Posselt brothers. They arrived 1891. They settled on Wildebeestlaagte, Leeufontein and Hartebeestlaagte. Later Annie, as the first settler woman in Mashonaland, was also granted a farm.

  • Willem Snr. (? 1845) x (she died before 1891) 3c XX Grieta nee Bester her XX (first x was Casper van der Merwe)

from X

  • * Willem
    • David
    • Annie Catharina (1875) x Lourens Christiaan de Klerk (?1870) on 11 November 1895. ?c

The first marriage celebrated in the community. she XX Cornelius Rudolph Halgryn 1c


  • Salmom Johannes a widower whose wife Johanna Heyns from Chimanimani had died in 1928, arrived in the area in 1932 with two sons and two daughters. He settled on Girliesfontein B, North of and butting on Range where he produced wheat, cattle and maize till he left the area in 1938. The family returned in 1940 and farmed N.E. of Range. Son George left the area shortly after. The children were:
    • Dirkie Elizabeth 1918 x Theodorus Hermanus Gerhardus de Klerk 5 children.
    • Theodorus Johannes x Bettie Joubert of Gatooma. left area after leaving school..
    • Johanna Salomina Barendina 1923 x Willie Happelt of Somabulla and left the area. She had worked in Blank's Store till she married.
    • George Frederick 4-11-1924 x Ree Erasmus 10-1-1926 of Jakalsbank farm left area George returned in 1990 to work as manager for McClean on Minverwacht. XX Irene Gardiner, nee Coetzee 18-6-24 0c


  • Jennifer Ann x Stephanus Abraham Cloete 2c


  • Walters x Albertus Pieter Meiring 1c
  • Casper Philippus x Johanna Carolina Susanna Petronella Brits
    • Elizabeth Catharina 20-6-13
    • Jan Lourens 6-9-15
    • Casper Philippus 13-7-26
  • Dirk Jacobus x Akita Wilhelmina Christina Lewis (her XX)
    • Gesina Elizabeth Christina 23-7-18
  • Jean Charles Frederik x Martha Susanna Christina Steyn
  • Petrus Stefanus x Elsje van der Merwe
    • Hester Petronella Catharina 26-11-30
    • Andries Stefanus 19-6-36
    • Petrus Stefanus 30-12-42
  • Johannas Petrus x Maria Louisa Kathrina Margaretha Elizabeth Snyder
    • Johannes Hendrik 10-3-13


  • Rachel Louie


  • Gertruida Paulina 1936 x Pieter Hendrik Blignaut 7-10-30 3c left area
  • Hyla Elizabeth x Alexander Jacobus Heyns 28-9-26 1c
  • Dina Johanna 1927 x Johannes Paulus Pretorius 49-52 1c
  • Marion Lynette 2-4-49 x Brian Reginald Kok ?-11-52 3c
  • Elizabeth x Wouter Human Meyer 1937
  • Elizabeth Catharina Barendina x Gerhardus Steenkamp 3c
  • Helena Elizabeth x Willem Marthinus Davel 2 children.
  • Hester Maria Elizabeth x Niolaas Petrus Jansn van Rensburg
  • Johannes Lodewikus x Engela Susanna Barnard
    • Helena Elizabeth 21-3-16
    • David Benjamin 27-10-17
    • Gerhardus Jacobus 30-8-20
  • Johannes Paulus x Dinah Johanna Pretorius
    • Johann 30-7-49
    • Noeline 25-12-52
  • Paul Johannes x Dirkie Cornelia Diedericks
    • Pieter Gerhardus 7-10-49
    • Noeline 25-12-52
  • Roelof Adriaan x Janetta Renetta Cornelia Heyns 5-2-34
    • Magrieta Magdalena 14-8-61


  • ? x Annie Susanna de Klerk d.o. Old Teuns de Klerk



  • Willem Hugo 1909
  • Hendrika Catharina 1910
  • Pistorius Rachel 1913
  • Jacoba Dorothea 1916
  • Carel Augus 1913
  • Johan Hendrik 1916


  • Rodney (Civil servant) x Maria Magdalena Engelbrecht 29-6-36 left