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Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - R

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Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - R

This is a sub-project of Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - Main Page

Extracted from Publication -


A history of the families of european descent who settled in the area of Enkeldoorn (renamed Chivu) Rhodesia. now Zimbabwe.

Author -- Sarel Van der Walt

Completed in approximately the year 2001


... and some GUTU RELATIVES 1880 TO 1980 All family details, dates, residences and occupations as far as could be ascertained. List not complete)





  • Jacobus Adriaan x Cecilia Anna Viljoen
    • Johanna Adriana 19-5-54
    • Susanna Maria 14-7-56


  • Anna Johanna x Dirk Johannes Jonker 2 children.



  • Godfrey Fleetwood x Hendrika Johanna Swart
    • Catherine Jane 23-10-18
  • Matthew x Ragel Johanna Catharina van Rooyen 1920



Chief Magistrate and president of the Gymkhana club


  • Maria Hermina x Johannes Theodorus Vermaak 6c
  • Petronella 1914
  • Ockert Michiel Matthys 1916
  • Arend x Wilhelmina Hendrika Neetling
    • Willem Neetling 20-12-29
    • Siebert 7-1-32
    • Magdalena Catharina 11-3-34
  • Henry x Anna Maria (Tick) Odendaal 8-4-33 / 28-11-91 (she XX and XXX)
    • Marinda Inez 3-4-1955 x Mike Glenny 1c
    • Teresa


  • Patricia Gowan 5-9-56 x Cecil John van den Berch 29-8-52 1c



  • John x Elizabeth Johanna Herbst
    • Jan McDonald 17-7-17



  • Malcolm Wilhelm x Jacomina Murray Louw
    • Petrus Jacobus 9-1-33


  • Vera ? / 25-9-1973


  • Cornelius Petrus Johannes x Anna Susanna van Deventer
    • Margaretha Elizabeth 23-9-46


  • A.C 1891/1-1-65 Civil Commissioner x Helena Classina (M.B.E.) 8-12-1900/26-5-1971


  • Isabella Jeanetta Nel x Albertus Thomas Rinke 1c


  • Walter Brumage x Dora Maria Herbst
    • Cecil Brumage 5-7-14
    • Dorothy 13-5-19


  • Louisa Petronella x Pieter Johannes Groenewald 1c


  • Arnoldus Mauritius did not come to Rhodesia with his children.
  • Schalk Willem x Martha Vermeulen, arrived from Mafeking, South Africa in 1920 accompanied by his younger brother Albertus and family. They travelled by train as far as Umvuma.

Both families settled on Swindon farm, approximately three miles to the North of The Range, bought from Mr. Blank, a local store keeper.

They were accompanied by their seven children who were all above school going age.

The brothers Jan Jacob, Arnoldus Mauritius and Schalk Willem initially settled on adjoining farms beyond Kopje Alleen in the Featherstone area.

In 1925 Albertus put up a building on Swindon which he made available to the Government to be used as a junior, up to standard six, school and about thirtyfive children from the surrounding farms attended.

Albertus assisted with the organising to build the Ned.Geref. Kerk (Dutch Reformed Church) and Maria assisted the women who bought the organ. Children.

  • * Daughter died an infant
    • Maria Magdalena Catharina
    • Albertus Thomas 29-7-20 x Isabella Jeanetta Nel Rheeder 1925
      • Albertus Thomas 12-6-57
    • Arnoldus Mauritius (Nols) 22-12-21 x Maria Isabella Odendaal ?-1920. 2x Edith Edwards nee Schaller her 2x. 0 children.
      • Albertus Thomas 21-2-42

Arnoldus Mauritius left the area as a young man returned in 1981 settled on Swindon farm. He was an outstanding sportsman and shottist, winning championships at tennis and golf and classified Marksman with rifle shooting. He held the rank of Sergeant and served in the Enkeldoorn Police Reserve at that rank for seven years, commanding police patrols.

  • * Hans Jacob 4-10-24 x Polish girl
    • David Andries 15-3-28 x Marie
  • Jan Lodewikus 21-2-1900 / 29-1-78 x Anna Catharina van der Merwe
    • Anna Catharina 24-3-33
    • Schalk Willem 4-8-43
  • Maria (? 1885) x Jan Hendrik Blignaut 12-12-1869/24-1-42 ( his 2x) ex S.A. 1922 6c
  • Maria Petronella 26-11-1890/ 9-11-71 x Nicolaas Johannes Blignaut 15-5-1892/ 8-9-73 5c
  • Martha Cornelia Maria x Alexander Jacobus Heyns 4c
  • Johanna Catharina x Ockert Cornelius Blignaut 6c
  • Petronella x Johannes Blignaut 1c
  • Petronella x Johannes Beter 1c
  • Hester Margaretha x Pieter Hendrik de Klerk 1c
  • Aletta Margaretha x Pieter Hendrik de Klerk 1c (? his XX)


  • Francina Johanna x Petrus Francois Bosman 1c
  • Martha Elizabeth x Dirk Cornelius Odendaal 20-1-49 3c




  • Buck x Helen ? (from U.K.) Well known Enkeldoorn personalities.

Helen was one of the first staff members of the Standard Bank where she became the Chief Accountant.


At the time when Rhodesia became Zimbabwe, a group of jokers who regularly met at the Enkeldoorn hotel for social drinks at the bar, led by Buck Rogers, established a so called independent state named The Republic of Enkeldoorn with written Constitution and Regulations., it was the area around the bar. Buck was installed as President and Helen was First Lady. The so called Republic automatically came to an end when the hotel was sold. Buck was employed in the town till be bought a fuel filling station and motor repair shop complex which he maintained till shortly begore his death, after which Helen left..



  • Mitsie x Hans Jacob (Hansie) Meyer 1950 (Ds. N.G.Kerk later Presbaterian)
  • Tielman Johannes x Cornelia Sarolina Potgieter
    • Johannes Hermanus 15--4-48
    • Susara Cornelia 5-6-49
    • Cornelia Sarolina 31-7-52



  • Dirk Renier (31 August 1872 - 20 May 1962) x Aletta Margaretha Rinke (9 February 1880 - 12 December 1960), arrived in 1922 by donkey wagon from Vryburg together with four other families, being the Trek Leader Jan Hendrik Blignaut and three married Blignaut sons, the convoy consisted of seven wagons. For details see the Jan Blignaut trek.

The Van Rooyen family planned to settle in the Melsetter area but because of the rampant malaria in that region, decided to settle in the reputedly healthier Enkeldoorn area.

They initially settled on Girliesfontein then owned by Rev A. Liebenberg, approx 3 miles West of Range. They were accompanied by seven of their children, more were born after arrival at Enkeldoorn.

The older children walked to school, the Enkeldoorn Public school.

Before 1933 Church services were held at the old church where the highlights of the congregation were the three monthly Nagmaal services which the van Rooyen family attended by oxwagon transport and camping for about four days, together with their fellow Church members. It was always a particularly joyous period for the younger people and the Van Rooyen children enjoyed the companionship



He initially worked for his step father Theunis Engelbrecht who owned Motor Engineering Garage. The garage was closed when the hotel owners bought the ground for hotel expansion. Paul then opened and ran Paul's service station and garage, with Johanna attending to Officeadmin. They presented a beautiful floating trophy to the Enkeldoorn Gymkhana Club.

After Paul's death the building was taken over by Charlie Schoultz who established a general hardware and farm supplies store. Johanna became Hostel matron at the Peter Brocklehurst Foundation Home for the aged.

  • Petrus Marthinus 22-10-48 x Anna Magdalena Benade 16-4-52
    • Petrus was educated at Bothashof. Employed in prison service, then left the area.
      • Petrus Marthinus 25-9-72 x Theunissina Grobler
      • Andre Francois 6-11-74
    • Johanna Susanna 18-6-50 (Chaplain school) x Adriaan Botha (local Post Master). They left The area.


  • Marrian x David Andreas van Rooyen 24-12-26


  • Naria Cornelia Jeanetta Sophia x Ockert Karl Johannes Brits 1c




  • Gertruida Winnifred x Johannes Christiaan Swartz 9c


  • Cornelius Petrus Johannes x Anna Susanna van Deventer
  • child 1946