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Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - W, X, Y and Z

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Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - W, X, Y and Z

This is a sub-project of Early Settlers of Enkeldoorn - Main Page

Extracted from Publication -


A history of the families of european descent who settled in the area of Enkeldoorn (renamed Chivu) Rhodesia. now Zimbabwe.

Author -- Sarel Van der Walt

Completed in approximately the year 2001


... and some GUTU RELATIVES 1880 TO 1980 All family details, dates, residences and occupations as far as could be ascertained. List not complete)


  • Fredrika Johanna x Johannes Wilhelmus Posselt 1c


  • Hester x Petrus Cornelius Jacobus van Rooyen
  • Charmaine x Andre Percival Wheeler 1c


  • Hendrik Johannes x Louise Hosea du Toit
  • Henrietta Johanna 12-8-35


(No. 1)

  • Johanna Sophia (Hannie) 5-3-1911 /-2002 Assistant teacher at Loudia school (1934) writer of the book "Kinder jare op Nauhoho" x Solomon Ignatius (Samie) Maritz from Salisbury

Johanna, who's parents farmed on a section of the Nauhoho block approximately midway between Bembesi and Fort Rixon, attended the Enkeldoorn Junior School as a boarder. Her father conveyed her by donkey cart to Lockart railway siding. From there the child went by train to Gwelo where she had to find her own way to the Umvuma train. At Umvuma she and other children, were met by transport organised by the Principle and conveyed to Enkeldoorn. At the end of term the reverse direction had to be negotiated. At standard five Johanna was awarded a Beit Scholarship and went to Chaplain senior school where another scholarship took her to the Bulawayo Teacher Training College. Not yet 18 she qualified as a Government teacher, the all time youngest teacher to qualify. She had to wait till full 18 before being appointed to a school. The next five years saw her teaching at various schools .


She frequently had pupils who were her seniors in age. By 1933 she was back at Enkeldoorn as assistant teacher at Loudia Junior school. While at Loudia she met Solomon Maritz, the grand-son of Francois Maritz , the early settler who was the first white to be murdered in the area. Solomon was then working in Salisbury. They were married in the Greystone Church (built by her father) on 16 December 1934.


(No. 2)


They came from Western Transvaal where they farmed near Wolmaransstad. Travelling by donkey drawn wagon and horse cart to the rail head and then by train to Umvuma and from there by oxwagon and horse cart to their destination on Opel farm. The oxen had been provided and sent to the station by Hoffman. They settled on Opel farm, four miles west of the Featherstone post office, where they died. They produced cattle and crops. They had twelve children.

Johannes known locally as Hannes Tarentaal and Sophia settled on Jackalsdraai farm, three miles South East of Featherstone post office, they had two daughters educated at Riversdale Junior School and Liebenberg Senior School, both left the area after leaving school. Johannes and Sophia both died in the district.

Frans farmed on Harvieston farm producing cattle and crops. Their children one son and one daughter, attended Riversdale and Liebenberg schools. They left the area.


  • Paulina Cornelia x Gert Petrus Benjamin Myburgh 1c


  • Johan George x Henrietta Cloete
  • Abraham Bernardus 1-3-81


  • Karen Ann x David Louw Kirstein 2c


  • Mr. 1929 / 34 a teacher at Enkeldoorn School


  • Eric 1956 / 66


  • George Lionel 25-12-52 x Arlene Sheryl Kok 14-10-55 2c


  • Albertus Petrus x Johanna Helena Viljoen
  • Walter George 29-11-11
  • Susanna Alida 12-12-12


  • ? Manager of Charter Estate and Chairman Featherstone Road Council



  • Hester Francina x Christiaan Hendrik Grobler 1c


  • Johanna Margaretha Cilliers x Johannes Christiaan du Plessis 4c



  • Willem Cornelius Jacobus x Nellie Caroline van Heerden
  • Beryl Ann 11-11-47
  • Pieter Hermanus Marthinus 13-11-48
  • Willem Cornelius Jacobus XX Johanna Cornelia Smit 1926
  • Cornelia Magdalena 26-2-52
  • Willem Cornelius Jacobus 16-5-53
  • Linda Estelle 8-7-58
  • Richard Clarence x Sarah Maria Kirstein 10-4-60
  • Nicoline 29-4-93
  • Brendon 29-4-93
  • Etiene 29-4-93




  • Jacobus Ignatius x Johanna Sophia Human 29-12-1850 / 17-8-1935

Jacobus was killed in action, Anglo / Boer war. Johann, with their children were captured and kept in Concentration camp. On release after the war they had no home or means of survival. The three eldest boys Daan, Tom and Koos went to Rhodesia where they obtained employment on farms where their Mother followed with the other seven children and moved into a house on the farm of her son-in-law Bernardus Bester till she xx Steenkamp

The children (not in birth order)

  • * Daan,
    • Tom
    • Jacobus (Koos) 1878 x Susanna (Sannie) Bester Verwagting ?3c
    • Kitty (? Catharina) 1878 x Hendry Belmore farmed near Umvuma
    • Anna Maria Petronella 27-7-1879/5-3-40 x Bernardus Hermanus Bester 18-8-1872/16-10-39 4c
    • Jacoba Elizabeth x Pieter Jacobus Cloete 5 children. 2x Rudolph (Roelf) Kruger. They left the area.
    • Johanna Susanna 23-11-1893/ 2-12-1981 x Pieter Johannes Andries Brits 25-10-1883/13-8-68 6c
    • Susanna 1880 / 1961 x Pieter Jacobus Cloete 30-7-1881/ 8-9-1958 farmed on Vlakplaas ?c
    • Johanna Sophia 1-4-1881 / 28-1-1948 x Dirk Johannes van den Berg 2c
  • Petrus Gerhardus x Johanna Herculina Lombard
  • Also a son who had suffered Polio and at 14 insisted on accompanying his father in action against the British. He was kiled in action.
  • Johanna Sophia x Cornelius Johannes Roelofse 1c
  • Johanna Sophia x Pieter Johannes Andries Brits 1c !
  • Johanna x Christoffel Bernardus van der Merwe 6-8-29 7c
  • Grace x James Wheeler Whitfield continued on Ashton farm
  • Wouter x Aletta Margaretha Boshof 21-6-25 ( grand-d.o. Oupa)
  • Susanna Johanna 1909
  • Judith Magdalena 1916
  • Cecilia Johanna Wynsina 1918
  • Christina Wilhelmina 1919
  • Johanna Susanna 1921
  • George Hendrik Adriaan 1925
  • Jacobus Ignatius x Johanna Sophia Bester
  • Jacobus Johannes x Catharina Wilhelmina Hatting
  • Jacobus Johannes 13-10-25
  • Adriaan Lodewyk 19-11-28
  • Willem Sterrenberg x Elsie Sophia Jacoba Meintjies (widow of Theunis Christiaan de Klerk)
  • Jacobus Ignatius 16-5-33
  • Michael Alfred 23-1-49 (adopted)
  • Frederik Francois x Wilhelmina Christina Coetzee 4-11-07
  • Frederik Francois 3-6-38
  • Hendrik Schalk 21-11-40
  • Maria Petronella 7-1-46
  • Johannes Petrus 17-5-48
  • Jacobus Kosie) x ? de Klerk They farmed on Wonderklip. After his death she continued there.
  • Jacobus (Kosie) ? / 1995 ? x Sannie ? They farmed on Verwagting ( before du Pont)
  • daughter x Gerrit Hendrik (Henry) Jooste
  • Sannie x Jan Blignaut

Members of family farmed on Ngesi-Poort, Verwagting, Wonderklip, and next to Langlaagte .

  • James x Elizabeth Benade
  • child 19-12-79
  • de Wet x Johanna Sophia Bester


  • Thomas 5-10-1818 (England) / 2-8-1889 (Middelburg, Tvl.) x Sarah Baylis (7 March 1823 - 7 February 1899) (Middelburg Transvaal). They had 9 children.
    • b1 William
    • b2 James x Elizabeth Mary Powell
    • b3 George Andrew
    • b4 Mary Ann
    • b5 Edwin Albert
    • b6 Susan Anabela
    • b7 Sarah Luce
    • b8 Thomas
    • b9 Emily

None went to Rhodesia.

The two brothers b2c1 James (1866) and b2c4 Thomas (1874) from Loskop area, Middelburg District, Transvaal went to Rhodesia, on reconnaissance and purchased from the Potgieter family, Wildebeestlaagte and Hartebeeslaagte. They went back to fetch belongings and families. Accompanied by their relative Smit, trekking with donkey-drawn wagons they arrived in 1899.

Wildebeeslaagte was subdivided into Longhope 4000acres which was allotted to b2c4 Thomas. The remainder Wildebeeslaagte 2000 acres was consolidated with Hartbeeslaagte 6000 acres and the full 8000 allotted to b2c1 James. Hartbeeslaagte was subsequently subdivided, 3000 acres called Fairview and remainder 3000 acres allotted to his 2 sons b2c1d3 James and b2c1d7 John William 1899 / 1960.

  • b2c1d7e3 James Thomas x Cornelia Smith received part and by purchasing the rest by 1958 obtained full posession of both Wildebeeslaagte and Hartebeeslaagte.

The main production on the farms was wheat with small numbers of cattle. At times cattle were grazed for the Speculator Gert Kok.

In the early days transport was cart and horses and every Friday morning a picanin was sent on foot to Enkeldoorn carrying a box of eggs and other produce and a stick with a list of basic provisions, for which payment was by barter.

  • Gideon Hermanus 25-9-42 x ? Wheeler
  • Ian Thomas 28-8-57 x Marinda Vaneck 2s


  • Garnet x Caroline Wheeler app.1890 (3s2d) farmed on Ashton
  • James Wheeler Whitfield x Grace de Wet continued on Ashton
  • Calvin x Valerie ? Marais continued on Ashton


  • John 2-5-1881 / 22-7-1954 at advanced age x widow with 2 sons.
  • They farmed on Just In Time which he sold to William Lock.
  • Alaistair William x Elizabeth Wilhelmina Jonker
  • Deon MacAlaster 5-5-56
  • Mr. A x Mrs lands inpector farmed on Grassdale then moved to town lost son in war
  • Elizabeth x David Dirk Wouter du Plooy 13-4-1906 (left)


  • cattle inspector reputed to be one of the first owners of a motor car


  • Alfred Edward 1877 / 1960 x Dorothy Selby 1883 / 1968
  • Herbert Edward 1913 / 1971


  • Member i.c. Police, Enkeldoorn 1948 Organiser of revamped Gymkhana Club.


  • Phil x Johanna Catharina (Joe) van Rooyen
  • Keith x Petronella Elizabeth Dreyer 20-7-66
  • Glen Robert 13-11-84
  • Marilyn Elizabeth 30-5-87


  • August Dieterich Ferdinand x Christina Catharina Nieuwoudt
  • Roma 20-1-28
  • August Dieterich 1-1-30
  • June 15-6-54


  • Clive x Elma Joy O'Neill 31-8-63


  • Desmond 14-8-61 x Anna Maria Lamprecht 16-6-61 lived on Uiykyk 3 years then left
  • Sharlene Deserei 1986
  • Bianca 1992


  • Christine x Lukas Andries Lamprecht 27-2-60 2c left


  • ?? Councillor and later Chairman of Featherstone Road Council


The family lived in town

  • Elizabeth Maria nee ? 13-8-1881 / 22-7-1972
  • Hailetta Maria 13-8-1889 / 22-7-1972
  • Amalia x Antonie (? Andries) Christiaan Frederik Steenkamp 6c
  • James William 1-12-1878 / 10-7-48 x Heiletta Maria Catharina Steenkamp 13-8-1889 / 22-7-72
  • Elsie Sophia Catharina Maria 13-7-11 x Anthony Johannes Korb 5c
  • John Gibson 1-8-14 / 11-11-1982 x Hester Susanna Steyn
  • Hermina Elizabeth Maria 15-7-54
  • Johan David 2-7-18
  • Petronella Johanna 5-1-22
  • Henry x Charlotte Robertha Maria Cocklin
  • Susarah Petronella 15-9-11
  • Charlot Harriot 22-4-13 x Philip Hernoldus van Rensburg 1c
  • Amelia Francis 18-11-14
  • Henry George Corneles 5-1-17
  • George 26-1-1884 / 9-2-1943 x Annie Maria Jacoba Steenkamp 19-8-1893 / 22-12-1959
  • Elsie Sophia Catharina Maria 29-6-13 x George Frederik Bezuidenhout 1-3-1904 / 8-6-68 2c
  • James William x Magrieta Magdalena Heyns
  • John Gibson 15-5-72 Hester Alexander Jacobus 13-3-76
  • Mr and Mrs Johnny Wray owned Plein store


  • Ray x Anna Maria (Tick) Odendaal 8-4-33 / 28-11-91 (her XX)


  • Johannes Hendrik x Salomina Magdalena Loubscher
  • Adriaan Jacobus 5-11-39


  • Benjamin Hermanus x Helena Susanna Lartegan
    • Andries Hendrik 1-1-27




  • Adriana Maria x Pieter Hilgard Rademeyer 10c
  • Johanna Levina x Willem Johannes Grobler 6c
  • Esther Maria x Charles William Stratford 1 child
  • Willem x Theuna Gert Coetzee 26-4-05 / 11-5-81 4 children.
  • Catharina Elizabeth x Jacob Johannes Carolus Greyling 1909 5 children.
  • Ignatius Wilhelmus x Theunis Gert Coetzee 27-3-16
    • Adriana Maria 11-7-34
  • Johannes Jacobus x Helena Elizabeth Lategan
    • Eve Winnifred 17-12-34
  • Adriana Cecilia x Johan George Hermabnus Viljoen 1c
  • Willem x Miem Coetzee XX sister in law widow Nonnie Coetzee nee van der Merwe (her XX)



  • Sophia Elizabeth x Albertus Stefanus van Aswegen 2 children.
  • Ignatius Wilhelmus x Theunis Gert 27-3-16 (woman) 1 child.