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Catherine of Aragon: Daughter of a Spanish King - was the youngest daughter of Ferdinand of Aragon and his wife, Isabella. She became a political pawn for the ruling monarchs, as did all daughters for ...

5/1/2007 1/22/2013

Catherine Parr was born between 1512 and 1514 at Kendal Castle, Kendal, Cumberland, England.3 She was the daughter of Sir Thomas Parr and Maud Green.2 She married, firstly, Sir Edward Burgh , son o...

5/1/2007 1/22/2013

"Catherine Howard (c.1523 – 13 February 1542) was Queen of England from 1540 until 1541, as the fifth wife of Henry VIII; sometimes known by his reference to her as his "rose without a thorn". ...

5/1/2007 1/22/2013

Queen Jane Seymour MP (1508 - 1537)

a short summary from Wikipedia Jane Seymour Queen consort of England Tenure 30 May 1536 – 24 October 1537 Proclamation 4 June 1536 Spouse Henry VIII of England (1536-1537) Issue ...

5/1/2007 1/22/2013

Anne Boleyn, Queen Consort of England MP (1501 - 1536)

"Nan", "Annie", "AB", "The Happy One"

"Anne Boleyn (/ˈbʊlɪn/, /bəˈlɪn/ or /bʊˈlɪn/); (c. 1501 – 19 May 1536) was Queen of England from 1533 to 1536 as the second wife of...

5/1/2007 1/22/2013

Anne of Cleves (1515-1557), Fourth Wife of Henry VIII ------------------------------- Known for: safely divorcing from Henry and surviving Also known as: Anna von Jülich-Kleve-Berg -----...

5/1/2007 1/22/2013

Harold Godwinsson, King of England MP (1022 - 1066)

"King Harold II", "Harold Gōdwines", "Harald Godwinson", "Harold Godwinson"

Harold Godwinson (c. 1022 – 14 October 1066) also known as Harold II, was the last Anglo-Saxon King of England before the Norman Conquest. Married: Ealdgyth, Gryffydd's widow, they had one son...

3/3/2007 7/29/2012

James II & VII Reign: 6 February 1685 –11 December 1688 Coronation: 23 April 1685 Predecessor: Charles II Successors: William III & II and Mary II Spouse: Anne Hyde m. 1660; de...

1/19/2009 4/11/2012

George V of the United Kingdom MP (1865 - 1936)

"Sailor Prince", "Georgie", "George Frederick Ernest Albert"

George Frederick Ernest Albert By the Grace of God, king of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India R...

5/4/2007 8/29/2011

Queen of the Commonwealth realms Reign since 6. February 1952 Coronation 2. June 1953 Predecessor: George VI Heir-apparent: Charles, Prince of Wales Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary; bo...

4/1/2007 8/29/2011

George II, King of Great Britain and Ireland MP (1683 - 1760)

"''Prince Of Great Britain''"

George Augustus Hanover, Naturalized as a British subject in 1705. Knight, Order of the Garter (K.G.) on 4 April 1706. 1st Viscount Northallerton, co. York [Great Britain] on 9 November 1706. ...

5/5/2007 8/18/2011

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia Find a Grave Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland: Reign13 February 1689 – 28 December 1694 together with her husbond William of Orange

5/2/2007 7/18/2011

Anne, Queen of Great Britain MP (1665 - 1714)

"Good Queen"

Anne Princess of Great Britain Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland on 8 March 1702. Links: The Peerage Geneall Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland 1702-1714 Predecessor: William III...

5/2/2007 7/18/2011

Edward VI of England MP (1537 - 1553)

"Edward VI (12 October 1537 – 6 July 1553) was King of England and Ireland from 28 January 1547 until his death. He was crowned on 20 February at the age of nine. The son of Henry VIII and Jane ...

5/1/2007 7/18/2011

Stephen I, King of England MP (c.1097 - 1154)

"Stephen of England", "Stephen de Blois", "Stephen of Blois"

Stephen de Blois, King of England Stephen often known as Stephen of Blois (c. 1096 – 25 October 1154) was a grandson of William the Conqueror. He was the last Norman King of England, from 1135...

2/25/2007 7/18/2011

Harold I Harefoot, King of England MP (c.1015 - 1040)


Harold Harefoot, or Harold I, (c. 1015–17 March 1040) was King of England from 1035 to 1040. His cognomen "Harefoot" referred to his speed, and the skill of his huntsmanship.[1] He was the son...

4/11/2007 7/18/2011

Harthacnut, King of Denmark and England MP (1018 - 1042)

"Harthacnut", "Cnut the Hardy", "Harthacanute", "Hardicanute", "Hardecanute", "Hörthaknútr", "Hardeknud", "Hardeknut"

Hardeknut son of Canute, king of Denmark and England. Note that there is another Hardeknut 200 years earlier, the father of Gorm the Old. Do not mix them! Links The Peerage Geneall Kings of...

4/11/2007 7/18/2011

Eadgar Æðeling, Uncrowned King of England MP (c.1051 - 1126)

"Edgar Atheling", "Eadgar Ætheling", "Edgar the Exile", "Atheling", "The /Atheling/", "Edgar the Outlaw"

Edgar or Eadgar Ætheling (c. 1051 – c. 1126) was the last male member of the royal house of Cerdic of Wessex (see House of Wessex family tree), the original ruling dynasty of England. He ...

5/8/2007 7/18/2011

Edward The Confessor, king of the English MP (c.1003 - 1066)

"The Confessor", "Ēadweard se Andeterre", "Edward the Confessor", "Le confesseur", "The /Confessor/", "the Confessor"

Edward the Confessor, Parents: Æthelred and Emma de Normandie. No children. LINKS MEDIEVAL LANDS EADWARD ([1005]-Palace of Westminster 5 Jan 1066, bur Westminster Abbey[1845]). "Ea...

3/16/2007 7/18/2011

Edward the Martyr, King of the English MP (962 - 979)

"Saint Edward the Martyr"

Alt Death Dates: 3/18/978, 4/23/1016 Edward the Martyr From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Edward the Martyr or Eadweard II (c. 962–18 March 978) was king of England from 975 until he ...

5/8/2007 7/18/2011

Edgar I "The Peaceful", King of the English MP (943 - 975)

"Eadgar the Peaceful", "Ēadgār sē friþ-georna", "Edgar the Peaceable", "The /Peaceful/", "the Peaceful", "The Peacable", "The /Pacific/", "The /Peaceable/", "King Edgar of England "the /Peaceable"/", "Edgar the Peaceful", "King of England", "Saint Edgar the Peaceful"

Links: The Peerage Wikipedia Medlands King of the English: Reign 1 October 959 – 8 July 975 Predecessor: Eadwig "The Fair" Successor: Edward the Martyr

3/13/2007 7/18/2011

Eadwig, King of the English MP (c.940 - 959)

"The Fair", "The All Fair", "Edwy", "King of the English"

Eadwig the Fair Links: The Peerage Wikipedia King of the English: Reign 23 November 955 – 1 October 959 Predecessor: [ Ædred/6000000003232558339 Edred] Successor: Edgar Th...

5/8/2007 7/18/2011

Eadred, king of the English MP (c.924 - 955)

Eadred (also Edred, Aedred, etc.) was the King of England from 946 until his death in 955. He was a son of Edward the Elder by his third marriage, to Eadgifu, daughter of Sigehelm, ealdorman of Kent. ...

5/8/2007 7/18/2011

Edmund I "The Magnificent", King of the English MP (c.923 - 946)

"The Magnificent", "the Deed-doer", "the Just", "Eadmund"

Ēadmund I 'the Magnificent Links: The Peerage [ Edmund I (Old English: Ēadmund) (922 – 26 May 946), called the Elder, the Deed-doer, the Just, or the Magnificent, was...

3/13/2007 7/18/2011

Æthelstan "the Glorious" Æthelstan, King of Wessex, and first King of the English. Son of Edward 'the Elder' and his first wife Ecgwynn. No children. Links: The Peerage Geneal...

5/8/2007 7/18/2011

Edward I "The Elder", King of the Anglo-Saxons MP (c.874 - 924)

"Edward The Elder", "Ēadweard se Ieldra", "Eadweard", "Edward", "Edward the Elder", "Edward "The Elder" of Wessex", "Ēadweard "Se Ieldra", ""Anglorum Saxonum rex" or "king of the Anglo-Saxons", "King of Wessex"

Edward the Elder (Old English: Ēadweard se Ieldra) (c. 870 – 17 July 924) was King of England (899 – 924). He was the son of Alfred the Great (Ælfrēd se Grēata...

2/2/2007 7/18/2011

Alfred the Great, king of the Anglo-Saxons MP 100 (849 - 899)

"Alfred The Great", "King Alfred", "Ælfrēd "se Grēata"", "Englalandes Cyning;", "King of the Anglo-Saxons", "King of Wessex", "Alfred The Great King of England", "Alfred den store", "Alfred the big one", "Aelfred of Wessex"

Alfred the Great (Old English: Ælfrēd, Ælfrǣd, "elf counsel") (849 – 26 October 899) was King of Wessex from 871 to 899. Alfred is noted for his defence of the Anglo-...

2/2/2007 7/18/2011

Edward VII, King of the United Kingdom MP (1841 - 1910)

""Bertie" "Uncle of Europe""

Titles: Duke of Rothesay on 9 November 1841 Duke of Cornwall on 9 November 1841. 1st Earl of Chester [U.K.] on 8 December 1841.3 HRH Prince of Wales [U.K.] on 8 December 1841. 1st Earl of D...

5/4/2007 6/23/2011

King George IV of the United Kingdom MP (1762 - 1830)

"Prinnie", "The Prince Regent", "König zu Hannover", "Herzog zu Brunschweig IV", "George Augustus Guelph"

Golden Fleece - Knights: Austrian Branch George Augustus Frederick Prince of United Kingdom und Hannover 1st Earl of Carrick on 12 August 1762. 1st Baron Renfrew on 12 August 1762. 1st Lord o...

5/7/2007 5/19/2011

Links: The Peerage Geneall Find A grave Wikipedia: English Francais _________________________________________

5/11/2007 5/8/2011

George III of the United Kingdom MP (1738 - 1820)

"The Mad King", "The King Who Lost America"

Predecessor: George II Successor: George IV ===================================================================== George III (George William Frederick; 4 June 1738– 29 January 1820) was Ki...

5/31/2007 5/4/2011

Edmund II 'Ironside', King of England MP (988 - 1016)

"Edmund II (died 30 November 1016)", "usually known as Edmund Ironside", "Edmund II 'Ironside'", "King of England"

Edmund II "Ironside" Son of Æthelred Unræd and Ælfleth Married: Ealdgyth (NOT daughter of Morcar, she was Sigeferth's widow - Sigeferth being Morcar's brother) Sons: 1. Edward 2....

3/13/2007 4/5/2011

Æthelred "the Unready", King of the English MP (c.966 - 1016)

"Ethelred II of England", ""The Unready""

Son of King Edgar 'the Peaceful' and Queen Ælfthryth "Unready" is a mistranslation of Old English unræd (meaning bad-counsel or no-counsel)—a twist on his name "Æthelred",...

3/13/2007 4/5/2011

Cnut the Great, king of Denmark, England, Norway MP (c.995 - 1035)

"Knut den mektige", "Knut II av Danmark"

DNA and the old bones of Cnut the Great: 1 Links The Peerage

3/17/2007 4/2/2011

Svend I Haraldsen «Forkbeard» Tveskæg MP (960 - 1014)

"Sweyn I Forkbeard", "Sweyn the Dane", "Swegen and Tuck", "Sveinn Tjúguskegg", "Svein Tjugeskjegg", "Sven Tveskägg", "Svend Tveskæg", "Svend Tjugeskæg", "Svend Tyvskæg", ""Tveskaeg""

Sweyn I Forkbeard Svend I Tveskæg Links: The Peerage Geneall Kings of Denmark Wikipedia: English Dansk

3/3/2007 4/2/2011

Henry VIII, King of England MP 100 (1491 - 1547)

"King Hal", "King Harry", "Defender of the Faith", "Henry The Eighth", "Henry VIII", "King Henry VIII"

Henry VIII of England Henry VIII was King of England from 21 April 1509 until his death. He was also Lord of Ireland (later King of Ireland) and claimant to the Kingdom of France. Henry was the secon...

2/7/2007 3/26/2011

William III, King of England, Ireland, and Scotland MP (1650 - 1702)

"Prince William of Orange-Nassau"

William III of England William III (Dutch: Willem III; 4 November 1650 – 8 March 1702)[1] was sovereign Prince of Orange from birth, Stadtholder of Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht, Gelderland, and O...

5/2/2007 3/26/2011

William IV of the United Kingdom MP (1765 - 1837)

"The Sailing King"

a short summary from Wikipedia: William IV King of the United Kingdom Reign: 26 June 1830 – 20 June 1837 Coronation: 8 September 1831 Predecessor: George IV Successor: Victoria Kin...

5/7/2007 3/26/2011

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom MP (1819 - 1901)

""the grandmother of Europe""

Victoria Alexandrina Princess of Hanover. HM Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom on 20 June 1837. Crowned Queen of the United Kingdom on 28 June 1838 at Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, Eng...

4/20/2007 3/26/2011

Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor (Edward VIII) MP (1894 - 1972)

"David", "Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David"

Royal house House of Wettin Titles and styles Royal styles of King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom Reference style: His Majesty Spoken style: Your Majesty Alternative style: Sir 23 Ju...

5/4/2007 3/26/2011

George VI of the United Kingdom MP (1895 - 1952)

"Bertie", "the Stammerer", "Albert Frederick Arthur George", "The King of England and Scotland"

a short summary from Wikipedia: George VI King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions (more...) Reign: 11 December 1936 – 6 February 1952 Coronation: 12 May 1937 Predecessor: ...

4/18/2007 3/26/2011

Henry "The Young King", King of England MP (1155 - 1183)

"Henry The Young King", "Prince of England", "The Young King"

Henry, known as the Young King (28 February 1155 – 11 June 1183) was the second of five sons of King Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine. He was junior King of England, Duke of Normandy...

2/27/2007 3/26/2011

Hemel Hempstead 1808 Part II p 940 A curious piece of antiquity has lately been discovered in the churchyard of Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire In digging a vault for a young lady of the name of Warre...

10/14/2008 3/26/2011

Mary I of England MP (1516 - 1558)

"Bloody Mary"

Mary I (18 February 1516 – 17 November 1558) was Queen of England and Ireland from July 1553 until her death. She was the eldest daughter of Henry VIII and only surviving child of Catherine of A...

5/1/2007 3/25/2011

Elizabeth I of England MP (1533 - 1603)

"Good Queen Bess", "Gloriana", "The Virgin Queen", ""Good Queen Bess""

"Elizabeth I (7 September 1533 – 24 March 1603) was queen regnant of England and Ireland from 17 November 1558 until her death. Sometimes called "The Virgin Queen", "Gloriana" or "Good Queen Bes...

5/1/2007 3/25/2011

Edward V, King of England MP (1470 - c.1483)

another possible birth date is 4 November Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia

5/2/2007 3/25/2011

Queen consort of England Tenure 26 June 1483 – 16 March 1485 Coronation 6 July 1483 Spouse Edward of Westminster, Prince of Wales m. 1470; dec. 1471 Richard III of England m. 1472...

5/8/2007 3/25/2011

Richard III of England MP (1452 - 1485)

"Old Dick", "Crookback"

Richard III of England Richard III (2 October 1452 – 22 August 1485) was King of England from 1483 until his death in 1485, at the age of 32, in the Battle of Bosworth Field. He was the last k...

5/8/2007 3/25/2011

Elizabeth Woodville, Queen consort of England MP (1437 - 1492)

"Elizabeth Wydeville"

a short summary from Wikipedia: Elizabeth Woodville, Queen consort of England Tenure: 1 May 1464 – 9 April 1483 Coronation: 26 May 1465 Spouse: Sir John Grey m. c. 1452; dec. 1461 Ed...

2/7/2007 3/25/2011

Edward IV of England MP 100 (1442 - 1483)

a short summary from Wikipedia: Edward IV King of England (first time) Reign: 4 March 1461 – 3 October 1470 (9 years,182 days) Coronation: 28 June 1461 Predecessor: Henry VI Succes...

2/7/2007 3/25/2011

Marguerite d'Anjou, Queen consort of England and France MP (1430 - 1482)

"Queen Consort of England"

another possible birth year is 1429 Margaret Valois-Anjou Princess of Neapels By marriage Queen Consort Margaret of England on 30 May 1445. To Henry VI King of England and France. Wikipedia Links...

5/2/2007 3/25/2011

Henry VI of England MP (1421 - 1471)

"Henry VI (6 December 1421 – 21 May 1471) was King of England from 1422 to 1461 and again from 1470 to 1471, and disputed King of France from 1422 to 1453. Until 1437, his realm was governed by ...

1/30/2007 3/25/2011

Joan of Navarre, Queen of England MP (1370 - 1437)

"Juana de /Navarre/"

Joanna of Navarre From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Joanna of Navarre (c. 1370 Pamplona – 10 June 1437 Havering-atte-Bower) was a daughter of Charles the Bad, King of Navarre and Joan of...

10/22/2007 3/25/2011

Henry IV, King of England MP (1367 - 1413)

a short summary from Wikipedia: Henry IV Reign: 30 September 1399 – 20 March 1413 Coronation: 13 October 1399 Predecessor : Richard II Successor: Henry V Spouse: Mary de Bohun J...

1/30/2007 3/25/2011

Catherine of Valois, Queen consort of England MP (1401 - 1437)

"Katherine", "Queen of England and Princess of France", "Catherine of France"

Catherine of Valois Catherine of Valois (27 October 1401 – 3 January 1437[1]) was the Queen consort of England from 1420 until 1422. She was the daughter of Charles VI of France, wife of Henry...

1/30/2007 3/25/2011

Henry V of England MP (1387 - 1422)

"Henry the V"

PLEASE READ THIS COMMENT REGARDING HIS BIRTH DATE; "Henry was born in the tower above the gatehouse of Monmouth Castle and for that reason called Henry of Monmouth, son of Henry of Bolingbroke, later...

1/30/2007 3/25/2011

Isabella of France, Queen consort of England MP (1389 - 1409)

"Isabelle de France"

5/3/2007 3/25/2011

Anne of Bohemia, Queen consort of England MP (1366 - 1394)

"Good Queen Anne", "Anne of Bohemia"

Anne of Bohemia, Queen consort of England Consort 20 January 1383 - 7 June 1394 Coronation 22 January 1383 Consort to Richard II Father Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor Mother Elizabeth of Po...

5/30/2007 3/25/2011

Richard II of England MP (1367 - c.1400)

"Richard II (6 January 1367 – c. 14 February 1400), also known as Richard of Bordeaux, was King of England from 1377 until he was deposed on 30 September 1399. Richard, a son of Edward, the Bl...

3/11/2007 3/25/2011

Philippa of Hainault, Queen consort of England MP (1314 - 1369)

"Philippe", "Philippa d'Avesnes of Hainault"

short summary from Wikipedia Philippa of Hainaut Queen consort of England Tenure 24 January 1328 – 15 August 1369 Coronation 4 March 1330 Spouse Edward III of Windsor Issue Edward...

3/11/2007 3/25/2011

Edward III of England MP 100 (1312 - 1377)

"King of England"

"Edward III (13 November 1312 – 21 June 1377) was King of England from 1327 until his death; he is noted for his military success and for restoring royal authority after the disastrous reign of ...

2/2/2007 3/25/2011

Isabella of France, Queen consort of England MP (c.1292 - 1358)

"The Fair", "She-wolf of France", "Isabella of France", "The She-Wolf"

Isabella of France (c. 1295 – 22 August 1358), known as the She-Wolf of France,[1] was the Queen consort of Edward II of England and mother of Edward III. She was the youngest surviving child ...

3/11/2007 3/25/2011

Edward II of England MP 100 (1284 - 1327)

"Edward of Caernarfon"

a short summary from Wikipedia: Edward II King of England Reign: 7 July 1307 – 20 January 1327 Coronation: 25 February 1308 Predecessor: Edward I Longshanks Successor: Edward III of ...

2/2/2007 3/25/2011

Eleanor of Castile, Queen consort of England MP (1240 - 1290)

"The Hardy", "The Faithful", "Eleanor of Castile & Leon", "Leonor", "Alienor", "Alianor", "Eleanor of Castile", "Countess of Ponthieu", "Eleanore of Castile", "Leonor (Spanish)", "Alienor (English)", "Eleanor Of Castile", "Leonor (Her Castilian name) / Alienor / Alianor (in En..."

Links: The Peerage Geneall Find a grave Genealogi4u Wikipedia Eleanor of Castile (1241 – 28 November 1290) was the first queen consort of Edward I of England. She was also Counte...

1/25/2007 3/25/2011

Marguerite of France, Queen of England MP (1279 - 1317)

"the Pearl of France", "Queen of England"

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia Eleanor was born in Castile, now Spain, daughter of Ferdinand III of Castile and Joan, Countess of Ponthieu. Both the court of her father and her half-b...

4/8/2007 3/25/2011

Edward I "Longshanks", King of England MP 100 (1239 - 1307)

"King Longshanks", "Hammer of the Scots", "Edward Longshanks and the Hammer of the Scots", "Edward Longshanks", "Edward Longshanks or Hammer of the Scots", "longshanks", "the Hammer of the Scots", "Longshanks", "King Edward I", "The Hammer of the Scots", "Edward "Longshank..."

Edward I Longshanks Reign: 16 November 1272 – 7 July 1307 Coronation: 19 August 1274 Predecessor : Henry III Successor: Edward II Spouse: Eleanor of Castile m. 1254; dec. 1290 Marg...

1/25/2007 3/25/2011

Eleanor of Provence, Queen Consort of England MP (1223 - 1291)

"Reine Consort d'Angleterre"

Born in Aix-en-Provence, Eleanor was the second eldest daughter of Ramon Berenguer V, Count of Provence (1198–1245) and Beatrice of Savoy (1205–1267), the daughter of Thomas I of Savoy an...

1/29/2007 3/25/2011

Henry III of England MP 100 (1207 - 1272)

"Henry of Winchester", "Lord of Ireland", "Duke of Aquitaine""

a short summary from Wikipedia: Henry III Reign: 19 October 1216 – 16 November 1272 Coronation: 28 October 1216, Gloucester 17 May 1220, Westminster Abbey Predecessor: John Successor...

1/25/2007 3/25/2011

Isabelle of Angoulême, Queen Consort of England MP (c.1188 - 1246)

"Isabella of Angoulême", "Isabella of Angouleme", "Countess of Angoulême from 1202 until 1246"

Isabella of Angoulême (French : Isabelle d'Angoulême; 1188 - 31 May 1246) was Countess of Angoulême and queen consort of England . Queen of England She was the only daughter and he...

1/28/2007 3/25/2011

John Lackland, King of England MP 100 (1166 - 1216)

"Johan sanz Terre", "Lackland", "Softsword", "Jean sans Terre", "Sword of Lat", "Soft-sword", "John Lackland King of England", "King of England"

alternate birth location details Kings Manor House, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England several sources also give his birth year as 1167 other possible death date ; 19 October 1216 ===================...

1/29/2007 3/25/2011

from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Berengaria of Navarre (Spanish: Berenguela , French: Bérengère ; c. 1165-1170 – 23 December 1230) was Queen of the English as the wife of Ki...

5/2/2007 3/25/2011

Richard "the Lionheart", king of England MP 100 (1157 - 1199)

"Richard I "the Lion Hearted" King of England", "Ricardo I "Corazón de León"", "Richard d'Angleterre", "Richard the Lionheart", "Coeur De Lion", "Malek-Ric", "Malek al-Inkitar (King of England)", "Coeur de Lion or Richard the Lionheart", "King Richard I", "The Lion Heart..."

from Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia. Richard I (8 September 1157 – 6 April 1199) was King of England from 6 July 1189 until his death. He also ruled as Duke of Normandy (as Richard IV), Duk...

2/27/2007 3/25/2011

Matilda of Scotland MP (1080 - 1118)

"Eadgyth of Scotland", "Matilda the Good", "Matilda of Blessed Memory", "Eadgyth", "Maud", "Sainte Mathilde", "Matilde the Good Queen", "Queen of England", "Princess of Scotland", "Edith of Scotland", "also called Maud", "Matilda", "Edith", "Matilda of Scotland"

Edith Eadgyth Matilda of Scotland Matilda, Queen Consort of England From Medlands: From: EADGYTH (1079-1 Jun 1118). Orderic Vitalis records that their mother sent Eadgyth and her sister Mary ...

2/26/2007 3/25/2011

Eleanor, queen of France and England MP 100 (1124 - 1204)

"Princess Eleonor of Aquitaine", "Queen Consort of England and France", "Aliénor d’Aquitaine", "Éléonore de Guyenne", "Countesse of Poitiers et Duchesse of Aquitaine", "Eleanor of Aquitaine", "Elbeonore Of /Aquitaine/", "Eleanora", "Que...", "Duchess of Aquitaine", "Queen ..."

Eleanor of Aquitaine (Aliénor d'Aquitaine in French), Duchess of Aquitaine and Gascony and Countess of Poitou (1122[1] – April 1, 1204) was one of the wealthiest and most powerful women i...

1/29/2007 3/25/2011

Henry II "Curtmantle", king of England MP 100 (1133 - 1189)

"Henry", "Curtmantle( Short mant", "Fitz-Empress", "Henry Planagenet", "Henry FitzEmpress or Henry Plantagenet", "Henry Pl...", "King Henry the second plantagenet King of England", "Henry Plantagener", "Henry Curtmantle", "Henry FitzEmpress", "Henry II", "King of England", "Th..."

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia From Medlands : HENRI d’Anjou, son of GEOFFROY "le Bel/Plantagenet" Comte d'Anjou et de Maine & his wife [Empress] Matilda [Maud] of England (L...

1/29/2007 3/25/2011

Empress Matilda MP (1102 - 1167)

"Matilda", "Mathilda", "Mathilde", "Maud", "Adelheid", "Adelaide", "Alice", "Beauclerc", "Plantagenet", "Anjou", "Matilda of England", "Maude", "HR Empress Matilda of England and Queen of Germany", "Holy Roman Empress", "Queen of Germany", "Empress Matilda", "Lady of the English (disp..."

Empress MATILDA born Adelaide from Medlands 2. MATILDA (Winchester or London 1102-Abbaye de Notre-Dame des Près, near Rouen 10 Sep 1167, bur Abbaye du Bec, Normandy, later moved to Rouen C...

1/29/2007 3/25/2011

Henry I "Beauclerc", King of England MP 100 (1068 - 1135)

"Hendrik I van Engeland"

Henry I "Beauclerc" King of England Called "Beauclerc because of his study habits (Beauclerc meaning well-learnt, scholarly, erudite) Il est aussi connu sous le nom de Henri Ier de Normandie, roi d...

2/26/2007 3/25/2011

William II "Rufus", King of England MP (c.1056 - 1100)

"Rufus", "The Red", "William II of England", "William Rufus"

William 'Rufus' II of England Never married No children NOTE Do NOT mix with William Peverell who was NOT related to William Conqueror. From Medlands: GUILLAUME de Normandie ([1056/60]-ki...

3/11/2007 3/25/2011

James III, King of Scots MP (1451 - 1488)

"James III", "King of Scots"

"James III (10 July 1451 – 11 June 1488) was King of Scots from 1460 to 1488. James was an unpopular and ineffective monarch owing to an unwillingness to administer justice fairly, a policy of p...

4/17/2007 3/25/2011

Charles II of England MP (1630 - 1685)

"The Merry Monarch", "Prince Charles James", "King of England", ""Öld Rowley" / The Merry Monarch", "King of Scotland", "King of Ireland"

a short summary from Wikipedia : Charles II King of Scotland Reign: 30 January 1649 – 3 September 1651 Coronation: 1 January 1651 Predecessor: Charles I Successor Military government...

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Charles I, King of England, Scotland, and Ireland MP (1600 - 1649)

"Charles Ier d'Angleterre", "Charles I Stewart /King of England (1625/", "The Martyr", "Károly", "King of England", "Knight of the Garter", "Duke of York", "King Charles the 1st of England", "Scotland", "and Ireland"

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia: English Français Norsk King of England and Ireland: Reign 27 March 1625 – 30 January 1649 Coronation 2 February 1626

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Lady Jane Grey, Queen of England (disputed) MP (c.1537 - 1554)

"The 9 Days Queen; "Lady Jane"", "The Nine Days Queen", "Jane Grey Dudley", "Jane Dudley", "The Nine Day Queen"

[ ] Lady Jane Grey was born in October 1537 at Bradgate Manor, Bradgate, Leicestershire, England.3 She was also reported to have been born in 1536/37.4 She was the daughter of Sir Henry Grey, 1st D...

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Elizabeth of York MP (1466 - 1503)

a short summary from Wikipedia ; Elizabeth of York Queen consort of England Tenure: 18 January 1486 – 11 February 1503 Coronation: 25 November 1487 Spouse: Henry VII of England ...

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Henry VII of England MP 100 (1457 - 1509)

"Harri Tudur"

"Henry VII (Welsh: Harri Tudur; 28 January 1457 – 21 April 1509) was King of England and Lord of Ireland from his seizing the crown on 22 August 1485 until his death on 21 April 1509, as the fir...

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