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Sir Thomas Cecil MP (1578 - 1662)

Sir Thomas Cecil married Anne Lee & they had 8 daughters. He married Susan Oxenbridge & they had 1 son, John Cecil. Sir Thomas painted portraits of Queen Elizabeth I & King Henry VIII. He was an engrav...

Nathaniel Hurd MP (1729 - 1777)

GOLDSMITHS AND ENGRAVERS. From Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society, Volume 9  By Massachusetts Historical Society. Page 211 We have now to consider a class, more properly den...

Benjamin Hurd (1739 - 1781)

Like his brother Nathaniel, he followed their father's craft, but was not of age when his father died. He was an engraver as well as a goldsmith. A teapot and baptismal basins in West Roxbury, Massachu...

Jacob Perkins MP (1766 - 1849)

Jacob Perkins (9 July 1766 – 30 July 1849) was an Anglo-American inventor, mechanical engineer and physicist. from Born in Waterloo, Iowa, Perkins was apprenticed to a goldsmith. He soon...

Edward Williams (c.1755 - d.)

Edward Williams Engraver born c1755 Possibly died in 1797 Edward Williams is generally descibed as a "fair engraver", and he is remembered for several prints after Rowlandson, most notably 'A Col...