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Albert Edward Lystern Ayckbourn (c.1835 - 1905)

Marriages Sep 1871 Ayckbourn Albert Camberwell 1d 891 CROCKER Mary Lavinia Camberwell 1d 891 England and Wales Death Registration Index 1837-2007 Registration Quarter: Apr-May-...

Thomas Storr (1743 - 1803)

Silver-chaser, apprenticed to John Christopher Romer in 1757, age 14. By 1788 he had become a victualler.

Thomas Bewick MP (1753 - 1828)

Thomas Bewick (c. 11 August 1753 – 8 November 1828) was an English engraver and natural history author. Early in his career he took on all kinds of work such as engraving cutlery, making the woo...

Sir Thomas Cecil MP (1578 - 1662)

Sir Thomas Cecil married Anne Lee & they had 8 daughters. He married Susan Oxenbridge & they had 1 son, John Cecil. Sir Thomas painted portraits of Queen Elizabeth I & King Henry VIII. He was an engrav...

Nathaniel Hurd MP (1729 - 1777)

GOLDSMITHS AND ENGRAVERS. From Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society, Volume 9  By Massachusetts Historical Society. Page 211 We have now to consider a class, more properly den...

Benjamin Hurd (1739 - 1781)

Like his brother Nathaniel, he followed their father's craft, but was not of age when his father died. He was an engraver as well as a goldsmith. A teapot and baptismal basins in West Roxbury, Massachu...

Jacob Perkins MP (1766 - 1849)

Jacob Perkins (9 July 1766 – 30 July 1849) was an Anglo-American inventor, mechanical engineer and physicist. from Born in Waterloo, Iowa, Perkins was apprenticed to a goldsmith. He soon...

Edward Williams (c.1755 - d.)

Edward Williams Engraver born c1755 Possibly died in 1797 Edward Williams is generally descibed as a "fair engraver", and he is remembered for several prints after Rowlandson, most notably 'A Col...