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  • Theodorus (Dirk) Huijer (1765 - d.)
    Het 1e huwelijk van Theodorus (Dirk) Huijer te Amsterdam Den 3 July 1789 compareerden als vooren Dirk Huijer van Boekholt in Munsterland, Rooms, oud 24 jaar, in de Anjelierstraat, in de 3 Anjelieren,...
  • Hendrik Huijer (1716 - d.)
    Please help if possible in find for any information, and also Ancestors on Hendrik Huijer . Looking for the familyhistory, genealogy : HUIJER. What kind of Familyhistory did Family Huijer have once bef...
  • Agnetha Louisa Jansen (c.1789 - d.)
    raised in orphanage: see page 1394 Huwelijkse bijlagen: zie pagina's 1391 tot en met 1399:
  • Donald Lines Jacobus (1887 - 1970)
    Donald Lines Jacobus (1887-1970). Genealogist, author of Families of Early Hartford, Connecticut, and founder of The American Genealogist. In recognition of his tremendous contributions and elevation o...

This project aims to collect a list of live and recently deceased eminent experts in the field of genealogy who are or were active on Geni. Please feel free to add additional names to the project.

Volunteer genealogy specialists to consult with can be found at:

Geni Genealogy Research Volunteers

Geni Experts with knowledge or access to research materials who are available to help members to consult in their specific areas of interest.

Please feel free to contribute additional geni members who are genealogy specialists with websites, or blogs to this project.


Dr. Stephen Morse , One-Step Genealogy

Steve Morse, database guru, is the founder and ­webmaster of One-Step Webpages, a site that offers everything from language converters to alternate, one-step search forms for family history websites.

Video Interview Contact:


Daniel Horowitz , MyHeritage , IGRA, IAJGS

Daniel Horowitz, Chief Genealogist & Translation Manager at MyHeritage (since 2006), Lecturer, Researcher and Author. Founding member and lecturer of the Asociacion de Genealogia Judia Venezolana (AGJUVE), Board Member and webmaster of the Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA) the International Association of Jewish Genealogy Societies (IAJGS) and The Horowitz Families Association. Member of many genealogy groups, collaborator of the Jewish Graveyard Rabbit Blog. Lecturer at various International Conference as well as local genealogy groups.

Daniel enjoys a multi-faceted role at MyHeritage. Also heading the company's Translation department, he has been instrumental in increasing MyHeritage's global support to 38 languages.

Prior to, Daniel was an educator for 15 years in the family history project "Searching for My Roots", where work received many awards in Venezuela and in Israel. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering with a specialization in Education & Management of Educational Institutions.


Schelly Talalay Dardashti , Tracing the Tribe , MyHeritage Blog

Schelly Talalay Dardashti is the US Genealogy Advisor for, and edits/contributes to the MyHeritage Blog. She is also the creator and author of the multi award winning blog Tracing the Tribe.

Schelly's specific interests include genealogy education, Sephardic genealogy, and DNA. She is co-admin of the IberianAshkenaz DNA Project at MyHeritage Blog - Editor/Contributor e.g.Genealogy 101 - Webinar , Lithuania , Mayflower

Schelly Talalay Dardashti has tracked her family history through Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Spain, Iran and elsewhere. A journalist and former genealogy columnist for the Jerusalem Post, her articles on genealogy have been widely published in Jewish and general media outlets.

In addition to genealogy blogging (since 2006), she speaks at Jewish and general genealogy conferences in the US and internationally. A founder and board member of genealogical societies in two countries, she is a member of several professional organizations.


Karen Spiegel Franklin

Karen is a professional genealogist, an exhibit researcher for the Museum of Jewish Heritage, a juror for the Obermayer German Jewish History Award, and Co-Chair of the Board of Governors of JewishGen. She was formerly president of the International Association of Jewish Genealogy Societies and chair of the Council of American Jewish Museums.


Dr. Neil Rosenstein , Publications

A surgeon, author, lecturer, Dr. Neil Rosenstein, has accumulated as a result of five decades of investigative study of rare books and manuscripts, trips to libraries and cemeteries, travel and correspondence a vast matrix of material on Jewish genealogy, especially in the field of rabbinical dynasties for which he has become world famous.

Dr. Rosenstein's magnum opus being The Unbroken Chain, first published as a single volume in 1976. An expanded two-volume second edition was published in 1990. Besides his many books (see website above), he has produced a CD-ROM with the indexed obituaries of the first-ever Hebrew weekly, HaMagid, which was in print from 1856 to 1903.


Chaim Freedman , Blog

Chaim (Keith) Freedman is a noted genealogist and author, having lectured at numerous genealogical and historical conferences. Chaim Freedmans major work "Eliyahu's Branches--The Descendants of the Vilna Gaon and His Family" was the culmination of thirty years of research of the Vilna Gaon.

Freedman's particular expertise in Rabbinical genealogy was published in 2001 in his book "Beit Rabbanan, Sources of Rabbinical Genealogy". He possesses an archive and library of genealogical sources and is considered an expert in researching Hebrew sources of Eastern European genealogy.

A Hebrew version of Chaim Freedman's Gaon of Vilna's family tree exists in the Blog Toladot of Binyamin from Petach-Tikva, for those who prefer reading in Hebrew. אנא התחילו בפרק א.


Donald Lines Jacobus , Publications , Family Tree , The American Genealogist , American Pioneer Genealogist, Donald Lines Jacobus (1887-1970).

In recognition of Donald Lines Jacobus tremendous contributions and elevation of genealogy to the status of a social science, he was the first person inducted into the National Genealogy Hall of Fame.

For Early American or Colonial American research assistance , contact American Ancestors Org. New England Historic Genealogical Society


Remi Trygve Pedersen

Genealogist, Pilot and Emergency Room Medic / Nurse with many decades of experience in Norwegian genealogy research. Contact Remi if you require professional assistance in researching Norwegian lineages. As an active genealogist since 1984 Remi will be glad to help you for a fee depending on the size of the project.


Richard Arthur Norton

Richard Norton is an administrator for Familipedia, the genealogy offshoot of Wikipedia. He is also one of the top 100 contributors to Wikipedia and has been transcribing documents for Familysearch. In addition, Richard also contributes to the Library of Congress project to identify people in the Bain Collection of images.


Eric Randol Schoenberg , Austria - Czech Website , Austria Guide, Czech Guide , LA Holocaust Museum, President , Geni Blog Tribute to Randy

E. Randol Schoenberg has been an avid genealogist since he was 8 years old, maintains a huge family tree both on JewishGen and Geni, is responsible for JOWBR’s 150,000 Austrian cemetery records and is the Co-Founder, Coordinator and Moderator for the JewishGen Austria-Czech Special Interest Group. He is the author of the Beginner's Guide to Austrian-Jewish Genealogy and the co-author of Getting Started with Czech-Jewish Genealogy. See video Honoring Holocaust Rememberance Day at Geni


Daniel Loeb , Website

Dr. Daniel Elliott Loeb is a mathematician, publisher and genealogist. He is the publisher and founder of the Philadelphia Jewish Voice. His genealogy website includes about 30,000 individuals with certain branches going back to biblical times.


Eliat Gordin-Levitan , Website

Eilat Gordin-Levitan's website above lists all the Cities and Shtetls she has researched and created webpages for. Please help by sharing information and pictures of those who were born in the following cities and shtetls . Vilna - Krakow - Minsk - Volozhin - Braslav - Pinsk - Horodok - Kovno - Dvinsk - Vishnevo - Vileyka - Krasne - Kurenets - Dolginovo


Louis Frydman , Website , Frumkin Family Tree Chart to King David

Arye Leib was born to Rabbi Shmuel Kelmer (from Kelm) and Fruma Braude in 1845, after seven daughters. He chose the surname Frumkin, being the son of Fruma. The Frumkin family association binds together the descendants of Rabbi Arye Leib Frumkin. Most of the the family are concentrated in Israel, England and the USA.

Some of Rabbi Arye Leib Frumkin books:

  • Toldot Chachmei Yerushalayim - a comprehensive index of the sages who lived in Jerusalem through the ages.
  • Toldot Eliyahu - The story of Rabbi Arye Leib's saintly uncle Rabbi Eliyahu Ragoler, which also includes details of Rabbi Arye Leib's ancestry.


Dan Hirschberg, website , Genealogy , Krakow, Poland Index

Professor of Computer Science & EECS - UC Irvine.


Moishe Miller , Langsam website

Moishe Miller's family lore has it that he was a direct descendant of Issachar, son of our patriarch, Jacob. His rabbinical ancestry centers primarily around the Bnei Yissochur, Rabbi Hersh Mylech Spira (1783 - 1841), whose offspring intermarried with many other Chassidic dynasties. The Langsam website contains much of this family's genealogical and rabbinical information and is dedicated to the memory of the seven hundred and ninety-three known family members that perished during the Holocaust.
1939 - 1945.

Pesach Langsam was the progenitor of the family. There is much mystery surrounding his heritage


Norbert Weinberg , Blog

Norbert Weinberg- Rabbi and Educator is using this blog to create a narrative of the Jewish experience of the last century, as seen through his family's records and extensive archival documents. His father, Dr. William Weinberg, was Chief Rabbi of the German State of Hesse( Frankfurt region) and accumulated a remarkable library.


Peter Rohel, Rohel Website

Read Peter Rohels amazing story of his family's escape to the free West. To memorialize those who helped his family escape communist Šternberk, Moravia in 1969,Peter has created an extraordinary website with 55,000+ names and is still researching Ancestors and Descendants of several branches and your help is always appreciated. Information on Sinai LOEB and his descendants from (1530-1737) is limited at this time. Sinai's younger brother, Jehuda Loew, the Maharal of Prague, whose statue has been in front of Prague’s city hall since 1917, was a well known scholar, leader, mystic, associated with the creation of a Golem and other legends is the focus of current investigation.

Archives in Prague (research article) may have information on our ancestors prior to 1800 and I can use your help with the research.


Carole G.Vogel , Website , Mattersdorf

Carole G. Vogel is the author of articles for Avotaynu: “Reconstructing a Lost Holocaust Family,” “The Great Garbuny-Gorbunov Hunt,” and “Oswego, New York: Wartime Haven for Jewish Refugees. With Yitzchok N. Stroh she co-authored "Constructing a Town-wide Genealogy: Jewish Mattersdorf, Hungary 1698-1939.” She served as the editor of the 500-page book We Shall Not Forget: Memories of the Holocaust, and is the author of 25 nonfiction books.

Genealogy is one of her passions and she created a webpage for Mattersdorf one of the Sheva Kehilloth (Seven Holy Communities) in Esterházy lands that were renowned for their piety and the eminent rabbis they produced. She also does genealogy professionally. See: for her current project.


Aharon (Athol) Bloomer , Blog

Aharon (Athol) Bloomer, Australian of Anglo-Jewish ancestry has been passionate about genealogy and religion since his youth. His main interest is in the mystical traditions of Judaism and Catholicism. Athol's Blog, MiriamHakedosha, is his own insightful interpretation of historical sources using also secondary sources, legends, folklore, astrological, genealogies, tales, chansons, oral histories, mystical writings etc. Athol was inspired on his literary and spiritual odessey by writers like Cecil Roth, Arthur Zuckerman and Velikovsky .

A questioning spirit is a quintessentially Jewish mandate. For thousands of years of Judaism teaches us to always ask questions. From the Talmud to this very day, scholars have been consistently questioning premises and concepts that exist in Jewish thought. Aharon's Blog personifies this immortal quest for answers.


Ori Kaplan , Book

The Search for Roots: The story of the Grossard Family, by Nachum Kaplan.

With the aid of family members, the Internet, Libraries and many people, over the years, Ori was able to reseach the roots of his family and turn his fasciniating findings into an on-line E-Book.

The story begins at the turn of the 19th Century in Lithuania, and covers the families of 8 out of the 9 brothers and sisters, the families are located today all around the Globe, we can find them in New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Israel, England, Canada and the USA.


Andi Alpert Ziegelman website , EGL consultant & family member

Andi Ziegelman is researching & writing the Alperovich/Heilbrunn/Heilbrun/Heilbronner/Heilprin Family History. She hopes to,

  • Find proof of the connection between the Alperoviches whose name was originally Halperovich

  • Find and elaborate on the connection between R. Judah ben Meir ha-Levi, Sir Leontin and his descendants who worked with Rashi and became members of his family by marrying his ggdaughter. This connection is described by Meir Wunder in 1000 Margalioit pages.

  • Correct the 200 page Alperovich family tree, which is in software.
  • Connect Alperovich descendants alive today to the main tree using naming patterns.

  • Write the genealogical history, back to King David, and maybe farther.

  • A team of seven Alperoviches are working on the "Alperovich project" together, including Y DNA and autosomal DNA tests.


Judi Marais-Meyer

A professional South African Genealogist, who is registered with the Pretoria Archives; a member of the GGSA since 1986, and on the Management team of the electronic branch; I also do research for divorce cases (but the latter always makes me sad.) I am also a management member of the National Executive Counsil of the GGSA with the title of putting family registers together and checking the correctness of the information and sources. Since 2014 I am also on the NEC as secretary.

I work both in Afrikaans and English and my clients are from all over the world

My personal specialist interests are the South African family lines: Marais, Marnewick, Jansen, Janse van Rensburg, du Plessis, Stolts and Stoltz, Muller, Retief, Dirkse van Schalkwyk and all the different spellings of them.


Pieter Johannes Taljaard

South African Free State Archive Pieter has contributed thousand of proven sources on the SA tree on Geni by living out his love for Genealogy, History and photography. He takes various photos of estates, graves, memorials in the Free State Province of South Africa. He has also contributed a wide selection of photos to the electronic branch of GGSA - eGGSA.


Paul Garnham , Website

Paul Granham has been esearching the origins of the Garnham name and ancestry A family which tracks back to 814AD, the Danish Kings and even as far back as far as 350BC which has been an awesome, humbling find.


Eero Gustaf Ignatius , Blog - Finnish Genealogy


Dalmiro da Motta Buys de Barros

Brazilian museologist, palaeographer, heraldista, restorer of images. Formed in Museology by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UNIRIO in Belas Artes from the Institute of Belas Artes, Escola de Artes Visuais today. President of the Brazilian College of Genealogy in 2004-2005.


Justin Swanström

Justin Swanström is an American genealogist with degrees in law and medieval history. His specialty is Descents from Antiquity, particularly the early blending of history and myth. He has been doing genealogy since 1967 and has been a professional genealogist since 1983.

He is the author of several family histories and many articles about genealogy. He created the Hauri yDNA Project, one of the earliest DNA surname projects, in 2000. He now serves as co-administrator of the Scandinavian Genealogy Project, the Haplogroup G-L497 Y-DNA Project, and several family and regional projects. He was also co-founder and first Vice President of the American Heraldry Society in 2003. He has been a volunteer curator at Geni since 2010.


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