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Visited New Sweden during a 3 year period. Arrived 1642 with Fama and returned 1644 with Fama's next voyage:

2/19/2010 12/30/2011

Jürgen Kyn MP (1620 - 1690)

"Jöran", "Schneeweiss or White as Snow", "Keen", "Keene"

The Descendants of Jöran Kyn, the Founder of Upland The history of Jürgen Schneeweiss prior to 1642 is unknown other than the fact that he came from Saxony. Undoubtedly, he was among ...

9/18/2007 12/12/2011

Peter Hollender Ridder (1608 - 1692)

Peter Hollander Ridder (1608-1692) was the governor of the Swedish colony of New Sweden in Delaware (1640-1643). Peter Hollander Ridder's father was a Dutchman living in Ekenäs, Finland. Pet...

1/31/2008 12/4/2011

Johan Papegoja (c.1610 - 1667)

Fourth Governor of New Sweden Född under 1610-talet. Papegoja (även Johan Pappegoya), född cirka 1610, död 21 eller 23 mars 1667, var åren 1653–1654 den femt...

10/10/2007 12/4/2011

Johan Björnsson Printz (1592 - 1663)

Johan Printz, född 1592 som Johan Björnsson, i Bottnaryd, Småland, död 1663. Överstelöjtnant, guvernör över Nya Sverige 1642-1653 och landsh&#x...

10/10/2007 12/4/2011

Captain Sven Skute (1623 - 1665)

Sven Svensson Skute, a veteran of the Thirty Years War (1618-1648), was the highest-ranking official to remain in New Sweden after its surrender to the Dutch in 1655. Prior to his coming to New Swe...

11/5/2007 12/4/2011

Peter Jochimson MP (1620 - 1654)

Peter Jochimsson, born in Schleswig in Holstein, was enrolled in Gothenburg in September 1642 to serve as a soldier in New Sweden at a wage of ten guilders per month. He sailed to the colony on the...

5/9/2008 11/25/2011