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Abraham Hathaway, Sr. MP (1652 - 1725)

Abraham Hathaway- Born: 11 SEP 1652 in Taunton, Massachuetts to John Hathaway and Martha Shepard He married Rebecca Wilbore 28 AUG 1684 inTaunton, Massachuetts. He Died: 23 AUG 1725 and is Buried i...

6/23/2007 12/22/2015

Elizabeth Kennon (Worsham) MP (c.1656 - 1737)

Richard Kennon, Sr. must have died prior to 1703, because in that year Elizabeth Kennon joined a group that included eight other people of influence and patented 4,000 acres on a creek called Winterpoc...

2/23/2007 12/8/2015

Col George Colbert Find A Grave Memorial# 35805117 Old Fort Towson Cemetery, Choctaw County, Oklahoma, USA The second of six mixed-race sons of James Logan Colbert, a North Carolinian settler of ...

8/7/2008 11/7/2015

Slone Love MP (1807 - d.)

Slone was active in tribal affairs and accompanied the first large group thatmoved to the Western District under A M Upshaw, Superintendent of the Chickasawremoval. They arrived at Fort Coffee, near Fo...

2/4/2007 11/3/2015

Moses Wheeler MP (c.1598 - 1698)

Listed as ID: 5700. Found in the book: The Genealogical and Encyclopedic History of the Wheeler Family in America, Compiled by the American College of Genealogy, Under the direction of Albert Gallatin ...

5/14/2007 10/18/2015

William Adams "Wild Bill' Hickman MP (1815 - 1883)

"Wild Bill", ""wild bill" hickman"

Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "... William Adams Hickman, also known as "Wild Bill" Hickman (April 16, 1815 - August 21, 1883), was a frontiersman. He also served as a representative to the Utah Te...

11/14/2007 7/30/2015

Charles Autobees MP (1812 - 1882)

Charles Autobee s (1821-1882) - Trader, trapper and mountain man, Autobees was born in 1821, probably in St. Louis, Missouri. His mother was a woman named Sarah Autobee, believed to have been a Delawar...

7/29/2015 7/29/2015

Asa Fairbanks (1762 - 1819)

Recorded as Written: ASA FAIRBANKS, of Dublin N.H. ( Ebenezer V, Eleasur IV, Eliesur III, George II, Jonathan I )Born in Sherborn, Mass.( now Medway) Mar. 4, 1762, removed to Dublin in 1784 and settl...

7/25/2015 7/26/2015

Abraham Chase MP (1683 - 1763)

"Abraham Chase-Holmes Hole-Ferryman"

23. ABRAHAM CHASE, (Isaac,2 Thomas1), b. 10 Jan. 1683; Homes Hole, Ferryman, innholder, trader. He m. (1) ABIGAIL BARNARD (1709) prob. dau. of Nathaniel and Mary (Barnard) Barnard of Nantucket who was ...

4/14/2008 6/30/2015

John Harris of Harris Ferry MP (1729 - 1791)

. John Harris, Jr. (1716 - July 29, 1791 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania), was a storekeeper and frontiersman who operated a ferry along the Susquehanna River at Harrisburg. John Harris, Jr. is the son o...

7/17/2011 6/12/2015

Christopher Avery, II MP (1590 - 1670)

Notes for Christopher Avery II: From "History of the Town of Stonington, County of New London, Connecticut, from its First Settlement in 1649 to 1900," by Richard Anson Wheeler, at page 199: "Chris...

1/22/2007 5/5/2015

Capt. William Dixey MP (1607 - 1690)

Immigration : ? on board the Talbot - 1629 Cape Ann, Mass. In his will, dated 21 February 1684/85 and proved 24 June 1690, Captain William Dixey calls himself "of Beverly, yeoman", "aged & i...

5/8/2008 5/3/2015

Abel Franklin, Sr. MP (1690 - 1758)

"Abel was the first keeper of the Beavertail Light, and he owned the north and south Ferries on the west side of Conanicut Island." The first light was built in 1749, so this must be the one that Abel,...

9/9/2009 4/16/2015

Allison Nelson (March 11, 1822 – October 7, 1862) was the ninth mayor of Atlanta, Georgia, as well as a brigadier general in the Confederate army during the American Civil War. His father, Joh...

8/28/2011 2/14/2015

William Cody Richmond MP (1752 - 1850)

William (Cody) Richmond Sr. served in the Revolutionary War from Oct. 1775 to Nov. 1777, 3rd Virginia Regiment commanded by Col. Neville, from Botetourt Co. Filed pension in Greenbrier Co. VA in 1832. ...

11/29/2008 11/21/2014

Col. William Ingles MP (c.1729 - 1782)

Tombstone inscription: COLONEL VA. TROOPS REV. WAR 1782 In 1750 an 18-year-old Mary Draper wed 21- year-old William Ingles in the first wedding of European descent west of the Alleghenies. ...

1/23/2013 9/26/2014

John Marston (1720 - 1800)

John Marston b. 8 JUL 1720 Andover, Essex, Mass. d. 18 APR 1800 Father:Jacob Marston Mother: Mary Brown Married: 3 APR 1746 Andover, Essex, Mass. To Mary Poor, b. 5 OCT 1723 Andover, Essex,...

4/14/2007 9/5/2014

Peter Tufts, of Mystic Side MP (c.1628 - 1702)

"Peter Tuffes", "Peter Tuffts"

Peter Tufts 1628-1702 probably built the Peter Tufts House in Medford, Massachusetts. He sold the house in 1680 to his son, Captain Peter Tufts, Jr. for whom the house is named. Child: Captain Peter ...

10/8/2010 8/23/2014

Thomas Marshall, of Boston MP (c.1605 - 1664)


Came from England and settled in Boston Mass in 1635 Thomas Marshall, called "a man of much respectability" came to Boston, MA about 1633 from Lincolnshire, England. Made a freeman on Mar 4 1634/5. D...

8/21/2007 7/13/2014

Thomas Applegate, I MP (deceased)

THOMAS APPLEGATE was born 1604 in NORFOLKSHIRE, ENGLAND. He died 1662 in NEW JERSEY, MIDDLESEX and was buried in GRAVESEND, LONG ISLAND OLD DUTCH CHURCH. Source: Genealogical and Personal Memorial of...

7/27/2007 6/5/2014

Isaac Parsons (1752 - 1796)

) Isaac Parsons (January 27, 1752 – August 25, 1796) was an American planter, politician, and militia officer in the U.S. state of Virginia (now West Virginia). Parsons served as a member of t...

6/5/2009 6/4/2014

William Crow MP (c.1731 - 1813)

"Abraham", "Robert", "Samuel"

1. William Crow was born about 1731. He died about 1813. He was buried in , Caldwell, Kentucky DAR Ancestor #: A028251 1) ENLISTED 6TH SC REGT 6-27-1777; COL ROBERT ANDERSON, UPPER NINETY SIX ...

7/26/2009 4/30/2014

John Lynch (1740 - 1820)

from The History of Lynchburg, Virginia: An Overview In the mid-1750's, the colonial village of New London in central Virginia was an important trading center, however, it was difficult to reach fr...

2/5/2009 4/29/2014

Ephraim Hathaway MP (1661 - 1716)

Ephraim Hathaway was born on 8 Dec 1661 in Taunton, MA. "Born in Taunton, MA, now Berkley". He died on 20 Dec 1716 in Dighton, MA. He had his estate divided (Taunton 5-146) on 17 Aug 1725. He served in...

10/22/2007 4/13/2014

John Burrage, of Charlestown MP (1616 - 1685)


John Burrage Birth: Apr 10 1616 - Norton, Suffolk, England Death: Oct 19 1685 - Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts Parents: Thomas Burrage, Frances Dey Wife: Mary Wife: Joanna Stowers ...

8/14/2007 4/11/2014

Richard Ingersoll MP (1587 - 1644)

Excerpts from Great Migration Begins OCCUPATION: Ferryman. ("Ric[har]d Inkersoll" was allowed one penny for every person he ferried over the north river, 16 January 1636/7 [STR 1:31].) EDUCATION:...

6/5/2007 3/31/2014

Allen Robinett MP (1666 - 1718)

6/16/2008 3/14/2014

Samuel Coate (c.1670 - c.1723)

Samuel came to America with his father, John Coate, after 1682 and settled in the Falls, Bucks County Pennsylvania. Samuel Coate from Somersetshire, England supposedly first appeared in Pennsylvania wi...

4/2/2009 2/11/2014

Robert Hazeltine, II MP (1609 - 1674)

"Robert Haseltine", "Robert Hazeltine"

Robert Haseltine Birth: Jan. 2, 1609 Bideford, Devon, England Death: Aug. 27, 1674 Bradford, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA Possibly Died August, 27 1647. Family links: Parents: Peter H...

8/2/2007 2/5/2014

William Hayward, Sr. MP (1616 - 1659)

William Hayward Birth: 1595 in London, Middlesex, England Christening: 29 Mar 1615 St. Giles, London, Middlesex, England Death: 10 May 1659 in , Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts Cause of dea...

6/1/2007 1/17/2014

Hugh MacPherson (c.1787 - 1855)

b1/SL269 Tenant of No 11 Kylerhea from 1823

9/21/2007 1/13/2014

Capt. Thomas Swearingen of the Ferry Birth: 8 APR 1708 in Queen Anne's Parish, Prince George's County, Maryland Parents: Thomas Swearingen b 1688, Lydia Riley Wife: Sarah Dossett Death: 3 JUN...

7/20/2008 10/31/2013

Thomas Hardy, Sr MP (c.1605 - 1678)

Thomas was one of the 12 original freemen to accompany John Winthrop, Jr. to what was then known as Agawam in 1633. They purchased the land from the Indians and founded the town of Ipswich in 1634. T...

7/4/2007 9/24/2013

Samuel Plummer MP (c.1619 - 1702)

"Samuel Plumer of Newbury"

Samuel Plummer was born in England about 1619 and came to Newbury, MA, with his father and mother about 1634 or 1635. He was a yeoman and lived most of his life in Newbury. Samuel's and Mary's childr...

10/15/2007 9/4/2013

John Massey MP (c.1631 - 1710)

"About 1667, the comings and goings of the seamen and merchants, meant that some means of entertainment was needed.  There were several taverns in Salem.  John Massey succeeded to the Old...

8/25/2008 8/24/2013

Nathaniel Massey MP (1679 - 1739)

John Massey Sr., Nathaniel's father, operated the Tavern Ferry and a small inn for travellers for twenty years.  In 1711, a year after John Sr. died, John Jr. "conveyed unto his brother, Nathani...

8/25/2008 8/24/2013

William Blythe (1790 - 1856)

In Rhea County in 1809, William Blythe married Nancy Fields, daughter of the prominent Cherokee Richard Fields. Blythe bought a slave woman, Nancy, and her young daughter, along with some cows and hors...

2/17/2007 7/26/2013

John Larrabee (1732 - 1818)

Revolutionary War Veteran DAR Ancestor #: A066836 From John was born November 20, 1731/2 in Windham, Windham Co., CT. or Plainfield, CT, removed to Pownal, VT in 1780 where he servered as proprieto...

9/24/2008 7/15/2013

Sylvester Stover MP (c.1634 - 1689)

He was a fisherman, and a ferryman. Beyond his appointment as ferryman at Cape Neddick River in 1652, he held no public office. He signed the Submisson in 1652, the petition to Cromwell in 1656, and th...

8/24/2008 7/11/2013

Elisha Bisbee, Sr. MP (1619 - 1695)

Elisha/1 Bisbee, was born in England by 1621.1 His wife was Joanna (–?–).2 Freeman of Plymouth Colony, 1642.3 "Was of Scit., and by occupation cooper."2 "In 1644 he kept a ferry where Uni...

7/20/2008 6/29/2013

5/24/2013 5/24/2013

Tristram Coffin, Sr. MP (1605 - 1681)

"OG Coffyn"

Tristram Coffyn The First in The Race That Settled America In 1642 Tristram emigrated to America with his wife Dionis and five small children as well as his widowed mother and two unmarried sisters...

1/21/2007 5/18/2013

Captain Jacob Handley (c.1805 - 1883)

History History of Ulster County, New York: with illustrations and biographical sketches of its prominent men and pioneers. Woodstock, NY: Overlook Press, 1977. [Reprint of the 1880 ed. published by ...

9/18/2010 5/17/2013

Phebe Barker MP (1664 - 1732)

Each of Phebe's three husbands at some time was involved with keeping the ferry which ran between Jamestown and Newport, Rhode Island; it has been suggested that Phebe herself was the ferry keeper. T...

7/4/2008 5/2/2013

Jonathan Marsh, Sr. (b. - 1704)

In April of 1703 Jonathan Marsh bought what was later known as Clarke's Ferry from Thomas Winterton of Jamestown, who operated it for three years. He and John Carr, ferrymen, were to carry all Magistra...

5/2/2013 5/2/2013

John Cooke, alias Butcher MP (1630 - 1691)

"John Butcher", "John Cook"

Link to grave Name: John I COOK 1 2 Sex: M Birth: 30 Mar 1630/1631 in ? Engl 3 4 Death: 16 MAY 1691 in Portsmouth Newport RI 5 6 7 Burial: Cook Lot, Glen Rd Portsmouth RI 7 Note: From Gen...

2/25/2007 5/2/2013

Robert Barker MP (1650 - 1729)

In 1675, Lieut. Robert Barker “broke away from the army, when they were on their march, in a mutinous way, and by his example allured others to come away.” Barker was deprived of his comm...

10/21/2007 5/2/2013

Daniel Howland MP (1661 - 1714)

Daniel Howland was the innkeeper and proprietor of Howland's Ferry. He acquired the ferry and inn from John Simmons in 1694. Daniel was prominent in town affairs and for the first twenty years he lived...

7/31/2008 5/1/2013

John Hull, Jr MP (c.1693 - c.1765)

John Hull prepared a will in 1759; The will of Capt. John Hull, dated 20th Nov., 1759, with a codicil dated 30th of July, 1762, is recorded under date of April 6, 1765, in 'Jamestown Book for Town Coun...

7/30/2008 4/26/2013

James White (1804 - 1854)

James and Rhoda crossed the plains with the Applegate wagon train in 1842, from Missouri to Oregon. Children: 1. Leonard White b. 1826-7 Indiana 2. Methotomy White b. 1828-9 Indiana 3. Sarah Whit...

3/18/2010 4/15/2013

Rhoda White (1819 - 1882)

BIOGRAPHICAL: Beaver Briefs, Vol. 38,No. 1, pg. 10 The FERRY LADY By Sue Bell of Salem, Oregon In a day when few women ran businesses, it’s refreshing to come across references to a woman ...

3/18/2010 4/15/2013

Emory Canda Ferguson MP (1833 - 1911)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Emory Canda Ferguson (March 5, 1833 - October 7, 1911) was an early pioneer of Washington State who helped create Snohomish County from Island County in 1861. Al...

4/15/2013 4/15/2013

Jesse Applegate MP (1810 - 1880)

JESSE APPLEGATE. - The following brief obituary sketch of the late "Uncle" Jesse Applegate was written by General E.L. Applegate, than whom none is better fitted to perform the task, - unwelcome in the...

1/12/2009 4/15/2013

Col. William Craig (1807 - 1869)

Colonel William Craig.—Idaho's first permanent white settler was Colonel William Craig. Born in Greenbriar County, Virginia, in 1807, he cast his lot with the Rocky Mountain trappers in the summ...

4/11/2013 4/15/2013

Emma Louise (B.) Batchelor (1836 - 1897)

""Dr. French""

Red Water: A Novel - By Judith Freeman -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Emma Lee. By Juanita Brooks. Juanita Brooks, a veteran author of the West, has written a book on Emma Lee, the wife of Mormon leader Joh...

9/7/2008 4/15/2013

John Doyle Lee MP (1812 - 1877)

The History of John Doyal Lee From the Book, "Our Pioneer Heritage, John Doyle Lee was born in Kaskaskia, Illinois, on September 12, 1812. At that time Kaskaskia, the capital city of the Territory ...

5/15/2008 4/15/2013

Alphonso Boone MP (1796 - 1849)

Alphonso Boone (November 7, 1796 – February 27, 1850) was an American pioneer in what became the state of Oregon. A native of Kentucky, he was the grandson of Daniel Boone, and lived much of...

2/29/2008 4/14/2013

Robert Looney, Sr. MP (c.1692 - 1769)

"Luna", "(Twin of Benjamin Looney)"

See: Robert Looney Sr was born about 1692 in Ballagilley Farm, Maughold, Isle of Mann, Great Britain. He died on 14 Sep 1769 in Looney's Mill Creek, Augusta (Now Botetourt), VA, USA. In about 172...

5/25/2008 4/13/2013

John Tripp, of Portsmouth, Rhode Island MP (1610 - 1678)

""The Founder"", "John", "The Founder", "John Tripp the Founder"

John Tripp[1] M, b. 6 February 1609/10, d. 12 February 1678 John Tripp From a book on the history of Portsmouth, RI 'Richard Searl, a seaman in the early 1600's sold his three acre tract of lan...

3/5/2007 4/12/2013

Abiel Tripp, Jr. MP (1684 - 1753)

Biography of Abiel TRIPP 1684-1753 Having passed into manhood, Abiel, the junior, married Eleanor Waite, 3 Jan 1704. It was the day after her sixteenth birthday. Together they produced ten children o...

12/13/2007 4/12/2013

Robert Barker of Duxbury MP (c.1616 - 1691)

Abigail Barker's father, Robert Barker, came over to the Plymouth Colony (not in 1620 though) as a servant and was later a freeman. The Great Migration Begins ... NEGHS. Robert Barker ORIGIN:...

2/23/2007 4/12/2013

John Silcott (1824 - 1902)

Silcott, John M. The following data is extracted from Illustrated History of the State of Idaho. Almost forty years have passed since John M. Silcott took up his residence in Idaho, and he is there...

4/11/2013 4/12/2013