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Margarita "Tingting" R. Cojuangco MP


Tarlac City, Tarlac, Central Luzon, Philippines

Tarlac City, Tarlac, Central Luzon, Philippines

Margarita "Tingting" Manzano de los Reyes-Cojuangco is a columnist, philantropist and socialite. She served as the Governor of Tarlac from 1992 to 1998. More here: .

6/19/2008 12/22/2015

Eduardo "Danding" Murphy Cojuangco is the chairman of San Miguel Corporation, the largest food and beverage corporation in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, a former Philippine ambassador, and former...

8/20/2009 10/26/2015

Joaquin Damaso Novicio Luna was a businessman and politician, and brother to artist Juan and military tactician Antonio. He served as Governor of La Union from 1904 to 1908, Representative to the Gener...

5/7/2012 7/12/2015

Alfonso Mayo Recto MP (1887 - 1936)

Alfonso Mayo Recto was a writer and a legislator from Tayabas.

4/30/2008 7/8/2015

Richard Juico Gordon is a Filipino politician and broadcaster who currently serves as the chairman of the Philippine Red Cross. More here:

1/27/2013 7/7/2015

James L. Gordon MP (1917 - 1967)

"Jimmy Gordon"

James L. Gordon was the first elected mayor of Olongapo City. He was born of an American Marine father and a Filipina mother.

1/27/2013 7/7/2015

Teofisto Jamora Guingona was a Filipino politician who served as a mayor, congressman, senator and governor. More here: .

9/28/2010 2/15/2015

Policarpio Sumulong MP (c.1852 - 1925)

Policarpio Sumulong was a tenant farmer who became a Capitan municipal (mayor) of Antipolo during the Spanish occupation. Resource:

10/12/2009 12/29/2014

Emigdio S. Tanjuatco served as Rizal congressman from 1987 to 1992.

6/19/2008 12/29/2014

Valentín Sumulong MP (1853 - 1935)

Valentín Sumulong was the mayor of Antipolo from 1901 to 1904.

12/7/2011 12/29/2014

Wenceslao Quinito Vinzons was a Filipino politician and a leader of the armed resistance against the Japanese occupying forces during World War II. He was the youngest member of the 1935 Constitutional...

9/12/2008 9/29/2014

Ramon Revilla Nicolas Bautista Jr. served as the Mayor of San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija. References: Galvez, Manny. "Ecija Mayor Loses Battle with Diabetes." N.p., 27 Dec. 2005. Web. 26...

1/26/2014 1/26/2014

Jose Acuña Bautista, better known as Ramon Revilla Sr., is an actor and a former politician. He is best remembered for his talisam-weilding movie characters. As a senator, he sponsored what is n...

9/27/2010 1/26/2014

Jose Olfinas Vera MP (1888 - 1956)

Jose O. Vera was a Filipino public servant and businessman. In 1937, he was among the founders of Sampaguita Pictures, together with Pedro Vera, Jose Zulueta, Antonio Torres, Catalino Gavino, Pedro A...

1/27/2009 6/3/2013

Juan S. Torralba MP (1883 - d.)

Juan S. Torralba was accepted into the bar on 11 October 1909. He served as the provincial Governor of Bohol from 1922 to 1928. He was a Philippine senator, representing the Eleventh Senatorial Distric...

4/13/2012 5/1/2013

Manuel Gotianuy (deceased)

"Go Tian Uy"

Manuel Gotianuy was the pre-war Republic of China Honorary Consul to Cebu and also elected president of the Cebu Chinese Chamber of Commerce. He founded Cebu Shipyard and Metal Works, Inc. Resource ...

4/11/2013 4/28/2013

Miguel Malvar y Carpio (1865 - 1911)

Miguel Carpio Malvar was elected as capitan municipal of Sto. Tomas, Batangas. He was a Filipino general who served during the Philippine Revolution and subsequently during the Philippine-American War....

5/10/2010 3/24/2013

Pedro Ignacio Paterno MP (1857 - 1911)

Pedro Paterno was a Filipino politician who earned infamy as "the greatest turncoat in Philippine history." He was also a poet and novelist. Reference: Pedro Paterno's letter to Jose Rizal. . Dat...

9/3/2010 2/14/2013

Ladislao Nocon Diwa MP (1863 - 1930)

Ladislao Diwa was a Filipino patriot who was among the founders of the Katipunan that initiated the Philippine Revolution against Spain in 1896. He worked as a curial del juzgado in Quiapo (1892) and...

10/4/2007 2/14/2013

Felipe Siojo Buencamino, Sr. MP (1848 - 1929)


Felipe Siojo Buencamino Sr. was a lawyer by profession, a revolutionary leader, a statesman, a cabinet secretary during the First Philippine Republic and was one of the founders of the Philippine Indep...

7/10/2008 1/4/2013

Ramon del Fierro Magsaysay MP (1907 - 1957)


Ramon del Fierro Magsaysay was the seventh President of the Philippines. More here:

6/10/2009 7/9/2012

Gregorio Alonso MP (deceased)

Captain Gregorio Alonzo, was a native of Quiotan barrio, served as municipal captain twice, in 1763 and in 1768. He headed the Chinese mestizos’ organization of the Santa Cruz district in Manila...

3/25/2011 6/29/2012

Lorenzo Alberto Alonzo MP (c.1790 - c.1854)

Lorenzo Alberto Florentina Alonzo was believed to be a descendant of Lakandula, a Bornean Moslem (as traced by Mr. Luther Parker in his study of the Pampangan migration from oral histories). Lorenzo ...

9/23/2009 6/29/2012

Juan Monica Mercado MP (c.1770 - c.1834)

Juan Mercado lived in a large stone house in the center of Biñan, Laguna; and was known as "Capitan Juan". Like his father, Juan served as the town's capitan del pueblo (in 1808, 1813, and 1823)...

6/30/2008 6/29/2012

Francisco Chinco Mercado MP (c.1731 - 1801)

Francisco Chinco Mercado was named after a mestizo Friar (Francisco) known for his botanical studies and after an honest Spanish encomiendero (Mercado) who lived in the region. Francisco became an in...

3/17/2009 6/29/2012

Leon Guinto Sr. MP (1896 - 1962)

Leon Gawaran Guinto, Sr. a legislator, representing Tayabas, Quezon and the war-time Mayor of the City of Manila. More here: .

12/18/2008 5/11/2012

Placido Ledesma Mapa, Jr. MP

Alabang, Metro Manila, Philippines

Alabang, Metro Manila, Philippines

Dr. Placido Lizares Mapa Jr. is a Filipino economist, banker and public servant. He served as the Philippine Economic Planning Minister and Chairman of the Manila Doctors College. He received the 1965 ...

12/25/2008 5/6/2012

Ramon Lizares Nolan served as the Administrator of the Sugar Quota Administration.

3/15/2011 5/6/2012

Rafael Rivas Alunan, Sr. MP (1885 - 1947)

Rafael Rival Alunan Sr. was the Secretary of Agriculture and Commerce during the Philippine Commonwealth. He held this position until 1942.

11/4/2008 5/6/2012

Don Domingo B. Lopez MP (1880 - 1957)

Don Domingo B. Lopez served as the First Governor of Tayabas, Quezon and Marinduque from 1908 to 1910. He practiced law in Lucena. After being widowed, he married a prominent lawyer and suffragist who ...

7/10/2007 5/6/2012

Don Manolo Diaz-Moreu Elizalde was a member of Manila Polo Club’s winning team. He established the first radio station in the Phlippines, KZRH in 1940 which became the Manila Broadcasting Compan...

5/4/2012 5/4/2012

Gregorio S. Araneta MP (1869 - 1930)

Don Gregorio Araneta y Soriano was a Filipino lawyer, businessman, nationalist and patriot, who served his country and people during the Spanish colonization and American occupation. He served as the S...

8/20/2010 5/3/2012

Manuel Viola Gallego (1893 - 1976)

Manuel Viola Gallego Sr. is a Filipino statesman, educator, lawyer, and diplomat. He served as Congressman of the first district of Nueva Ecija and the last Secretary of Instruction of the Commonwealth...

2/20/2011 4/15/2012

Gil Puyat (1907 - 1981)

Gil Juco Puyat was a Filipino academician-turned-businessman and politician who served as a Senator of the Philippines from 1951, and as Senate President from 1967 to 1972. More here: . Sources: ...

4/12/2012 4/12/2012

Jose "JoeCon" Concepcion Jr. is the Chairman of the RFM Corporation. In the 1980s, he created the National Movement for Free Election, which has served as a "watchdog" against electoral fraud. He serve...

10/17/2008 4/12/2012

Roman Tanbensiang Ongpin (1847 - 1912)

Roman Tanbensiang Ongpin was a Chinese-Filipino businessman, philanthropist, nationalist, and civic citizen in the late 19th century. He served as "primer teniente de mestizos" of Binondo from 1883 to ...

2/12/2009 4/12/2012

Clemente Fernandez served as the first municipal president (equivalent of a mayor) of Cuyo, Palawan and the first Palaweño to pass the Civil Service Examinations.

11/25/2010 4/11/2012

Jesus Marcos "Tuting" Roces MP (b. - 1998)


Jesus Marcos "Tuting" Reyes Roces served as the Vice-Mayor of Manila.

9/14/2008 4/11/2012

Sixto Y. Orosa, Sr. (deceased)

Dr. Sixto Y. Orosa was a notable Hispanist, legislator and a physician. Dr. Orosa became known as the Father of Provincial Hospital Act. More here: .

4/10/2012 4/11/2012

Ambrosio Bibby Padilla MP (1910 - 1996)


Ambrosio Bibby Padilla was a Filipino basketball player, lawyer, Senator and President of the Philippine Olympic Council. More here: .

9/27/2010 4/11/2012

Antonio N. de las Alas MP (1898 - c.1992)

Don Antonio de las Alas was a Filipino public servant, executive, lawyer, miner, lumberman, banker, insurance man and athlete. He served in various government roles: Congressman of the first district o...

9/3/2011 4/11/2012

Benjamin "Kokoy" Romualdez MP (1930 - 2012)


Benjamin “Kokoy” Romualdez is a Filipino politician and businessman. He served as a US Ambassador. He was also the former governor of Leyte. More here: . Kokoy was Governor of Leyte for s...

10/7/2007 4/10/2012

Julio Ventura Agcaoili (1856 - 1938)

Julio Ventura Agcaoili was a justice and served as the Provincial Governor of Ilocos Norte. More here: .

3/26/2007 4/6/2012

Liborio Dacuycuy Albano MP (c.1886 - 1957)

Liborio D. Albano served as the Senior Board Member of the province of Ilocos Norte.

9/3/2011 4/6/2012

Simeon Marcos Valdez MP (1915 - 2010)

Simeon Marcos Valdez is a Filipino World War II hero. He survived the Bataan Death March and is known as the Liberator of Abra and Ilocos Norte. He was a past president of the Integrated Bar of the Phi...

3/6/2007 4/6/2012

Arturo "Toro" Yabut (1962 - 2002)

"Toro Yabut"

Arturo "Toro" Siddons Yabut served as the Vice-Mayor of Makati City from 1992- 1998.

9/23/2009 4/5/2012

Agapito "Butz" Aquino is a Filipino actor, activist and legislator. More here: .

6/19/2008 4/1/2012

Jose Urquico was a distinguished lawyer and agriculturist. He served as municipal councilor of Tarlac and was elected Tarlac Governor for two consecutive terms (1931-1937).

3/28/2012 3/28/2012

Benigno Q. Aquino MP (1894 - 1947)


Benigno Aquino Sr. was a Filipino politician who served as Speaker of the Second Philippine Republic National Assembly from 1943 to 1944. More here: .

6/19/2008 3/28/2012

Ninoy Aquino MP (1932 - 1983)


Benigno Simeon Aquino was a Filipino Senator and a former Governor of Tarlac. More here: .

6/19/2008 3/28/2012

Esteban Vitug (deceased)

Esteban Vitug was a farmer from Barrio Concepcion, Lubao, Pampanga who went on to serve as a mayor of Lubao from 1910-13.

3/27/2012 3/27/2012

Fernando Poe Jr. MP (1939 - 2004)


Fernando Poe Jr. is one of the most popular Filipino film actors of all time. He was also a film producer. He ran an unsuccessful bid for President of the Philippines in the 2004 presidential election ...

5/22/2008 3/25/2012

Jorge B. Vargas (1890 - 1980)

Jorge B. Vargas was a Filipino youth advocate, lawyer and politician. He was a founding member of the Philippine Amateur Athletic Federation (now the Philippine Olympic Committee) in 1911 and was also ...

3/16/2012 3/16/2012

Sergio Chiong Veloso Osmeña, Jr. MP (1916 - 1984)


Sergio "Serging" Veloso Osmeña, Jr. was a Filipino politician who became a mayor, governor, congressman and senator. He ran as the Liberal party presidential candidate in the 1969 elections agai...

10/3/2010 3/16/2012

Francisco Afan Delgado (1886 - 1964)

Francisco Afan Delgado was a Filipino Yale-educated lawyer, soldier, and public servant. He was elected as to Congress as the first district of Bulacan and served as a resident commissioner from the Ph...

10/4/2008 3/14/2012

Roy Padilla (1926 - 1988)

"Roy Padilla"

Roy Padilla Sr. was a film actor, director and producer. He was also a union leader and politician. He was mayor of Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte, an assemblyman and a Vice-Governor of Albay. He was...

2/8/2011 3/11/2012

Feliciano Fernandez Imperial served as the Mayor of Legaspi, Albay.

5/8/2009 3/8/2012

Jorge Samson Imperial served as the Governor of Albay from 1934 to 1937.

5/19/2009 3/8/2012

Domingo Solano Samson served as a governor of Albay from 1908 to 1912.

3/8/2012 3/8/2012

Domingo Imperial, Jr. (1927 - 1993)

Domingo Imperial was a delegate to the 1971 Constitutional Convention, as a representative of the 2nd District of Albay.

5/12/2009 3/7/2012

Manuel Tinio Castro (b. - 1943)

Manuel Tinio Castro served as the mayor of Licab, Nueva Ecija for three consecutive terms, from 1934 to 1943. Opting to keep his post even after Martial Law was enacted by the occupying Japanese forces...

3/7/2012 3/7/2012

Manuel Bundoc Tinio (1877 - 1924)

Manuel Bundoc Tinio was the youngest General of the Philippine Revolutionary Army and in 1907, elected Governor of the Province of Nueva Ecija. Aside from being an haciendero with significant land hold...

9/11/2010 3/7/2012

Diego Silang (1730 - 1763)

Diego Andaya Silang was a revolutionary leader who conspired with British forces to overthrow Spanish rule in the northern Philippines and fought for the abolition of "polo" or forced servitude. He ser...

3/5/2012 3/6/2012

Nicanor Castillo Ibuna was a mayor of San Juan for 12 years, where a public high school was named after him.

3/5/2012 3/5/2012

Ignacio "Iggy" Tuason Arroyo is a Filipino legislator. More here: .

10/8/2007 2/19/2012

Teofisto Tayko Guingona Secretary was a Secretary of Justice, Senator of the Philippines. He served as the 12th Vice-President of the Philippines. More here:

9/28/2010 2/19/2012

Aurelio Lacson Locsin (1896 - 1974)

"Aurelio L.Locsin 1.122.480"

Aurelio Lacson Locsin was founder and editor of El Civismo, a Spanish language newspaper published in Negros. He also served as the mayor of Bacolod City. More here:

12/13/2010 10/17/2011

Francisco Casas Joven was elected as Mayor of Bacolor in 1902

8/24/2011 8/24/2011

Ceferino Santiago Joven Jr. was elected as Governor of Pampanga 1902 to 1903

5/9/2011 8/24/2011

Camilo Perez MP (c.1810 - 1889)

Don Camilo Perez is known as the Father of San Juan Town (Batangas), considering he was punong bayan before 1848 and was gobernadorcillo in 1869 during the town's formative years. His wealth merited a ...

7/18/2011 7/18/2011

Francisco Marasigan (deceased)

Francisco Marasigan belonged to one of the old landed "Angkan"s of San Juan, Batangas, originally from Cuenca, Batangas. He became the first municipal captain of San Juan, under the Maura Law of 1894 ....

7/18/2011 7/18/2011

Teodoro Sandico (deceased)

Teodoro Sandico was a lawyer, educated in Spain. Gifted in Spanish, he was a teacher and translator. As a businessman, he managed cigarette factories. As a public servant, he occupied national and prov...

7/12/2011 7/12/2011

Antonio Morales Tiongson MP (deceased)

Antonio Morales Tiongson was the gobernadorcillo of Malolos in 1883, and was one of sixteen Malolos natives identified in a formal report by Jose de Senespleda as the leadership of the antifriar moveme...

7/12/2011 7/12/2011

Purificacion Crisostomo-Reyes served as the mayor of Malolos. More here .

2/8/2009 7/12/2011

Felix Tantoco Reyes (1905 - 1965)

Felix T. Reyes served as mayor of Malolos. A government-run hospital (now closed) was named in his honor. More here:

2/8/2009 7/12/2011

Lino Santos Reyes MP (deceased)

Lino "Inong" Santos Reyes was a cabeza de baranggay in Malolos. In 1899, the Secretaria de Exterior of the newly inagurated Republic of Malolos was housed in his residence. More here:

2/8/2009 7/12/2011

Jose Villarama MP (deceased)

Jose Villarama was a physican by education and trade. He was already already a successful businessman (he operated two bus companies), he served as Vice-Governor, then Governor of Bulacan in the 1960s....

7/12/2011 7/12/2011

Graciano Tiongson Reyes MP (deceased)

Graciano Tiongson Reyes was a maestro de instruccion primaria in Malolos, where his family owned vast land. He served as cabeza de barangay (1886-1887), gobernadorcillo (1888) and juez de paz (1896). U...

8/5/2009 7/11/2011

Felipe Mendoza Tanchanco served as Municipal Treasurer for Hagonoy, an adjoining municipality of Malolos. According to family lore, a clerical error omitting the g from his surname resulted in the a "d...

7/11/2011 7/11/2011

Tomas Tantoco Tanchangco MP (c.1849 - c.1889)

Tomas Tantoco Tanchangco, a staunch reformist, was the gobernadorcillo of the town of Malolos in 1879. More here: .

2/15/2011 7/11/2011

Melecio Estrella Cojuangco MP (1871 - 1909)

Melecio Estrella Cojuangco was already a successful landowner when he was first called to serve the public. He was the Representative of Tarlac at the First Congress in 1907. More here: .

6/19/2008 7/11/2011

Gilberto Eduardo Gerardo "Gibo" Teodoro is a Harvard-educated lawyer and licensed commercial pilot. He served as the House Representative for the First District of Tarlac province from 1998 to 2007. Un...

9/28/2010 7/10/2011

Gilberto Ortiz Teodoro MP (1927 - 2008)

Gilberto Ortiz Teodoro was in charge of the Philippine desk at the World Bank. From January 1966 to February 1986, he was the longest-serving administrator of the Philippine Social Security System. Mor...

9/28/2010 7/10/2011

Eduardo Chichioco Cojuangco was the governor of Tarlac from 1940 to 1941. More here:

8/19/2009 7/9/2011

Helen D. Cutaran Bennett MP (1910 - d.)

Helen Cutaran Bennett was crowned Miss Visayas at the 1936 Manila Carnival. She served as Foreign Secretary to President Elipidio Quirino. More here:

2/25/2011 7/8/2011

Don Gregorio Cordero Palma MP (1879 - 1951)

Gregorio Cordero-Palma served in the army and became a first lieutenant General March 28, 1899. After the war was over Don Gregorio and later left 1904 and resided in Concepcion Tarlac where he later r...

2/19/2011 6/6/2011

Alejo Ayyafin Manao MP (c.1914 - 2001)

Alejo Manao AKA Alex Manao was born in the Natonin province of the Philippines. He is one of the sons of the Natonin headhunter Chief Camarong. The actual date of birth and year is unknown due to the h...

3/23/2010 6/6/2011

Emmanuel "Manny" "The Pac-Man" Dapidran Pacquiao is a Filipino professional boxer with multiple world titles under his belt. He is also a politician and film actor. More here: .

6/6/2011 6/6/2011

Salvador Roman "Doy" Hidalgo Laurel served as Vice President of the Philippines (1986 to 1992). Before that, he briefly served as Aquino's first (and only) Prime Minister in 1986. He was a foremost lea...

6/5/2011 6/6/2011

Sotero Remoquillo Laurel MP (deceased)

Judge Sotero Remoquillo Laurel was a delegate to the Malolos Convention and Secretary of the Interior in the first Philippine Revolutionary government under President Emilio Aguinaldo.

6/5/2011 6/6/2011

The Harvard-educated José Sotero "Pepe" Hidalgo Laurel, also known as José S. Laurel III, was the ambassador of the Philippines to Japan during the World War II period. After the war, he ...

6/5/2011 6/5/2011

Gat Masungit (deceased)

Gat Masungit was a 15th century scion to the Sultanate of Brunei. Instead of ascending to the throne, he opted to travel and sailed for the islands that will eventually be called Philippines. Gat Masun...

6/5/2011 6/5/2011

Miguel de la Cruz Laurel (deceased)

"Miguel Dela Cruz"

Miguel de la Cruz Laurel descends from a line of Muslim royalty from Brunei. A native of Batangas, he was baptised Catholic when the Spaniards came. Miguel was a champion of their rights against the gr...

6/5/2011 6/5/2011

Charito Planas is a Filipino lawyer, environmentalist and human rights activist. She was popularly known as the vice mayor of Quezon City from 1992 to 1995. She also served as the spokesperson of Presi...

6/1/2011 6/1/2011

Joaquin Balmori MP (deceased)

Joaquin Balmori was a pioneer labor leader and organizer of labor unions in the Philippines. After breaking away from the Congreso de Obrero de Filipinas, he founded “Federacion del Trabajo de F...

8/7/2011 5/31/2011

Jose Dira Avelino MP (1890 - 1986)

Jose Dera Avelino received a BA degree from the Ateneo de Manila, a Bachelor of Laws from the University of the Philippines, and a Master of Laws from the University of Santo Tomas. He was admitted to ...

5/30/2011 5/31/2011

Ricardo Mercader Paras MP (1891 - 1984)

Ricardo Mercader Paras graduated his Bachelor of Laws from the University of the Philippines in 1913, and placed second in the Bar Examinations that same year. He engaged in private law practice before...

7/10/2007 5/30/2011

Carlos Jamir Aguinaldo was a gobernadorcillo (town head) of Cavite Viejo, Philippines, and was a member of the Chinese-Tagalog mestizo minority who enjoyed relative wealth and power.

11/17/2010 4/29/2011

Don Cayetano Calao Catigbac MP (1828 - 1879)

Cayetano Calao Catigbac was a mere mag-aaro or a plowman but was a hard working person. He married Fausta Tapia who owned large tracts of undeveloped land, which were all cultivated by the time she die...

1/13/2009 3/15/2011

Mariano Avendaño San Diego was born to Rafael Roxas San Diego and Juana dela Cruz Avendaño of Obando, Bulacan. According to oral narratives, he went to the Visayas together with a priest ...

4/24/2009 3/15/2011