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  • Isaac Burr, lll (1760 - 1827)
    Isaac Burr [160] of Ellisburgh, N.Y., moved first to Dorset , Vt. and in 1804, to Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co., N.Y,, where he died April 27, 1827; married Irene Orcutt, probably in Windsor, Ct,, and had ...
  • Cora Louisa Sowry (1913 - 1985)
  • Vladimir II of Kiev - Владимир II Мономах (1052 - 1125)
    AKA = Monomach ? _ _ -------------------- n 1053-1125 -------------------- Vladimir II Monomakh, Prince of Novgorod and Kiev (1) M, #106696, d. 19 May 1125 Vladimir II Monomakh, Prince of Nov...
  • Leonard Herbert Sowry (1895 - 1917)
  • Rosa Luxemburg (1871 - 1919)
    Rosa Luxemburg (Rosalia Luxemburg, Polish: Róża Luksemburg; 5 March 1871, Zamość, Vistula Land, Russia – 15 January 1919, Berlin, Germany) was a Marxist theorist, phi...

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